Napton-on-the-Hill St Lawrence
Marriages from 1768 to 1812

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Abourne???, Adnitt, Allen, Alsop, Ash, Bason, Bayley, Benson, Berry, Bloxam, Bloxham,
Booknell, Bradshaw, Brandish, Branson, Branston, Brooks, Bulmere,
Cash, Chambers, Charlton, Chater, Checkland, Checkley, Claridge, Clarke, Cleaver, Cockerell,
Cockerill, Cockrel, Cockrill/cockril, Cookes, Cooper, Cosford, Cottrill, Cox, Curtis,
Dalton, Daniel, Downing, Eadon, Eaton, Ellard, Eves, Eyles/eyels, Fancoat, Fell, Fields, French, Fry,
Gardener, Gardner, Garner, Garrett, Gibbard, Gilkes, Goode, Gossage, Green, Grimes, Gulliver,
Hall, Hands, Harris, Hawker, Hayes, Haynes, Hayward, Hewitt, Hickson/hixon, Hinton, Holden,
Homes, Horley, Hornsby, Horves, Hudson, Hussand???, Ivens,
Jakeman, James, Jarvis, Jeffs, Jeyes, Johnson, Jones, Keen, Kingerley, Kirby, Kritch ??,
Langford, Leader, Letts, Lines, Long, Lowke, Lucas, Makepeace, Malin, Manning, Markham,
Matthews, Mayo, Mercer, Millington, Mills, Mountford, Mullish, Mushing, Newton,
Osband, Osborne, Packer, Pain, Palmer, Parsons, Pickering, Placket, Plant, Price, Puncker,
Rainbow, Rathbone, Raven, Rawlings, Reynolds, Roadnight, Roberts, Russell,
Sewell, Shakespear, Shealer, Shearsby, Sheasby, Shelah, Shelton, Shillingford, Shirley, Sinker, Smith, Soden, Spencer,
Taylor, Tebbet, Thornicroft, Tillman, Toobey, Townsend, Treddle/tredwell, Treen, Trene, Turner,
Walton, Warner, Watcutt, Watson, White, Wilkins, Wills, Winckless, Witherington, Woodfield, Woodhams, Woosey, Wright, Yates.

Adams, Aires, Allit, Alsop, Amberson, Amos, Badger, Barfoot, Barrat, Batchelor, Baylis,
Beesley, Benson, Berry, Betswell, Bicknell, Bird, Bloxam, Bourton, Boyes, Branston, Brown, Bullock, Bulmer, Burbage,
Chambers, Chater, Chatters, Cheapsey, Checkeley/checkley, Checkley, Chester, Churchill,
Clarke, Cleaver, Cockrill, Cole, Collins, Comby, Cox, Daniel, Draper, Drury, Duckett,
Easily, Edwards, Ellard, Fell, Fox, French, Gardner, Garner, Garret, Gillman, Gillman/Gilman, Green, Griffin,
Hackelton/Hackylton, Hackylton, Hall, Hambridge, Hands, Harris, Haynes, Hemming, Hewitt,
Hickson/Hixon, Hinks, Homan, Hopkins, Hudson, Hull, Humphriss,
Ivens, Jackson/Jacksons, Jeffs, Jordan, Kench, Kingerly, Knibb, Korley, Landor, Lester, Line,
Lines, Linnet, Loe/Lowe, Lucas, Major, Makepeace, Malin, Malsbury, Mansel, Markham,
Maylin, Mayo, Messenger, Neaine, Neale, Nevil, Newman, Ousem, Parsons, Plant,
Radburn, Rainbow, Rathbone, Raven, Reynolds, Rimor, Roberts, Robinson,
Sall, Savage, Scotten, Sergeant, Shealer, Shearsby, Sheasby, Shortland, Smith, Soden, Spencer, Stalworth, Steel, Stepto, Sutton,
Taylor, Thornicroft, Thornton, Tift, Tilman, Tims, Tooby, Townshend, Treadwell, Tredwell, Treen, Trene, Truelove, Truslove, Tunks, Turner,
Usher, Volton, Walker, Walton, Ward, Warner, Watson, Welton, Wheler, Whitehead, Williams,
Williams, Wills, Wing, Woodfield, Wrencher, Wright.

Adams, Adkins, Aires, Allibon, Allit, Alsop, Amos, Ann, Atkins, Badger, Ball, Barfoot, Baseley,
Basley, Batchelor, Beere, Belson, Berry, Bicknell, Billing, Bird, Bloxam, Bloxham, Bradshaw,
Bree, Bromfield, Brown, Bull, Bullock, Bulmer, Burrows, Butcher, Cash, Chambers, Chater,
Checkley, Cherry?, Chondry, Claridge, Clayton, Cleaver, Cock, Cockeill, Cockerill, Cockrill,
Colon??, Cookes, Cooper, Cosford, Cosford., Cox,
Daniels, Danill, Davies, Deakins, Donut, Douglass, Downing, Draper, Drury, Dukes,
Eaton, Eaves, Eayles, Ellard, Fancoat, Fancock, Fancot, Fancote, Farere?, Fingerly?, Furnis,
Ganderston, Gardener, Gardner, Garner, Garrett, Gillman, Gobley, Goode, Gossage, Gotchett, Gray, Green, Griffin,
Haley, Hall, Hands, Haris, Harris, Hassell, Hawkes, Haynes, Hayns, Heayes, Heaynes, Heckett,
Hemmings, Hewitt, Hickson, Hill, Hingerly, Homan, Horley, Jackson, Jassensenee, Jeffs, Jenson,
Jiekes, Johnson, Johson, Join, Keen, Keyte, Leeson, Leson, Lester, Letts, Lickorish, Lockley, Loe, Loine, Lowke,
Makepeace, Malin, Manbery, Mapletoft, Markham, Marksham, Mary, Matthews, Mayo, Moon, Morris, Mulliss
Page, Paine, Peackins, Plant, Powell, Preatige, Price, Proffitt, Radburn, Redhead, Reynolds, Roadnight, Roberts,
Scotten, Shaw, Sheasby, Smallbones, Smith, Soden, Spier, Sprogott, Stalworth, Stanley, Steel,
Taylor, Tebbs, Thornicroft, Thornton, Toobey, Towe, Townley, Treadwell, Tredwell, Trene,
Truslove, Turner, Twigger, Twill, Twist, Upton, Walker, Warner, Watson, Wheler, Williams,
Wills, Winckless, Witherington, Woodfield, Wright

Napton-on-the-Hill, St Lawrence MARRIAGES 1768 - 1812

Date Groom, Condition, Abode Bride, Condition, Abode Witnesses Notes
25 April 1768TURNER Edward, Batchelor, St Philips Birmingham WILLIAMS Anna Jane, Spinster, OTPLetitia Powell & John Williams
08 May 1768CHAMBERS Henry, , OTPTRUELOVE Sarah (x), , OTPWilliam Chambers & John Cleaver
24 June 1768FRENCH William (x), , OTPHAMBRIDGE Ann (x), , OTPJoseph Roberts & John Cleaver
11 Oct 1768GARNER Thomas (x), , OTPALSOP Mary (x), , OTPEdward Hall & Thomas Alsop
11 Oct 1768SHELAH John (x), , OTPALLIT Sarah (x), , OTPJohn Allit & Samuel Roberts
11 Oct 1768TURNER William (x), , OTPMALIN Sarah (x), , OTPEdward Haley & John Cleaver
30 Oct 1768CLEAVER John, , OTPCOLE Elizabeth (x), , StocktonJohn Woodfield & John Keyte
17 Nov 1768HORNSBY Thomas (x), , OTPRADBURN Susannah (x), , OTPEdward Hall & John Marksham
21 March 1769CHATER John, , OTPHACKELTON/HACKYLTON Sarah, , OTPThomas Williams & Robert Wright
24 Sept 1769CHATER Thomas (x), , OTPNEALE Mary (x), , OTPWilliam Jeffs & John Woodfield
26 Sept 1769BLOXHAM Thomas, , OTPCHEAPSEY Elizabeth (x), , OTPSarah Soden & Mary Griffin
16 Oct 1769CURTIS William, , WolfamcoteGARRET Marianne, , OTPSarah Williams & John Garrett
30 Oct 1769RUSSELL Joseph (x), , Badby NorthamptonshireFRENCH Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Marksham & John Cleaver
19 Feb 1770FELL William (x), , Long ItchingtonGARNER Elizabeth (x), , OTPThomas Williams & John Cleaver
29 July 1770ROBERTS Joseph, , KenilworthHALL Catherine, , OTPWilliam Hall & George Harris
25 Dec 1770HORVES William (x), , OTPMALIN Mary (x), , OTPWalter Watson & John Cleaver
02 April 1771CLEAVER William, , OTPHALL Ann, , OTPMary Jackson & Sarah Soden
25 June 1771BRANSON William (x), , OTPLUCAS Elizabeth (x), , OTPMary Jackson & John Cleaver
23 April 1772LETTS Joseph (x), , OTPSHEASBY Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Marksham & George Harris
06 June 1772WATSON Edward, , OTPCHESTER Elizabeth (x), , SouthamFrancis Woodfield & William Adams
26 July 1772BULMERE Bower, , OTPHUDSON Hannah, , OTPJohn Marksham & William Roadnight
06 Aug 1772ROADNIGHT William, , OTPSHORTLAND Elizabeth (x), , OTPFrancis Woodfield & Mickel Cooper
09 Nov 1772MANNING Thomas (x), , Molton NorthamptonshireCOLLINS Judith (x), , OTPJoseph Bicknell & John Markham
25 Feb 1773ELLARD William, , OTPTOWNSHEND Katharine (x), , OTPGeorge Haris & John Marksham
07 June 1773MALIN Edward, , OTPBERRY Elizabeth (x), , OTPMary Jackson & Thomas Harris
15 July 1773IVENS William, Batchelor, OTPBROWN Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Farere? & Alis Brown With the consent of Parents
23 Aug 1773MALIN James, , OTPFRENCH Lydia, , OTPThomas Fancoat & Thomas Hickson
29 Dec 1773GREEN Robert (x), , OTPCOX Ann (x), , OTPSarah Soden & Mary Griffin
05 Jan 1774SHAKESPEAR Thomas, , OTPWELTON Kezia, , OTPGeorge Haris & Francis Woodfield
06 Feb 1774PLACKET Robert (x), , CHATER Mary (x), , Thomas Fancock & George Harris
11 April 1774LETTS Richard (x), , OTPROBERTS Abigail (x), , OTPFrancis Woodfield & John Sheasby
21 April 1774MALIN Joseph (x), , OTPSALL Elizabeth (x), , OTPJames Malin & Ann Cleaver
14 April 1774SMITH William (x), , OTPBICKNELL Sophia (x), , OTPThomas Smith & Mary Griffin
16 Sept 1774WOOSEY William, , OTPAMBERSON Mary (x), , OTPHenry Proffitt & Elizabeth Cleaver
11 Oct 1774HICKSON/HIXON Thomas, , OTPLINNET Elizabeth (x), , OTPJoseph Morris & John Lester
17 Oct 1774GRIMES Thomas (x), , OTPSHEARSBY Ann (x), , OTPClement Adkins & Richard Jenson (x)
31 Oct 1774HAYES Thomas, , OTPSUTTON Mary, , OTPThomas Fancoat & George Harris
27 Dec 1774GIBBARD Richard (x), , StocktonBAYLIS Sarah (x), , OTPThomas Harris & George Harris
22 Jan 1775EYLES/EYELS John, , OTPTURNER Sarah (x), , OTPFrancis Woodfield & Thomas Harris
06 Feb 1775SHEARSBY Samuel (x), , OTPTHORNICROFT Jane (x), , OTPMary Jackson & Elizabeth Cleaver
28 Feb 1775MAYO Thomas, , BURBAGE Elizabeth (x), , George Haris & Thomas Harris
08 May 1775BROOKS John, , OTPOUSEM Mary (x), , OTPJohn Gotchett & Mary Jackson
17 July 1775CHAMBERS Thomas, , OTPTHORNTON Mary (x), , OTPThomas Fancoat & Elizabeth Loe
14 Aug 1775ALLEN Samuel (x), , OTPSMITH Anne (x), , OTPGeorge Cockrill & John Sheasby
07 Oct 1775TURNER William (x), , OTPTIFT Ann (x), , OTPJohn Woodfield & Thomas Stalworth
26 Dec 1775WOODFIELD Francis, , OTPJACKSON/JACKSONS Mary, , OTPJohn Woodfield & Thomas Fancot
01 April 1776HOMES John (x), , OTPRIMOR Ann (x), , OTPRichard Bradshaw & John Cleaver
16 June 1776LUCAS George, , OTPCHAMBERS Dorothy (x), , OTPThomas Harris & John Smith
13 Aug 1776ASH Thomas (x), , BrinklowSCOTTEN Elizabeth (x), , OTPEdward Ellard & David Heaynes
29 Sept 1776MALIN John, , OTPBENSON Ann (x), , Leamington HastingsFrances Lowke & John Cleaver
18 Oct 1776LINES Samuel (x), , OTPTREADWELL Susannah (x), , OTPWilliam Scotten & William Hemmings
23 Dec 1776ABOURNE??? Edward (x), , OTPTREEN Elizabeth (x), , OTPEdward Truslove & Thomas Stalworth
30 Jan 1777JOHNSON Samuel, , Moreton NorthamptonshireLOE/LOWE Elizabeth, , OTPMartha Hall & Thomas Hall
24 April 1777WRIGHT George, , SouthamSAVAGE Sarah (x), , OTPE.O Gray & William Adams
01 July 1777CHAMBERS William, , OTPHALL Sarah, , OTPElizabeth Hands & William Reynolds
24 Oct 1777MILLS William, , WellsburnSTALWORTH Elizabeth, , OTPElizabeth Hands & Thomas Harris
18 May 1778HUSSAND??? William (x), , OTPRATHBONE Mary (x), , OTPElizabeth Hands & Ann Cox
29 Sept 1778HOLDEN John (x), Batchelor, West Haddon NorthamptonshireLINES Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cox & Henry Proffitt
18 Oct 1778GREEN William, , OTPHALL Elizabeth, , OTPWilliam Reynolds & Elizabeth Hands
25 Oct 1778GILKES John (x), , OTPKNIBB Elizabeth, , OTPRichard Woodfield & John Cleaver
02 Dec 1778SMITH William (x), , OTPTHORNICROFT Elizabeth (x), , OTPSarah Makepeace & John Smith
06 Dec 1778SMITH William, , OTPNEWMAN Ann (x), , OTPMickel Cooper & Edward Hall
21 June 1779ALSOP George, , OTPCLEAVER Mary (x), , OTPAnn Cox & John Alsop
30 Sept 1779LOWKE Francis, , OTPBARRAT Katharine/Kattern, , OTPElizabeth Cox & E Truslove
12 Dec 1779COCKRILL/COCKRIL William, , OTPDUCKETT Mary (x), , OTPThomas Mayo & Elizabeth Hands
23 May 1780GARDNER John, Batchelor, OTPWHITEHEAD Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPSamuel Berry & Mary Griffin
08 June 1780LEADER Edward (x), Batchelor, OTPSHORTLAND Hannah (x), Spinster, OTPWilliam Roadnight & Richard Mapletoft
29 June 1780WATSON Walter, , OTPBETSWELL Margaret, , OTPSarah Watson & William Drury
10 July 1780SHILLINGFORD George (x), , RAINBOW Elizabeth (x), , George Cleaver & Elizabeth Cleaver
28 Aug 1780TEBBET John (x), , HelidonHOMAN Barbara, , OTPJames Homan & Jane Smith (x)
02 Nov 1780KEEN Richard, , Bishops ItchingtonLESTER Mary, , OTPGeorge Keen & John Cleaver
01 Dec 1780ALSOP William, , OTPHALL Margaret, , OTPJohn Alsop & John Cox
07 April 1782SMITH John, , OTPWRENCHER Alice (x), , OTPWilliam Scotten & Mary Griffin
02 June 1782OSBORNE William, , OTPCHATTERS Sarah (x), , OTPGeorge Watson & William Tebbs
28 Oct 1782SHEASBY William, , OTPJORDAN Alice, , Lower ShuckboroughJohn Wright & Mary Sheasby
27 March 1783THORNICROFT Thomas (x), , OTPNEVIL Mary (x), , OTPThomas Green & Susanna Green
28 April 1783HAWKER John (x), , OTPWHITEHEAD Ann (x), , OTPElizabeth Hands & Thomas Cash
28 Sept 1783ALSOP William, , OTPALSOP Sarah, , OTPWilliam Alsop & John Cleaver
30 Sept 1783WINCKLESS John, , OTPAMOS Ann (x), , OTPJohn Redhead & Jane Amos (x)
17 Nov 1783CASH Thomas, , Priors MarstonWARD Ann (x), , OTPJohn Hawkes (x) & Robert Cosford
26 Dec 1783CLARKE John (x), , Stretton upon DunsmoreBATCHELOR Mary (x), , OTPThomas Harris & Thomas Batchelor
06 Feb 1784COX George, , OTPGRIFFIN Mary, , OTPRobert Green (x) & Elizabeth Cleaver
16 May 1784REYNOLDS Stephen, , OTPCOX Ann, , OTPMary Cox & Elizabeth Reynolds
31 Aug 1784SPENCER Robert (x), , HelidonFRENCH Alice, , OTPThomas Daniels & Sibil Makepeace
20 Jan 1785MERCER John, , OTPHUDSON Ann (x), , OTPBower Bulmer & Sibil Makepeace
08 April 1785CHECKLAND John (x), , OTPCHURCHILL Frances (x), , OTPJohn Alsop & Elizabeth Cleaver
14 April 1785FRENCH William (x), , OTPHICKSON/HIXON Elizabeth, , OTPJames Malin & Elizabeth Cleaver
10 July 1785WINCKLESS Thomas (x), , OTPVOLTON Hannah (x), , OTPJohn Winckless & John Alsop
27 Sept 1785YATES John (x), , KenilworthSODEN Mary (x), , OTPJohn Plant (x) & Elizabeth Cleaver
13 Oct 1785KRITCH ?? Thomas (x), , OTPWILLS Martha (x), , OTPThomas Davies & Thomas Chambers
15 Nov 1785GOSSAGE Thomas, , Long LawfordREYNOLDS Elizabeth (x), , OTPSarah Reynolds & Mary Reynolds
16 Dec 1785TRENE James (x), , OTPKORLEY Ann (x), , OTPWilliam Mayo & Elizabeth Cleaver
20 Dec 1785HANDS Thomas Alibine, , OTPSTEEL Susanna, , OTP?? Steel & Elizabeth Hands
13 July 1786HALL Edward, , OTPHACKYLTON Ann (x), , OTPDaniel Heaynes & Hannah Keyte (x)
25 Sept 1786FRENCH John (x), Widower, OTPMAJOR Mary (x), Spinster, OTPThomas Daniels & Joseph Keyte
13 Nov 1786BRANDISH John (x), , OTPSMITH Ann (x), , OTPJohn Alsop & Elizabeth Checkley
08 Dec 1786BERRY Benjamin, , StocktonMAKEPEACE Ann, , OTPThomas Basley & Richard Woodfield
08 April 1787COCKREL Charles (x), , GrandboroughCHECKELEY/CHECKLEY Elizabeth, , OTPStephen Thornton & John Cleaver
10 April 1787JOHNSON William, , DunchurchHANDS Elizabeth, , OTPRichard Johnson & Mary Cox
01 July 1787BENSON Richard (x), , OTPTRENE Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Mulliss, John Alsop & Elizabeth Chambers
19 Nov 1787SMITH Thomas (x), , OTPBIRD Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Bird & Elizabeth Cleaver
26 Nov 1787WILLS Samuel (x), , Long ItchingtonRAVEN Sarah, , OTPWilliam Page & Keyte
27 Nov 1787PALMER James (x), , OTPTRENE Ann (x), , OTPRobert Trene & William Trene
06 May? 1788CHAMBERS Thomas, , Blisworth NoerthamptonshireSMITH Elizabeth (x), , OTPElizabeth Ellard (x) & John Alsop
14 Jan 1788WOODHAMS Thomas (x), , GrandboroughCHAMBERS Elizabeth, , OTPThomas Harris & Thomas Chambers
23 June 1788BLOXAM Thomas, , OTPMANSEL Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Alsop & Thomas Daniels
20 Oct 1788CURTIS William, , WolfamcoteTIMS Elizabeth, , OTPJas Adams & Henry Garrett
05 Feb 1789RATHBONE William, , OTPBOYES Elizabeth, , OTPJohn Alsop & Stephen Thornton
07 April 1789PLANT John (x), , OTPCOCKRILL Mary (x), , OTPGeorge Cockeill &, Lucy Cox
11 June 1789DALTON David, , Newbold-Upon-AvonREYNOLDS Mary, , OTPRichard Reynolds & Sarah Reynolds
23 Aug 1789JEYES Thomas, Batchelor, Kilsby or Silsby NorthamptonshireELLARD Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPThomas Billing & John Cleaver
18 Oct 1789MULLISH John, , StocktonBLOXAM Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Alsop & Thomas Alsop
10 Nov 1789JEFFS William (x), , OTPALSOP Alice (x), , OTPThomas Alsop & John Twill
27 Nov 1789GREEN John, , OTPWATSON Ann (x), , OTPThomas Hingerly & Edward Green
30 Nov 1789ELLARD Edward, , OTPMALIN Ann (x), , OTPThomas Chambers & John Price
01 Aug 1790PICKERING Thomas, , OTPCLEAVER Sarah, , OTPJohn Cleaver & ????
10 Nov 1790RAINBOW William (x), , OTPSMITH Mary (x), , OTPJohn Markham & George Cockrill
08 Dec 1790SEWELL Henry (x), Widower, Leamington HastingsSAVAGE Mary (x), Spinster, OTPFrancis Woodfield & Eleanor Cleaver
31 Jan 1791WILLS Thomas (x), , OTPHUMPHRISS Rachel (x), , OTPJohn Price & Samuel Jackson
22 Feb 1791WOODFIELD Richard, , OTPHARRIS Mary, , OTP?? Harris & John Markham
07 March 1791CLARKE William (x), , OTPWATSON Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Price & ????
08 Aug 1791LONG Richard (x), , OTPDANIEL Martha (x), , OTPJohn Clayton & James Dukes (x)
12 Dec 1791BOOKNELL John, , OTPJEFFS Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Price & Thomas Jeffs (x)
18 Dec 1791HAYNES Edward (x), , OTPWATSON Elizabeth (x), , OTPJohn Alsop & John Price
12 Feb 1792PRICE John, , OTPHARRIS Ann (x), , OTPJohn Cleaver&John Price
28 Aug 1792FANCOAT Nathan (x), , OTPFOX Alice (x), , OTPEyah Bull, Elizabeth Manbery & Vint Townley
11 Oct 1792HORLEY Job (x), , OTPWATSON Mary (x), , OTPAreal Steel & John Leeson
22 Oct 1792JEFFS Thomas, , OTPNEVIL Hannah, , OTPWilliam Bloxham & Samuel Tredwell
05 Nov 1792WILKINS Thomas, , OTPTREDWELL Mary (x), , OTPThomas Douglass (x) & John Paine
19 Nov 1792TREDDLE/TREDWELL Samuel, , OTPREYNOLDS Hannah, , OTPThomas Wills (x) & William Bloxam
29 Jan 1793BLOXAM William, , OTPHAYNES Ann (x), , OTPJoseph Keyte & John Keyte
27 March 1793SINKER Thomas, , OTPTRUSLOVE Mary, , OTPJohn Belson & Thomas Allibon Hand
15 April 1793PAIN John, , OTPBARFOOT Ann (x), , OTPJohn Alsop, Daniel Heayes & William Bloxam
25 June 1793EVES John (x), Batchelor, OTPKINGERLY Susannah, Spinster, OTPEdward Green & John Cleaver
27 Aug 1793ADNITT William, Batchelor, OTPRATHBONE Sophia, Spinster, OTPSamuel Townley & John Cleaver
14 Oct 1793GARDENER William (x), Batchelor, OTPMESSENGER Patience (x), Spinster, OTPRichard Reynolds & John Cleaver
15 Oct 1793BRANSTON Richard (x), Batchelor, OTPSHEALER Elizabeth (x), Spinster, Leamington HastingsCriss Danill ?? & Mary Hassell
30 Jan 1794JARVIS John, Batchelor, OTPMAYLIN Hannah, Spinster, OTPFrances Smith & John Cleaver
15 Oct 1794ALSOP William, Batchelor, OTPTAYLOR Elizabeth, Spinster, SouthamCharles Taylor & Elizabeth Alsop
16 Oct 1794TOOBEY John, Batchelor, OTPWHELER Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPJoseph Toobey & John Cleaver
28 Oct 1794JAKEMAN John, Batchelor, Moreton MorrellCOMBY Mary, Spinster, OTPThomas Alsop & John Keyte
23 Nov 1794SODEN John (x), Widower, OTPMAYLIN Susannah, Spinster, OTPGeorge Claridge & John Cleaver
05 March 1795COSFORD John, Batchelor, OTPCLEAVER Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPJoseph Keyte, Elizabeth Price, Richard Cosford & Ann Leson
06 April 1795CHATER William (x), Batchelor, OTPMALSBURY Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Elizabeth Cleaver
07 April 1795COTTRILL John, Widower, SouthamALSOP Mary, Spinster, OTPJohn Alsop & John Cosford
09 April 1795HARRIS George, Batchelor, OTPWOODFIELD Mary, Widow, Ann Woodfield, Richard Radburn & John Cosford
12 April 1795PRICE John, Batchelor, Upper ShuckboroughDRURY Jane (x), Spinster, NaptonRichard Radburn, Elizabeth Price & Ann Woodfield
15 June 1795WATCUTT William (x), Batchelor, St Trinity CoventryEDWARDS AnnS (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford, Elizabeth Price & Ann Treadwell
01 Sept 1795COCKERILL George, Widower, OTPCHECKLEY Elizabeth (x), Widow, OTPGeorge Harris & John Cosford
23 March 1796RAWLINGS William, , North Aston, OxfordshireBULLOCK Hannah (x), , OTPCatherine Bullock & John Cosford
17 April 1796LETTS Joseph, Batchelor, OTPSMITH Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & John Letts (x)
18 July 1796MATTHEWS Thomas, Widower, OTPKENCH Martha (x), Widow, OTPElizabeth Heckett & John Cosford
05 Aug 1796WALTON William, Batchelor, OTPDANIEL Alicia (x), Spinster, OTPMary Hill, Chris Donut & John Cosford
19 Sept 1796BRADSHAW William (x), Batchelor, OTPREYNOLDS Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford, Samuel Bloxham & Thomas Wills (x)
10 Oct 1796JAMES Thomas (x), Widower, OTPSMITH Sophia (x), Widow, OTPWalter Preatige (x), Samuel Winckless & John Cosford
10 Oct 1796SPENCER Thomas, Batchelor, OTPFELL Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPClement Twist & John Cosford
13 Oct 1796GARRETT Henry, Widower, OTPWOODFIELD Dorothy, Widow, OTPGeorge Hands & Mary Hands
18 Jan 1797CHECKLEY Thomas, Batchelor, OTPNEAINE Ann (x), Spinster, OTPMary Peackins & John Cosford
04 April 1797PUNCKER William, Batchelor, OTPBEESLEY Mary (x), Spinster, OTPGeorge Witherington Elizabeth Radburn & John Cosford
06 June 1797FELL William (x), Batchelor, OTPMAYO Sarah, Spinster, OTPAnn Alsop, Ann Woodfield & Elizabeth Green
24 July 1797REYNOLDS Joseph (x), Batchelor, OTPWALTON Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford, Thomas Jiekes (x) & Mary Reynolds (x)
02 Oct 1797MARKHAM John, Batchelor, OTPCHATER Sarah, Spinster, OTPJohn Alsop, Esther Markham & John Cosford
22 July 1798HAYNES John (x), Batchelor, OTPWRENCHER Ann, Spinster, OTPJohn Alsop, Mary Leeson & Elizabeth Green
03 Aug 1798TAYLOR Charles, Batchelor, OTPMARKHAM Esther, Spinster, OTPThomas Markham & Richard Reynolds
06 Aug 1798PACKER Joseph (x), Batchelor, OTPTUNKS Martilla (x), Spinster, OTPM Burrows, John Cosford, Elizabeth Cherry? & Thomas Hands
16 Oct 1798HARRIS Thomas, Batchelor, OTPTURNER Sarah, Spinster, OTPGeorge Harris & Thomas Turner
12 Nov 1798ELLARD William, Widower, OTPHULL Hannah (x), Spinster, OTPEdward Ellard, Mary Baseley & Elizabeth Chater
20 May 1799MILLINGTON Richard (x), , OTPTREADWELL Ann, , OTPWilliam Upton (x), John Cooper & Ann Join
18 Aug 1799WITHERINGTON William, Widower, Long ItchingtonAIRES Sarah, Spinster, OTPGeorge Witherington & Elizabeth Aires
27 Aug 1799THORNICROFT William (x), Batchelor, OTPWILLIAMS Mary (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Mary Green
10 Oct 1799GARDNER Edward (x), , OTPCOCKRILL Mary (x), , OTPHannah Bulmer & John Cosford
13 Oct 1799COOPER Edward (x), Batchelor, OTPEASILY Hannah (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Sarah Green
03 Nov 1799MUSHING John, Batchelor, OTPSMITH Sarah (x), Spinster, OTPThomas Garner & Susannah Eaves
07 April 1800SHEALER William (x), Batchelor, OTPSHEASBY Ann (x), Spinster, OTPElizabeth Smallbones, Jane Adams & John Cosford
17 June 1800OSBORNE James (x), Batchelor, OTPCLARKE Ann (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Ann Loine
25 Aug 1800TILLMAN William (x), Batchelor, OTPWILLS Mary (x), Spinster, OTPThomas Matthews, Ann Loine & John Cosford
21 Sept 1800LETTS John (x), Widower, OTPHOPKINS Mary (x), Spinster, OTPWilliam Bree & John Cosford
12 Oct 1800CHATER Thomas (x), Widower, OTPFRENCH Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPSarah Chambers & John Cosford
12 Oct 1800OSBAND George (x), Batchelor, OTPGARDNER Ann (x), Spinster, OTPClement Aires & John Cosford
14 Oct 1800MUSHING John, Widower, OTPBATCHELOR Sarah (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Batchelor & John Cosford
19 Nov 1800RATHBONE Edward, Batchelor, WolfampcoteHALL Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPElizabeth Cleaver, Thomas Turner & John Cosford
06 Dec 1800WATSON Thomas, Batchelor, OTPLANDOR Susannah, Spinster, OTPElizabeth Chondry, Thomas Fingerly? & Frances Bromfield
23 May 1801BASON Robert, Batchelor, OTPSERGEANT Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPThomas Cock & Rib Barfoot, Thomas Shaw & John Cosford
06 July 1801JARVIS Samuel, Batchelor, OTPTHORNICROFT Hannah (x), Spinster, OTPFrances Bromfield & John Cosford
31 Aug 1801HINTON James, Batchelor, Kimbolton Co of HuntingtonBULMER Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPMatthew Bulmer, Hannah Bulmer & H Colon??Officer of Excise
15 Sept 1801COOKES Edward, Batchelor, Butlers MarstonBADGER Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPLydia Badger, M Badger, Richard Cookes & John Badger
22 Feb 1802GARDENER John, Batchelor, OTPHEMMING Sarah, Spinster, OTPWilliam Atkins, Thomas Gardener & Frances Bromfield
06 Aug 1802REYNOLDS James (x), Batchelor, OTPBRANSTON Mary (x), Spinster, OTPELizabeth Reynolds & John Cosford
05 Dec 1802TAYLOR Samuel, Batchelor, Marston St Laurence NorthamptonshireGILLMAN Martha (x), Spinster, OTPJames Eayles & John Cosford
11 Dec 1802COCKERELL George, Batchelor, OTPCHAMBERS Hannah (x), Spinster, OTPJoseph Keyte & John Cosford
27 Dec 1802MALIN John (x), Batchelor, OTPMALIN Mercy (x), Spinster, OTPJames Malin, Stephen Reynolds & John Cosford
08 Feb 1803LETTS William, Batchelor, OTPGREEN Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPJonathon Downing, Sarah Chambers, Elizabeth Warner, Mary Hall & Mary Chambers
03 April 1803SHEASBY Joseph (x), Batchelor, OTPFELL Sarah (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & William Alsop
01 June 1803CHECKLEY George (x), Batchelor, OTPWHELER Susanna, Spinster, OTPGeorge Cockerill, Thomas Wheler & Mary Deakins
07 July 1803CHAMBERS Thomas, Batchelor, OTPWARNER Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPHenery Chambers, Mary Warner & John Warner
07 July 1803WOODFIELD Francis, Batchelor, OTPHULL Mary, Spinster, Boddington NorthamptonshireWilliam Smith Hull, Ann Woodfield & George Harris
02 Dec 1803KINGERLEY Thomas, Batchelor, OTPADAMS Jane, Spinster, OTPWilliam Adams & John Cosford
12 March 1804FIELDS William, Batchelor, OTPTHORNICROFT Ann, Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford, Edward Haynes & Sarah Beere
28 Aug 1804DANIEL Crescent, Widower, OTPSPENCER Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPClement Aires & Abigail Sprogott
06 Sept 1804FRY Thomas, Batchelor, EdgebastonBADGER Rose, Spinster, OTPJohn Badger & Lydia Badger
29 Nov 1804JONES Joseph, Batchelor, EdgebastonBADGER Lydia, Spinster, OTPRichard Badger & Hannah Bulmer
27 May 1805NEWTON William (x), Batchelor, OTPTHORNICROFT Sarah (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford, John Alsop & Thomas Letts
04 June 1805MAYO John, Batchelor, Hardwick NorthamptonshirePLANT Mary, Spinster, OTPWilliam Haynes & Mary Deakins
02 July 1805GARRETT Samuel, Batchelor, OTPGREEN Mary, Spinster, OTPGeorge Berry, Mary Cox & John Cosford
13 Jan 1806CASH Thomas, Widower, OTPWILLS Ann, Spinster, OTPThomas Matthews & John Cosford
24 Feb 1806WINCKLESS Samuel, Batchelor, OTPJEFFS Mary (x), Spinster, OTPSamuel Garrett & Ann Winckless
24 Aug 1807CHECKLEY Thomas (x), Widower, OTPWILLIAMS Elizabeth (x), Spinster, Hellidon NorthamptonshireJohn Williams, John Cosford &Letitia Bromfield
02 June 1808MOUNTFORD Thomas (x), Batchelor, StocktonCHATER Martha (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford, Thomas Chambers & William Chambers
09 June 1808BLOXHAM Samuel, Batchelor, OTPHANDS Hannah, Spinster, OTPThomas Hands, Hannah Steel, Aseal Hands & Elizabeth Hands
13 Oct 1808TOWNSEND John, Batchelor, OTPALSOP Rosehannah, Spinster, OTPWilliam Jassensenee, Elizabeth Alsop, George Berry & Sarah Green
20 Oct 1808DOWNING Joseph, Batchelor, St Michael City of CoventryCHAMBERS Sarah, Spinster, OTPHenery Chambers, Mary Downing & John Cosford
11 Nov 1808BAYLEY George (x), Batchelor, AshewTHORNICROFT Ann (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Thornicroft (x), Mary Bromfield, Letitia Bromfield & John Bromfield
28 Nov 1808GARDNER Thomas (x), Batchelor, StocktonTREADWELL Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPWilliam Horley & John Cosford
28 Nov 1808CHARLTON John, Batchelor, Leamington HastingsHUDSON Mary, Spinster, OTPThomas Spier & Mary Gossage
12 Jan 1809CHECKLEY John (x), Batchelor, OTPTREEN Mary, Spinster, OTPWilliam Chambers & John Cosford
05 April 1809LETTS George, Batchelor, OTPROBINSON Jane, Spinster, OTPThomas Letts, Letitia Bromfield, Henry Bromfield & John Cosford
24 April 1809MALIN John (x), Batchelor, OTPTHORNICROFT Catherine (x), Widow, OTPThomas Letts, Maria Hayns & John Cosford
25 June 1809HAYWARD William (x), Batchelor, RadburnIVENS Catherine, Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Samuel Lockley
01 Sept 1809HEWITT Edward (x), Batchelor, St Trinity CoventryMALIN Ann (x), Spinster, OTPWilliam Hemmings, John Cosford & John Makepeace
25 Sept 1809BERRY Miles, Batchelor, OTPCHATER Charlotte, Spinster, OTPBenjamin Johson & Sarah Chater
26 Sept 1809PARSONS John, Batchelor, OTPGREEN Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPRichard Badger & John Cosford
17 Oct 1809HUDSON Richard (x), Batchelor, St Trinity CoventryWING Ann (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Maria Haynes
25 Sept 1809KIRBY James, Batchelor, Blakesley NorthamptonshireFRENCH Ann (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Henry Bromfield
26 Oct 1809REYNOLDS William, Batchelor, OTPALSOP Ann, Spinster, OTPStephen Reynolds, Elizabeth Reynolds, Mary Alsop, Rebecca Alsop & Thomas Alsop
02 Nov 1809BERRY George, Batchelor, OTPGREEN Sarah, Spinster, OTPWilliam Berry, Mary Cox & Ann Green
19 Dec 1809ELLARD John (x), Batchelor, OTPGILLMAN/GILMAN Sarah (x), Spinster, OTPPeter Eaton & John Cosford
23 April 1810CLEAVER William (x), Batchelor, StocktonDRAPER Sarah, Spinster, OTPMargerie Draper & John Cosford
05 May 1810WILLS Thomas (x), Widower, OTPMALIN Elizabeth (x), Widow, OTPJohn Cosford & John Cox
15 Oct 1810GULLIVER William, Batchelor, OTPTOOBY Mary, Spinster, OTPHannah Thornicroft & John Cosford
23 Oct 1810WHITE Richard, Batchelor, OTPSTEPTO Elizabeth, Widow, OTPJoseph Alsop & Susannah Alsop
26 Nov 1810ALSOP Charles, Batchelor, OTPREYNOLDS Rebecca, Spinster, OTPThomas Reynolds, Elizabeth Alsop & John Cosford
29 Nov 1810GARDNER Thomas, Batchelor, OTPWRIGHT Mary (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Gardner & John Cosford
24 Dec 1810WINCKLESS John, Widower, OTPAIRES Catherine, Spinster, Long ItchingtonThomas Reynolds, Elizabeth Fancote, ?? Winckless & Hannah Winckless
01 March 1811LANGFORD John (x), Batchelor, Foleshill CoventryMAYO Hannah (x), Spinster, OTPWilliam Berry, John Makepeace & John Cosford
15 April 1811TREEN John, Batchelor, OTPMALIN Elizabeth (x), Spinster, Staverton NorthamptonshireJohn Cosford & John Mayo
30 April 1811SHIRLEY John, Batchelor, OTPPARSONS Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPElizabeth Alsop & James Ball
16 Sept 1811CHAMBERS Robert (x), Batchelor, OTPSODEN Susanna (x), Widow, OTPGeorge Gobley & John Cosford
21 Nov 1811EATON Peter, Batchelor, Orlingbury NorthamptonshireREYNOLDS Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPStephen Reynolds, George Eaton & Mary Cleaver
08 Dec 1811EADON Charles, Batchelor, OTPWILLS Ann (x), Spinster, OTPW Towe & John Cosford
26 Dec 1811WARNER John, Batchelor, Long ItchingtonWOODFIELD Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPSimon Warner, Mary Warner, William Warner & Charlott Warner
03 Feb 1812RAVEN William, Batchelor, SouthamBOURTON Mary, Spinster, OTPWilliam Ganderston, Maria Bloxham, Ann Stanley & John Cosford
01 April 1812TURNER James, Batchelor, OTPUSHER Ann, Spinster, GrandboroughFrances Goode & Elizabeth Cooper
08 April 1812HORNSBY Thomas (x), Widower, OTPTILMAN Mary (x), Widow, OTPThomas Matthews & John Cosford
06 April 1812MAKEPEACE John, Batchelor, OTPLINE Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPElizabeth Alsop, Rebecca Twigger & William Berry
06 July 1812CHECKLEY John (x), Widower, OTPHEWITT Ann (x), Widow, OTPJoseph Gillman & John Cosford
02 Sept 1812CHAMBERS William, Batchelor, OTPWALKER Ann, Spinster, OTPWilliam Walker, Margaret Williams, Elizabeth Furnis & Sarah Chambers
12 Oct 1812CLARIDGE Richard (x), Batchelor, OTPCLEAVER Ann (x), Spinster, OTPJohn Cosford & Thomas Jeffs
16 Oct 1812GOODE John, Batchelor, RugbyHINKS Elizabeth, Spinster, OTPSarah W?? , Thomas Goode, Nary Moon, Sarah Hewitt & Elizabeth Lickorish
23 Nov 1812SHELTON Richard (x), Batchelor, OTPRATHBONE Elizabeth (x), Spinster, OTPWilliam Cosford. William Butcher & Elizabeth Haynes
End of register

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