Banns for Ansley, Warwickshire
from 1754 to 1878

List of names taken from the Banns for St Lawrence church, Ansley 1754-1878

This list was donated to me by Wendy Boland, who states that the data has not been
double-checked. You should regard this as a secondary source for your research
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I regret that I cannot supply any additional information on this listing, which is
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Abell, Adderley, Akers, Alcock, Alcote, Allen, Allsop, Allsopp, Allton, Althorpe, Alton, Angliss, Archer, Argil, Argile, Argill, Argyle, Arnal, Arnold, Arthrell, Ashberry, Ashby, Ashman, Atkings, Atkins, Aushett/archer.

Badkin, Baggates, Bailey, Baker, Baldock, Ball, Baraclough, Barber, Barker, Barnes, Barnwell, Barratt, Barrs, Bartlett, Barwell, Bassett, Bates, Baxter, Bayley, Bayston, Beadmore, Beal, Beasley, Beck, Beek, Belcher, Bengerson, Bentley, Berry, Beynon, Billingham, Bilson, Bindley, Bingley, Bird, Birks, Black, Blackwell, Blower, Bolesworth, Bolstridge, Bolton, Bond, Bonsor?, Booton, Borrow, Bostock, Boswell, Boswirth, Bosworth, Boulton, Bown, Bowne, Bradford, Brazier, Briggs, Brindley, Brookes, Brooks, Brown, Buckler, Bucklour, Burbage, Burbidge, Burdett, Buswell, Butler.

Capener, Capenor, Cashmore, Ceathem, Challenger, Chattam, Cheshire, Chetwin, Choyce, Clark, Clarke, Clay, Clayton, Cliff, Clifford, Colladge, Collins, Cook, Cooper, Cope, Coper, Cornam, Cox, Craner, Croft, Croshaw, Croyden, Croydon.

Daborn, Dafforn, Dagley, Dalton, Daniels, Darlington, Darlison, Daulman, Davies, Davis, Dawkins, Day, Dedd, Deeman, Deeming, Deemison?, Demin, Dewis, Divet, Divett, Donnell, Dormon, Douce, Doughty, Douse, Downes, Downing, Downs, Dracord, Drakeley, Dunn.

Eal, Earp, Ebdel, Ebdell, Eid, Ensor, Evans, Everet, Everit.

Fairfax, Farmer, Faulknell, Fletcher, Flowers, Ford, Fox, Freeman, French, Fulleylove.

Gadsby, Gammage, Garner, Garrat, Garton, Gent, Gents, Ghent, Glover, Goadby, Goalby, Golby, Goldby, Goode, Goodman, Granger, Grayman or Greenough, Greatrex, Greatrix, Green, Greenhaugh, Greenough, Greens, Griffin, Grimes, Grimsley, Grubb.

Haddon, Hadley, Hale, Hall, Hammersley, Hancher, Handley, Hands, Hankinson, Harber, Harbone, Hardy, Harison, Harris, Harrison, Harrisson, Harvey, Hastilow, Hawkins, Hawksford, Hayes, Heel, Hepson, Heywood, Higgins, Hill, Hinck, Hincks, Hodgekins, Holland, Holmes, Hood, Hopkins, Horton, Howe, Howen.

Ison, Izon.

Jabett, Jacombe, Jacombs, Jarris, Jefcoat, Jefcot, Jeffcoat, Jeffcot, Jeffcote, Jeffcott, Jeffecott, Jenkinson, Jenks, Jephcoat, Jephcott, Jewis, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Jowitt.

Kelsey, Kendall, Kettle, Kimberley, King, Kings.

Lakin, Lamsden, Langley, Lapworth, Latham, Lees, Leigh, Lesson, Lewis, Lidford, Lloyd, Lloyde, Looyde, Lowe, Ludford.

Mansfield, Marler, Marnder, Marson, Martin, Masser, Matthews, 'May, Mayor?, Meadow, Meadows, Mear, Meers, Meigh, Mellar, Mellor, Mercer, Midlem, Miles, Millar, Miller, Mills, Mitchel, Mitchell, Mone?, Moor, Moore, Moorwood, Morewood, Morgan, Morrall, Morris, Morrise, Morsby, Morton, Moss, Motterum, Mottram, Mould, Mountford, Mousley, Mundy.

Nash, Neal, Newcombe, Nicholdson, Nicholls, Nicklin, Nightingale, Nixon, Nowell, Nurse.

Oldacre, Oldham, Oliver, Orchard, Orme, Orton, Osborn, Ouldam, Owen, Oxford.

Page, Pallet, Pallett, Pallit, Parker, Parkes, Parr, Parsons, Paul, Perrsey, Pickering, Pinfold, Pitman, Pointon, Pool, Pougher, Powell, Power, Powers, Poynton, Price, Pritchett, Procter, Proffit, Profitt, Pullin.

Randel, Randle, Ratcliff, Raynor, Redgate, Redhand, Reed, Reeder, Reeve, Refern, Richardson, Ridden, Riland, Roberts, Robinson, Robson, Rogers, Rose, Ross, Rowbotham, Rowley, Rubley, Rush.

Salisbury, Satchell, Savage, Scattergood, Scott, Season, Seeley, Shaw, Sheffield, Shefiel, Shemans, Shemmans, Shemmonds, Shemmons, Shepherd, Shiers, Showel, Silk, Silvester, Slack, Sleath, Sleigh, Smedley, Smith, Snape, Snith, Spare, Sparrow, Speare, Spence, Spencer, Stafford, Stain, Starkey, Stevens, Storey, Stringer, Stringer Shaw, Suffolk, Suffolks, Swan, Sykes, Sympson.

Tabberner, Talbot, Tallis, Tarbeth, Taylor, Terry, Thomas, Thompson, Thorn, Thorne, Throne, Thurman, Thurn, Till, Timms, Timson, Tomlinson, Tompson, Toney, Toon, Topp, Tottey, Totty, Townsend, Treadwell, Treddle, Tunks.

Urndale Alias Urlom.

Varney, Vial, Voyle.

Wagstaff, Wainwright, Wale, Walker, Wall, Ward, Waring, Watson, Wean, Wedding, Weetman, West, Westman, Wheatley, Wheely, Wheey, Whitcraft, White, Whitehead, Whitmoor, Whitmor, Whykes, Wightman, Wilcox, Wiles, Wilkinson, Willer, Williams, Wilson, Windridge, Winstanley, Winters, Witcroft, Wood, Woodfield, Woodward, Woored, Worrall, Worsley, Worthington, Wright, Wykes, Yardley.

Reg & EntryYearGroom, Occupation, State ParishBride, Occupation, StateParish Banns read on
A 11754Charles HAMMERSLEY, AnsleyHanah RANDEL, Ansley15, 22, 29 Sep
A 21755Thos DORMON, St Michael CoventrySarah CLARK, Ansley5,12,19 Jan
A 31755Willm WILSON, AnsleyMary BROOKES, Ansley12,19,26 Jan
A 41755John HADDON, AnsleyElizabeth ORTON, Hinckley LEI6,13, 20 Jul
A 51755Willm WEST, AnsleyMary HADDON, Ansley29, 31, Aug 7 Sep
A 61755Edward BURBAGE, AnsleyJane PICKERING, Ansley26 Oct 2, 9 Nov
A 71756Richd THOMAS, AnsleyAnne MARLER, Ansley6, 14, 20 Jun
A 81756John MORRIS, AnsleySarah ADDERLEY, Ansley24, 31 Oct 7 Nov
A 91757Richard PAUL, AnsleyMary GOADBY, Ansley29 Apr 1, 8 May
A 101757John MOUNTFORD, AnsleyAnne ORCHARD, Ansley4,11,18 Jun
A 111758Thomas BARNES, AnsleyElizabeth SLACK, Ansley1,8,15 Oct
A 121758Rowland HANCHER, AnsleyElizabeth BAGGATES, Ansley20,17,24 Dec
A 131759Thomas WILSON, AnsleyHannah BROOKES, Ansley10.17, 23 Feb
A 141759Samuel PICKERING, AnsleyMary WALL, Ansley8.15.22 April
A 151759Edward DOWNES, FillongleyMary STEVENS, Ansley3.10.17 Jun
A 161759William RUBLEY, AnsleyMary DOUSE, Ansley17,24 Jun 1 Jul
A 171759John BLACKWELL, AnsleySarah ROBSON, Ansley10,17, 24 Jun
A 181759John DAGLEY, AnsleyHannah TOPP, Ansley5,12,19 Aug
A 191759William PARSONS, AnsleyMary PRICE, Ansley12, 20 27 Aug
A 201759John MEIGH, AnsleySusannah WATSON, Ansley2.9.16 Dec
A 211760John HADDON, NuneatonSusannah WEST, Ansley1,8,15 Jun
A 221760William LLOYD the younger, Turner, AnsleyElizabeth MILLS, SpAnsley15, 22, 29 Jun
A 231760Robert HADDON, AnsleyAlice MASSER, Shustock19, 26 Oct 2 Nov
A 241760William BINGLEY, AnsleyPhoebe URNDALE alias URLOM, Ansley19, 26 Oct 2 Nov
A 251760William WILSON, NuneatonAnn DEEMAN, Ansley23, 20 Nov 7 Dec
A 261760Thomas ATKINGS, PolesworthMartha BAKER, Ansley7,14, 21 Dec
A 271760Edward BAKER, BAnsleyRebekah WHEEY, SpAnsley14,21 28 Dec
A 281761John DIVET, Labourer, NuneatonCatherine LIDFORD, SpAnsley4,11, 18 Jan
A 291761William ROBERTS, AnsleyElizabeth SMITH, Ansley15,22,29 Mar
A 301761George RICHARDSON, AnsleyMary SEASON, Ansley10,26 Apr 3 May
A 311761Henry RANDLE, CaldecotLydia POUGHER, Ansley3,10,17 May
A 321761William ROBSON, AnsleyMary IZON, Ansley16,23,30 Aug
A 331761John ROBSON, St Michaels CoventryEleanor IZON, Ansley9,16,23 Aug
A 341761William JACOMBS, AnsleyElizabeth LLOYD, Ansley6,13,20 Sep
A 351761Abraham KELSEY, AnsleyMary JEFCOT, Nuneaton27 Sep 4,11 Oct
A 361761Richard WORTHINGTON, Yeoman, BaxterleyElizabeth CHESHIRE, Ansley18, 25 Oct 1 Nov
A 371761Joshua MORRIS, Blacksmith, AnsleyHannah ROBSON, Ribbon Weaver, Ansley18, 25 Oct 1 Nov
A 381761William GOADBY, AnsleyElizabeth SWAN, Mancetter25 Oct 1,8 Nov
A 391762William GRIMSLEY, AnsleyElizabeth SHOWEL, Ansley17, 24, 31 Jan
A 401762John JACOMBS, Mason, AnsleyMary LESSON, WAnsley14, 21, 28 Feb
A 411762John CHESHIRE, Asley?Mary POWERS, Ansley28 Feb 7,14 Mar
A 421762Edward BURDETT, AnsleyAnn PARR, Shustock21, 28 Mar 4 Apr
A 431762Richard COOPER, Chilvers CotonMargaret HODGEKINS, Ansley23, 30 May 6 Jun
A 441762John CLARK, Butcher, AnsleyElizabeth BALL, Ansley1.8,15 Aug
A 451762William ORTON, AnsleyCatherine BROOKS, Ansley19,26 Sep 3 Oct
A 461762Thomas DAY, AnsleyIsabel ATKINS, Ansley3,10,17 Oct
A 471762Robert HADDON, WitherleySarah BALL, Ansley10,17,24 Oct
A 481763Richard HAWKINS, NuneatonMartha BOWN, Ansley20,27 Mar,3 Apr
A 491763George SUFFOLK, Labourer, NuneatonAnne YARDLEY, Ansley24 Apr 1,8 May
A 501763Samuel GOLDBY, Coalminer, BAnsleyMary SAVAGE, SpAnsley15,22,29 May
A 511763Richard SMITH, Brickmaker, AnsleyCatherine MOOR, SpNuneaton512.19 Jun
A 521764John WALKER, Oatmeal Maker, NuneatonMary BINDLEY, SpAnsley29 Jan 5,12 Feb
A 531764Thomas POWER, Bentley ShustockAnne BAKER, SpAnsley28 Aug 4,11 Sep
A 541764Robt EARP, Whiteacre InfraAnne WALKER, Ansley8,15,22 Apr
A 551764William BINGLEY, AnsleyElizabeth AKERS, Ansley5,12,19 Aug
A 561764Walter SLEATH, Coalminer, AnsleyAnne KELSEY, Ansley23.30 Oct 6 Nov
A 571764John MOOR, Coalminer, AnsleyHannah RICHARDSON, SpAnsley7,14,21 Oct
A 581764John WILSON, Coalminer, AnsleyElizabeth RICHARDSON, SpAnsley25 Nov 2,9 Dec
A 591765George FAIRFAX, Sawyer, WAnsleyElizabeth MARTIN, WAnsley10,17,24 Feb
A 601765William OULDAM, AnsleyAnne WATSON, Ansley7,14,21 Jul
A 60a1765Moses LLOYD, AnsleyElizabeth MOUSLEY, Ansley31 Mar 7,14 Apr
A 611765William ROWLEY, AnsleyMary TAYLOR, Ansley1.8.15 Sep
A 621765/66Samuel BECK, Bentley ShustockAnne ROSS, Ansley22,29 Dec 5 Jan
A 631766Thomas KING, Upper WhiteacreElizabeth PALLIT, Ansley20,27 Apr 4 May
A 641766William PICKERING, AnsleySusannah HADDON, Ansley21,28 Sep 5 Oct
A 651766William WYKES, Sibson LEIElizabeth RANDLE, Ansley12,26 Oct 2 Nov
A 661766Humphrey CLARK the younger, AnsleyMary WARD, Corley23-Nov stopped by Mr Ward (father) she being under age
A 671767William DAVIS, Servant man, AnsleySarah GAMMAGE, Ansley26 Apr 3,10 May
A 681767George GOADBY, AnsleySarah KELSEY, Nuneaton28 Jun 5,12 Jul
A 691767Thomas MILLS, NuneatonMary BOWNE, Ansley18,25 Oct 1 Nov
A 701767Joseph MOOR, AnsleyAnn WHITMOR, Nuneaton18,25 Oct 1 Nov
A 711768Joseph ORTON, AnsleyMary DRACORD, Pealton Monks Kirby31 Jan 7,14 Feb
A 721768William BOLTON, AnsleySarah BINGLEY, Ansley3,10,17 Apr
A 731768Charles SALISBURY, AnsleyMary WRIGHT, Astley3,10,17 Apr
A 741768Robert MORGAN, AnsleyJane PALLETT, Ansley16,23,30 Oct
A 751768Robert SMITH, Labourer, Chilvers CotonMary THORNE the Younger, SpAnsley23,30 Oct 6 Nov
A 761769Abraham KELSEY, AnsleyRebecca REDGATE, Nuneaton24 Sep 1,8 Oct
A 771769John LUDFORD, Jersey Comber, WAnsleyElizabeth CLARKE, WAnsley24 Sep 1,8 Oct
A 781770William ASHBERRY, AnsleyMartha MOORE, Ansley14,21,28 Jan
A 791770Samuel WHEELY, AnsleyMary HARRIS, Arley5,12,19 Aug
A 801770Joseph GREATREX, NuneatonAnne SLEIGH, WAnsley5,12,19 Aug
A 811770Thomas CLARKE, AnsleyMary VOYLE, Ansley26 Aug 2,9 Sep
A 821770William ROBSON, Limestone Getter, WAnsleySusannah LUDFORD, SpAnsley16,23,30 Sep
A 831770Joseph IZON, Taylor, AnsleyLydia TAYLOR, SpAnsley11,18,25 Nov
B 11771John CHALLENGER, AnsleyElizabeth HAWKSFORD, Ansley1,8,15 Dec
B 21772John WEAN, AnsleyJudith BOLSTRIDGE, Upper Whitacre6,13,20 Sep
B 31772Thomas MOULD, NuneatonAnn VIAL, Ansley6,13,20 Sep
B 41772Thomas MOOR, AnsleySarah HAWKSFORD, Ansley20,27 Sep 4 Oct
B 51773William GLOVER, AnsleyCatherine SMITH, Mancetter3,10,17 Jan
B 61773Robert DARLISON, AnsleyElizabeth MARLER, Ansley1.15.22 May
B 71773Moses MOOR, AnsleySarah SAVAGE, Nuneaton17,24,31 Jul
B 81774William WRIGHT, AnsleyMary HARBER, Ansley18,25 Sep 2 Oct
B 91775William WILSON, AnsleySarah CLARKE, Shustock9,16,23 Jul
B 101775John WAGSTAFF, NuneatonAnn KELSEY, Ansley27 Aug 3,10 Sep
B 111775Thomas COPE, AnsleyElizabeth THRONE, Ansley8,15 ,22 Oct
B 121776James BINDLEY, AnsleyMary SMEDLEY, Nuneaton20.27,Oct 3 Nov
B 131776William BALL, AnsleyEleanor EAL, Ansley27 Oct 3,10Nov
B 141776Richard HARRIS, AnsleyHannah NEAL, Ansley2,9,16 Feb
B 151777William WATSON, AnsleyAnn NOWELL, Nuneaton20,27 Apr 4 May
B 161777Thomas BARNES, AnsleyElizabeth SHAW, Ansley27 Apr 4,11 May
B 171777Joseph KIMBERLEY, AnsleyMartha WINTERS, Ansley31 Aug 7 14 Sep
B 181777Robert SMITH, AnsleySarah MASSER, Ansley12,19 26 Oct
B 191777William WALE, AnsleyElizabeth DAVIES, Ansley23,30 Nov 7 Dec
B 201777/78Richard ARNAL, AnsleyElizabeth WHITMOOR, Nuneaton28 Dec 4,11 Jan
B 211778Joseph WATSON, AnsleyMary ORTON, Ansley6,15,22 Feb
B 221778John LUDFORD Esq, AnsleyElizabeth BOSWELL, Aston3,10,17 May
B 231778Charles MIDLEM, AnsleyElizabeth BRAZIER, Shustock25 Oct 1,8 Nov
B 241779Stephen SMITH, AnsleyMary BOLESWORTH, Little Packington21,28 Mar 4 Apr
B 251779John WALKER, AnsleyEleanor LANGLEY, Ansley21,28,MAy 4 Apr
B 261779George GOADBY, AnsleyAnn WILES, Ansley9,16,23 May
B 271779John KELSEY, AnsleySarah POOL, Ansley11,28,25 Jul
B 281779George MEIGH, AnsleyHannah MILLS, Ansley26 Sep 3,10 Oct
B 291779John SMITH, AnsleyMartha BUSWELL, Ansley31 Oct 7,14 Nov
B 301780John BOULTON, AnsleyElizabeth HOLMES, Ansley19,26 Mar 2 Apr
B 311780William SCOTT, Drayton Basset STSElizabeth KELSEY, Ansley3,10,17 Sep
B 321780William CLIFF, AnsleySarah PRICE, Ansley29 Oct 5,12 Nov
B 331781Henry DEMIN, AnsleyElizabeth ARGIL, Ansley20,27 May 3 Jun
B 341781Thomas WILSON, AnsleyElizabeth GRIMES, Nuneaton1,8,15 Jul
B 351781John STEVENS, AnsleySarah FLOWERS, Ansley26 Aug 2,9 Sep
B 361781Cornelius REEDER, BedworthElizabeth WILSON, Ansley9,16,23 Sep
B 371781Thomas HARDY, AnsleyMary ARGILL, Ansley7,14,21 Oct
B 381782Matthew ATKINS, AnsleyDeborah HARRISON, Ansley7,14,21 Jul
B 391782Thomas GOODE, BulkingtonElizabeth TIMSON, Ansley15.22.29 Sep
B 401783William MILES, Daddleton LEIMary MELLAR, Ansley28 Sep 5,12 Oct
B 411784Thomas ATKINS, AnsleyAnn BROOKS, Ansley1,8,15 Feb
B 421784Thomas SPENCER, AnsleyMary OLDACRE, Ansley8,15,22 Feb
B 431784Edward CLARK, AnsleyAnn BEEK, Ansley11,18,25 Sep
B 441785William WEST, AnsleySarah DIVETT, Ansley3,10,17, Apr
B 44a1785John HANDS, AnsleyEsther HOPKINS, Arley3,10,17 Apr
B 451785John RAYNOR, NuneatonMary WAGSTAFF, Ansley11,18,25 Sep
B 461785Robert SILK, MerevaleJane BURBAGE, Ansley18,25 Sep 2 Oct
B 471785Thomas GHENT, AnsleyAnn GOADBY, Ansley16,23,30 Oct
B 481786/87John GARRAT, AnsleyElizabeth KELSEY, Ansley31 Dec 7,14 Jan
B 491786/87John DAGLEY, AnsleyAnn KELSEY, Ansley31 Dec 7,14 Jan
B 49a1787William ARCHER, AnsleyMary ORTON, Ansley7,14,21 Jan
B 501787William DAFFORN, MancetterElizabeth BROOKES, Ansley21,28 Jan 4 Feb
B 511787George HIGGINS, AnsleyAnn GOADBY, Ansley7,18,25 Feb
B 521787William JACOMBS, AnsleyCharlotte BUCKLOUR, Nuneaton20,37, May 3 Jun
B 531787Charles NIXON, AnsleyElizabeth HARRISON, Ansley27 May 3,10 Jun
B 541787Thomas FRENCH, AnsleySarah WILSON, Ansley24 Jun 1,8 Jul
B 551787Richard BURBIDGE, AnsleyJohanna SHEFFIELD, Ansley8,15 Jul, Stoppd by R Burbridge
B 561787George HARRISSON, AnsleyMartha BROOKS, Ansley22,29 Jul 5 Aug
B 571787Joseph SPARE, AnsleySarah THOMPSON, Wilncote22, 29 Jul 5 Aug
B 581787John WILKINSON, AnsleyAnn GOADBY, Ansley22,29 Jul 5 Aug
B 591787Thomas GHENT, AnsleySarah BOLTON, Ansley7,14,21 Oct
B 601787John BINDLEY, AnsleyElizabeth GREATRIX, Ansley16,23,30 Dec
B 611788John ARCHER, AnsleyAnn THRONE, Ansley17.24 Feb 2 Mar
B 621788John MOORE, AnsleyAnn FAIRFAX, Ansley17.24 Feb 2 Mar
B 631788Joseph BARACLOUGH, NuneatonMary MORRIS, Ansley2.9.16 Mar
B 641788Thomas WOORED, AnsleyElizabeth PRICE, Ansley1,8,15 Jun
B 651788Abraham CLARKE, AnsleyMary JARRIS, Ansley13,20,27 Jul
B 661788John MOORE, AnsleyElizabeth GREEN, Nuneaton20,27 Jul 3 Aug
B 671788Thomas FOX, AnsleyElizabeth PRICE, Ansley31,7 14 Sep
B 681788Thomas JENKS, AnsleySusanna BAKER, Ansley7,14,21 Dec
B 691789Luther JONES, AnsleyHannah MOORE, Ansley21,28 Jun 5 Jul
B 701789John PALLET, AnsleyAnn HARRISON, Ansley27 Sep 4,11 Oct
B 711790George BARBER, AnsleyAnn THRONE, Ansley24,31 Jan 7 Feb
B 721790Thomas WARD, AnsleyAnn BADKIN, Ansley23,30, May 6 Jun
B 731790Joseph JACOMBS, AnsleyElizabeth WHYKES, Ansley1,8,15 Aug
B 741790John HANDS, AnsleyMary CLARK, Wooton3,10 17 Oct
B 751791Thomas GAMMAGE, AnsleyElizabeth POYNTON, Mancetter6,13,20 Feb
B 761791Thomas JORDAN, AnsleyElizabeth CLARK, Ansley13,20 27 Feb
B 771791John BINDLEY, AnsleySarah ROBINSON, Nuneaton10,27,24 Jul
B 781791John JEPHCOAT, AnsleyLydia DAGLEY, Ansley7,14,21 Aug
B 791792Richard JACOMBS, AnsleyCatherine HARRISON, Ansley6,13,20 May
B 801792John WAGSTAFF, AnsleyElizabeth CLARK, Corley24 Jun 1,8 Jul
B 80a1792Joseph ORTON, AnsleySarah MUNDY, Ansley19,26 Aug 2 Sep
B 811792Richard MILLS, AnsleyAnn SMITH, Ansley28 Oct 4,11 Nov
B 821792William BARTLETT, AnsleyMary BAKER, Ansley11,18,25 Nov
B 831792William WILSON, AnsleyAnn BRINDLEY, Nuneaton9,16,23 Dec
B 841793Thomas ARGILE, AnsleyHannah PROCTER, Ansley3,17,24 Mar
B 851793Benjamin ROGERS, AnsleyElizabeth GOADBY, Ansley12,1,9,26 May
B 861793Charles BROWN, AnsleyMary WARD, Chilvers Coton1,8,15 Sep
B 871793John TOPP, AnsleyMary WRIGHT, Ansley8,15,22 Dec
B 881794Thomas CLARK, AstleyElizabeth ENSOR, Ansley16,23 Feb 2 Mar
B 88a1794John LOOYDE, AnsleySarah SHEFFIELD, Ansley11,28 ,25 May
B 891794James MOORE, AnsleyElizabeth WILSON, Ansley6.13.20 Jul
B 901794William MORRISE, AnsleyMary BUCKLER, Nuneaton20,27 Jul 3 Aug
B 911794Thomas MOORE, AnsleyRebecca EBDEL, Ansley7,14,21 Sep
B 921794Thomas BARNES, AnsleyFrances HARRISON, Ansley14,21, 28 Sep
B 92a1794Thomas KING, AnsleyElizabeth IZON, Ansley28 Sep,5,12 Oct
B 931795William WATSON, AnsleyMary GOODMAN, Mancetter21. 28 Jun 5 Jul
B 941795John DEMIN, AnsleyMary GOLDBY, Ansley8,15,22 May
B 951796Henry DEMIN, AnsleyAlice BENGERSON, Ansley5,12,19 Jun
B 961796William BOSWIRTH, AnsleySarah KELSEY, Ansley9,16,23 Oct
B 971797Richard JACOMBS, AnsleyElizabeth LOWE, Holy Trinity Coventry10,17,24 Sep
B 981797William SNITH, AustryAnn MOTTERUM, Ansley1,8,15 Oct
B 991798Thomas EBDELL, AnsleyMary FREEMAN, Mereden21.28 Jan 3 Feb
B 1001798Daniel COOPER, AnsleyAnn BEADMORE, Ansley20,27 May 3 Jun
B 1011798John WILSON, AnsleyElizabeth GREEN, Ansley12,19,26 Aug
B 1021799Benjamin HANDS, AnsleyMary GREATRIX, Ansley17,22,31 Mar
B 1031799Samuel LLOYDE, AnsleyMartha BAKER, Ansley17,22,31 Mar
B 1041799William CASHMORE, AstleyMary GREATRIX, Ansley31. Mar 7,14 Apr
B 1051799Thomas LATHAM, AustreySarah REED, Ansley22,29 Sep,6 Oct
B 1061799Edward ALCOTE, AnsleyAmelia BROWN, Ansley22,29 Sep,6 Oct
B 1071799Thomas GREATRIX, AnsleyMary ROWLEY, Ansley24 Nov 1,8 Dec
B 1081799/1800Edward WAINWRIGHT, AnsleyAnn DAVIS, Ansley29 Dec 5,12 Jan
B 1091799/1800George GREENOUGH, AnsleyHannah RATCLIFF, Nuneaton29 Dec 5,12 Jan
B 1101800Richard STOREY, AnsleyMary FORD, Ansley1,8,15 Feb
B 1111802William THOMAS, AnsleyAnn WAGSTAFF, Nuneaton10,17,24 Jan
B 1121802Thomas ROSE, WeefootAnn SMITH, Ansley11,18,25 Apr
B 1131802John MOORE, ColeshillSarah ORTON, Ansley30 May 6,13 Jun
B 1141802Charles LAMSDEN, AnsleyAnn BARRS, Ansley5,12,17 Sep
B 1151802Joseph? WHITCRAFT, AnsleySarah GOLDBY, Ansley17,23,31 Oct
B 1161803William MOOR, AnsleyMary COX, Over Whitacre17,24 Apr 1 May
B 1171803Robert SHIERS, MancetterLydia JEFFCOT, Ansley17,24 Apr 1 May
B 1181803John CLARK, AnsleyMartha HARRISON, Ansley24,31 Jul 7 Aug
B 1191803Joseph MORRIS, AnsleySarah HIGGINS, Ansley4,11,18 Sep
B 1201803James MOTTERUM, AnsleyElizabeth CLARKE, Ansley30 Oct 6,13 Nov
B 1211803James FREEMAN, Nether WhitacreCordelia JACOMBS, Ansley30 Oct 6,13, Nov
B 1221803William ROBINSON, AnsleyMary ARGYLE, Ansley20,27 Nov 4 Dec
B 1231803James BARWELL, KingsburyElizabeth ATKINS, Ansley4,11,18 Dec
B 1241803/4George MORGAN, AnsleyCatherine FOX, Ansley18,25 Dec 1 Jan
B 1251804Job SMITH, AnsleyMary TOMLINSON, Ansley1,8,15 Jan
B 1261804William WORTHINGTON, AnsleyMary EID, Sheepy8,15,22 Jan
B 1271804William ROBSON, AnsleyElizabeth GLOVER, Ansley19,26 Feb 4 Mar
B 1281804John PALLET, ArleySarah WRIGHT, Ansley22,29 Apr 6 May
B 1291804John SHAW, AnsleyElizabeth CLARK, Ansley26Aug 2 ,9 Sep
B 1301804Richard WHITEHEAD, AnsleyAnn LEES, Ansley16,23, 30 Sep
B 1311804John DEMIN, AnsleyHannah MOORE, Nuneaton23,30 Sep 7 Oct
B 1331805Thomas WATSON, AnsleyMary ATKINS, Ansley3,10,17 Feb
B 1341805Joseph IZON, AnsleyRebecca GOLDBY, Ansley28,Apr 5,12 May
B 1351805William SHEMMONDS, AnsleyElizabeth GAMMAGE, Ansley11,18,25 Aug
B 1361806John CLARK, AnsleySarah MOOR, Ansley5,12,19 Oct
B 1371807Joseph THOMAS, AnsleySarah CHOYCE, Mancetter15,22, 29 Mar
B 1381807William PINFOLD, AnsleyAnn PITMAN, Ansley12,19,26 Jul
B 1391807John NICHOLDSON, AnsleyMary MORGAN, Ansley19,26 Jul 2 Aug
B 1401807William MILES, AnsleySarah DAVIS, Ansley6,13,20 Sep
B 1411807William FARMER, AnsleyHannah WHYKES, Ansley20,27 Sep 4 Oct
B 1421807William HALE, Dadlington LEIAnn DAGLEY, Ansley20,27 Sep 4 Oct
B 1431807Edward SMITH, AnsleyMary GREEN, Ansley27 Sep 4,11 Oct
B 1441807John JACOMBS, AnsleyElizabeth HASTILOW, Ansley27 Sep 4,11 Oct
B 1451807/8John KELSEY, AnsleyCatherine GREENHAUGH, Ansley20,27 Dec 3 Jan
B 1461808Thomas GRANGER, CliftonAnn WOOD, Ansley3,10,17 Jan
B 1471808Thomas BEYNON, NuneatonMary Ann HARDY, Ansley7,14,21 Feb
B 1481808Samuel MILLAR, ArleyMarie OLIVER, Ansley18,25 Sep 2 Oct
B 1491808John SMITH, Chilvers CotonCatherine SYMPSON, Ansley28 May 4,11 Jun
B 1501809Joshua ASHBY, AnsleySarah CLARK, Kenelworth6,13,20 Aug
B 1511810Job SMITH, AnsleyMartha CLARK, Withybrook24 Jun 1,8 Jul
B 1521810James WOOD, AnsleyAnn ENSOR, Nuneaton19,26 Aug 2 Sep
B 1531811James SMITH, AnsleySarah ALTON, Ansley29 Sep 6 13 Oct
B 1541812Richard BATES, AnsleyAnn WHITEHEAD, Kingsbury12,19 26 Jan
C 11830Thomas HORTON, AnsleyAnn BEAL, Ansley31 Jan 7,14 Feb
C 21830George STARKEY, SheepySarah IZON, Ansley7,14,21 Feb
C 31830William PAGE, AttleboroElinor ROBINSON, Ansley7,14,21 Mar
C 41830William SCATTERGOOD, AnsleyMaria SHEFIEL, Ansley21,28 Mar 4 Apr
C 51830Joseph WILSON, AnsleyFrances CROYDON, Ansley31 May 6,13 June
C 61830William MAYOR?, AnsleyAnn BELCHER, Ansley22, 29 Aug 5 Sep
C 71830William JACOMBE, AnsleyLucy BARNES, Holy Trinity Coventry10,17,24 Oct
C 81831John ALLSOP, AnsleyAnne NURSE, Ansley13, 20 ,27 Feb
C 91831William THOMAS, AnsleyMary NICKLIN, Ansley13,20,27 Feb
C 101831Samuel GOALBY, AnsleySarah WILSON, Ansley20,27 Mar 3 Apr
C 111831John HARRIS, AnsleyAlice REFERN, Chilvers Coton27 Mar 3,10 Apr
C 121831Richard HEEL, AnsleyElizabeth ARCHER, Ansley26 Jun 3 10 Jul
C 131831Samuel STRINGER, AnsleySarah ARCHER, Ansley24,31 Jul 7 Aug
C 141831Robert MORGAN, AnsleyMary ARNOLD, Ansley9,16,23 Oct
C 151831George PARKER, AnsleyCatharine THOMAS, Ansley9,16,23 Oct
C 161831Job SMITH, AnsleyElizabeth JONES, Ansley27 Nov 4,11 Dec
C 171831William GOLBY, AnsleySarah ISON, Ansley4,11,18 Dec
C 181832William MOORE, AnsleyAnn SMEDLEY, Ansley22,29 Jan 5 Feb
C 191832John PALLETT, AnsleyMary DOUSE, Ansley12,19,26 Feb
C 201832William MORRIS, AnsleyAnn SHEMMANS, Ansley1.8.15 Apr
C 211832William TOWNSEND, NuneatonMary Ann TOPP, Ansley8,15,22 Apr
C 221832William BUTLER, AnsleyElizabeth NICHOLLS, Ansley29 Jul 5,12 Aug
C 231832Joseph TOTTEY, AnsleyMary DOUSE, Ansley5,9,16 Sep
C 241832William ROSE, AnsleyFrances MORRIS, Ansley30 Sep 7,14 Oct
C 251832John PALLETT, AnsleyJane COPER, Dadlington4,11,18 Nov
C 261833Joseph MEADOW, AnsleyMary MOTTRAM, Ansley3,10,17 Mar
C 271833Thomas WARD, AnsleyAnn WRIGHT, Ansley21,28 Apr 5 May
C 281833William DEEMISON?, AnsleyMary JACOMBS, Ansley2,9,16 Jun
C 291833William JONES, AnsleyHannah ROBINSON, Ansley25 Aug 1,8 Sep
C 301831William JEFCOAT, AnsleySarah ALTON, Ansley22,29 Sep 6 Oct
C 311831John MORGAN, AnsleyLucy JEWIS, Ansley6,13,20 Oct
C 321833George ASHBY, AnsleyHannah MOOR, Ansley13,20,27 Oct
C 331833John MOORE, AnsleyMaria EVERIT, Ansley8,15,22 Dec
C 341834James MORTON, AnsleyFrances DOUCE, Ansley12,19,26 Jan
C 351834George SPENCE, SibsonSarah BRIGGS, Ansley26 Jan 2 9 Feb
C 361834Henry BERRY, AnsleyElizabeth MORRALL, Ansley2,9,16 Feb
C 371834Joseph TOTTY, AnsleyMary DOUCE, Ansley2,9,16 Feb
C 381834Richard BRADFORD, TamworthSarah COPE, Ansley13,20,27 Apr
C 391834George MORGAN, AnsleyElizabeth WARD, Mancetter13,20,27 Apr
C 401835Robert SPEARE, Ibstock LEIMary HARRIS, Ansley8,15,22 Feb
C 411835Theophilus THOMAS, AnsleyAnn NICKLIN, Ansley15,22 Feb 1 Mar
C 421835Richard DEEMING?, AnsleyElizabeth DOUCE, Ansley12,19,26 Apr
C 431835William HARRIS, BAnsleyAnn COLLINS, SpAnsley10,17,24 May
C 441835James GRIFFIN, BAnsleyHarriet WORTHINGTON, SpAnsley2,9,16 Aug
C 451835John BILSON , WAnsleyEsther BATES , WNuneaton 13,20,27 Sep
C 461835William TILL, WAnsleyMillicent HANDS, SpAnsley25 Oct 1,8 Nov
C 471835Samuel WITCROFT, BAnsleyElizabeth GENT, SpAnsley29 Nov 6,13 Dec
C 481835Charles WINDRIDGE, BAnsleyEliza CROYDEN, SpAnsley29 Nov 6,13 Dec
C 491836Samuel HALL, BAnsleyMary HILL, SpMancetter14,21, 28 Feb
C 501836Charles NEWCOMBE, BAnsleyMary Ann BLACK, SpNailston1,8,15 May
C 511836William MOORE, AnsleySarah GRAYMAN or GREENOUGH, Ansley26 Jun 3,10 Jul
C 521836Thomas Pallett DOUCE, BAnsleyMaria GARTON, SpAnsley16,23,30 Oct
C 531836Samuel MOTTRAM, WAnsleyCatherine COOK, SpMeriden30 Oct 6,13 Nov
C 541836Abraham LEWIS, BAnsleySusannah CROYDEN, Ansley27 Nov, 4,11 Dec
C 561837Thomas EBDEL, BAnsleySarah HARRIS, SpAnsley15,22,29 Oct
C 561837John WIGHTMAN, AnsleyAmelia TOON, Earl Shilton16,23,30 Apr
C 571837Thomas AUSHETT/ARCHER, BAnsleyElizabeth BOSWORTH, SpAnsley22,29Oct 5 Nov
C 581837William HOPKINS, BAnsleyElizabeth SMITH, SpAnsley10,17,21 Dec
C 591838George RILAND, BAnsleyMary SHAW, SpAnsley8,15,22 Apr
C 601838Samuel LAPWORTH, BAnsleyHannah THORN?, SpAnsley8,15,22 Apr
C 611838William CASHMORE, BChilvers CotonMary WORTHINGTON, SpAnsley27 May 3,10 Jun
C 621838John CLARKE, WAnsleySarah WOODFIELD, SpNuneaton27 May 3,10 Jun
C 631838William SMITH, BAnsleyAnn KETTLE, SpNuneaton17,24 Jun 1 Jul
C 641838Edward TOMPSON, BAnsleyEmma GARTON, SpAnsley4,11 16 Nov
C 651838Joseph SMITH, AnsleyHannah WILSON, Ansley2,9,16 Dec
C 661839James SMITH, BAnsleyCatherine BRINDLEY, SpAnsley21,28 Apr 5 May
C 671839Richard FRENCH, BColeshillEliza ROWLEY, SpAnsley23,30 Jun 7 Jul
C 681839John HEYWOOD, BAnsleyEliza HARRIS, SpAnsley4.11,18 Aug
C 691839William DAGLEY, BAnsleyHannah HARRIS, SpAnsley15,22,29 Sep
C 701839Charles SMITH, BAnsleyMary HARRIS, SpAnsley13,20,27 Oct
C 711839James ARTHRELL, BAnsleyElizabeth BILSON, SpAnsley3,10,17 Nov
C 721840William MILLER, BAnsleyElizabeth TALLIS, SpAnsley12,19,26 Apr
C 731840Abraham WILLER, BAnsleyMary GARTON, SpAnsley26 Apr 3,10 May
C 741840Thomas BRINDLEY, BAnsleyMary GARTON, SpAnsley26 Apr 3,10 May
C 751840Edwin MERCER, BAnsleySarah WATSON, SpAnsley14,21 28 Jun
C 761841Charles BATES , BAubison STSSarah WARD, SpAnsley2,9,16 May
C 771841John MORRIS, WAnsleyMary LEIGH, SpAnsley23,30 May 6 Jun
C 781841George GHENT, BAnsleySophia Ann DAULMAN, SpAnsley30 May 6,13 Jun
C 791841William OXFORD, bAnsleyPatience CHETWIN, SpAnsley3,10,17 Oct
C 801841John STAFFORD, BExhallAnn ROWLEY, SpAnsley31 Oct 7,14 Nov
C 811842Henry MOREWOOD, BAnsleyHannah HOWE, SpAnsley30 Jan 6,13 Feb
C 821842Benjamin TOON, BAnsleyMary WALKER, SpAnsley10,17 24 Apr
C 831842Absalom BINDLEY, BStockingford NuneatonSally SHEMANS, SPAnsley4,11,18 Sep
C 841842John COX, BAnsleySusanna OXFORD, SpAnsley4,11,18 Sep
C 851842Benjamin TOON, BAnsleyMary WALKER, SpAnsley18,25 Sep 2 Oct
C 861842Nathaniel WOODFIELD, BAnsleyDinah SMITH, SpAnsley25 Sep 2,9 Oct
C 871842Benjamin THOMAS, BAnsleyMary RANDEL, SpAnsley25 Sep 2,9 Oct
C 881842John WILCOX, BOrton on the HillHannah HILL, SpAnsley16,23,30 Oct
C 891842Thomas SATCHELL, BAnsleyCatherine DAY, SpAnsley6,13,20 Nov
C 901842William BIRD, BAnsleyHannah THOMAS, SpAnsley17,24,Sep 1 Oct
C 911843Joseph STRINGER, BAnsleyPhoebe DAVIS, SpAnsley17,24 Sep 1 Oct
C 921843James DEEMING, BAnsleyEmma BATES, SpAnsley15,22,29 Oct
C 931843/4John CRANER?, WAnsleyElizabeth BUTLER, WAnsley31 Dec 7 14 Jan
C 941844George SILVESTER, BTamworthMaria BAILEY, SpAnsley17,24,31 Mar
C 951844David BUCKLER, BNuneatonHannah MOORE, SpAnsley14,21,29 Apr
C 961844Isaac MOORE, BAnsleyMary EVERET, SpNuneaton7,14,21 Jul
C 971844George ISON, WAnsleyMary MOOR, WAnsley1.8.15 Sep
C 981844Samuel ORTON, BAnsleyAnn PRITCHETT, SpAnsley6,13,20 Oct
C 991844John THORNE, BAnsleyFlorence BAKER, SpAnsley20,27Oct 3 Nov
C 1001844William BARNWELL, BAnsleyAnn MOORWOOD, SpAnsley20,27,Oct 3 Nov
C 1011844Francis GARTON, BAnsleyMary SHEMMONS, SpAnsley15,22,29 Dec
C 1021845Thoms DAY, AnsleyCatherine WOOD, Astley21,28 Sep 5 Oct
C 1031845William MANSFIELD, AnsleyCaroline MOSS, Chilvers Coton28 Sep 5,12 Oct
C 1041845William HARRIS, BAnsleySarah PALLETT, WAnsley12,19,26 Oct
C 1051845James JOHNSON, BAnsleyHannah TERRY, SpFillongley19,26 Oct 2 Nov
C 1061846William BRINDLEY, BAnsleyAnn PALLETT, SpAnsley25 Jan 1,8 Feb
C 1071846Aaron BUCKLER, BNuneatonAnn ALTON, SpAnsley2.9.16 Aug
C 1081846Thomas GENT, BAnsleyAnn SMITH, SPAnsley4,11,18 Oct
C 1091846James HANKINSON, BMancetterAnn WILSON, Ansley11,18,25 Oct
C 1101847Joshua MORRIS, BNuneatonMary Ann MORRIS, SpAnsley3,10,17 Jan
C 1111847Joseph GOODE, AnsleyMary Ann WARD, Ansley14,21,28 Mar
C 1121847John HARRIS, BAnsleyMary SMITH, SpAnsley25 Jul 1,8 Aug
C 1131847William SMITH, B?Elizabeth ORTON, Sp?25 Jul 1, 8 Aug
C 1141847George MATTHEWS, BAnsleyAnn POINTON, Mancetter3,10,17 Oct
C 1151847John WILSON, BAnsleyEliza JEFFCOAT, SpAnsley17,24,31 Oct
C 1161848Thomas CLARK, WMancetterElizabeth DOWNING, SpAnsley6,13,20 Feb
C 1171848John MOTTRAM, BAnsleySarah ALTHORPE, WAnsley19,26 Mar 2 Apr
C 1181848John MARNDER, BAnsleyMary Ann HARDY, SpAnsley26 Mar 2,9 Apr
C 1191848Richard SUFFOLK, WNuneatonHannah GREENOUGH, SpAnsley2,9,16 Apr
C 1201848William ARCHER, BFillongleyHannah HARRIS, SpAnsley7,14,21 May
C 1211848Francis SPENCER, BAnsleyAnn MOTTRAM, SpAnsley14,21,28 May
C 1221848Thomas JONES, BHartshill NuneatonMaria HARRIS, SpAnsley3.10.17 Dec
C 1231849George WARD, BAnsleySarah BAXTER, Ansley8,15,22 Apr
C 1241849Edward John ALTON, BAnsleyElizabeth TAYLOR, SpAnsley2,9,16 Sep
C 1251849Charles HOLLAND, BAnsleyMary SLACK, SpAnsley23,30 Sep7 Oct
C 1261849Edmond THORN, AnsleyHannah TAYLOR, Bentley21,28 Oct 4 Nov
C 1271849Samuel LOWE, PolesworthNancy SMITH, Ansley21,28 Oct 4 Nov
C 1281850John EVANS, BTipton STSHarriett CROYDON, SpAnsley14,21,28 Apr
C 1291850William MITCHELL, BAnsleyHannah TREDDLE, SpAnsley21 Apr (crossed out)
C 1301850William MITCHELL, BAnsleyHannah TREDDLE, SpSheepy14,21,28 Jul
C 1311850Joseph GREEN, BAnsleyOlive WHEATLEY, SpAnsley14,21,28 Jul
C 1321850Joseph HEPSON, AnsleyLydia Finch HOOD, Ansley01-Dec (1 date only)
C 1331850/1?James SMITH, BAnsleyJane PROFFIT, SpAnsley31 Aug 7,14 Sep
C 1341850William CHATTAM, ColeshillMary NASH, Ansley12,19,26 Oct
C 1351850William ARNOLD, BAnsleyMaria THORNE, SpAnsley16,23,30 Nov
C 1361851Thomas ALTON, BAnsleyMary BARKER, SpAnsley7,14,21 Dec
C 1371852John ARNOLD, BMyra FAULKNELL, Sp2,11,18 Jan
C 1381852John WOODWARD, BMancetterAnn MOOR, SpAnsley2,11,18 Jan
C 1391842William BARNES, BAnsleyAnn GOLDBY, SpAnsley22,29 Feb 7 Mar
C 1401852Thomas MITCHELL, BAstonAnn SMITH, SpAnsley29 Feb 7 14 MAR
C 1411852James ALLTON, AnsleyAnn WILKINSON, Nuneaton21,28 Mar 4 Apr
C 1421852John PROFFIT, BAnsleyMaria DEEMING, SpAnsley16,23,30 May
C 1431852Charles MONE?, BBentleyBatthep Ann SMITH, Ansley15,22,29 Apr
C 1441852William HARRIS, WAnsleyMary Ann ALCOCK, SpAnsley19,26,Sep 3 Oct
C 1451852William BAXTER, WAnsleyElizabeth CLAY, Stockingford Nuneaton26 Sep 3,10 Oct
C 1461852William SHEPHERD, BAnsleyElizabeth BOSWORTH, Ansley17,24,31 Oct
C 1471852John BAXTER, BAnsleySarah GARNER, WAnsley12,19,26 Dec
C 1481853Josiah JEFFCOAT, BNuneatonEmma THORN, SpAnsley6,13,20 Feb
C 1491853Joseph TAYLOR, BAnsleyMary Ann CAPENOR, SpAnsley1,8,15 May
C 1501853Joseph TOON, BAnsleyJane JOHNSON, SpAnsley8,15,22 May
C 1511853William DOUGHTY, BAnsleySarah DUNN, SpSherborne WAR19,26 Jun 5 Jul
C 1521853Thomas HARDY, BAnsleySarah BENTLEY, SpAllesley3,10,17 Jul
C 1531854Charles BRINDLEY, BMaria PARKER, Sp22,29 Jan 5 Feb
C 1541854William DEDD, BAnsleyElizabeth WORRALL, SpStoneleigh19,20 Feb 5 Mar
C 1551854James LLOYD, BArleyHannah GENT, SpAnsley18,25,Jun 2 Jul
C 1561854Charles HANDLEY, WNuneatonMary THOMPSON, SpAnsley24 Sep 1,8 Oct
C 1571854William WOODFIELD, BFillongleySarah BIRKS, SpAnsley24 Sep 1,8 Oct
C 1581854Thomas BARNES, BAnsleyCaroline BUTLER, SpNether Whitacre22, 29 Oct 5 Nov
C 1591854Edward TAYLOR, BAnsleyMary HANDS, SpAnsley22,29 Oct 5 Nov
C 1601854William MARSON, BAnsleyJane WHEATLEY, SpAnsley3,10, 17 Dec
C 1611855Richard CROFT, BStockingfordMary Ann BARKER, SpAnsley4,11,18 Mar
C 1621855James JOHNSON, WAnsleyMary DEEMING, WAnsley1,8,15 Jul
C 1631855William TABBERNER, BSheepyMahala Sarah CLAYTON, SpAnsley7,14,21 Oct
C 1641856David ALTON, BAnsleyHannah ISON, SpAnsley13,20,27 Jan
C 1651856George OSBORN, BAstleyEmma WARD, SpAnsley9,16,23 Mar
C 1661856William PARKER, AnsleyAnn Alice ORME, Bentley6.13.20 Apr
C 1671856John BARNES, BAnsleyRebecca SMITH, SpAtherstone18,25 May 1 Jun
C 1681856John BUTLER, BAnsleyCaroline JEFFCOTE, SpNuneaton27 Jul 3,10 Aug
C 1691856William STAIN, BArleyHannah PALLETT, SpAnsley28 Sep 5 12 Oct
C 1701856Thomas HARRIS, BAnsleySarah SUFFOLKS, SpAnsley19.26 Oct 2 Nov
C 1711856William ROWLEY, BAnsleyAnn SPENCER, SpAnsley6 Oct 2,9 Nov
C 1721856Benjamin HARRIS, WHartshillElizabeth GREENOUGH, SpAnsley7,14,21 Dec
C 1731857Edward WARD, BAnsleyMartha DANIELS, SpAnsley29 Mar 5,12 Apr
C 1741857Thomas CLARKE, BAnsleyMary JEFFCOTT, SpAnsley10,17,24 May
C 1751857Alfred SCATTERGOOD, BAnsleyMary Ann BARKER, SpAnsley2,9,16 Aug
C 1761857John TAYLOR, BBentleyMary CLIFFORD, SpAnsley20,27,Sep 4 Oct
C 1771857George DALTON, BAnsleyLouisa BAILEY, SpAnsley6,13,20 Dec
C 1781858William ARCHER, WAnsleyAnn BATES, WAnsley24,31, Jan 7 Feb
C 1791858David THOMPSON, WAnsleyMaria WARD, SpAnsley9,16,23 May
C 1801858John ALLEN, WAnsleyEllen WORSLEY, WGreat Malvern WOR13,20,27 Jun
C 1811858Edward DONNELL, WStockingford NuneatonElizabeth BAXTER, WAnsley26 Sep 3,10 Oct
C 1821858William GOODE, BAnsleySarah MITCHEL, SpAnsley17,24,31 Oct
C 1831858William TUNKS, BAnsleyJane BARNES, SpAnsley12,19,26 Dec
C 1841859Joseph GENT, BAnsleySarah Ann JEFFCOAT, SpHartshill4,11,18 Sep
C 1851859Robert BORROW, BStockingfordFaney BARNES, SpAnsley9,16,23 Oct
C 1861859John PALLETT, BAnsleyAnn MARTIN, SpAnsley16,23,30 Oct
C 1871859James KINGS, BAnsleyAnn ALCOCK, SpAnsley16,23,30 Oct
C 1881859John OLDHAM, BAnsleyFrances DABORN, SpAnsley11,18,25 Dec
C 1891859Thomas PARKER, BAnsleyMary Ann BONSOR?, SpAnsley11,18,25 Dec
C 1901859George THOMAS, BAnsleyMary ROWLEY, SpAnsley11,18,25 Dec
C 1911860Isaac ALTON, BAnsleyAnn BAILEY, SpStockingford1,8,15 Jan
C 1921860John JEFFCOAT, BAnsleyRachel JEFFCOAT, SpStockingford2,9,16 Sep
C 1931860John PULLIN, BAnsleyFrances GENT, SpAnsley30 Sep 7,14 Oct
C 1941860William ORTON, BAnsleyMary Ann MOTTRAM, SpAnsley14,21,28 Oct
C 1951860Joseph OLDHAM, WAnsleyFrances HARRISON, WWinalish Surrey14,21,28 Oct
C 1961860James Thomas JENKINSON, BAnsleyJane REEVE, SpAnsley21,28 Oct 4 Nov
C 1971860Thomas HARRIS, WAnsleyLouisa PERRSEY, WAnsley28 Oct 4,11 Nov
C 1981860John GENT, BAnsleyMary PALLET, SpAnsley11,18 Nov
C 1991860William MEADOWS, BAtherstoneMatilda WILSON, SpAnsley25 Nov 2,9 Dec
C 2001860Luke MOTTRAM, BAnsley DOUGHTY, SpAnsley9,16,23 Dec
C 2011861Peter TAYLOR, BAnsleyAnn JEFFCOTT, SpAnsley02-Jun
C 2021861/2Richard ALLEN, BBulkingtonEllen REEVE, SpAnsley29 Dec 5,12 Jan
C 2031862Dennis SPARROW, WAnsleyMary Ann COLLADGE, WAnsley9,16,23 Feb
C 2041862William WALKER, BAnsleyJane STRINGER, SpAnsley18,25 May,1 Jun
C 2051862William ALLEN, BHartshillPhebe GENTS, SpAnsley7,14,21 Sep
C 2061862Samuel DOWNS, BAnsleyJane TREADWELL, SpSheepy21,28 Sep 5 Oct
C 2071862John WESTMAN, BDrayton LEIAnn TARBETH, SpAnsley19,26Oct 2 Nov
C 2081862Edward FLETCHER, BAnsleyAnn ARNOLD, SpAnsley7,14,21 Dec
C 2091862/3John CROYDON, BAnsleySarah Jane CAPENER, SpStepenhill STS28 Dec 4,11 Jan
C 2101863Edward SCATTERGOOD, BStepenhill STSElizabeth SMITH, SpAnsley4,11,18 Jan
C 2111863John OWEN, BAnsleyElizabeth ARTHRELL, SpAnsley22 Feb 1, 8 Mar
C 2121863William WILLIAMS, BAnsleySarah CLARK, SpAnsley1,8,15 Mar
C 2131863Henry TIMMS, BAnsleyElizabeth SPENCER, SpAnsley10,17,24 Mar
C 2141863Richard ASHMAN, BAnsleyMary SEELEY, SpAnsley23,30 Aug 6 Sep
C 2151863Thomas ABELL, BIkeston DBYCatharine MOTTRAM, SpAnsley6,13,20 Sep
C 2161863George HARDY, BAnsleyMaria BILSON, SpAnsley13,20,27 Sep
C 2171863George SPENCER, BKingsburySarah HAWKSFORD, SpAnsley4,11,18 Oct
C 2181863Charles WARD, BAnsleyHannah WOODFIELD, SpAnsley25 Oct 1,8 Nov
C 2191863Charles HILL, BOver WhitacreSarah ROWLEY?, SpAnsley1,8,15 Nov
C 2201863Samuel GREENS, BAnsleyHarriet LAKIN, SpAnsley8,15,22 Nov
C 2211863David MOOR, BAnsleyEliza BUCKLER, SpStockingford22,29 Nov
C 2221864John BOSTOCK, BAnsleyAnn SYKES, SpAnsley03-Jan
C 2231864David Thomas HARRIS, BAnsleyCaroline Charlotte SPENCER, Sp Ansley21,28 Feb 6 Mar
C 2241864Edward HADLEY, BWednesburyEmma JEFFCOTE, SpAnsley6,13,20 Mar
C 2251864Charles JABETT, BChilvers CotonHarriet JEFFECOTT, SpAnsley27 Mar 3,10 Apr
C 2261864Thomas MOORE, WAnsleyMary JEFFCOTT, WAnsley8,15,22 May
C 2271864William MOORE, BAnsleyElizabeth BARRATT, SpStockingford12,19,26 Jun
C 2281864Leonard EBDELL, BSarah Ann BILSON, Sp19,26,Jun 3 Jul
C 2291864Henry ARTHRELL, BAnsleyKitty WEDDING, SpRugby3,10,17 Jul
C 2301864George JEFFCOTT, BAnsleyPatience JEFFCOTT, SpStockingford4,11,18 Sep
C 2311864John RANDLE, BHartshillJane WALKER, SpAnsley25 Sep 2,9 Oct
C 2321864William NASH, BUttoxeter STSMary WARD, SpAnsley16,23,30 Oct
C 2331864John JEFFCOTT, BAnsleySarah Ann HOWEN, SpKeresley & Coundon Coventry4,11,18 Dec
C 2341864John CORNAM, BChapel En le Firth DBYMary JEFFCOTT, SpAnsley11,18,25 Dec
C 2351865William WINSTANLEY, BAnsleyMary Ann DRAKELEY, SpAnsley12,19,26 Mar
C 2361865Joseph CRANER, BFillongleyEmma SNAPE, SpAnsley8,15,22 Oct
C 2371865David WARING, BSeven Oaks KentElizabeth WARD, SpAnsley15,22,29 Oct
C 2381865Enoch SCATTERGOOD, BMary Ann WARD, Sp15.22 29 Oct
C 2391866Dorrant Utson HARRIS, BStockingfordAnne JEFFCOTT, SpAnsley18,25 Feb 4 Mar
C 2401866William MEERS, BAnsleyAnn BRIGGS, SpSheepy29 Apr 6,13 May
C 2411866Daniel PARKER, BAnsleyMaria JEFFCOTT, SpAnsley1,8,15 Jul
C 2421866William BRIGGS, BSheepeyJane MEAR, SpAnsley16.23 30 Sep
C 2431866Samuel GREEN, WAnsleyCatherine DARLINGTON, SpAnsley30 Sep 7,14 Oct
C 2441867Thomas BAILEY, BAnsleyEllen HARISON, SpAnsley16,23,30 Jun
C 2451867John KELSEY, BFillongleyCatherine WEETMAN, SpAnsley14,21,28 Jul
C 2461867Henry BILLINGHAM, BWeeden Bec NTHAnn ROWBOTHAM, SpAnsley29 Sep,6,13 Oct
C 2471867James WATSON, BAnsleyMary BRINDLEY, SpCoton Bosworth29 Sep 6,13 Oct
C 2481868William WHITE, BAnsleyAnn BOND, SpCold Ashby NTH26 Jan 2,9 Feb
C 2491868John BOOTON, BAnsleyMary Ann THURMAN, SpMancetter12,29,26 Apr
C 2501868Joseph HINCKS, BAnsleyMary WARD, SpAnsley27 Sep 4,11, Oct
C 2511868George ARNOLD, BAnsleyMary Ann MOUNTFORD, SpAnsley11,18,25 Oct
C 2521868Joseph Charles COOPER, bAnsleyEllen SNAPE, SpAnsley18,25 Oct 1 Nov
C 2531868John LAKIN, BShenstone STSSarah HOOD, SpAnsley18,25 Oct 1 Nov
C 2541868Matthew TALBOT, BBentleyElizabeth PARKES, SpAnsley22,29 Nov 6 Dec
C 2551868Charles CROSHAW, BBarrow in Furness LANHannah ATKINS, SpAnsley29 Nov 6,13 Dec
C 2561869Charles GLOVER, BPelsall STSSarah WARD, SpAnsley3,10,17 Jan
C 2571869William SMITH, BSt Marys KidderminsterSarah NASH, SpAnsley7,14,21 Mar
C 2581869Richard DEEMING, BAnsleyCaroline RIDDEN, SpColeshill7,14,21 Mar
C 2591869Thomas NIGHTINGALE, WCorleySarah BRINDLEY, SpAnsley28 Mar 4,11 Apr
C 2601869John WEST, BWater Orton AstonSarah TOON, SpAnsley8,15,22 Aug
C 2611869Richard DEEMING, WAnsleyLucy BALL, WAnsley21,28Nov 5 Dec
C 2621869Thomas BLOWER, BAnsleyMary HARRIS, SpAnsley5,12, 19 Dec
C 2631869Edward SMITH, BAnsleyEllen ARCHER, SpShuttington5,12,19 Dec
C 2641870William KENDALL, BSutton Cheney LEIEliza BAXTER, SPAnsley7,9,16 Jan
C 2651870Alfred Rose CLARK, BAtherstoneOlive MELLOR, SpAnsley17,24,31 Jul
C 2661870William Walter TONEY, BCoventryAnn PARSONS, SpAnsley31 Jul 7,14 Aug
C 2671870Jeremiah COOK, BStockingfordHannah JEPHCOTT, SpAnsley6,13,20 Nov
C 2671870Frederick MOOR?, BAnsleyMaria JEFFCOTT, SpStockingford6,13,20 Mar
C 2691870Thomas HARRIS, WAnsleyEliz CEATHEM, WAnsley13,20,27 Nov
C 2701870Thomas WARD, WAnsleyAnn SMITH, WAnsley11,18,25 Dec
C 2711871John HARVEY, BAnsleySarah WHEATLEY, SpCadby LEI12,19,26 Feb
C 2721871John BALDOCK, BStockingfordMary Ann MOTTRAM, SpAnsley11,18,25 Jun
C 2731871Joseph GARTON, BAnsleyJane PINFOLD, SpAnsley1,8,15 Oct
C 2741871Alfred WARD, BAnsleyEmma ROWLEY, SpAnsley29 Oct 5,12, Nov
C 2751871Henry Cramp ANGLISS, BArleyMary Annie DAWKINS, SpAnsley3,10,17 Dec
C 2761871Isaac JEFFCOTE, BAnsleyElizabeth PARKER, SpAnsley3,10,17 Dec
C 2771872Henry William JOWITT, BShustokeSarah SPENCER, SpAnsley21,28 Jan 4 Feb
C 2781872John REDHAND, BAnsleySarah Ann VARNEY, SpSt Mary Banbury10,17,24 Mar
C 2791872William HOPKINS, BColeshillRosa GOODE, SpAnsley7,14,21 Jul
C 2801872Edward SLACK, BBaxterleyJane YARDLEY, SpAnsley25 Aug 1,8 Sep
C 2811872Henry SPENCER, BAnsleyMary DEWIS, SpStockingford25 Aug 1,8 Sep
C 2821872John CLARKE, BAnsleyEmma HARBONE, SpAnsley10,17,24 Nov
C 2831872John BASSETT, BPolesworthMary 'MAY, SpAnsley8,15,22 Dec
C 2841872James WARD, BCurdsworthEllen HINCK, SpAnsley22,29 Dec
C 2851873Edward STAIN, WChilvers CotonMary Ann SNAPE, SpAnsley5,12,19 Jan
C 2861873Edward FULLEYLOVE, BAnsleyEliza ORTON, SpAnsley16,23,Feb 2 Mar
C 2871873John Fowke HAYES, BEccleshall Sheffield YKSHannah BOOTON, SpAnsley31 Aug 7,14 Sep
C 2881873Charles ROWLEY, BChilvers CotonSarah GREEN, SpAnsley21,28 Sep 5 Oct
C 2891874Thomas GRUBB, WAnsleyMary BAYSTON, WAnsley4,11,18 Jan
C 2901874George POWELL, BAnsleyLaura GRUBB, SpAnsley4,11,18 Jan
C 2911874John BAKER, BAnsleyMary Ann FULLEYLOVE, SpChilvers Coton7,14,21 Jun
C 2921874John DAGLEY, BAnsleyMary BAYLEY, SpStockingford6,13,20 Sep
C 2931874George MORSBY, BAnsleyEllen HARRISON, SpAnsley27 Sep 4,11 Oct
C 2941874Edward TOON, BAnsleySarah SNAPE, SpAnsley11,18,25 Oct
C 2951874George MORGAN, BHartshillFrances GENT, SpAnsley8,15,22 Nov
C 2961875Jesse Samuel BROOKES, BHartshillLydia DAGLEY, SpAnsley14,21,28 Feb
C 2971875John BERRY, BAnsleyMary PARKER, SpAnsley12,19,26 Sep
C 2981875Thomas ALLSOPP, BAnsleyCharlotte HOOD, SpAnsley7,14,21 Nov
C 2991876James ALLTON, BAnsleyAnnie STRINGER SHAW, SpArley20,27 Feb, 5 Mar
C 3001875John THURN, BAnsleyIsabella COOK, SpAnsley27 Feb,5,12 Mar
C 3011876James BILLINGHAM, BAnsleyCaroline Ann BEASLEY, SpDaventry14,21,28 May
C 3021876George GADSBY, BAnsleyEmma PROFITT, SpAnsley21,28 May 4 Jun
C 3031876William BLOWER, BBentleyElizabeth BILSON, SpAnsley25 Jun 2,9 Jul
C 3041876Frederick George RUSH, BAnsleyElizabeth Ann HARVEY, SpVaughton Gloster2,9,16 Jul

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