Temple Grafton - St Andrews
Marriages from 1612 to 1812

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Note.--The original Registers of Temple Grafton have unfortunately been destroyed by damp.

Entries from the following years were copied by the late Thomas Proctor Wadley, M.A., Rector of Naunton Beauchamp, from the transcripts at Worcester:
1612, 1613, 1615, 1618-1622, 1625, 1628, 1629, 1633-1640, 1663, 1668-1671, 1673-1700.

No weddings are recorded for the years 1628 , 1638 , 1640 , 1663 , 1666 , 1668 , 1670 , 1671 , 1673 , 1676 - 1680 , 1681, 1682, 1693-1696, and 1698.

Those from the original Register were taken by Mr. Richard Savage, Librarian of the Birth-place Library, Stratford-upon-Avon.


Aing, Albot, Alcox, Aplebee, Appleby, Archer, Ashwin, Asplen, Awtie, Bannister, Bellers, Benford, Bennett, Biddell, Biddle, Bolt, Bouldinge, Bridges, Bristowe, Bromley, Bushell, Callowaye, Campden, Chestly, Clark, Coldicote, Cole, Collet, Cookes, Cox, Dalton, Dasson, Dauice, Day, Dews, Dixon, Dorril, Durham, Edkines, Edkins, Edwin, Ellins, Eluines, Farr, Fearfax, Fearfox, Finch, Fort, Freeman, Frost, Godfrey, Grimmet, Halford, Hanson, Harber, Harris, Harrison, Harwood, Heming, Hemming, Henley, Higgins, Hill, Hintloe, Hiorn, Hodges, Holmes, Hopkins, Horton, Horwood, Howel, Hurst, Hyatt, Jelfes, Johns, Johnsones, Johnsons, Jones, Joyce, Joynes, Keck, Kempson, Kite, Ladbrookes, Ladd, Manton, Maunder, Maverley, Medley, Miles, Millar, Milward, Minor, Morris, Nichols, Norton, Ockeley, Palmer, Pate, Pearse, Penn, Peters, Phillips, Pollard, Proctor, Read, Rice, Richardson, Roberts, Rose, Rowley, Sale, Scarlet, Shipman, Sith, Smith, Stevens, Tarpley, Thomas, Tomkines, Turner, Vincent, W, Wadams, Waddom, Wagstaff, Wakefield, Walderne, Walker, Walton, Ward, Weaver, Wheigham, Williams, Wise, Woodward, Wotton.

MARRIAGES 1612 to 1812

Date Groom forename Groom, Surname to Bride Forename Bride Surname
30 Jan 1612JohnHintloe&DorothieDixon
26 Oct 1613WilliamMaverley&AliceSith
25 Jan 1615EdwardTurner&DorothieWeaver
22 Apr 1618ThomasBristowe&MargaretW. I.
13 Jul 1618FrancisLadbrookes&VrselieEluines
15 Jul 1618EdwardPalmer&ElizabethSmith
19 Sep 1619ThomasBenford&CatherineAlbot
14 Apr 1619PhilipBridges&ElizabethBiddell
5 Oct 1620HughHorwood&HelinorCallowaye
22 Nov 1620JohnTomkines&JoneBiddell
14 Apr 1621WilliamJohnsones&DorothieDauice
13 Jan 1621AncerOckeley&MargaretWalderne
?? Feb 1622WilliamShipman&Alice[-]
6 Oct 1625RichardJelfes&FrancesSale
9 Jan 1625GeorgeBiddle&MaryBouldinge
6 May 1629HenrieMiles&AliceTarpley
29 Sep 1629WilliamBushell&ElizabethGrimmet
14 Jan 1629RichardEdkines&AnneHodges
1 May 1633WilliamDasson&MaryBiddle
8 May 1633JohnMedley&ElizabethHeming
17 Nov 1634[-][-]&[-]Woodward
14 Jan 1634[-]...y&AnnBiddle
13 Jan 1635JohnHorton&AliceHopkins
13 Nov 1636[-]Kempson&MargaretDalton
20 Apr 1637RichardJones&MaryLadd
16 Nov 1637JohnRice&ElizabethWise
21 Oct 1639HenryAwtie&AnnDurham
28 Oct 1639RobertWakefield&ElizabethPate
13 Nov 1639RobertWheigham&FrancesBiddle
?? ?? 1669MauriceAplebee&LiddiaBromley "married without bans" [sic]
16 May 1674ThomasHolmes&AnnRowley, w.
2 Feb 1674JohnWaddom&IzableFearfax
29 Jun 1675LaurenceHarwood&ElizabethWise
26 May 1675JohnHeming&SarahAsplen
24 Jun 1681JohnHiggins&MaryPhillips
21 Feb 1681EdwardBannister&MaryDews
19 Nov 1683BraceSale&MargaretScarlet
7 Apr 1684ThomasHodges&AnnChestly
7 Apr 1684JohnFort&JoanJones
24 Apr 1684WilliamJohns&IsabelCookes
2 Jul 1684EdwardCole&MaryHarber
15 Sep 1684RichardJohnsons&MargaretManton
28 Nov 1688/9FrancisAlcox&AliceMinor
29 Aug 1689/90WilliamHarrison&MaryCollet
19 Jul 1691/2ChristopherCox&ElizabethBellers
5 Oct 1691/2StephenMilward&MaryCole
15 Jan 1697WilliamEdkins, of Bidford,&HesterBolt
25 Jun 1699ThomasAppleby&ElizabethAppleby
27 Sep 1699ThomasGrimmet&MaryNichols
26 Nov 1700RichardFearfox, of Binton,&AnneEdwin
[From the original Register now missing.]
14 May 1754FrancisRichardson, of Snitterfield, yeoman,&AnneFinch, lic.
4 Jun 1755HenryFarr, w., yeoman,&MargaretMillar, of Welford, lic.
8 May 1758WilliamEllins, of Bidford,&MaryManton
1 Aug 1758HenryHeming, of Aston Cantlow,&AliceKeck, lic.
27 Feb 1759AnthonyFrost, of Broadway,&EleyAing, lic.
16 Apr 1761JohnHalford&ElizabethKeck, lic.
20 Jan 1763ThomasMaunder, of Aston Cantlowe,&AnnHill, lic.
4 Jun 1766JamesJoyce&SarahPeters, of Exhall, lic.
6 Jun 1766JohnProctor&MarthaHenley, lic.
26 Oct 1767ThomasHarris, of Haselor,&ElizabethRead
25 Sep 1770RichardWard, of Haselor,&MaryPenn
3 Jun 1773BenjaminColdicote, of Ilmington,&MaryBennett
8 Jun 1775WilliamHanson, of Great Alne,&MaryThomas, a minor, lic.
11 Feb 1777JonathanStevens&MaryRose, of Alveston
28 Oct 1777LawrenceArcher, of Shrewley, in parish of Hatton,&EleanorGodfrey, lic.
10 Jun 1778SamuelMorris, of Aston Cantlow,&AnnWalton
30 Jul 1778MatthewPearse, of Alveston, w.,&JaneProctor, lic.
10 May 1780RichardDorril, of Atherstone, w.,&MargaretWotton
21 Mar 1781JohnHurst, of Bidford,&MaryGodfrey, lic.
27 Aug 1781WilliamMorris, of Long Marstone,&ElizabethGodfrey, lic.
13 May 1786SamuelHemming, of Haselor,&AnneWagstaff, lic.
6 Jan 1791JohnClark, of Snitterfield,&Eliz.Hyatt, lic.
19 Oct 1793WilliamJoynes&SusannahHiorn, of Wixford
7 Apr 1795Wm.Ashwin, of Bretforton,&SarahTurner
23 May 1797ThomasSmith, of Pebworth,&ElizabethTurner, lic.
16 Oct 1798ThomasCampden, of Alcester,&AnneDay
6 May 1802JosephPollard, of Wixford,&ElizabethWadams, lic.
18 Oct 1802JohnFreeman, of Bidford, w.,&MaryHarris
[Dec 1802?] JohnVincent, of Welford, co. Glou., w.,&MarthaProctor, lic.
2 Jan 1803JamesHarris, of Hazelor,&WinefridKite
16 Nov 1803ThomasNorton, of Stoke Prior,&AnnTurner, lic.
30 Jan 1809JohnWilliams, of Bidford,&MaryHowel
14 Oct 1811ThomasWalker, of Aston Cantlow,&MaryRoberts

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