Rugby St Andrews
Banns from 1754 to 1765

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Allibone, Archer, Barnett, Barnnett, Baxter, Bennet, Bennett, Berry, Bray, Bromwich, Brown,
Childes, Cole, Coles, Collier, Cornish, Daniel (Junior), Dunn, Eales, Elson, Farn, Frisby, Frost,
Gammage, Griffin, Harrall, Harriss, Heacock, Higgs, Hollyday, Hollyer, Hough, Hunt, Hurley,
Jones, Joyner, Kenney, Kenning, Ladbrook, Landan, Lines, Man, Manton, Marriott, Marten,
Needle, Orton, Pardow, Parker, Pasam, Paybody, Perkins, Piggot, Richardson, Robbins, Rogers,
Satchwell, Savage, Seawell, Simmons, Smith, Tarver, Trevis, Twicross, Walker

Abbat, Adams, Ambler, Arden, Barnett, Bass, Berry, Bland, Bonner, Botteril, Bradshaw, Bray, Bromwich, Burdett,
Cholten, Cleaver, Cock, Collins, Collis, Cooper, Cox, Davies, Davis, Dowel, Eales, Elson,
Farn, Foxon, Gammage, Goode, Granborough, Harrod, Hatfield, Herbert, Hewitt, Hexall, Hill, Hudson, Hunt,
Joyner, Kennard, Ladbrook, Landan, Lea, Lee, Lets, Limber, Loyd, Mace, Man, Mason, Molson, Morris, Murrey,
Nichols, Parker, Porter, Rhoads, Rolison, Simmons, Townsend, Walker, Webb, Wolf, Wright, Yardley,

Rugby St Andrews BANNS 1754 - 1765

No Date Groom, Status, Abode Bride, Status, Abode Notes
1July, 1754Joseph BROWN, Batchelor, of HillmortonMary MASON, Spinster, OTP
2August, 1754Thomas MARRIOTT, Batchelor, of GrandboroughSarah COLLIS, Spinster, OTP
3October/November, 1754Thomas COLE, Widower, of RugbyMary COX, Spinster, of Rugby
4October/November, 1754Thomas ORTON, Batchelor, OTPAnn BASS, Spinster, of St Giles County of Northampton
5December, 1754John TREVIS, Batchelor, OTPAnn YARDLEY, Spinster, OTP
6January, 1755Henry GAMMAGE, Batchelor, OTPMary LADBROOK, Spinster, OTP
7March, 1755Joseph SEAWELL, Batchelor, of LutterworthHannah DAVIES, Spinster, OTP
8April, 1755Samuel WALKER, Batchelor, of Pailton in Parish of Monks KirbyElizabeth WEBB, Spinster, OTP
9September, 1755Thomas LADBROOK, Batchelor, OTPAnn BONNER, Spinster, of Dunchurch
10October, 1755William SAVAGE, Widower, OTPRachel BERRY, Spinster, OTP
11October/November, 1755John CHILDES, Batchelor, of HarboroughElizabeth BRAY, Spinster, OTP
12November/December, 1755Job PASAM, Batchelor, OTPMary BARNETT, Spinster, OTP
13December/January, 1755/1756William HEACOCK, Batchelor, OTPAnn HEXALL, Spinster, OTP
14January/February, 1756Joseph HOUGH, Batchelor, OTPAnn BROMWICH, Spinster, OTP
15February, 1756John ELSON, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth CLEAVER, Spinster, of Leamington
16February/March, 1756George BARNETT, Batchelor, OTPAlice HERBERT, Spinster, OTP
17April/May, 1756Levi ORTON, Batchelor, OTPAnn MACE, Spinster, of Daventry
18July, 1756John SATCHWELL, Batchelor, OTPMary BRADSHAW, Spinster, OTP
19February, 1757Edward ROGERS, Batchelor, OTPMary HUDSON, Spinster, OTP
20March/April, 1757Jonathan ROBBINS, Batchelor, OTPSarah DOWEL, Spinster, of Burton Hastings
21March/April, 1757Bartholomew BROMWICH, Batchelor, OTPJane LANDAN, Spinster, OTP
22September, 1757William KENNING, Batchelor, OTPAlice COCK, Spinster, of Hillmorton
23September, 1757William HURLEY, Batchelor, OTPJane SIMMONS, Spinster, OTP
24January, 1758Joseph KENNEY, Batchelor, of SwinfordPenelope GOODE, Spinster, OTP
25February/March, 1758Samuel FROST, Batchelor, OTPSarah DAVIES, Spinster, OTP
26May/June, 1758Edward PARDOW, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth HARROD, Spinster, OTP
27July, 1758William HARRALL, Batchelor, OTPMary LADBROOK, Spinster, OTP
28August/September, 1758Samuel HOLLYDAY, Batchelor, OTPMary MAN, Spinster, OTP
29September/October, 1758William HARRISS, Batchelor, of SouthamAnn ELSON, Spinster, OTP
30October, 1758John ALLIBONE, Batchelor, OTPSarah HUDSON, Spinster, OTP
31November, 1758William CORNISH, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth COLLINS, Spinster, OTP
32January, 1759William COLLIER, Batchelor, OTPMary BROMWICH, Spinster, OTP
33January, 1759Samuel TWICROSS, Batchelor, OTPMary ADAMS, Spinster, of Crick
34March, 1759William HOLLYER, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth RHOADS, Spinster, of Stivichal
35April/May, 1759William BERRY, Batchelor, OTPFrances MORRIS, Spinster, of Bilton
36May, 1759Robert SMITH, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth FARN, Spinster, OTP
37September, 1759William GRIFFIN, Batchelor, OTPSarah PARKER, Spinster, OTP
38September, 1759Edward PAYBODY, Batchelor, OTPAnn ROLISON, Spinster, OTP
39September, 1759John EALES, Batchelor, OTPAnn LIMBER, Spinster, of Newnham parish of Church Lawford
40January/February, 1760William DUNN, Batchelor, of StratfordMary LETS, Spinster, OTP
41January/February, 1760Edward SIMMONS, Batchelor, OTPMary Whitmore NICHOLS, Spinster, of Lilbourne
42February/March, 1760Henry EALES, Batchelor, OTPHannah BLAND, Spinster, OTP
43October/November, 1760John PIGGOT, Batchelor, OTPFrances COX, Spinster, OTP
44December, 1760Richard EALES, Batchelor, OTPSarah ARDEN, Spinster, OTP
45February, 1761Thomas SMITH, Batchelor, OTPHannah MOLSON, Spinster, OTP
46September/October, 1761Thomas BROMWICH, Batchelor, OTPSarah WEBB, Spinster, of Claybrook
47September/October, 1761Henry EALES, Widower, OTPAnn LEE, Spinster, of Dunchurch
48September/October, 1761John LADBROOK, Batchelor, OTPMary WOLF, Spinster, OTP
49October, 1761William TARVER, Batchelor, OTPHannah WRIGHT, Spinster, of Church Lawford
////November/December, 1761Richard HIGGS, Batchelor, of LilbourneMary PARKER, Spinster, OTPBy reason of a mistake in relation to Higgs Parish, this couple were asked over again No 51
50November/December, 1761John BENNETT, Batchelor, OTPMary LEA, Spinster, OTP
51January, 1762Richard HIGGS, Batchelor, OTPMary PARKER, Spinster, OTPOriginally asked Nov/Dec 1761 but Higgs’ Parish mistakenly given as Lilbourne
52January, 1762Edward JOYNER, Batchelor, OTPAnn BROMWICH, Spinster, OTP
53September, 1762David BRAY, Batchelor, of SapcoteSarah HUNT, Spinster, OTP
54September/October, 1762Henry EALES, Widower, OTPSarah BOTTERIL, Spinster, OTP
55October, 1762Joseph ARCHER, Widower, OTPMary COOPER, Spinster, of Bilton
56September/October, 1763Joseph JONES, Batchelor, of CliftonElizabeth COCK, Spinster, OTP
57October, 1763William FARN, Widower, OTPMary WALKER, Spinster, OTP
58December, 1763William NEEDLE, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth JOYNER, Widow, OTP
59January/February, 1764William RICHARDSON, Batchelor, OTPMartha MURREY, Spinster, OTP
60February, 1764Joseph PARKER, Batchelor, OTPJane AMBLER, Spinster, OTP
61February, 1764Charles PARKER, Batchelor, OTPAnn EALES, Spinster, OTP
62February, 1764Daniel LANDAN, Batchelor, OTPMary CHOLTEN, Spinster, OTP
63April, 1764William MANTON, Batchelor, OTPMary HILL, Spinster, OTP
64April, 1764John COLES, Batchelor, OTPMartha KENNARD, Spinster, OTP
65April, 1764Thomas BAXTER, Batchelor, OTPSarah FOXON, Spinster, OTP
66September, 1764Joseph HUNT, Batchelor, OTPMary LOYD, Spinster, OTP
67October, 1764Richard BARNNETT, Widower, OTPSarah TOWNSEND, Spinster, of Stoneleigh
68October/November, 1764William LINES, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth DAVIS, Spinster, OTP
69January/February, 1765John MARTEN, Batchelor, OTPElizabeth PORTER, Spinster, OTP
70January/February, 1765John BARNETT, Batchelor, OTPMary GAMMAGE, Spinster, of Harborough
71March/April, 1765Henry PERKINS, Batchelor, OTPSarah BURDETT, Spinster, OTP
72June/July, 1765Richard BENNET, Widower, OTPJane GRANBOROUGH, Spinster, OTP
73July/August, 1765William MAN, Widower, OTPSarah HEWITT, Spinster, OTP
74October, 1765Samuel FRISBY, Batchelor, of NasebyAnn ABBAT, Widow, OTP
75October, 1765Thomas SMITH, Widower, of Newbold super AvonMary HATFIELD, Spinster, OTP
76November, 1765Thomas DANIEL (Junior), Batchelor, OTPMary HUDSON, Spinster, of Dunchurch

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