Rugby St Andrews
Marriages from 1767 to 1783

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Allibone, Arlidge, Bailey, Banks, Barnett, Barrs, Batchelor, Batson, Baxter, Beasley,
Bromwich, Bromwich/brumwich, Brooks, Brown, Bucknill, Bunting, Burton, Butler,
Cave, Chambers, Chater, Checkley, Childs, Clare, Clarke, Clay, Coleman, Collins, Cosby, Cowdell, Cullis,
Denny/Denne, Elliott, Elson, Enser, Fisher, Gibbs, Gibson, Goode, Green, Griffin,
Hankinson, Harnot, Harrawell, Harris, Harrod, Hemmingway, Heskit, Hewit/Howell, Hewitt,
Irons, Johnson, Ladbrook, Landon, Lea, Lilly, Lindon, Lines, Loggin,
Mason, Masters, Miller, Mott, Murwood, Newman, Norman, Onely, Orton, Palmer, Parker, Pebardy, Powell, Price, Purshouse,
Richardson, Robins, Ruffhead, Satchell, Shadgett, Shears, Shepherd, Sleath, Smith, Stevens,
Tarver, Taylor, Tew, Thornicroft, Tompson, Treen, Turner,
Wallington, Watson, Watts, Welch, West, Westley, White, Yates,

Allebone, Allibone, Attkins, Baggott, Bailey, Barker, Batchelor, Bates, Baxter, Bennett, Bolton, Bromwich, Brown,
Cave, Chadwick, Chambers, Chartres, Clarke, Cole, Collidge, Collins, Crisp, Crofts,
Davies, Davis, Dent, Dod, Dodd, Douglas, Douglass, Dovey, Edmonds, Elson, Farn, Flavel,
Gare, Gibson, Goddard, Goode, Green, Grove, Harris, Harrod, Hill, Hiorns, Hurley, Jarrett,
Kilburn, Kilpack/Kllpack, Ladbroke/Ladbrook, Ladbrook, Lee, Lindon, Lovell,
Maho, Manton, Marriot, Marriot(t), Masters, Mawbey, Middleton, Miller, Millington,
Neal, Orton, Palmer, Parker, Patson, Pollard, Powel, Prince, Purcy, Purshouse,
Robbins, Robins, Russell, Rutlidge, Satchell, Shell, Slater, Sparrow, Spicer, Stoney, Stretton, Stubbs,
Topham, Townsend, Van, Walker, Watkins, Watson, Watts, Welch, Westley, Whiteman, Wilmore/Willmore, Wright,

Rugby St Andrews MARRIAGES 1767 - 1783

No B/L Date Groom, Status, Abode Bride, Status, Abode Notes
108B3 March 1767John BARRS, Batchelor, OTPMartha WATKINS, Spinster, OTP
109L31 May 1767Henry DENNY/DENNE, None given, Newbold-upon-AvonMary GREEN, Spinster, OTP
110L14 September 1767Benjamin BATSON, Batchelor, All Saints NorthamptonMary PARKER, Spinster, OTP
111B28 September 1767Jeremiah TAYLOR, Batchelor, OTPMary HARRIS, Spinster, OTP
112B5 November 1767William THORNICROFT, Batchelor, OTPMary SATCHELL, Spinster, OTP
113L24 May 1768William NORMAN, Batchelor, NewboldElizabeth PATSON, Spinster, OTP
114L29 May 1768James CULLIS, Batchelor, OTPSarah LEE, Spinster, OTP
115L19 July 1768James PURSHOUSE, Batchelor, OTPSarah MARRIOT(T), Widow, OTP
116B27 September 1768Ephraim PARKER, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth BATCHELOR, Spinster, OTP
117B23 November 1768Jonathon BARNETT, Widower, WithybrookAnn LINDON, Widow, OTP
118B5 February 1769William LINES, Widower, OTPMary GODDARD, Widow, OTP
119B5 April 1769John MILLER, Batchelor, OTPMary RUSSELL, Spinster, OTP
120B10 April 1769Benjamin HARROD, Batchelor, OTPMary ALLEBONE, Spinster, OTP
121B29 April 1769Joseph HANKINSON, Batchelor, OTPHannah DOD, Spinster, OTP
122B17 May 1769John ORTON, Batchelor, OTPMsry GOODE, Spinster, OTP
123L4 July 1769William TREEN, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth ELSON, Widow, OTP
124B11 October 1769Thomas COSBY, Batchelor, OTPHannah BARKER, Spinster, OTP
125L26 December 1769Samuel CLAY, Batchelor, DaventryMary CHADWICK, Spinster, OTP
126B26 December 1769Samuel WEST, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth DOD, Spinster, OTP
127B9 August 1770Francis CHAMBERS, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth KILPACK/KILLPACK, Spinster, OTP
128B13 October 1770Francis HARRAWELL, Batchelor, OTPSarah KILBURN, Spinster, OTP
129B8 January 1771William ROBINS, Widower, OTPMary WILMORE/WILLMORE, Spinster, OTP
130B8 February 1771James GIBBS, Batchelor, OTPAnn WATSON, Spinster, OTP
131B29 April 1771William PALMER, Batchelor, OTPJudith LADBROKE/LADBROOK, Spinster, OTP
132B15 July 1771John PRICE, Batchelor, OTPRebecca DAVIES, Spinster, OTP
133B10 September 1771William TARVER, Widower, OTPMary BROWN, Widow, OTP
134B1 October 1771Richard HARRIS, Widower, FoleshillElizabeth CLARKE, Widow, OTP
135B18 October 1771Joseph BUNTING, Widower, OTPElizabeth WELCH, Widow, OTP
136B24 November 1771William GOODE, Batchelor, Leamington HastingsMary BAXTER, Spinster, OTP
137L16 January 1772Daniel GOODE, Batchelor, DunchurchAnne ORTON, Spinster, OTP
138B19 February 1772Edward YATES, Batchelor, OTPHannah SPARROW, Widow, OTP
139L21 February 1772Daniel CHILDS, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth DOUGLASS, Spinster, OTP
140B3 March 1772James BANKS, Widower, OTPMary ATTKINS, Spinster, OTP
141B11 May 1772Thomas MOTT, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth MILLER, Spinster, OTP
142L2 June 1772Thomas CLARE, Batchelor, OTPJane HARRIS, Spinster, OTP(Title) Rev Dr Thomas Clare
143L23 June 1772William TOMPSON, Batchelor, All Saints NorthamptonFrances LOVELL, Spinster, OTP
144B30 June 1772Thomas WATTS, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth STRETTON, Spinster, OTP
145B13 July 1772Thomas RICHARDSON, Batchelor, OTPMary COLLINS, Spinster, OTP
146B4 August 1772Richard CHECKLEY, Batchelor, OTPAnn GOODE, Spinster, OTP
147L13 October 1772William GRIFFIN, Widower, OTPAnn CROFTS, Spinster, OTP
148B3 November 1772John BAILEY, Widower, OTPCatherine TOPHAM, Spinster, OTP
149B10 November 1772Abraham PARKER, Batchelor, OTPMary DOUGLAS, Spinster, OTP
150B29 November 1772Thomas ELLIOTT, Batchelor, OTPMary CHAMBERS, Spinster, OTP
151B31 December 1772George BATCHELOR, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth ALLIBONE, Spinster, OTP
152B12 April 1773John HESKIT, Batchelor, OTPFrances HILL, Spinster, OTP
153B4 May 1773John HEMMINGWAY, Batchelor, OTPCatherine WESTLEY, Spinster, OTP
154B5 May 1773Joseph WHITE, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth DOVEY, Spinster, OTP
155B10 July 1773Richard JOHNSON, Batchelor, OTPPriscilla BROMWICH, Spinster, OTP
156B11 July 1773Thomas LANDON, Batchelor, OTPMary FLAVEL, Spinster, OTP
157B14 July 1773William POWELL, Widower, OTPMary NEAL, Spinster, OTP
158B14 August 1773Thomas BROOKS, Batchelor, OTPAnn PRINCE, Spinster, OTP
159B24 August 1773John SHEPHERD, Batchelor, OTPCatherine SLATER, Spinster, OTP
160L24 November 1773Joseph PEBARDY, Widower, Long BuckbyHannah COLE, Spinster, OTP
161B4 December 1773Richard ALLIBONE, Widower, OTPMary FARN, Widow, OTP
162B20 December 1773Edmund HARNOT, Batchelor, Newbold-upon-AvonAnn MAHO, Spinster, OTP
163B27 December 1773William ENSER, Widower, OTPAnn GIBSON, Spinster, OTP
164L24 May 1774William SHADGETT, Batchelor, DunchurchAnn DODD, Spinster, OTP
165B3 June 1774William BROMWICH/BRUMWICH, Widower, OTPSusanna DAVIS, Spinster, OTP
166B20 July 1774Edward GREEN, Batchelor, OTPMary PRINCE, Spinster, OTP
167B14 August 1774Timothy LADBROOK, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth STUBBS, Spinster, OTP
168B25 October 1774William TARVER, Batchelor, OTPAnn TOWNSEND, Spinster, OTP
169B30 January 1775John GIBSON, Batchelor, OTPMartha HARROD, Spinster, OTP
170L19 June 1775William CAVE, Batchelor, OTPSarah PURSHOUSE, Spinster, OTP
171B25 July 1775John MASON, Batchelor, OTPJane RUTLIDGE, Spinster, OTP
172B5 October 1775Thomas BATCHELOR, Batchelor, OTPMary LADBROOK, Spinster, OTP
173L4 December 1775Nathaniel HEWITT, Batchelor, OTPSarah HARRIS, Spinster, OTP
174B18 February 1776John LILLY, Widower, OTPJane BROMWICH, Widow, OTP
175B21 August 1776William SATCHELL, Batchelor, OTPAnn BATCHELOR, Spinster, OTP
176L29 September 1776Thomas STEVENS, None given, Frowleswoth LeicestershireCatherine JARRETT, Spinster, OTP
177B1 April 1777Thomas WATTS, Batchelor, OTPMary VAN, Spinster, OTP
178L5 April 1777William SHEARS, Batchelor, OTPMary MARRIOT, Spinster, OTP
179L8 May 1777William COLLINS, Batchelor, OTPMary COLLIDGE, Spinster, OTP
180B14 July 1777William FISHER, Batchelor, OTPAnn EDMONDS, Spinster, OTP
181L16 September 1777Thomas BEASLEY, Batchelor, OTPRebecca HARRIS, Spinster, OTP
182B20 October 1777John CLARKE, Batchelor, OTPMary PALMER, Spinster, OTP
183B11 November 1777William LANDON, Batchelor, RugbyAnn BAGGOTT, Spinster, Rugby
184B9 December 1777Thomas HEWIT/HOWELL, Batchelor, OTPFrances HARRIS, None given, OTP
185B29 December 1777James NEWMAN, Batchelor, Great Bowden in Parish of Cropredy OxfordshireMary SHELL, Spinster, OTP
186L24 February 1778William RUFFHEAD, Batchelor, Newbold-upon-AvonSarah BOLTON, Spinster, OTP
187B12 May 1778John WELCH, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth DENT, Spinster, OTP
188B3 August 1778Thomas BURTON, None given, OTPMary BATES, Spinster, OTP
189B31 August 1778William ORTON, Batchelor, OTPHannah MASTERS, Spinster, OTP
190L15 September 1778Samuel BUTLER, Widower, OTPSarah WALKER, Spinster, OTP
191L29 December 1778Samuel BUCKNILL, Batchelor, OTPSusannah POLLARD, Spinster, OTP
192B4 April 1779Thomas TEW, Batchelor, Nrwton in Parish of CliftonAnn MILLER, Spinster, OTP
193L14 September 1779William COWDELL, Batchelor, Thunby NorthamptonshireMary Strong GROVE, A minor, OTP
194B11 October 1779William BATCHELOR, Batchelor, OTPAnn MIDDLETON, Spinster, OTP
195B29 November 1779John BARNETT, Widower, HillmortonAnn BAXTER, Spinster, OTP
196B20 December 1779John LINDON, Batchelor, OTPMary GREEN, None given, OTP
197B30 June 1780Thomas BAXTER, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth CAVE, Spinster, OTP
198B4 July 1780Joseph IRONS, Widower, OTPJane HURLEY, Widow, OTP
199B16 October 1780James WATSON, Batchelor, OTPEleanor BENNETT, Spinster, OTP
200L5 November 1780William ARLIDGE, Widower, BranstonSarah CRISP, Spinster, OTP
201B14 December 1780Edward TREEN, Batchelor, OTPRebecca GARE, Spinster, OTP
202B23 February 1781John MASTERS, Batchelor, OTPRuth BAILEY, Spinster, OTP
203B16 April 1781John ONELY, Widower, OTPMary WHITEMAN, Spinster, OTP
204L19 April 1781John CHATER, Batchelor, FranktonMary ROBINS, Spinster, OTP
205L15 April 1781Edmund BROMWICH, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth JARRETT, Spinster, OTP
206L14 January 1782Charles WALLINGTON, Batchelor, Great Greenford MiddlesexFrances Russel HARRIS, Spinster, OTP
207L15 April 1782Thomas WESTLEY, Batchelor, OTPAnn POWEL, Spinster, Stanford Northamptonshire
208B7 May 1782Marmaduke ELSON, Widower, OTPElizabeth SPICER, Spinster, OTP
209L14 May 1782William HEWITT, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth ROBBINS, Spinster, OTP
210B6 February 1783Thomas MILLER, Widower, OTPJane HIORNS, Widow, OTP
211B16 February 1783Henry HEWITT, Batchelor, OTPAnn WRIGHT, Spinster, OTP
212B4 March 1783Edward BROMWICH, Widower, OTPMary MANTON, Widow, OTP
213B22 April 1783Henry SMITH, Batchelor, HillmortonElizabeth WATTS, Spinster, OTP
214L29 May 1783George LOGGIN, Batchelor, OTPMary MILLINGTON, Spinster, OTP
215L5 June 1783William Boultbee SLEATH, Batchelor, OTPLouisa CHARTRES, Spinster, OTP
216B8 June 1783Christopher LEA, Widower, OTPElizabeth STONEY, Widow, OTP
217B15 June 1783John BROWN, Batchelor, OTPHannah PARKER, Spinster, OTP
218L17 October 1783John COLEMAN, Batchelor, West HaddonAnn MAWBEY, Spinster, Rugby
219B20 October 1783John TURNER, Batchelor, OTPAnna Maria PURCY, Spinster, OTP
220B13 November 1783John MURWOOD, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth BROWN, Spinster, OTP

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