Whitchurch - St. Mary
Marriages from 1562 to 1812

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Note.-- The Register books of this parish are not only in very good condition, but afford a series of remarkable interest,
owing to the number of allusions to local history, etc., which they contain.

The oldest volume consists of a book of 39 membranes of parchment, measuring 12 by 6 inches, and contains all entries from 1561-1712.
It is thus headed--"Libellus ex aqua et spiritu sancto "renatorum.
The Boocke concerninge Baptisme, Buryings, and "Weddinges wryten in the yere of our Lord God, 1561,
and in the "13 yere of the Raigne of our soverine Ladye Queene Elyzabethe,
"By the Grace of God of England, fraunce and Ierlande, Queene "defenderesse of the fayth."

On the 9th folio is entered, "Upon the 19 Apr 1635 Thomas Warmesky Rector of Whit Church
"reade the 39 articles of religion of the Church of England in the "congregation, it being the next Sunday immediately after his "induction."
This fact is again inserted on the 10th folio, under the date 13 Dec 1635, "it being the third sunday after
"his Induction by the Kings presentation to Corroborate his "former title."
On the 12th, in his neat writing, John Trapp, M.A., inserts the date of his admission, 21 May 1658, at the presentation of Thomas Maryett, esq.,
and of his institution and induction on the 20 Apr 1611, while on the 5 May following he duly states that he read the Articles,
which Anthonie Pollett and Edward Williams attest by their signatures.
There are no other notes until the 24th folio, where Abraham Kent, M.A., records his induction 16 Jun 1705, "by Mr. Wm. Preston, Vicar of Alves"ton.".
The following has a similar entry made by Thomas Smith, M.A., 30 Apr 1711. On the 'dorse of folio 38 are notes of collections made.
For a fire at Ilminster, 24 Nov 1661, 2s. 7d. For a fire at Mountsorrcl, in Leicestershire, 1 Dec 1661, 2s. 6d.; for another at Oxford, 15 Dec, 2s. 3d.;
for the repair of the church of Rippon, 29 Dec 1661, 2s. 11d.; for repair of the church of Dalby Chalcumb, co. Leicester, 12 Jan 1661, 2s. 3d.;
for a fire at Buckingham, 19 Jan; for another at Elmeley Castle, co. Worcester, 2 Feb, 2s. 4d.

The second volume consists of 32 folios of parchment, each of which measures 14 by 7 inches, and contains all entries from 1713-1771.
The inside of the cover records a list of householders in 1725, and the following agricultural notes:--
"Ended harvest 20 Sep 1725
"28 Jun 1726. Turnips were sown at Wimiston in ye Quarter against Dame Ryland's Close."
"The new gate was set up at ye churchyard, 1726, by Tho. Wells, of Bruton."
"In Jun 1728, the Wimiston part of the Churchyard Wall was greatest part new made."
On the fly-leaf is the note:--
"In Spring 1730 Crimscot Downs were Plow'd up, acres 4 skore and eleven."
"1727, Pepper Sauce was broke up and sowed with flax."
"Anno 1721. It was agreed to Plow all Wimiston Downs. Mr. Richard Marryat, Lord of ye Mannor, had a guinea a yeard land for his consent,
the rest of the Landlords gave their consent. Mr. Smith, Rector, gave ye first year's tithe to encourage ye Breast Plowing the said Downs.
There was measured one Hundred and four acres or there abouts, of which there came to the Parson about thirteen acres.
The charge of growing was 15 shillings an acre."
"Lands lay'd down belonging to the Parsonage in the Quarter next Crimscot field twelve in the Pies next Quarter 20. Anno 1730.
Crimscott Downs were measured to be plow'd up, there was fourscore and eleven acres."
"23 May 1731. A Storm of Hail fell which broke ye windows at Warwick Church and frighten'd People out of Church.
The Stones were as big as a Hens egg measuring five inches about." This is repeated at the end of the volume.
"Anno 1731. Being an exceeding dry year was but a poor crop of wheat on Crimscott Downs."

There are further notes on the last page as follows:--

"Anno 1725. The New House at Whitchurch was built by Richard Marriet, Esq., John Baker being Tenent."
"8 Nov 1725. A great flood came out of the Stoure into all the lower Rooms of the Parsonage House about a foot high."
"Dec 11. Another flood came into ye House."
"5 May 1726. A dreadful fire at Shipton-upon-Stoure."
"Anno 1730. Crimscot Downs were measured to be Plowed up, there was fourscore and eleven acres."
"Anno 1731 was an exceedingly dry year and Poor Crop of Wheat on Crimscott Down."
"19 Jul 1727, was an Earth Quake before five of ye Clock in ye Morning, it shook People's Beds here, in some Places it rung ye Bells and open'd doors.
An Extraordinary wet time went before it, a long draught and a grievous mortality and scarcity in all ye Country."
"Sep 1735, a vast flood at Stratford and all along ye Avon, such as was never known, but no flood at ye same time on ye Stower."
"In the winter 1736 Aldermaston field was Inclosed."
"In this sumer 1739 The Galery was built in the church."
"In May 1746 The Copice at Court Hill was begun falling trees 158."
"In 1747 Alscott and Whitchurch sold to Mr. West."
On the fly-leaf are yet other, but later, notes:--

"Anno 1763. Several high Floods upon the Rivers Stour and Avon."
" 14 Jan 1764. A very great flood upon Stour which came up to ye House door."
"In Nov 1768, a very high Flood upon Avon."
"In Nov1770 Several high Floods upon Stour and Avon, one time the water came into the Parsonage House."
"Thursday, 20 May 1773. There was a very high Flood upon the River Stour
which came right into the Rooms of the Parsonage House below Stairs being near Half-a-yard in Height.
The Cellars being quite filled with water which ran likewise all round the House.
This was ye highest Flood that has been known, for these fifty years past and upwards."

The following extracts have been made from the original Registers by the Rev. J. Harvey Bloom, Rector of Whitchurch,
and the proofs have been carefully collated with the originals.


Abbot, Adams, Addames, Addams, Agarod, Albrite, Albryt, Albrytt, Alcock, Allen, Alliband, Anderson, Andrews, Ange, Applebee, Appleby, Arches, Armes, Ashford, Ashmore, Ashwine, Aspland, Atwood, Aubut, Avery, Baker, Banckes, Baner, Banurs, Barber, Barker, Barks, Bayleis, Bayleye, Baylies, Baylis, Beavington, Bell, Bennet, Bennett, Bent, Berecrofte, Best, Bickerstaff, Bishop, Blackford, Blackwel, Blakeman, Bolton, Boulter, Bozzard, Bradbourn, Bradley, Brain, Brandis, Brayne, Breedon, Bromfield, Bromley, Bromyche, Brown, Browne, Bryght, Buckingham, Buggin, Bumpas, Burbridge, Burman, Bury, Butler, Calcot, Calcote, Cale, Callowe, Campden, Carey, Castle, Clarke, Cleeve, Clemenger, Clifford, Cockett, Coldicott, Collicott, Collier, Collins, Comb, Commander, Compton, Cook, Cooke, Cookes, Cooper, Cotterell, Cottrill, Court, Cox, Cross, Curtis, Dadley, Dale, Dark, Davies, Days, Deagle, Deakins, Deanes, Dobbins, Dodson, Drinkwater, Dunne, Duppa, Durham, Dyer, Eaden, Eden, Edwards, Evans, Evets, Ewins, Falkener, Fifield, Filpot, Fincher, Fletcher, Florence, Foxe, Freeman, Freman, Fry, Fyppes, Gardiner, Garfield, Gearing, Gibbs, Gibs, Girrard, Gobourn, Godard, Goddard, Godsone, Godwin, Goffe, Goldicot, Green, Greenaway, Greene, Grege, Gregge, Grencope, Grevil, Grevill, Grivel, Gybes, Hacker, Hadland, Hale, Hallybon, Halwood, Hancock, Hands, Handy, Hardwick, Harison, Harris, Harrison, Harrits, Hartwell, Hawkins, Hawks, Hawtin, Hayden, Heidon, Heming, Hemings, Heritage, Hewins, Heydon, Higgins, Hiron, Hitchman, Hixon, Hobdy, Hodgkins, Hollands, Hollise, Holmes, Holtam, Holtham, Holtome, Hood, Hooke, Hopkins, Horvode, Hotham, How, Huckfield, Hughes, Hunt, Hynd, Jackeman, Jackson, Jacksons, Jarvis, Jay, Jeffes, Jeffs, Jeftes, Jennings, Jessen, Johnson, Johnsons, Jones, Keen, Kempson, Keyt, Keyte, Kinching, Kirby, Knight, Knyght, Ladbrooke, Lanchberry, Lea, Leatherland, Lidsey, Lingen, Lively, Lock, Locke, Lockley, Lord, Luntleye, Lutten, Lyngam, Maiches, Maides, Maids, Malins, Mander, Mansel, Mariett, Maris, Marriet, Marriett, Marshal, Marshall, Mason, Massam, Maunder, Mayle, Mayoe, Meades, Meadows, Meeds, Merill, Merrill, Milles, Milward, Molt, Morris, Moseley, Moseleye, Moult, Murray, Myles, Mylles, nbsp;, Neale, Newberry, Newland, Newman, Nicholls, Nickolls, Noel, Oakely, Oakes, Oaks, Oliver, Oughton, Pace, Palmer, Parker, Pearson, Pen, Penn, Percocks, Perrin, Pestil, Pew, Philips, Phillips, Pickering, Plumb, Poocoks, Pratt, Pratte, Price, Proctor, Profit, Purefoy, Purser, Pygyon, Ransford, Rawlins, Read, Reeve, Rentch, Richardson, Rider, Right, Riland, Riley, Rimell, Roberts, Rogers, Rose, Rouse, Rowney, Rushtall, Russell, Rutter, Ryland, Sadler, Salmon, Sambrook, Sammon, Sandford, Sansome, Saunders, Savage, Schooler, Scrimshaw, Scrips, Seymour, Sharp, Sheldon, Shoel, Simpkins, Slade, Slater, Slatter, Smart, Smith, Smyth, Soden, Sommerton, Southam, Southern, Spenser, Spycer, Stanley, Staples, Staseaker, Stevens, Stow, Such, Sycth, Tarplee, Tarpley, Tayler, Taylor, Thomas, Thornit, Tibbits, Timbrell, Timbrill, Timins, Tinsen, Tisdale, Tombs, Tomkins, Toms, Townsend, Tracey, Trimnell, Trolle, Trolly, Tub, Turner, Tymes, Undeerehill, Underehill, Underhill, Vade, Vaide, Waker, Walford, Waliford, Walker, Walten, Walter, Walton, Ward, Watten, Welles, Wells, West, Whale, Wheeler, Wheler, White, Whitecraft, Wiliams, Wilkines, Wilkins, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wood, Woodward, Wright, Wylkynes, Wyllyames, Wyllyams, Wylmor, Yeate, York, Young.

MARRIAGES 1562 to 1812

Date Groom Forename Groom, Surname to Bride Forename Bride Surname Notes
Volume 1.
De Nuptiis of Weddings, Anno Domini 1562.
2 May 1562ThomasJeftes&JoneWheler, w. 
2 May 1562WyllyamAddames&JoneFyppes 
7 Nov 1562ThomasBromyche&BrygetBryght 
1 Nov 1563RobartWylmor&AnnysAlbrytt 
12 Feb 1563WyllyamGybes&MargeryeMaunder, w. 
19 Feb 1564JarameYeate&MargeryeAlbryt 
26 Nov 1565StevenWyllyams&EmeBaylies 
24 Nov 1567ThomasMoseley&ElizabethAddames 
1 Nov 1567ThomasTayler&AlesWyllyames [?] 
17 Apr 1570WyllyamMyles&ElizabethGrencope 
22 Apr 1570ThomasSlater&AnnesFreman 
1 Jul 1571HenryAlbrite&AlesTayler 
29 Aug 1571ThomasCallowe&CateryneUnderhill 
6 Oct 1571WyllyamHollise&FrysedWyllyams 
1573NicholasUnderehill, parsone of Whychurch,&AlesLuntleye 
17 Oct 1573HugeBanckes&MargeryeRose 
23 Nov 1573RobartPygyon&MargeryMaunder 
6 Dec 1573ThomasMyles&JoneSycth 
6 Feb 1574RogerMaunder&JoneSpycer 
5 Feb 1597RobartRouse&AnnyesBayleye 
7 Feb 1600EdwardAnge&ElysabethMoseleye 
4 May 1602JhonSmyth&AlesWylkynes 
1 Aug 1602JhonHynd&AneSlatter 
14 Jan 1607ThomasVaide&JohneBayleis 
8 Feb 1607GylbartGreene&FrancesMylles 
31 Oct 1609JhonGodsone&CateryneWyllyams 
30 Sep 1611JohnAgarod&MargeryUndeerehill 
15 Feb 1612WilliamHorvode&AnHunt 
11 Oct 1614JerramCockett&Margrt.Browne 
17 Oct 1614RichardPalmer&JoaneRichardson 
22 Sep 1618EdwardeFoxe&ElyzabethMassam 
18 Oct 1618NathaniellUndeerehill&AnneMayle 
29 Jun 1620RychardBromley&AnGrege 
2 May 1624ChristopherPratte&MargeryGregge 
2 Nov 1625ThomasWilliams&EmmRyland 
21 Jun 1626LeonardeClarke&KatherineUnderehill 
29 Nov 1626RogerWilliams&DorothieWilliams 
11 Feb 1627JohnRiland&AliceVade 
22 Sep 1629FrancisSmyth, gent.,&MargeryVade, d. of Thomas Vade 
7 Apr 1630WilliamHalwood&SarahDodson, d. of Charles Dodson 
13 Sep 1630WilliamMerrill&ElizabethGirrard 
20 Apr 1631JosiasWilkines&FrancesJeffs 
24 Jun 1631RobartPrice&AnneTrolle 
5 Oct 1632JohnTurner&AnnisPrice 
6 Nov 1634WilliamHawkins&ElizabethCollins 
2 Jul 1635LeonardTimbrell&MaryJeffs 
26 Oct 1635ThomasCooke&MaryWilkins 
2 Jan 1635RichardAdams&AliceDavies 
14 Aug 1636ThomasHacker, of Churchill, co. Oxon,&MaryDeanes 
2 Feb 1636JohnRowney, of Armscote,&AnnTrimnell, of Milcot 
Thomas Wormsley, Rector.
25 May 1637JohnBrayne, of Coynton,&AnneBanurs 
14 Jun 1637FrancisScrips&JoanePalmer, of Alderminster 
10 Jul 1637WilliamGoldicot&AbigaylJohnsons, of Shipstone 
25 Jul 1637AlexanderSpenser&JoaneSlatter 
21 Sep 1637WilliamMerill&AliceDuppa, of Shipston 
30 Jun 1638HughWillis&SusannaSchooler, of Newball 
15 Aug 1638Mr. WilliamTayler, of Ciceter,&Mrs. MargrettMarriett 
23 Sep 1638EdwardGodwin, of Stratford,&AnneStaseaker 
7 May 1639RichardSadler&MargaretHooke 
24 Aug 1639GerardScrimshaw, Esquire,&Mrs. AnneMarriett, w. 
31 Oct 1639RogerEwins, of Alderminster,&KatherineJeffes 
7 Apr 1640JohnRiland&ElizabethWaliford 
25 Jun 1640JefferyRushtall&ChristianBreedon 
8 Aug 1641WilliamArmes, of Alderminster,&ElizabethBaner 
9 Oct 1641WalterNicholls&FrancisHunt 
21 Feb 1641EdwardMaunder, of Stratford,&MiriamWells 
24 Jun 1644AllenLocke&MaryWilliams 
14 May 1645RobertRiland&CatharineCollins 
17 Aug 1648SturchWalford&AnneMarriet 
20 Dec 1648JohnAddams&FrancesBerecrofte 
26 Mar 1649SimonCale&AnneHotham 
30 Nov 1659EdwardAshwine, of Welford,&MaryWells, of Weston 
11 Feb 1659JohnDunne, of Barford,&MarthaUnderhill, d. of John Underhill, gent., of Crimscot 
28 Jul 1661JohnMilles, of Crimscot,&ElizabethEdwards, w. 
26 Dec 1661JohnHarrison, of Chilverscoaten,&AnneBoulter, of Batsford 
May 1662 WilliamMayoe, alias Flecher, of Stratford-upon-Avon,&ElizabethHughes 
2 Feb 1662ThomasWilliams, of Crimscot,&AnneSommerton, of Oxhill 
27 Nov 1666RichardMeades&MaryWilkins 
7 Apr 1670ThomasEvans&MarthaWilkins 
19 Sep 1670RichardAubut&[blank]nbsp; 
11 Oct 1671JohnCurtis, of Honington,&EstherTrolly, of Tredington 
31 Oct 1671DanielNoel&AnneJenningsboth of Eatington
24 Jul 1672JohnWilliams, of Crimscot,&GriesoldSouthern, of Ilminton 
15 Oct 1672WilliamPurefoy, of Ipsley, p. Kingsbury, Warwick, gent,&Mrs. MaryFalkener, of Stratford-upon-Avon 
25 May 1673ThomasSavage&AnnePennboth of Long Compton
23 Nov 1673EdwardWalford&ElizabethHancock, of Tredington 
5 Aug 1677JohnPratt, of Stratford-upon-Avon,&SarahMorris, of Clifford 
30 Apr 1678EdwardWalker, of Brailes,&ElizabethHayden, of Long Compton 
2 Oct 1679WilliamGrevill&AnneNickolls 
27 Apr 1680JohnComb, esq., of Stratford-upon-Avon,&DorothyMarriett, d. of Thos. Marriett, Alscot, esq. 
14 Jul 1681JohnDeagle&AnnHoltam 
12 Nov 1681JohnBarber&MarySoden 
21 Nov 1681Mr. BenjaminCooper, of London, citizen,&Mrs. ElizabethDale, of Whitchurch 
4 Oct 1683JamesHardwick&AliceGardiner 
4 Oct 1685WilliamEaden, of Whicheford,&RebeccaHopkins, of Cherrington 
13 Jan 1687ThomasJones, of Preston-upon-Stower,&SarahRimell, of Bourton of ye Hill 
7 Jun 1688RichardHoltam&SusannaWaker, of Snitterfield 
29 Jul 1688ThomasHeritage, of Alderminster,&SarahBurbridge 
2 Jan 1689ThomasRussell, of Preston-super-Stower,&ElizabethLord, of Alveston 
24 Feb 1689WilliamSmith&JoneAshmore, Chiles-Wickam 
12 Oct 1691WilliamSalmon&HannahRichardsonboth of Preston-on-Stour
2 Jul 1692AbelHoltome&ElizabethLock, of Tredington 
3 Feb 1692WilliamBest, Church Lentch, co. Worc.,&MargeryTymes 
6 Feb 1692EdwardGrivel&MargaretSadler 
17 Apr 1693WilliamApplebee&SarahPalmer 
22 Oct 1693ThomasRyland&KatherineLock, of Tredington 
24 Jun 1693FrancisMoult&SusannahBolton 
26 Dec 1694FrancisMoult&ElizabethLadbrooke, of Preston-upon-Stower 
22 Oct 1695JohnAdams&JohannaRawlins 
23 Apr 1696JohnSuch, of Tredington,&ElizabethWilliams 
26 Dec 1696ThomasBurman, of Stratford-upon-Avon,&MarthaLock, of Tredington 
13 Apr 1699RichardMariett, Rector of Whitchurch,&RachelLingen, of Radbrook, co. Glouc., w.by Mr. John Moor, Vicar of Loxley
3 Apr 1700DavidMalins, of Tysoe,&AnnGrevill, w. 
1 May 1700JohnBury&MarthaCollinsboth of Stratford-upon-Avon, lic.
25 Nov 1701WilliamRansford&MaryOakelyboth of Ebrington, co. Glouc.
22 Feb 1704JohnBuggin, of Quinton,&AnnMeeds 
24 Feb 1704EdwardPearson&ValentinePalmer 
24 Feb 1704ThomasMarshal&EleanorToms 
8 May 1704WilliamPerrin&MargretEden 
27 Sep 1705RichardRentch, of Swaleclif,&ElizabethHodgkins 
30 Dec 1707JohnGreen, of Solyhull,&MaryJarvis, of St. Mary's, Warwicklic.
19 Nov 1710GeorgeWoodward&SarahSalmon, of Ilmington 
3 Apr 1711BenjaminBarber&ElenorGoffe, of Tredington 
28 Oct 1711JohnDadley, of Loxley, w.,&MarthaBarber, of Stratford-on-Avonlic.
2 Feb 1711ValentineKnight, of Preston-upon-Stoure,&ElizabethRyland, of Alderminster 
15 Jul 1712JohnDays, w.,&JudethMaides 
5 Nov 1712ThomasJackson, of Alveston,&MarthaToms, of Winston 
1 Jan 1712DaniellWalton, of Preston-upon-Stour,&MaryMolt 
Volume 2.
9 Apr 1713EdwardMaides&MaryHunt 
29 Apr 1713EdwardBell&MaryHardwickboth of Crmiscot
6 May 1713JohnSaunders, of Ilmington,&ElizabethDurham, of Crimscot 
28 Jan 1713ThomasHawkins&KatherineMaunderboth of Crimscot
8 Feb 1713TheophilusNickolls, w.,&MarySmart, wid., of Cliffordlic.
1 Oct 1715RichardHeming&ElizabethAtwoodboth of Crimscot
5 Oct 1715GervasCampden, of Wiglesford,&MaryPew 
9 Jan 1715BenjaminMilward, of Preston-upon-Stour,&JaneRyland 
15 Apr 1716RobertCotterell, of Woolvercott, co. Oxon,&KatharineBarber 
18 Oct 1716MatthewSharp&MaryDyer 
28 Apr 1717ThomasBromfield, Stratford-on-Avon,&HannahArches, of Preston 
16 Sep 1717RichardHardwick&AnSavage 
26 Nov 1717WilliamBolton&AnHowboth of Ilmington, lic.
15 Apr 1718JosephKnight&SarahApplebeeboth of Bratforten
24 Sep 1718JohnCourt, Admanton, parish of Quinton,&MaryRogers, of Winston 
7 Feb 1719JohnThomas&AliceBeavingtonboth of Shipston, co. Worc., lic.
27 Oct 1720MatthewWalton&HannahAtwood, of Tredington 
6 Aug 1721GeorgeBaker, of Aston-under-Edge,&SarahTisdale, of Ilmingtonlic.
11 Sep 1721WilliamStevens&MaryAbbotboth of Preston-upon-Stower, lic.
20 Oct 1721WilliamJohnson&MaryBozzardboth of Woolston, co. Warwick
20 Dec 1721JohnFincher, of Broadway,&MargeryBarker 
20 Dec 1722WilliamBumpas, of Admanton, co. Glouc.,&SusannaNeale, of Ilmingtonlic.
16 Jan 1722ThomasSmith, Rector,&EstherAshford, at Shipston 
26 Sep 1723SamuelSmith&MaryTarplee 
1 Oct 1723RichardSmith&MaryHancock 
28 Oct 1723JohnYork, of Welsbourn,&MaryWells, of Ilmingtonlic.
11 Jan 1723ThomasMason&ElizabethSlade 
30 Jan 1723ThomasWiliams&AnnGrevill 
26 May 1724ThomasAllen, of Birmingam,&SarahAshford 
14 Jan 1724BenjaminBarber&MarySharp, w. 
9 Feb 1724JonathanBuckingham&ElizabethMurray, of Loxleylic.
5 May 1725ThomasGreen&JaneWells 
23 Sep 1725JosephRyland&SusannaHoltam 
19 Oct 1725ThomasHeydon, of Alderminster,&AnneRyland 
21 Oct 1725JosephAlcock&ElizabethWhale 
28 Oct 1725WilliamAndrews&MargaretHunt 
4 Nov 1725FrancisHarrits&MaryWalter, of Alderminsterlic.
11 Nov 1725ThomasHarison, Loxley,&SarahKeyte, Ebriton 
8 Dec 1725JohnAnge, Bidford,&AliceFincher 
1 Oct 1726MarkeBlakeman&ChristianColdicott 
14 Nov 1726WilliamPestil, Warwick,&JoneFincher 
14 Nov 1728WilliamTarpley&AnnGibs, of Quinton 
24 Apr 1729ThomasParker&MargaretAnderson 
8 Jul 1729WilliamMalins&AnWellsboth of Eatington
30 Aug 1729JohnWells, of Alderminster,&AnAtwood, of Cherinton 
26 Oct 1729EdwardLock&DeborahAdams 
4 Nov 1729ThomasKeyt, of Ilmington,&MargaretSeymour, of Quintonlic.
23 Apr 1730JohnHawks, of Woolford, co. Warwick,&MaryGoffe, Tredington 
27 Apr 1730RichardPace, of Stratford-on-Avon,&ElizabethFincher, w. 
28 Jan 1731SamuelTibbits, of Lapworth,&ElizabethWilson, of Budbrooke 
8 Sep 1731ThomasTayler, of Cherinton,&ElizabethMorris, of Stratford-upon-Avon 
5 Dec 1731WilliamGreenaway, Butler's Marston,&AnReeve, of Pilardington 
10 Apr 1732HumphreyRight&FrancesTomsboth of Oxhill
8 Oct 1732RobertHarris, Barcheston,&FrancisWhitecraft 
1 Nov 1732JamesWatten&MaryJay, wid. 
7 May 1733WilliamNewland&MaryBrown, of Ilmington 
9 Oct 1733RichardBaylis&AnMalinsboth of Eatinton
14 Oct 1733WilliamBlackford&AnProfitboth of Tredington
19 Nov 1733JamesFreeman&SaraWells 
24 Dec 1733JohnSmith, of Stratford-upon-Avon,&SarahHale 
4 Jan 1733RichardBennett&SarahHawtinboth of Quinton
24 Feb 1733EdwardSimpkins&MaryClifford 
14 May 1734JohnRoberts&AlicePoocoks 
28 Sep 1734JosephAlcock&SarahPickering 
2 Oct 1734JohnBarks&MaryWood, of Quinton 
8 Oct 1734ThomasOakes&MaryMaiches 
28 Oct 1734WilliamTomkins&ElizabethSmith 
6 Apr 1735WilliamEdwards&MarySouthamboth of Quinton
8 Apr 1735ThomasWood&MarySandford 
10 Apr 1735GeorgeCommander&MaryGrevil 
15 Jun 1735JohnDrinkwater&ElizabethWalton, of Preston, co. Glouc. 
3 Jul 1735ThomasLea&AnBlakeman 
25 Sep 1735JohnHiggins&HannahTownsendboth of Alveston, lic.
11 Dec 1735JohnGarfield&EleanorBlackwelboth of Preston
21 Sep 1736ThomasCook&MaryWatten, of Weston-under-Edge 
5 Oct 1736ThomasPercocks&AnGarfieldboth of Preston-upon-Stower
7 Oct 1736RichardGibs&SusannaJennings 
18 Nov 1736SumersetMeadows&JoneBest, of Quinton 
8 May 1737SamuelWard&SarahGearingboth of Long Compton
19 May 1737ThomasGreen&MaryWilkins 
20 Aug 1737WilliamRutter&ElizabethCalcoteboth of Alderminster
14 Feb 1738JohnJones, of Shipston-upon-Stower,&MaryClarke, of Bruton 
14 Feb 1738ThomasEvets&MaryFlorenceboth of Stratford-upon-Avon
29 May 1740WilliamRogers&ElizabethSambrook, of Wolford 
23 Apr 1741JohnAdams&SarahBury 
25 Sep 1742WilliamSammon&ElizabethWoodward 
22 Apr 1745ThomasMilward&SarahWiliams 
1 Oct 1745AnthonyBrain&AnnSmith, of Quinton 
18 May 1746MichaelWells&MaryCarey 
28 Feb 1746SamuelBrandis&AnBrandisboth of Aulcester
4 Oct 1747TimothyEdwards&ElizabethHixon 
1 Nov 1747JohnBent&MaryCookes 
18 Feb 1747WilliamBennet&ElizabethYoung 
29 Sep 1748ThomasHoltham, of Moreton Morel,&AnneMansel, of Preston-upon Stower 
17 Dec 1748WilliamCotterell&SarahTinsen, of Quinton 
19 Oct 1749EdwardTimins&MaryHiron 
21 Dec 1749WilliamWheler&AnneRead 
1 May 1750WilliamNewman&SusannaBumpasboth of Ilmington, lic.
26 Jun 1751JamesSansome&MaryCollierboth of Ilmington, lic.
26 Sep 1751JamesTracey&MaryRiley 
1 Oct 1751JohnBaylis&SarahRutterlic.
7 Oct 1751ThomasHarrison&MaryPen 
3 Nov 1751JohnPhilips&ElizabethHunt 
12 Oct 1752RichardWoodward&MargaretParker 
21 Oct 1752JohnCalcot, of Eatinton,&MaryHunt 
5 Jun 1753WilliamHarris, of Ilmington,&MaryClarke, of Northwick, Blockleylic.
13 Jul 1753AaronCollicott, Aderminster,&MaryHancock 
4 Oct 1753ThomasHands, of Newbold, Worc.,&SarahMorris, Long Marston, Glouc.lic.
17 Feb 1753JamesHardwick&AnBishop 
Volume 3.
16 Jun 1754ThomasSoutham, of Loxley,&HannahWellslic.
12 Aug 1755WilliamTimbrill, of Preston-upon-Stour, co. Glouc.,&ElizabethLocklic.
25 Dec 1755WilliamClemenger&MaryHadland 
7 Sep 1755TimothyOughton&AnnMolt, of Stratford-upon-Avon 
19 Apr 1756SamuelWhite&JanePhillips 
12 Oct 1756WilliamKeyt&RhadigundaWright, of Wasperton 
12 Oct 1756JohnNewland&AnneDark 
20 Feb 1757JohnEdwards, of Quinton,&AnneFletcher 
13 Nov 1757ThomasHadland&ElisabethBlakeman 
20 Dec 1757WilliamHadland&SarahSheldon 
22 Oct 1758JosephRyland&MaryParker, Weston-upon-Avon 
10 Jan 1759ThomasFifield, of Abbotsmorten,&MaryCleevelic.
26 May 1759PhilipAlcock, of Eatington,&MaryShoel 
4 Jun 1759RobertSmith, of Preston-upon-Stower, co. Glouc.,&ElizabethCleevelic.
19 Oct 1760JohnDeakins&ElizabethFreeman 
26 Jan 1761JohnBickerstaff, Quinton,&ElizabethWood 
20 Apr 1761MichaelGreen&SarahAppleby 
23 Apr 1761ThomasParker&SarahKeyt 
8 Oct 1761ThomasCross&MaryDurham 
1 Dec 1761RichardLeatherland&ElizabethHadland 
20 Dec 1761JohnTub, Halford,&MaryOaks 
25 Sep 1762JohnMaris&ElizabethSuch 
15 Nov 1763JohnGoddard&MaryRead 
17 Jul 1764JohnLutten, Longborough, co. Glouc.,&PatienceWatten 
21 Oct 1764ThomasButler&ElisabethHollands 
Volume 4.
13 Feb 1765RobertClarke, of Atherston,&AnneLea 
18 Feb 1765HenrySmith&MaryHolthamlic.
6 Oct 1765FrancisProctor&MaryHobdy, Ilmington 
11 Feb 1766ThomasJones, of Ebrington, co. Glouc.,&SarahSammon 
15 Oct 1767WilliamHunt, of Loxley,&JoannaAdams 
6 Jan 1768JosephBarber&ElisabethOakes 
6 Nov 1768JamesTaylor&MaryHood 
19 Apr 1769ThomasCurtis&ElizabethLeatherland, w. 
2 Nov 1769ThomasTimbrill, of Bretforton,&AnRylandlic.
19 Dec 1769RichardAvery&BettyMolt 
10 May 1770ThomasMilward&ElizabethRiley 
26 Nov 1770WilliamMorris, of Quinton,&AliceOakes 
5 Dec 1770JamesWalten&AnnWheeler 
5 Apr 1771RobertHartwell&MaryAllibandlic.
19 Oct 1772JohnThornit, of Stretton-upon-Fosse, w.,&ElizabethBaylislic.
13 Apr 1773RichardGibs&SarahNeale 
18 Apr 1774JamesKempson&MaryLockley 
15 Apr 1775ThomasGibs&HannahHuckfield 
5 May 1775ThomasTownsend, of Preston-upon-Stour,&ElizabethApplebylic.
8 May 1775JohnAllen, of Sandford, co. Oxon,&AnnStapleslic.
2 Oct 1775ThomasHewins&MaryAlliband 
12 Oct 1775ThomasFilpot, of Tredington, co. Worc.,&SarahNewberry 
17 Oct 1775RichardWoodward&HannahMaides 
8 Apr 1776WilliamMander&JanePace, of Tredington, co. Worc. 
15 Oct 1776RichardLidsey&BettyCox 
20 Dec 1777WilliamMarshall, Halford,&ElizabethAdams, dau. of William Adamslic.
23 Feb 1778JamesCox&AnneDobbins 
26 Oct 1778JohnSammon&SarahBent 
1 Nov 1779WilliamHadland&SarahSmith 
3 Nov 1779JohnRoberts, of Alderminster, co. Worc.,&HannahSouthamlic.
30 Nov 1780JamesHandy, of Clifford, co. Glouc.,&HannahRose 
17 Nov 1782ThomasHale, of Tredington, co. Wor., w.,&ElizabethBolton, w.lic.
21 Oct 1783StephenMarshall, of Pillerton Hersey,&MariaAdams 
19 Jan 1784EdwardGreen&HannahGibbs 
1 Apr 1784RichardWells, Brails,&ElizabethPurser, of Crimscotlic.
14 Apr 1784JohnStow&JaneHitchman, Brailslic.
17 Jul 1785RichardPurser&AnnSalmon 
7 Nov 1785JamesSmith, of Stratford-upon-Avon,&AnnMaids 
26 Dec 1785JohnStanley, of Mickleton, co. Glouc.,&AnnFincher 
12 Jul 1787ThomasWhite, of Quinton, co. Glouc.,&SarahFincherlic.
28 May 1789JosephJacksons, of Norton Lindsey,&MarySmithlic.
21 Dec 1789JohnSmith&SarahFifieldlic.
24 Dec 1789WilliamSmith, w.,&HelenCotterelllic.
11 May 1790RichardKeyte&MaryRouse, of Tredington, co. Worc. 
20 Dec 1790JohnPurser&SarahHartwell 
13 Dec 1791FrancisHewins&HannahKinching, of Quinton 
5 May 1792RichardCastle, of Oxhill,&ElizabethGodard 
21 Jun 1793AmbroseBennet&AnnLively, of Quinton, co. Glouc. 
10 Dec 1793DavidWoodward&ElizabethRider, of Knowle, p. Hampton-in-Arden 
12 Jan 1795JohnFincher&JaneGobourn 
14 Oct 1795WilliamMason, of Todnam, co. Glouc.,&MaryButler 
2 Dec 1795JohnHeidon&SarahKempson 
5 Jul 1796ThomasHartwell&ElizabethWard, of Alderminster, co. Worc.lic.
11 Oct 1796WilliamTaylor&AnnFletcher, of Preston-upon-Stour 
27 Dec 1796JohnBarber&AnnWest 
12 Oct 1797StephenBennet, of Clifford Chambers, co. Glouc.,&SarahWoodward 
13 Oct 1797SamuelPlumb&MarthaHadland 
3 Jun 1798JohnTombs, Weston Subedge, Glouc.,&ElizabethFincher 
5 Nov 1798WilliamKeen&HannahGodard 
11 Aug 1799WilliamWhite&ElizabethLanchberry, of Quinton 
28 Sep 1800JohnWilliams, of Eatington,&MaryHolmes, w.lic.
1 Nov 1802JamesWalker&MillSuch 
16 Dec 1802JohnGibbs&BettyCottrill 
23 Jan 1804JohnKirby&SarahHuckfield 
24 Apr 1804EdwardOliver&MargaretSmithlic.
16 Oct 1806ThomasCompton, of Bishop's Ichenton,&ElizabethKeyte 
15 Nov 1808JohnFry&SarahToms 
10 Feb 1809ThomasSmith&MarySheldonlic.
2 Oct 1812ThomasBradley, of Blockley, co. Worc.,&AnnSmith 
21 Oct 1812JamesJackeman, Atherstone,&AnnHallybon 
4 Nov 1812ThomasHemings, of St. James, Clerkenwell, co. Middlesex,&AnnMilwardlic.

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