Banns for Arley, Warwickshire
from 1813 to 1853

List of names taken from the Banns for St Wilfreds church, Arley 1813-1853

This list was donated to me by Wendy Boland, who states that the data has not been
double-checked. You should regard this as a secondary source for your research
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I regret that I cannot supply any additional information on this listing, which is
provided for your information and as a guide for further research


     Allen, Archer, Arnold, Asbury, Barker, Barton, Barwell, Bayliss, Beardmore, Beasley, Blower, Bown, Cattell, Chesher, Cornwell, Curteis,
     Dagley, Danks, Davis, Everitt, Friswell, Greenough, Harber, Hart, Hartwell, Heath, Hicken, Hinks, Holland, Hopkins, Hopson, Jinks,
     Lea, Leavis, Lloyd, Morgan, Morris, Newland, Nicholas, Nichols, Page, Radford, Rhodes, Rowley,
     Savage, Scattergood, Shaw, Sheffield, Smith, Stain, Tomlin, Watkins, Watson, Wheeley, White, William, Williams, Woodfield, Worrall, Wright

NoYearGroom, State, Parish Bride, State, ParishDates Banns read, Notes
11813John CHESHER, ArleyMartha ARCHER, Mancetter28 Nov 5,12 Dec
21814William LEAVIS, ArleyMartha DAGLEY, Mancetter7,14,21 Aug
31814Thomas ALLEN, ArleyMary WILLIAM, Arley27 Feb 6,14 Mar
41815John PAGE, ArleyAnn WOODFIELD, Arley29 Jan 5,12 Feb
51815Richard WILLIAMS, ArleyHannah WOODFIELD, Arley12,19,26 Mar
61815George DAVIS, ArleyMary HOPKINS, Fillongley1,8,15 Oct
71816Richard CURTEIS, AnsleyEliza BEARDMORE, Arley9,16,23 Jun
81817Charles BARWELL, Bachelor, ArleyElizabeth HOLLAND, Spinster, Arley12,19,26 Jan
91817William HICKEN, ArleyMary WRIGHT, Arley1.8.15 Jun
101817Samuel BOWN, ArleyMary BEASLEY, Fillongley2,28 Sep 5 Oct
111818Thomas RHODES, Bachelor, ArleyAnne WATKINS, Arley4,1118 Oct
121818Richard GREENOUGH, ArleyElizabeth HEATH, Coleshill4,11,18 Oct
131820Thomas GREENOUGH, ArleyElizabeth SHAW, Arley13,20,27 Feb
141820James HINKS, Bachelor, ArleyMartha WHEELEY, Spinster, Arley3,10,17 Dec
151821John LLOYD, ArleyHarriet NICHOLS, Coleshill14,21,28 Oct
161822Thomas HARBER, ArleyMary HART, Curdworth19,26 May2 Jun
171823Thomas NEWLAND, Bachelor, ExhallHannah ASBURY, Spinster, Arley28 Sep 5,12 Oct
181824William LEA, ArleyElizabeth BLOWER, Grendon1,8,15 Feb
191824John CATTELL, Bachelor, ArleySarah MORRIS, Spinster, Ansley25 Jul 1,8 Aug
201824William SHEFFIELD, Bachelor, ArleySarah SMITH, Spinster, Arley12,29,26 Sep
211825John DANKS, WIdower, FillongleySarah SAVAGE, Spinster, Arley30 Jan 6,13 Feb
221825William WHITE, Bachelor, ArleyHannah MORGAN, Spinster, Ansley21,28 Aug 4 Sep
231825Jeremiah TOMLIN, Bachelor, ArleyElizabeth BARKER, Spinster, Over Whitacre25 Sep 2,9 Oct
241825William ARNOLD, Bachelor, NuneatonMary RADFORD, Spinster, Arley16,23 ,30 Oct
251825Thomas FRISWELL, Bachelor, Holy Trinity CoventrySarah SCATTERGOOD, Spinster, Arley23,20 Oct 6 Nov
261826Joseph CORNWELL, Bachelor, ArleyHannah EVERITT, Spinster, Mancetter5,12,19 Feb
271826Richard NICHOLAS, Bachelor, ArleyElizabeth WORRALL, Spinster, Arley2,9,16 Apr
281827James HARTWELL, Bachelor, NuneatonMary SCATTERGOOD, Spinster, Arley14,21,28 Jan
291827Thomas WOODFIELD, Bachelor, ArleyMary WATSON, Widow, Ansley15,22,29 Apr
301827Thomas STAIN, Bachelor, ArleyMary JINKS, Spinster, Ansley5,12,19 Aug
311828John HOPSON, Bachelor, ArleySarah ROWLEY, Spinster, Arley13,20,27 Apr
321829Joseph STAIN, Bachelor, ArleyHannah BARTON, Spinster, Corley15,22,29 Mar
331853?William BAYLISS, Bachelor, ArleyMary HICKEN, Arleyno dates. Probably entered in error

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