Wolfhampcote, St Peter's
Baptisms from 1558 to 1632

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Registrum ecclia pochialis de Wolfamcott incipiens ab Ano Dni 1558 et Anno
Regni Dnae rnae Elizabetha dei gra etc primo

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                    Surname Listing:

Aloridge, Anall, Arnall, Arnold, Arnoll, Atkins, Atkyns.
Barrington, Baselie, Basely, Basset, Bedle, Bett, Bidle, Blower, Boddell, Botrell, Bottrell, Bowker, Brawnston, Bucknall, Bucknell, Bucknoll, Butlar, Butler.
Chapleyne, Chapma', Chawndler, Childes, Childs, Chiles, Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Clercke, Clerk, Clerke, Clever, Cosford, Couper, Cox, Coxe, Crosse, Curtis, Curtise, Curtisse, Curtisse haltz?
Dawnyer, Denny, Dennye, Denye, Denys, Dunam, Dunnam.
Evans, Eyels, Eyles.
Gelly, Gellye, Good, Goode, Gowlbie, Graunt, Greene, Grobie, Groobie, Grooby, Growbie.
Halliwell, Hicklye, Hickman, Hill, Hinde, Hindes, Hipwell, Hodges, Holme, Holmes, Homes, Hunt, Hunter, Hurst, Hutchins, Hynde.
Keen, Keene, Lawrence, Lee, Lette, Loucke, Louke, Lowke.
Maistors, Masters, Milner, Modeman, Modiman, Modyma', Modyman, Muddeman, Muddiman.
Priest, Puller.
Quiney, Quynes, Quyney, Quyny.
Radburne, Roberde, Roberdes, Roberds, Roberts, Rolewright, Rylie.
Sander, Saunders, Sawnders, Sharod, Sharot, Sharrod, Shaw, Shawe, Shease, Shenston, Shenstone, Sherod, Sherrod, Sherwod, Shewels, Simons, Smith, Spenser.
Tailer, Tailor, Taylor, Thomkyns, Thornecraft, Thornicraft, Thornicroft, Thruston, Times, Tomkins, Tomkyns, Tomson, Tredwel, Turner, Tustian.
Vicar, Vicars.
Wale, Walton, Waltone, Waters, Watson, Webb, Webbe, Webster, Whane, White, White fabri, Whitney, Wilcox, Wilkens de ye Lane, Wilkins, Wilkyns, Wolcote, Wotton, Wryght.
Yardly, Yarnall.

Name   Father Date Notes
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Good10th January 
Richardson ofRobert Barrington25th January 
Alicedaughter ofJohn Roberde4th February 
Robertson ofRichard Quyney13th February 
Alexanderson ofThomas Denye25th February 
Rogerson ofRichard Sawnders22nd February 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Clever28th March 
Alicedaughter ofHenry Good16th April 
Bennettdaughter ofRichard Shaw9th May 
Marydaughter ofWilliam Quyney5th June 
Lawrenceson ofEdward Thornecraft10th August 
Elsadaughter ofMartin Crosse4th January 
Richardson ofRichard Waltone21st March 
Agnesdaughter ofHenry Spenser13th April 
Margaretdaughter ofJohn Bottrell22nd April 
Johnson ofHenry Good26th September 
Marydaughter ofJohn Clever1st November 
Alicedaughter ofWiiliam Eyels26th November 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Masters20th February 
Thomasson ofRichard Quynes25th February 
Ursuladaughter ofJohn Roberdes2nd April 
Richardson ofRichard Masters25th April 
Emmadaughter ofHenry Good5th May 
Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Quyney8th July 
Richard Foebilson ofRobert Dawnyer1st July 
Alicedaughter ofRichard Shawe4th August 
Bartholomewson ofEdward Masters25th August 
Marydaughter ofThomas Good8th December 
Williamson ofRichard Walton15th December 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Good26th December 
Johnson ofJohn Bottrell2nd February 
Robertson ofJohn Whitney2nd March 
Elizabethdaughter ofHenry Quyney16th April 
Alicedaughter ofWilliam Masters15th June 
Nicholas twinson ofJohn Atkyns4th August 
John twinson ofJohn Atkyns4th August(This Is a joint entry)
Nicholasson ofRichard Wilkyns20th August 
Joandaughter ofJohn Clever7th September 
Marydaughter ofJohn Masters8th October 
Lucasson ofRichard Shaw28th October 
Margaretdaughter ofJohn Chapleyne31st December 
Richardson ofEdward Masters12th February 
Elizabethdaughter ofHenry Good12th February 
Marydaughter ofJohn Roberdes14th February 
Elizabethdaughter ofEdward Thornicraft22nd February 
Joan  Modeman25th February 
Thomasson ofThomas Denys17th March 
Robertson ofWilliam Quyney6th April 
Williamson ofHenry Good6th April 
Thomasson ofWilliam Eyles25th April 
Bridgetdaughter ofEdward Modeman10th July 
Robertson ofRichard Masters30th July 
Edwardson ofRichard Masters10th October 
Johnson ofRichard Chiles1st October 
Johnson ofNicholas Shewels17th November 
William (?)son ofHenry Quyney19th November 
Nicholasson ofJohn Bottrell4th March 
Johnson ofRichard Sawnders5th May 
Edwardson ofJohn Atkyns19th May 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Wilkyns27th June 
Margaretdaughter ofEdward Modeman1st July 
Thomasson ofThomas Eyles30th July 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Clerk25th September 
Johnson ofWilliam Quyney29th September 
Joan Mastersson ofJohn Masters1st October 
Joandaughter ofJohn Clever6th October 
Johnson ofJohn Webbe13th November 
Richardson ofThomas Good1st December 
Richardson ofWilliam Lette19th December 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Roberdes21st December 
Johnson ofWilliam Brawnston10th February 
Thomasson ofThomas Denye16th January 
Johnson ofThomas Curtisse26th February 
Thomasson ofHenry Quyney26th April 
Richardson ofRichard Chiles4th June 
Catherinedaughter ofRichard Good24th August 
Edwardson ofThomas Eyles30th August 
Thomasson ofRichard Masters10th September 
Michaelson ofRichard Wilkyns29th September 
Alicedaughter ofRichard Masters1st November 
Isabelldaughter ofEdward Modeman27th November 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Wilkyns27th November 
Andrewson ofEdward Masters30th November 
Robertson ofJohn Clerk8th December 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Lee17th December 
Johnson ofWilliam Waters5th February 
Catherinedaughter ofJohn Roberds4th February 
Thomasson ofThomas Hunter24th February 
Johnson ofJohn Clever19th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Webbe29th March 
Catherinedaughter ofEdward Thornicraft24th May 
Elizabethdaughter ofHenry Good9th June 
Edwardson ofWilliam Lette11th June 
Edwardson ofJohn Masters21st September 
Johnson ofRichard Chiles1st October 
Thomasson ofRichard Chiles1st October(This is a double entry)
Thomasson ofJohn Bottrell9th October 
Emmadaughter ofWilliam Quyney25th November 
Margaretdaughter ofRichard Sawnders25th December 
1566 Baptizati
Marydaughter ofEdward Thruston6th May 
Richardson ofThomas Eyles11th March 
Williamson ofEdward Modeman2nd April 
Robertson ofRobert Priest3rd May 
Isabelladaughter ofJohn Atkins23rd May 
Thomasson ofWilliam Brawnston31st May 
Richardson ofHenry Quyney28th July 
Richardson ofRichard Lee16th September 
Emmadaughter ofThomas Good21st September 
Emmadaughter ofRichard Wilkyns2nd December 
Richardson ofJohn Clever7th December 
Edwardson ofRichard Good21st December 
1567 Baptizati
Joandaughter ofThomas Wilkyns12th January 
Thomasson ofJohn Webbe25th January 
Christianadaughter ofEdward Masters12th February 
Edwardson ofThomas Shawe4th March 
Thomasson ofWilliam Lette12th March 
Alicedaughter ofThomas Curtisse16th May 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Chiles24th May 
Johnson ofThomas Eyles22nd June 
Williamson ofWilliam Brawnston24th August 
Edwardson ofJohn Bottrell8th October 
Williamson ofWilliam Quyny20th October 
Johnson ofEdward Modeman30th November 
1568 Baptizati
Richardson ofJohn Clerk18th February 
Bridgetdaughter ofRichard Wilkyns24th April 
Catherinedaughter ofRichard Sawnders2nd May 
Boteridgedaughter ofRichard Lee16th May 
Solomon   Clark alias Pathandes16th May 
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Milner10th June 
Richardson ofHenry Good15th August 
Williamson ofThomas Denye5th September 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Shawe12th September 
Marydaughter ofJohn Atkyns12th November 
Richardson ofJohn Webbe1st December 
1569 Baptizati
Margaretdaughter ofHenry Quyney2nd February 
Joandaughter ofRichard Masters20th April 
Richardson ofRichard Chiles3rd July 
Alicedaughter ofWilliam Brawnston2nd October 
Isabelladaughter ofThomas Eyles20th November 
Margaretdaughter ofThomas Eyles20th November(This is a joint entry)
Johnson ofThomas Bedle5th December 
Richardson ofJohn Botrell16th December 
1570 Baptizati
Thomasson ofRichard Lee19th February 
Marydaughter ofRichard Wilkyns17th March 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Good13th August 
Thomasson ofThomas Shawe8th October 
1571 Baptizati
Williamson ofJohn Webb20th January 
HenryWale 8th March 
IsabellaWale 8th March(This is a double entry)
Bridgetdaughter ofJohn Eyles27th March 
Nicholasson ofRobert Butler8th April 
Annedaughter ofJohn Clerke14th June 
Edwardson ofHenry Quyney16th August 
Johnson ofJohn Masters19th August 
Edwardson ofThomas Wilkyns16th September 
Isabeldaughter ofRichard Keene3rd October 
Alicedaughter ofWilliam Quyney18th November 
Catherinedaughter ofRichard Atkyns30th November 
1572 Baptizati
Henryson ofThomas Eyles6th February 
Johnson ofRichard Lee9th May 
Nicholasson ofAlexander Wale10th April 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Shenston10th April 
Marydaughter ofRichard Sawnders23rd May 
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Curtisse1st June 
Isabeldaughter ofRichard Wilkyns15th June 
Johnson ofHenry Modeman28th June 
Agnesdaughter ofHenry Masters27th July 
Elizabethdaughter ofEdward Modeman7th August 
Marydaughter ofThomas Shawe17th August 
Marydaughter ofHenry Good17th August 
Nicholasson offfrancis Gelly13th September 
1573 Baptizati
Richardson ofRobert Butler8th February 
Edwardson ofJohn Webbe3rd April 
Thomasson ofRichard Shenston10th July 
Johnson ofRichard Shenston10th July(This is a joint entry)
Williamson ofRichard Keen16h July 
Johnson ofRichard Keen16h July(This is a joint entry)
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Hickman30th August 
Thomasson ofWilliam Quyney20th September 
Thomasson ofRichard Lette21st September 
1574 Baptizati
Bridgetdaughter ofHenry Quiney17th January 
Thomasson ofRichard Sawnders15th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Chawndler19th March 
Isabeldaughter ofRichard Lee2nd April 
Alicedaughter ofThomas Eyles29th April 
Thomasson ofRobert Butler30th April 
Elizabethdaughter ofHenry Masters30th May 
Marydaughter ofJohn Clerk1st June 
Isabeldaughter ofJohn Dunnam16th June 
Joandaughter ofThomas Wilkyns8th September 
1575 Baptizati
Bridgetdaughter ofRichard Keene21st January 
Nicholasson ofHenry Aloridge11th February 
Bridgetdaugher ofRichard Shenston27th February 
Agnesdaughter ofHenry Modeman15th April 
Elizabethdaughter offfrancis Gelly29th May 
Annadaughter ofRichard Lee12th June 
Helendaughter ofThomas Shawe15th June 
Johnson ofRichard Lette21st June 
Alicedaughter ofWilliam Eyles9th July 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Roberde10th August 
Alicedaughter ofJohn Dunam25th September 
Johnson ofThomas Clever19th September 
Nicholasson ofJohn Webbe2nd December 
Richardson ofRichard Sawnders11th December 
1576 Baptizati
Emmadaughter ofRichard Atkyns21st January 
Alicedaughter ofHenry Masters18th March 
Alicedaughter ofHenry Quiney29th April 
Joandaughter ofWilliam Thornicraft9th May 
Alicedaughter offfrancis Gelly15th June 
Catherinedaughter ofRichard Lette22nd August 
Elenoradaughter ofJohn Hickman21st October 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Blower23rd December 
1577 Baptizati
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Clever5th January 
Robertson ofRichard Lee10th February 
Johnson ofRichard Aloridge10th February 
Richardson ofJohn Dunam10th April 
Edwardson ofRichard Shenston22nd May 
Edwardson ofRichard Wilkyns22nd May 
Edwardson ofRichard Keene4th September 
Henryson ofThomas Shawe13th October 
Thomasson ofWilliam Thornicraft8th November 
1578 Baptizati
Robertson ofJohn Webbe9th February 
Joandaughter ofJohn Clarke20th February 
Joandaughter ofRichard Sawnders21st March 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Sawnders21st March(This is a joint entry)
Johnson ofRichard Blower11th April 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Rylie20th May 
Agnesdaughter ofHenry Tomkyns31st May 
Johnson ofJohn Roberdes3rd August 
Isabeldaughter ofThomas Chiles26th October 
Nicholasson ofHenry Masters2nd November 
1579 Baptizati
Isabeldaughter ofRichard Lette6th January 
Joandaughter ofRichard Lee7th January 
Thomasson ofThomas Crosse27th February 
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Curtisse7th May 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Shenston25th May 
Thomasson ofThomas Clever29th July 
Henryson ofWilliam Eyles9th August 
Nicholasson ofHenry Modiman16th August 
Richardson ofJohn Roberde6th November 
Margaretdaughter ofThomas Shawe30th November 
Johnson ofJohn Clark20th December 
Marydaughter ofRichard Blower21st December 
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Wilkyns10th December 
1580 Baptizati
Robertson ofGeorge Greene30th January 
Alicedaughter ofWilliam Chapma'2nd March 
Alicedaughter ofRichard Keene3rd March 
Thomasson ofThomas Curtisse9th March 
Robertson ofJohn ffosse2nd April 
Martinson ofThomas Crosse27th May 
Henryson ofJohn Webbe5th June 
Joandaughter ofThomas Clever29th July 
Emmadaughter ofHenry Tomkyns11th September 
Alicedaughter ofRobert Evans13th October 
Alicedaughter ofJohn Masters9th November 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Good No date but entered after 9th November 1580 and before 5th January 1581)
1581 Baptizati
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Lette5th January 
Richardson ofHenry Masters22nd January 
Robertson ofThomas Shaw17th January 
Richardson ofHenry Bett16th February 
Richardson ofRichard Shenston26th February 
Agnesdaughter ofWilliam Thornicraft30th March 
Johnson ofWilliam Eyles27th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Good20th September 
Alicedaughter ofThomas Chiles24th July 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Good19th September 
Johnson ofThomas Hill1st October 
Bridgetdaughter offfrancis Gelly5th November 
1582 Baptizati
Thomasson ofRichard Blower28th January 
Elizabethdaughter ofHenry Tomkyns2nd February 
Nicholasson ofJohn Masters4th February 
Williamson ofRichard Keene20th February 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Roberdes22nd February 
Thomasson ofHenry Modiman12th April 
Isabeldaughter ofThomas Sawnders22nd May 
Joandaughter ofThomas Curtisse15th July 
Johnson ofWilliam Tomson20th July 
Ursuladaughter ofJohn Lette25th August 
Annedaughter ofRichard Sawnders24th August 
Richardson ofThomas Crosse24th September 
Nicholasson ofJohn Holme7th October 
Richardson ofJohn ffosse28th October 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Masters20th November 
1583 Baptizati
Marydaughter ofJohn Webbe3rd February 
Joandaughter ofJohn Masters13th February 
Williamson ofRichard Lette15th February 
Williamson ofWilliam Thornicroft15th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofGeorge Greene17th March 
Bridgetdaughter ofWilliam Eyles26th May 
Johnson ofThomas Shaw4th July 
Joandaughter ofRichard Blower8th October 
Annedaughter ofWilliam Tomson25th December 
Alicedaughter ofGeorge Gowlbie9th December 
Henryson ofJohn Good3rd December 
1584 Baptizati
Johnson ofRichard Modiman4th January 
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Chiles31st January 
Marydaughter offfrancis Gelly31st January 
Henryson ofHenry Modyma'8th May 
Marydaughter ofRichard Masters17th May 
Alicedaughter ofThomas Wilkyns17th March 
Marydaughter ofHenry Masters22nd March 
Johnson ofRichard Sawnders17th April 
Thomasson ofRichard Roberdes17th April 
Olivedaughter ofRichard Shenstone4th May 
Alicedaughter ofThomas Crosse7th August 
Williamson ofJohn Masters24th September 
Johnson ofJohn Lette18th October 
Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Thornicroft1st November 
Richardson ofWilliam Masters2nd December 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Keene31st December 
1585 Baptizati
Marydaughter ofThomas Clever12th February 
Richardson ofHenry Good8th July 
Emmadaughter ofHenry Good8th July(This is a joint entry which reads Richard & Emma good liberi Henry Good)
Marydaughter ofHenry Modyman4th July 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Lette16th July 
Marydaughter ofWilliam Tomson22nd August 
Robertson ofRobert Barrington28th September 
Johnson offfrancis Gellye24th November 
Richardson ofRichard Blower12th December 
Alicedaughter ofWilliam Masters19th December 
1586 Baptizati
Richardson ofThomas Shaw16th April 
Richardson ofThomas Sawnders8th May 
1587 Baptizati
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Crosseno date 
Joandaughter ofThomas Chilesno date 
Johnson ofRichard Roberdesno date 
Richardson ofWilliam Thornicraftno date 
Alicedaughter ofWilliam Mastersno date 
Johnson ofRichard Sawnders10th February 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn White20th February 
Marydaughter ofJohn White20th February(This is a joint entry)
Edwardson ofHenry Modyman3rd March 
Williamson ofJohn Masters7th May 
Anthonyson ofHenry Bowker17th October 
1588 Baptizati
Richardson ofWilliam Chiles6th May 
Agnesdaughter ofWilliam Masters8th September 
Williamson ofThomas Crosse20th October 
John Growbieson ofWilliam Growbie10th February 
1589 Baptizati
Thomasson ofWilliam Chiles6th April 
Millecentdaughter ofThomas Shaw6th April 
Agnesdaughter ofNicholas Good1st May 
Marydaughter ofHenry Good6th July 
Marydaughter ofHenry Bowker30th August 
Millecentdaughter ofRobert Clark12th February 
1590 Baptizati
Robertson ofJohn Sherod6th June 
Thomasson ofRobert Clark23rd February 
Nicholasson ofHenry Wilkyns6th March 
1591 Baptizati
Nicholasson ofNicholas Good28th October 
Henryson ofJohn Good31st October 
1592 Baptizati
Richardson ofJohn Sherod30th April 
Marydaughter ofRobert Clark14th May 
Thomasson ofThomas Shawe7th September 
1593 Baptizati
Richard Saundersson ofAlice Saunders12th March 
Edwardson ofJohn Good14th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Sherod16th March 
Richardson ofRichard Hill30th March 
Millicentdaughter ofJohn Sherod14th July(This entry crossed out and entered in '94)
Johnson ofRobert Clerke14th May 
1594 Baptizati
Richardson ofRichard Homes11th March 
Edwardson ofJohn Good13th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Sherod15th March 
Richardson ofPeter Hill21st March 
Millicentdaughter ofJohn Sherod14th July 
1595 Baptizati
Richardson ofHenry Wilkyns6th April 
Annadaughter ofThomas Shawe11th May 
Isabelldaughter ofThomas Good6th July 
Marydaughter ofGeorge Tailor31st August 
Margerydaughter ofJohn White25th November 
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Tomkyns14th December 
Alicedaughter ofRichard Clarke29th December 
Catherinedaughter ofWilliam Masters15th February 
Isabeldaughter ofRichard Homes21st March 
1596 Baptizati
Ursuladaughter ofNicholas Good12th September 
Johnson ofWilliam Hodges18th September 
Annadaughter ofThomas Clever5th December 
1596/97 Baptizati
Edwardson ofJohn Sherod24th January 
Williamson ofJohn Good9th February 
1597 Baptizati
Henryson ofGeorge Taylor15th April 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Shawe15th April 
Agnesdaughter ofEdward Basely26th June 
Ursuladaughter ofHenry Good6th July 
Millecentdaughter ofWilliam Hutchins15th September 
Robertson ofJohn Webbe11th December 
Nicholasson ofJohn White16th December 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Tomkyns17th November 
1597/98 Baptizati
Williamson ofWilliam Masters2nd February 
Annadaughter ofThomas Sherod29th January 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Curtisse15th March 
1598 Baptizati
Nicholasson ofThomas Lette21st May 
Henryson ofThomas Good20th August 
Hughson ofThomas Shaw17th November 
Millicentdaughter ofEdward Hurst15th December 
1598/99 Baptizati
Agnesdaughter ofRichard Holmes1st January 
Leonardson ofJohn Shawe30th January 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Clever18th February 
Marydaughter ofEdward Masters4th March 
1599 Baptizati
Williamson ofNicholas Good17th January 
ffriscoidedaughter ofRobert Clarke1st July 
Nathanielson ofWulcott Bucknell8th July 
Thomasson ofThomas Hicklye15th July 
Henryson ofHenry Good5th August 
Thomasson ofGeorge Tailer26th October 
Henryson ofWilliam Masters1st November 
Alicedaughter ofJohn Curtisse14th November 
Richardson ofJohn White30th November 
1599/1600 Baptizati
Richardson ofWilliam Basset4th January 
Johnson ofWilliam Basset4th January(This is a joint entry)
1600 Baptizati
Thomasson ofRichard Graunt30th March 
Thomasson ofThomas Sherod6th April 
Marydaughter ofJohn Webbe1st July 
Johnson ofThomas Arnall13th July 
Williamson ofThomas Sawnders3rd August 
Marydaughter ofRobert Barrington28th September 
Marydaughter ofJohn Wilcox6th October 
William Clarkson ofRobert Clark12th October 
1600/01 Baptizati
Agnesdaughter ofThomas Good22nd February 
Nicholasson ofJohn Sherod24th February 
Johnson ofEdward Masters8th March 
1601 Baptizati
Edwardson ofNicholas Masters1st May 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Homes6th June 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Curtisse21st August 
Rebeccadaughter ofWalcott Bucknell27th September 
Sarahdaughter ofThomas Clever18th October 
Edwardson ofHenry Good6th December 
1601/02 Baptizati
Thomasson ofRobert Shawe24th January 
1602 Baptizati
Williamson ofThomas Masters23rd May 
Annadaughter ofAgnes Curtisse21st May 
Robertson ofJohn White23rd June 
Johnson ofRichard Puller24th June 
Matthewson ofThomas Arnall30th June 
Agnesdaughter ofEdward Wilkyns20th November 
Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Masters21st November 
1602/03 Baptizati
Alicedaughter ofNicholas Masters23rd January 
1603 Baptizati
Thomasson ofJohn Curtisse haltz?25th February 
Ifaurson ofWulcot Bucknell3rd April 
Thomasson ofJohn Cleaver de Hardwicke1st May 
Johnson ofJohn Webb junior15th May 
Thomasson ofJohn White fabri22nd May 
Eusebyson ofRichard Homes22nd May 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Clarke14th August 
Johnson ofJohn Sherod4th September 
Annadaughter ofThomas Sherod11th September 
Alicedaughter ofThomas Masters3rd September 
Helendaughter ofSamuel Hindes2nd October 
Susandaughter ofThomas Cleaver13th November 
Thomasson ofThomas Radburne10th November 
Annadaughter ofRobert Shawe5th February 
1604 Baptizati
Robertson ofHenry Good9th April 
Richardson ofMichael Wilkyns5th August 
Johnson ofWilliam Masters5th August 
Margaretdaughter ofNicholas Masters7th October 
Marydaughter ofThomas Yarnall7th October 
Marydaughter ofJohn Curtis11th November 
Johnson ofRichard Roberts25th November 
Marydaughter ofThomas Webb16th December 
1604/05 Baptizati
Joandaughter ofRobert Clerke7th January 
Josephson ofWoolcott Bucknell2nd February 
1605 Baptizati
Margerydaughter ofRichard Clerke (no date but between 2nd February and 2nd June)
Alicedaughter ofJohn Masters2nd June 
Richardson ofRobert Shenston9th June 
Joandaughter ofJohn Webbe junior5th September 
1605/06 Baptizati
Elizabethdaughter ofRobert Barrington6th February 
Thomasson ofRobert Hipwell27th February 
Edwardson ofWilliam Lawrence27th February 
Joandaughter ofJohn Sherod7th April 
1606 Baptizati (These seem to be a bit out of order)
Marydaughter ofEdward Wilkens de ye Lane anno predict1st June 
Annadaughter ofEdward Masters de the Berke14th December 
Annadaughter ofMichael Wilkins anno predict14th December 
Emmadaughter ofThomas Goode1st January 
Richardson ofThomas Masters of Blackpit Lanne end8th February 
Robertson ofRobert Shenston anno predict31st January 
Marydaughter ofJohn Masters of the Roe anno predict1st March 
Marydaughter ofRobert Shawe of Nethercote1st May 
Joandaughter ofWilliam Hutchins of Nethercote12th April 
Susandaughter ofJohn Sherod6th September 
Johnson ofNicholas Masters24th September 
Edwardson ofThomas Anall anno predict14th October 
Isabeldaughter ofMichael Wilkins anno predict14th December 
Annadaughter ofEdward Masters anno predict14th December 
1606/07 Baptizati
Margerydaughter ofJohn Curtisse17th January 
Ursuladaughter ofThomas Clever22nd February 
Thomasson ofWilliam Lee1st January 
1607 Baptizati
Joandaughter ofSamuel Hinde10th May 
Joandaughter ofHenry Webbe17th May 
Marydaughter ofWilliam & Elizabeth Saunders of Salbridge29th June 
Emmadaughter ofWilliam & Elizabeth Saunders of Salbridge29th June(This is a joint entry)
Joandaughter ofRichard & Ann Clarke of Salbridge5th July 
Richardson ofWilliam & Alice Keene22nd November 
1607/08 Baptizati
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Webbe junr1st February 
Joandaughter ofThomas Webbe24th January 
Annadaughter ofWalcot Bucknall31st January 
Georgeson ofGeorge Taylor2nd February 
Johnson ofThomas Thomkyns25th February 
1608 Baptizati
Richardson ofRobert Hipwell8th May 
Alicedaughter ofElizabeth Wryght13th May 
Saradaughter ofRobert Webbe7th August 
Richardson ofRichard Roberts24th August 
Marydaughter ofWilliam Lawrence14th August 
Isabeldaughter ofJohn Sherod27th August 
Katherinedaughter ofHenry Webb27th August 
Robertson ofWilliam Lee6th November 
Ursuladaughter ofThomas Arnoll20th November 
1608/09 Baptizati
Johnson ofWilliam Hutchins8th April 
(An illegible entry is here)
1609 Baptizati
Marydaughter ofHenry Goode junr9th July 
Marydaughter ofNicholas Masters20th August 
Johnson ofJohn Masters26th August 
Sarahdaughter ofRichard Clerke1st November 
Agnesdaughter ofRobert Shenston19th November 
1609/10 Baptizati
Robertson ofEdward Wilkyns23rd March 
1610 Baptizati
Richardson ofRichard Webster11th August 
Williamson ofRichard Roberts20th May 
Joandaughter ofRobert Shawe30th June 
Agnesdaughter ofHenry Goode junr22nd July 
Henryson ofSamuel Hynde26th August 
Thomasson ofWilliam Dennye9th September 
Richardson ofJohn Webbe3rd November 
Milicentdaughter ofRichard Clercke of Salbridge18th December 
1610/11 Baptizati
Thomasson ofJohn Sharrod bapt in Nether Shuckbrough12th January 
Edwardson ofJohn Masters13th January 
Thomasson ofThomas Arnoll20th January 
Elizabethdaughter ofWilliam Whane20th January 
Henryson ofRobert Webb28th February 
Edwardson ofWilliam Keene24th March 
1611 Baptizati
Abrahamson ofRobert Wolcote30h April 
Henryson ofRichard Webster anno predict2nd July 
Thomasson ofThomas Wilkyns23rd July 
Millicentdaughter ofJohn Turner13th August 
Thomasson ofThomas Masters30th November 
1611/12 Baptizati
Henryson ofHenry Goode23rd February 
1612 Baptizati
Johnson ofRobert Hipwell19th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofRobert Clerke13th April 
Alicedaughter ofJohn Sharod27th July 
Elizabethdaughter ofRobert Shawe24th September 
Richardson ofJohn Turner13th December 
1612/13 Baptizati
Agnesdaughter ofAmbrose Halliwell1st January 
Richard Saundersson ofThomas Saunders9th May 
This is the last baptism before there are 2 missing pages in the register.
Baptisms 1620
Johnson ofRobert Sherod of Flecknoe24th September 
Susandaughter ofJohn Grooby14th September 
Baptisms 1620/21
Henryson ofRichard Holmes13th January 
Alicedaughter ofLawrence (?) Boddell14th March 
Thomasson ofGeorge Sherod of Nethercot24th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofEdward Thornicroft18th March 
Baptisms 1621
Williamson ofWilliam Denny26th March 
Williamson ofNicholas Maistors junr20th July 
Phisworth (?)daughter ofRobert Sharot of Nethercote22nd July 
Annadaughter ofHenry son of John Good28th August 
Baptisms 1621/22
Richardson ofRichard Saunders(no date) January 
Dorothydaughter ofJohn & Lucy Muddiman of Flecknoe24th February 
Margaretdaughter ofJohn & Margaret Masters23rd March 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Jenkins anno predict19th April 
Baptisms 1622
Thomasson ofThomas Masters12th May 
Deborahdaughter ofRichard Masters26th May 
Baruth (?)son ofJob Baselie2nd June 
Edwardson ofRobert Sherod24th June 
Johnson ofJohn Vicar20th August 
Elizabethdaughter ofHenry Goode25th August 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Groobie1st September 
Ursuladaughter ofNicholas Good1st September 
Marydaughter ofNicholas Butler22nd September 
Johnson ofThomas Saunders1st November 
Deborahdaughter ofHenry Lowke3rd November 
Walterson ofWalter Watson7th November 
Annadaughter ofRobert Clever of Salbridge24th November 
Richardson ofRichard Shenston of Flecknoe27th December 
Baptisms 1622/23
Johnson ofThomas Crosse of Salbridge4th February 
Williamson ofRichard Hunt13th March 
Baptisms 1623
Marydaughter ofNicholas (junr) & Mary Masters of Flecknoe6th April 
Johnson ofJohn & Alice Watson of Salbridge13th April 
Annadaughter ofJohn & Ann Wotton of Flecknoe ?10th November 
Richardson ofHenry & Alice Good20th November 
Lucedaughter ofJohn & Lucy Muddeman of Flecknoe7th December 
Nicholasson ofRobert & Joyce Sherrod25th December 
Baptisms 1623/24
Katherinedaughter ofRichd & Mary Saunder of Salb'24th January 
Williamson ofRichd & Dorothy Childs of Salb'1st March 
Thomasson ofLawrence & Eliz Bidle of Salb'4th March 
Baptisms 1624
Robertson ofThomas Curtise4th April 
Marydaughter ofWilliam & Katherine Smith23rd May 
Richardson ofGeorge Cosford30th May 
Alicedaughter ofNicholas (junr) & Mary Masters26th September 
Henryson ofNicholas & Elizabeth Goode3rd October 
Annadaughter ofNicholas Butlar junior14th December 
Priscilladaughter ofThomas & Grace Sander26th December 
Baptisms 1624/25
Elizabethdaughter ofHenry (junr) & Alice Goode30th January 
Johnson ofThomas Arnold junior18th February 
Henryson ofHenry & Katherine Louke20th February 
Robertson ofRobert & Joyce Sherwod3rd March 
Baptisms 1625
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn & Frances Puller27th March 
Alicedaughter ofRichard & Ursula Shenston8th May 
Ellenoradaughter ofRichard & Mary Sander15th May 
Annedaughter ofRichard (crossed out) Humphrey & Eliz Keene?15th May 
Alicedaughter ofRobert & Alice Cleaver May 
Edwardson ofThomas Muddiman5th June 
Henryson ofJohn & Alice Vicars19th June 
Rebeccadaughter ofWilliam & Catherine Smith24th June 
Marydaughter ofHenry & Margaret Tomkins5th July 
Ursuladaughter ofJohn & Joyce Sherod21st August 
Isabeldaughter ofThomas Rolewright8th October 
Alicedaughter ofJohn & Elizabeth Crosse5th November 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn & Elizabeth Groobie7th September 
Baptisms 1625/26
Richardson ofFrancis Tredwel18th January 
Bernardson ofRichard Childes12th February 
Baptisms 1626
Johnson ofHenry & Alice Goode16th April 
Williamson ofRobert & Sarah Watson24th June 
Nicholasson ofWilliam & Dorothy Smith23rd July 
Williamson ofJohn & Alice Watson25th July 
Elizabethdaughter ofMr Richard Crosse3rd DecemberVicar of Wolfamcot and Alice his wife
Baptisms 1626/27
Williamson ofJohn & Lucie Simons24th February 
Geoffreyson ofJohn & Sarah Smith21st January 
Johnson ofNicholas & Helen Butlar8th March 
Margerydaughter ofLawrence & Anna Bidle23rd March 
Baptisms 1627
Williamson ofThomas Muddiman15th April 
Marydaughter ofThomas Rolewright19th April 
Thomasson ofJoan Shease1st May 
Edwardson ofRichard & Ursula Shenston7th June 
Williamson ofWilliam Tustian2nd September 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas & Elizabeth Graunt6th September 
Robertson ofRobert Watson16th September 
Elizabethdaughter ofNicholas Goode27th November 
Henryson ofHenry Eyles25th November 
Thomasson ofWilliam & Dorothy Smith16th December 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn & Elizabeth Grobie23rd December 
Baptisms 1627/28
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Hindes27th January 
Nicholasson ofNicholas Masters22nd February 
Marydaughter ofThomas Crosse2nd March 
Agnesdaughter ofJohn Puller2nd May 
Baptisms 1628
Marydaughter ofJohn & Joyce Sherod30th March 
Ursuladaughter ofRobert & Joyce Sherod10th April 
Thomasson ofThomas Childes27th July 
Williamson ofHenry & Catherine Loucke3rd August 
Thomasson ofThomas Curtise2nd November 
Alicedaughter ofHenry Goode9th December 
Baptisms 1628/29
Johnson ofJohn Grooby1st February 
Baptisms 1629
Ursuladaughter ofNicholas & Elizabeth Goode24th June 
Thomasson ofJohn & Alice Arnall2nd August 
Emmadaughter ofMatthew Bucknell27th September 
Williamson ofThomas & Liddia Chiles4th October 
Georgeson ofWilliam Smith8th November 
Henryson ofRobert & Margaret Goode29th November 
Johnson ofThomas Muddeman6th December 
Baruckson ofWilliam & Alice Tustian17th January 
Baptisms 1629/30
Thomasson ofRichard Coxe21st February 
Elizabethdaughter ofThomas Crosse14th March 
Nathanialson ofNathaniel Bucknoll14th March 
Agnesdaughter ofRobert Sherod21st March 
1630 Baptisms
Mabeldaughter ofRadolph Couper29th March 
Williamson ofRichard Shenston junior9 May 
Elizabethdaughter ofLawrence Bidle25th June 
Elizabethdaughter ofJohn Basely26th June 
Marydaughter ofRichard Yardly27th June 
Richardson ofRichard & Mary Shenston11th July 
Johnson ofThomas & Elizabeth Clarke25th July 
Elizabethdaughter ofRichard Goode29th August 
Annadaughter ofJohn Times26th September 
Johnson ofJohn & Mabel Webbe3rd October 
Friswidda (?)daughter ofJohn & Frances Puller20th December 
1630/31 Baptisms
Elizabethdaughter ofRobert & Alice Cleaver6th March 
Nicholasson ofJohn & Joyce Masters8th March 
Elizabethdaughter ofNicholas & Mary Masters8th March 
1631 Baptisms
Johnson ofWilliam & Alice Tustian27th March 
Robertson ofRobert & Margery Goode25th May 
Annadaughter ofThomas & Isabel White25th May 
Joandaughter ofWilliam Smith29th May 
Williamson ofHenry Goode2nd October 
Rebeccadaughter ofJoseph Bucknall2nd October 
Thomasson ofMatthew & Elizabeth Arnall29th October 
Richardson ofThomas Curtise20th November 
Marydaughter ofNicholas Goode7th December 
Richardson ofRichard Cox27th November 
1631/32 Baptisms
Richardson ofRobert Sherod8th January 
Williamson ofRichard & Agnes Goode29th January 
Dorothydaughter ofJohn Grooby4th March 
Ursuladaughter ofJohn Arnall20th March 
1632 Baptisms
Susandaughter ofThomas Crosse2nd April 
Alicedaughter ofRichard & Rebecca Wilkins29th April 
Marydaughter ofRichard Shenston22nd July 
Marydaughter ofJohn & Elizabeth Masters18th November 
Joandaughter ofWilliam & Anna Clarke2nd December 
1632/33 Baptisms
Marydaughter ofJohn Simons10th February 
Johnson ofLawrence Bidle17th February 
Johnson ofThomas Chiles24th February 
Sarahdaughter ofThomas Graunt24th March 

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