Wolfhamcote, St Peter's
Burials from 1753 to 1768

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These entries continue in the first register for the parish, following a gap in the range of records.

There is separate register for 63 years marked "Burials in Woollen"
which is approximately from 1679 to 1765.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:
Alsop, Arnold, Bucknell, Butler, Chiles, Cleaver, Clerke, Curtis, Eales, Earl, Elliott,
Gessage, Gibbins, Giles, Good, Goode, Grammer, Grub, Grubb, Guise, Hague, Hakesly, Hall, Holmes,
Line, Lowke, Mace, Manders, Masters, Mather, Mathews, May, Mayway(?), Monder, Newman, Numan,
Odams, Rawbone, Reed, Sharman, Shenston, Slatcher, Smart, Smith, Spencer, Spenser,
Taylor, Thornicraft, Thornicroft, Truslove, Turner, Turrell, Usher,
Watson, Watston, West, Whitaker, White, Williams, Wills, Wilson,

Name Surname Notes Abode Date
1753 Burials
HenryLowke   January
Elizabeth wife of RichardCleaver  8th February
EdwardGoode Braunston20th March
(no given name)Watsonan infant 7th April
(no given name)Thornicroftan infant 24th July
1754 Burials
Martha wife of JosephWills  (no date but before 15th June)
Elizabeth wife of JohnGrub  16th June
ElizabethMasters  6th September
JeffryGoode  6th September
MarthaWhite  7th September
Pasku wife of JohnSharman  10th December
(no given name)Sharman an infant 15th December
1755 Burials
John son of RobertArnold  10th July
RobertArnold  30th July
Elizabeth wife of JohnMace  16th December
1756 Burials
ThomasBucknell  14th February
Jeffry son of WilliamGoode  1st March
ThomasHakesly  3rd August
JohnThornicroft  12th December
1757 Burials
JohnGessage  4th February
WilliamMathews  17th March
JaneReed  26th March
NicholasMasters  13th April
Hanna wife of JohnEales  15th April
Hester wife of(illegible)  10th November
SamuelWest an infant 17th November
1758 Burials
Sarah wife of JohnElliott  18th January
Elizabeth wife of GeorgeWatston  20th February
Ann daughter of Simon & ElizabethGiles  17th May
William son of Edward & AnnRawbone  4th June
John son of John & ElizabethMasters  31st August
Catherine wife of ThomasGrub  17th November
Richard son of Job & AnnWilson  11th December
1759 Burials
Mary wife of HenryLowke  15th April
WilliamEarlan infant 6th May
Two infants of William & HannahUsher  3rd June
Mary daughter of Edward & AnnRawbone  1st August
Richard son of Henry & MaryLowke  5th August
JohnWhitaker  27th November
1760 Burials
ElizabethWilliams  26th February
GeorgeWilliams  2nd March
AliceSpenser Sawbridge27th May
EuesbyHolmesfarmer 15th June
EdwardWatson  19th September
WilliamGoodan infant 20th September
(no given name)May  23rd October
(no given name)Guise  31st October
(no given name)Watson  Flecknow29th December
1761 Burials (there are a lot of blank entries with just dates)
MaryAlsop  1st January
ElizabethHakeslywidow 24th February
ThomasSmart  30th February
(no given name)Chiles  27nd (?ber) month illegible
Mr GeorgeWatson  12th December
1762 Burials
ThomasRawbone  15th January
(no given name)Monder wife of (?)  26th February
(no given name)Watsonan infant 26th February
Ann wife of ThomasWhite  14th March
ElizabethCurtisan infant 20th March
(no given name)Williams  16th May
ThomasSpencer farmer 29th June
ThomasGibbins  26th September
1763 Burials
ElizabethShenston widow 20th January
(no given name) daughter of Edward & (?)Rawbone  31st January
RobertClerkeGentOvencote12th February
AnnNewmanan infant 20th March
ThomasCurtisan infant 20th April
JohnMastersan infant 27th May
(no given name)Cleaver  22nd June
JaneArnoldan infant 23rd June
EdwardRawbone senr  1st August
1763? Burials
ThomasButler Sawbridge5th November
RichardWilson  13th November
ThomasOdams  16th November
ThomasCleaver  28th November
1763/64 Burial ?
AnneNuman  2nd March
1764 Burials
AliceTaylor  20th March
LydiaWatson  27th March
SamuelSlatcher  1st April
AnnMasters  21st April
MaryTaylor  5th May
HannahTruslove  8th May
ThomasTurrell  18th May
AnneTaylor  22nd May
MaryThornicraft  26th July
Thomas BaritGoode  20th September
AnneCleaver  23rd September
1765 Burials
MillicentMayway(?)  3rd April
Martha daughter of Robert & SarahHall  4th May
RichardCleaver  25th May
Stephen son of George & LydiaWatson  (?) August (date illegible)
SamuelSmith  no date (but after entry for August and before entry for 31st October)
Robert son of RobertHall  31st October
1766 Burials
JohnManders Salbridge15th January
GeorgeGrammer  11th May
RebeccaWills  8th June
EdwardGoode Fleckno18th October
MaryWatson Welton6th December
ElizabethWatson Welton11th December
ElizabethWest  14th December
JohnGoode Flecknoe19th December
AnneTurner Flecknoe30th December
1767 Burials
BridgetMather Wolfhampcote3rd January
NicholasGrubb  23rd January
MarySmith Flecknoe23rd April
MaryLine Nethercote28th April
MaryHague Flecknoe5th May
JohnCleaver Flecknoe10th June
JaneRawbonean infant 23rd June
JosephGoode Flecknoe5th August
MosesThornicroft  21st September
A stranger found deadin ye field, and was buried  25th December
1768 Burials
CatherineRawbone  2nd January
ElizabethGrubb  12th January
RichardSmith  no date but after 12th January

This is the last burial entry in the first register.

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