Wolfhamcote, St Peter's
Burials from 1558 to 1612

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Registrum ecclia pochialis de Wolfamcott incipiens ab Ano Dni 1558 et Anno
Regni Dnae rnae Elizabetha dei gra etc primo

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           Surname Listing:

Alloridge, Androwes, Arnold, Atkyns.
Banwell, Barrington, Baselye, Batman, Bedle, Benson, Beynam, Blower, Bottrell, Brawnston, Brawnstone, Brooke, Burbuy, Burnam(?), Butler.
Childes, Chiles, Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Clerk, Clerke, Clevar, Clever, Clifford, Crosse, Currall, Curteous, Curtise, Curtisse.
Denye, Donnam, Dunham.
Eales, Eiles, Ellis, Eyles.
Gad, Gamble, Gelly, Good, Goode, Greene.
Hall, Hickman, Hodges, Holme, Homes, Howns, Hutchins.
Keen, Keene, Keens.
Lancktone, Larie, Lee, Lette, Locke.
Maister, Masters, Meaxe, Modema’, Modeman, Modiman, Modyman.
Pedley, Pere, Pullar, Puller.
Quiney, Quyney.
Roberde, Roberdes, Roberte, Ryley.
Saunders, Sawbridge, Sawnders, Shaw, Shawders, Shawe, Shenston, Sherod, Skinner, Speene, Spencer, Squire, Steele, Symons.
Thomkyns, Thorne, Thornecraft, Thornecroft, Thornichroft, Thornicraft, Thornicroft, Tomkyns.
Wale, Webb, Webbe, Webster, White, Whitney, Wilcox, Wilkens, Wilkyns, Winwall, Wright, Wythebed.

Name   Surname / Parent Date Notes
Margaretdau ofRobert Barrington22nd April 
Rogerson ofRichard Sawnders25th May 
Benitdaughter ofRichard Shaw3rd June 
Robert     Barrington11th June 
Elizabethw. ofRichard Sawnders4th June 
Henry     Squire10th August 
Thomas     Banwell13th August 
Richard     Curtise14th August 
Agnes     Eyles16th August 
Thomas     Roberdes17th August 
Thomas     Lette4th September 
Margaretdaughter of(illegible) Wilkyns4th September 
Agnes     Atkyns3rd September 
Alice     Symons4th September 
Robert     Thornecraft24th September 
Agnes     Spencer25th September 
Agnes     Thorne27th September 
John     Roberde7th October 
Margaret     Lette9th October 
Magdalenew. ofRichard Hutchins12th October 
Richard     Sawbridge13th October 
Roger     Saunders17th November 
Agnes     Eyles29th November 
Alice     Beynam19th November 
Thomas     Wilkyns29th November 
1559 SEPULTI  
Magdalen     Thornecroft1st January 
Richard     Curtise6th January 
Lawrencequidam mendiniosomeone unknown9th January 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Bottrell1st February 
William     Saunders8th February 
Williamson ofRichard Wilkyns9th February 
Thomas     Thornecraft18th February 
Thomas     Chiles24th February 
Thomas     Howns9th March 
Thomasson ofJohn Roberdes14th March 
Thomas     Masters21st March 
William     Atkyns25th April 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Masters25th May 
William     Pere?17th/27th May 
Joan     Wright3rd August 
Agnesw. ofThomas Eyles10th August 
Richardson ofJohn Eyles6th September 
Alice     Wilkyns8th October 
William     Atkyns4th November 
Alexander     Curtise28th December 
Helenw. ofMartin Crosse30th December 
1560 SEPULTI  
John     Lancktone25th April 
Elizabethw. ofJohn ffosse25th April 
Isabelldaughter ofAlice Chiles2nd May 
Thomas     Modema’22nd July 
William     Steele22nd August 
George     Spencer21st September 
Alicedaughter ofRichard Shawe2nd October 
Richardson ofJohn Clever30th November 
Bartholomewson ofEdward Masters14th December 
1561 SEPULTI  
Alicedaughter ofMartin Crosse26th January 
John     Pullar14th February 
Richardson ofJohn Eyles6th march 
Robert     Whitney19th April 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Good20th July 
Johnson ofJohn Atkyns10th August 
Nicholasson ofJohn Atkyns20th August 
Benet     Lette12th December 
1562 SEPULTI  
Joan     Eyles10th March 
Elizabethwife ofMartin Crosse10th April 
Thomasson ofThomas Denye9th August 
Robertson ofWilliam Quyneymonth of August 
Robertson ofRichard Masters27th August 
Agnes     Lette20th November 
1563 SEPULTI  
Rogerson ofEdward Masters6th April 
Margaretdaughter ofEdward Modeman11th July 
Henry     Good7th May 
William     Hutchins30th July 
Williamson ofJohn Batman26th August 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Clerk25th October 
Georgeservant toMr_Thomas Androwes1st November 
1564 SEPULTI  
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Roberdes9th February 
Agnes     Shawe18th February 
Richard     Batman27th October 
Margaretdaughter ofJohn Bottrell31st December 
1565 SEPULTI  
Richardson ofRichard Chiles6th January 
Elizabethwife ofJohn Roberdes17th February 
Richard     Pullar30th June 
Thomas     Shawe24th June 
Richardson ofHenry Good9th August 
1566 SEPULTI  
Johnson ofJohn Eyles24th February 
Thomasson ofWilliam Brawnston18th June 
Williamson ofRichard Keene31st May 
Richardson ofThomas Eyles16th August 
Isabelladaughter ofJohn Atkyns19th August 
Margaretdaughter ofThomas Eyles22nd November 
1567 SEPULTI  
Margaret     Sawnders6th January 
Richardson ofJohn Clever19th January 
Richard     Wilkyns22nd January 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Eyles26th January 
Margaretwife ofRichard Quyney  
Isabella     Modeman25th August 
WilliamLette 12thMay  
Simonson ofJohn Clever11th July 
Agneswife ofRichard Wilkyns3rd December 
1568 SEPULTI  
Edward     Masters19th May 
Catherinedaughter ofRichard Sawnders2nd June 
Margery     Burnam(?)4th September 
Margaret     Curtisse13th December 
1569 SEPULTI  
Richard     Chiles28th February 
Alicewife ofMartin Crosse28th April 
Richard     Eyles1st July 
Isabeldaughter ofThomas Eyles21st November 
Margaretdaughter ofThomas Eyles21st November(This is a double entry)
Elizabethwife ofNicholas Sherod8th December 
1570 SEPULTI  
Richard     Sawnders3rd February 
Thomasson ofRichard Quyney23rd April 
John     Good30th April 
John     Eyles18th May 
William     Keene11th May 
William     Brawnstone1st October 
1570 SEPULTI  
John Keeneson ofRichard Keen18th July 
William Keeneson ofRichard Keen18th July 
1571 SEPULTI  
Henryson ofAlexander Wale12th March 
Isabeldaughter ofAlexander Wale20th March 
Richardson ofRichard Chiles13th April 
Edwardson ofRichard Masters23rd July 
Alicewife ofJohn Masters26th August 
Bridgetdaughter ofJohn Eyles13th October 
Alexander     Wale27th October 
Joanwife ofEdward Quyney11th December 
1572 SEPULTI  
Nicholas     Wilkyns30th June 
Agneswife ofHenry Good27th December 
1573 SEPULTI  
Richardson ofRobert Butler18th February 
Johnson ofAgnotis(?) Speene17th March 
John     Webbe16th April 
John     Gamble14th MayThese entries are bracketed together)
Thomasson ofRichard Shenston24th August 
Johnson ofRichard Shenston24th August(This is a double entry)
1574 SEPULTI  
Joycedaughter ofRichard Quiney?31st March 
Alice     Modeman18th April 
Rogerson ofRichard Pullar11th September 
Thomas     Good1st December 
1575 SEPULTI  
Elizabethwife ofJohn Clever11th September 
Richard     Masters19th September 
Johnson ofRichard Lette3rd October 
Elizabethdaughter offfrancis Gelly21st October 
John     Clerk5th November 
1576 SEPULTI  
Richard     Quiney8th February 
Alicedaughter ofHenry Quiney13th May 
Thomas     Eyles23rd June 
RichardAtkyns 8thJuly  
Alicedaughter ofThomas Bedle25th August 
1577 SEPULTI  
Agnes     Curtisse10th February 
ffranciscadaughter ofHenry Tomkyns31st May 
Thomas     Masters11th June 
Thomas     Steele12th June 
Richard     Hutchins26th July 
Henry     Alloridge3rd July 
Elizabethwife ofHenry Modeman18th October 
1578 SEPULTI  
Joandaughter ofJohn Clark9th March 
Margaretwife ofRichard Shawe8th October 
1579 SEPULTI  
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Curtisse2nd July 
Thomasson ofThomas Clever30th August 
Mary Modimanwife ofHenry Modiman3rd September 
Margaretdaughter ofThomas Shaw7th December 
1580 SEPULTI  
Robert     Holme5th May 
Joanwife ofThomas Clever28th July 
Johnson ofJohn Clark31st July 
Emmadaughter ofHenry Tomkyns5th September 
Henry     Good11th December 
1581 SEPULTI  
Isabelwife ofRichard Lee15th January 
Catherine     Barrington14th February 
Johnson ofWilliam Keene20th February 
Richardson ofHenry Masters28th February 
William     Shenston16th March 
Alicedaughter ofJohn Clever9th June 
Joandaughter ofThomas Clever10th June 
Johnson ofRost(?) Eyles4th November 
1582 SEPULTI  
Nicholasson ofJohn Masters22nd February 
Richard     Masters de Banck25th March 
Isabel     Good28th October 
1583 SEPULTI  
Williamson ofWilliam Larie16th April 
Richardson ofJohn ffosse26th May 
John     Batman6th October 
Robert     Wythebed20th November 
1584 SEPULTI  
Alice Dunamdaughter ofJohn Dunham3rd April 
Isabelwife ofRichard Shenston5th May 
Henryson ofHenry Modyman17th June 
Alicedaughter ofThomas Crosse12th August 
Joan     Hall31st August 
Olivedaughter ofRichard Shenston21st September 
1585 SEPULTI  
Martin     Crosse10th March 
Thomas     Chiles26th December 
1586 SEPULTI  
Isabel     Masters widow26th February 
1587 SEPULTI  
Henry     Tomkyns(no date) 
John     Curtisse3 March 
Elizabeth     Good11th February 
Joan     Skinner2nd January 
John Sawndersson ofRichard Sawnders(no date) 
Mary Sawndersdaughter ofRichard Sawnders(no date)(Actual entry reads John & Mary Sawnders liberi Richard Saunders)
Thomasson ofRichard Blower(no date) 
Richardson ofRichard Masters(no date) 
Alice     Masters7th March 
Joan     Batman30th March 
Mary     White20th February 
1588 SEPULTI  
Joan     Batman30th March 
Joan     Good1st May 
John     Clark1st May(This is a double entry)
Johnson ofWilliam Eyles3rd February 
Edward     Thornicraft5th May 
1589 SEPULTI  
Agnes     Clarke15th Aprilwidow
1592 SEPULTI  
Nicholas     Sherod13th August 
Catherine     Atkyns3rd September 
William     Chiles16th May 
1593 SEPULTI  
William     Masters24th February(It is possible that this is duplicated in 1594)
1594 SEPULTI  
William     Tomkyns23rd December 
Elizabeth     Currall25th Decemberpauper
William     Masters24th February 
Edwardson ofJohn Good18th March 
1595 SEPULTI  
Thomas     Eiles22nd April 
Richardson ofRichard Homes7th January 
AgnesHodges 10thJuly  
Mathiasson ofJohn Clifford4th Augusta poor widower
Johnson ofEdward Atkyns3rd October 
Johnson ofWilliam Masters26th October 
John     Thornicroft13th Novemberwidower
1595/96 SEPULTI  
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Keene24th January 
Elizabeth     Clarke30th Januarya poor woman
Robert     Curtisse9th March 
1596/97 SEPULTI  
John     Tomkyns25th January 
Joanwife ofNicholas Sherod28th January 
Margaret     Burbuy13th February 
1597 SEPULTI  
Thomas     Keene18th April 
Alicewife ofRichard Wilkyns18th April 
Edward     Baselye29th June 
Margaretwife ofThomas Sawnders15th September 
Richard     Lee22nd September 
Rose     Eyles4th October 
Richard     Tomkyns22nd October 
Isabel     Pullar10th November 
1597/98 SEPULTI  
Thomas     Shawe7th January 
1598 SEPULTI  
Thomas     Wilkyns22nd August 
John     Ellis4th October 
1599 SEPULTI  
Mary     Barrington21st January 
John     Pedley19th November 
1599/1600 SEPULTI  
John     Winwall4th March 
Annedaughter ofThomas Sherod19th March 
1600 SEPULTI  
Henryson ofWilliam Masters13th June 
Thomas     Wilkyns14th November 
Mary     Wilcox6th November 
Thomas     Symons11th November 
1600/01 SEPULTI  
Margaret     Cleaver10th February 
Thomas     Chiles16th March 
1602 SEPULTI  
Joan     Wilkyns20th April 
Jane     Lette26th May 
Elizabeth     Shenston8th June 
Joan     Childes28th Julywidow
Elizabeth     Gad7th November 
John     Masters21st Novemberan old octogenarian
Catherinewife ofJohn Webbe11th December 
1602/03 SEPULTI  
Nicholas     Gad de fflecknow19th February 
1603 SEPULTI  
Elizabeth     Webbe?   widow (entry almost illegible date illegible)
1604 SEPULTI (all entries almost illegible)
John     Cleaver5th April 
Alicedaughter ofRichard Keene29th July 
John ?son ofWilliam Masters7th August 
1604/05 SEPULTI  
Margaret(?) ofWilliam (?)1st February 
Agnes     Hodges3rd or 6th February 
1605 SEPULTI  
John     Hickman1st November 
Elizabethwife ofJohn Jarden11th November 
Johnson ofRichard Roberte1st December 
1605/06 SEPULTI  
Edwardson ofRichard Puller20th January 
1606 SEPULTI  
Joandaughter ofJohn Webbe7th August(anno predict) 
Elizabeth     Thornichroft21st Septemberwidow
Henry     Masters12th January 
Richard     Keens6th February 
Joan     Cleaver of Nethercote9th Mayof Thomas Sherwood's house
John Cleaverson ofThomas Cleaver6th February(anno predict)
Joandaughter ofHenry Webb19th May 
1607 SEPULTI  
Elizabethwife ofWilliam Saunders4th Julyof Salbridge
Richard     Goode28th Octoberof Flecknowe
1608 SEPULTI  
Saunder     Meaxe10th April 
Isabel     Good5th May 
Alicedaughter ofElizabeth Wright25th May 
Thomas     Goode4th October 
Emmadaughter ofWilliam Saunders10th November 
1608/09 SEPULTI  
William     Goode senr16th March 
1609 SEPULTI  
Marydaughter ofHenry Goode junr10th July 
Isabelwife ofMichael Wilkens26th July 
Joanwife ofThomas Shawders4th October 
John     Eales16th October 
Saradaughter ofRichard Clerke12th November 
1610 SEPULTI  
Richard     Webster10th May 
John     Ryley3rd May 
Alicewife ofEdward Wilkyns24th May 
Marydaughter ofJohn Thomkyns28th May 
Richard     Curtisse24th Julyof Wolscote buried in the parish church of Wolfamcote
Richardson ofThomas Crosse21st ?Month entry is between July & November
George     Greene26th Novemberof fflecknowe
Edward     Maister senior14th December 
1610/11 SEPULTI  
Edwardson ofWilliam Keene20th March 
1611 SEPULTI  
John     Locke26th April 
William     Benson23rd May 
Nicholas     Curteous5th July 
1611 SEPULTI  
Edward     Brooke28th October 
Marydaughter ofHenry Goode19th December 
Alicewife ofThomas Eales20th December 
1611/12 SEPULTI  
Williamson ofWilliam Chiles16th March 
1612 SEPULTI  
Alicewife ofJohn Donnam5th June 
Marywife ofThomas Clevar28th June 
Agnes     Chiles1st December 
Thomas     Clever19th December 
Ursula     Arnold19th December 
1612/13 SEPULTI  
Thomas     Maister14th January 
This is the last burial before there are two folios missing from the registers.

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