Banns for Marton, Warwickshire
from 1755 to 1810

List of names taken from the Banns for St Esprit church, Marton 1755-1810

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Abbotts, Alsop, Amos, Anderson, Ash, Barnacle, Baston, Batchelor, Belcher, Bennett, Bennettt, Boardsley, Borsley, Bromwitch,
Calloway, Chitton, Claridge, Clarke, Cocknill, Combey, Constable, Cooke, Cooknill, Cooper, Creed, Crofts, Cropper, Croxall,
Dale, Dodd, Drake, Dunkley, Eddon, Elkington, Elson, Frost,
Hall, Harriss, Harvey, Haselwood, Hedge, Hewitt, Higson, Hinson, Hobdy, Hobley, Homan, Hunt,
Jackson, Kings, Larrence, Lines, Malin, Maling, Marriott, Mason, Masters, Miller, Mills, Morton,
Parker, Pearson, Perkins, Petifar, Plaster, Radband, Raven, Rawbone, Reeve,
Salmon, Sanders, Shewell, Smith, Snelson, Sole, Sprag, Sprason, Standley, Stanley, Sutton,
Tew, Thompson, Townsend, Tranter, Trennell, Tuckey, Veasey,
Walker, Ward, Warner, Watson, Webb, Welton, West, White, Woolfe, Worham.


Abbitts, Allebone, Alliband, Amos, Ash,
Bares, Barford, Barker, Barron, Bason, Bilson, Boan, Boddington, Bond, Botterill, Brown, Burbidge, Burgess,
Calloway, Catrell, Chamberlain, Chapman, Charter, Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Cooknill, Cooper, Croxall,
Edmands, Everton, Ffairfax, Garner, Gibbons, Glenn, Goddard, Goode, Green, Gumberton,
Hakesley, Hall, Harding, Harocy, Harriss, Hedge, Henningly (?), Hewett, Hewit, Heywood, Higson, Hinks, Hobley, Homan,
Iliff, Jacock, Jeffs, Kawkos (?), Kibler, Kingorley, Lawrence, Leeson, Lock, Lockington,
Masters, Matthews, Maycock, Mills, Newman, Nightingale, Norwitch, Powers, Price, Prichard,
Radband, Ravin, Rendell, Roadknight, Roberts, Russell,
Salmon, Shear , Shepherd, Shirley, Snelson, Stean, Tasker, Tibbitts, Turner, Underwood,
Walker, Walton, Watson, Watts, Webb, Wilcox, Wood, Wootton, Worrall, Wright.

Dates> Groom Abode Bride Abode Comments
Apr/May 1755Ricd, AndersonOTPElizabeth, RobertsOTP
May 1755Willm, CallowayOTPSusanna, WalkerBurbury
None xThos, HallBaggintonAnn, GreenOTPx This was entered by a mistake it belonging to the Regiser for the Parish of Frankton were (sic) it is registered
November 1755Thos, CallowayOTPSusanna, HinksLeamington Hastings
June/July 1756Thos, MalingOTPEliz, RussellOTP
June/July 1758Thos, ThompsonBurburyMary, ffairfaxOTP
Nov/Dec 1758Willm, MastersOTPMary, GibbonsLeamington Hastings
March 1760Richd, PlasterLighthornChatherine, WorrallOTP
Three Sundays 1761Nathaniel, CombeyOTPJane, BaresChurch Lawford(Married Marton 2 Feb 1761)
May 1761Thos, WoolfeOTPSarah, WatsonWappenbury
May/June 1761Edwd, AmosOTPSarah, WoottonLong Itchington
Feb 1762Thos , DrakeBurburyMary, CallowayOTP
July/Aug 1762Peter, ClarkeOTPEliz, WaltonOTP
July/Aug 1762Henry, HuntOTPSarah, KiblerIdlecott
Sept/Oct 1762Jon, CroftsGreat HarborowRebeckah, IliffOTP
Nov 1762John, CooperOTPMary, BasonOTP
May 1763Basill, ElsonOTPHannah, EvertonLeamington Hastings
Sept/Oct 1763Willm, MillsOTPEliz, GlennFrankton
Nov 1763Wilm, HedgeOTPMary, AbbittsOTP
Jan/Feb 1764Edwd, WatsonOTPEliz, BurbidgeOTP
Oct/Nov 1764Charles, HigsonOTPMary, GoddardOTP
April 1765Willm, RadbandOTPEliz, ClarkeOTP
April 1765Willm, AbbottsOTPEliz, TibbittsBirdingbury
May 1765John, BennetttOTPEliz, SteanEathorpe
Sept/Oct 1766Josh, ChittonOTPEliz, UnderwoodOTP
Nov 1766Thos, DunkleyOTPMary, GoodeBarwell in the Co of Leicester
Jan 1767Edward, MortonOTPEliz, GibbonsLeamington Hastings
May 1767William, ReeveOTPAnn, RadbandOTP
June 1767Henry, ShewellOTPMary, HewitWeston
July 1767John, AshOTPMary, PowersOTP
Jan 1768John, BorsleyRowingtonAnn, RoadknightOTP
Feb/March 1768Joseph, CroxallOTPCatherine, WorrallOTP
Sept/Oct 1769John, BennettOTPAnn, Shear OTP
Oct/Nov 1769David, BoardsleyOTPEliz, NorwitchOTP
July 1771/2?John, SuttonLong ItchingtonElizth, BondOTPNo year is given - entry is followed by the note: Delivered a copy of the register to this place into Court Sept 2 1772
Feb 1773William, WeltonOTPSarah, CharterFrankton
June 1773Thos, PerkinsOTPMary, EdmandsOTP
Nov/Dec 1773Thos, SprasonHarburyElizh, MillsOTP
Apr/May 1775George, CreedOTPSarah, MatthewsBodington Co of NorthamptonCertificate granted for Boddington
Apr/May 1775William, SmithOTPRebeccah, WaltonOTP
May 1775Richd, SnelsonOTPAnn, BarkerDunchurchCertificate for Dunchurch
Sept 1775Jeremiah, SandersOTPAnn, GlennFranktonCertificate for Frankton
Sept/Oct 1775Thos (?), MillsOTPEliz, WoodChurch LawfordCertificate granted for Church Lawford, (The forename for the Groom is very blobbed and hardly readable)
Oct 1775Thos, LarrenceOTPSarah, LeesonStretton upon DunsmoreCertificate for Stretton upon Dunsmore
June 1776James, HobdyStrettonEsther, AlleboneOTP
Sept/Oct 1776Joseph, AshOTPElizabeth, HallOTP
July/Aug 1777Thos, MalinWapenburySarah, ClarkOTP
Dec 1777James, JacksonRytonAnn, UnderwoodOTP
Sept 1778William, StandleyOTPKatharine, JeffsOTP
Sept 1779Thos, TuckeyOTPKatharine, HewettOTP
Jan 1780Thos, TewOTPElizth, LockOTP
July 1780Thos, CocknillOTPAnn, BarronOTP
Aug/Sept 1780Richd, MillsOTPMary, HomanOTP
March 1781William, CroftsNaptonJane, HigsonOTP
May/June 1781Charles, SmithOTPMary, LeesonOTP
Oct 1781Joseph, CropperOffchurchAlice, TurnerOTP
June/July 1782/3?John, BromwitchResident in this parishAnn, HewettResident in this parishNo year is given - between 2 marriage dated 9 April 1782 & 14 January 1784
March/April 1784John, WatsonEathorp in ps of WapenburyElizh, MastersOTP
Oct 1784Moses, WardBirburyMary, HarocyOTPCertif for Birbury
Oct 1784Richd, HarveyResident in this parishElizh, WattsResident in this parish
Jan/Feb 1785Willm, EddonOTPMary , WrightFarthingstone in Co of Northampton
Sept 1785John, WestOTPMary, KingorleyEathorpe in psh of WapenburyMarried at Wapenbury
Oct 1785John, ParkerOTPSusannah, ShirleyOTP
Oct/Nov 1785Samuel, CooknillOTPHannah, PrichardNow resident in this parish
Dec 1786Joseph, AlsopResident in this parish during the publication of BannsJane, AmosOTP
Feb 1787John, DoddOTPSarah, CleaverOTP
March/April 1787William, MastersOTPMary, HeywoodKenilworthCertificate issued for Kenilworth
May 1787Samuel, WorhamOTPMary, Kawkos (?)WhitnashCert for Whitnash
Dec 1787Thos, ReeveOTPMary, AllibandOTP
Feb 1788John, Marriott junrOTPMary, MillsOTP
Feb 1788John, Marriott senrOTPEsther, PriceLadbrooke
Feb 1788Thos, TuckeyOTPMary, BoanResident in this parishBanns Forbid by Thoms Tuckey
June 1788Wn, RavenSouthamMary, HarrissOTP
Aug 1788John, HewittOTPMary, HardingOTP
Dec 1788 & Jan 1789Joseph, ElkingtonOTPAnn, BrownFranktonCertificate for Frankton
Feb/March 1789Robert, DaleOTPAnn, CleaverCoombe
May/June 1789Thos, PearsonResident in this parishElizh, CooknillOTP
June 1789Thos, TuckeyOTPFrances, CooknillOTP
July/Aug 1789John, HarrissFranktonAnn, WebbOTP
Sept/Oct 1789Wm, HaselwoodOTPSarah, GarnerCropardy in the Co of OxfordCertificate for Cropardy
Sept/Oct 1789Richd, SalmonOTPAnn, TaskerOTP
Oct 1789Edward, RawboneOTPAnn, HobleyOTP
Oct/Nov 1789John, TrennellOTPAnn, RavinLong ItchingtonCertificate for Itchington
Nov/Dec 1789William, PerkinsOTPElizh, BotterillNorton in the Co of NorthamptonCertificate for Norton
Dec 1789William, BatchelorRadfordMary, MastersOTP
Aug 1791Thos, WebbOTPMary, LawrenceWapenburyMarried at Wapenbury
Aug/Sept 1791John, AshOTPJane, CooperOTP
Feb/March 1792William, VeaseyResident in this parishEliner, LockingtonResident in this parish
May/June 1793Edward, HallOTPKeziah, WilcoxOTP
July 1793Joseph, CookeBirburyAnna, ShepherdOTP
Nov/Dec 1793William, MastersOTPElizh, HigsonOTP
July/Aug 1794John, BennettOTPMary, JacockOTP
March/April 1795Nathaniel, HinsonOTPElizh, ChapmanMorton Pinkeney in Co NorthamptonCert for Morton
April 1795Samuel, MasonOTPAnn, BoddingtonNun-EatonCert for Nun-Eaton
June 1795Wm, TownsendOTPMary, PriceSapcote in the Co NorthamptonCert for Sapcote
April/ May 1796Joseph, MillerOTPSarah, MastersOTP
Dec 1796George, BastonOTPJane, NewmanCherstertonCert for Chesterton
Sept 1797Thos, TuckeyOTPJane, BilsonResident in this parish
April 1798William, ClaridgeParish St Marys in the Burrough of WarwickMartha, SnelsonOTP
April/May 1798Thos, ConstableOTPAnn, CooknillOTP
May 1798James, MarriottOTPJane, HigsonOTP
Oct 1798Stephen, BelcherResident in this parishMary, CroxallResident in this parish
Sept 1799Thos, MillerOTPSarah, CleaverOTP
Oct 1799John, TranterOTPSarah, Henningly (?)OTPThis entry has been heavily crossed out and the words Stopped on the 13th 'Impediment' written underneath
July 1800John, WebbOTPMary, BarfordOTP
Jan/Feb 1801Simon, WarnerStocktonElizh, MillsOTPMarried at Stockton after pub: by Licence
March 1802John, HobleyOTPEliz, HakesleyWolfamcott
Oct/Nov 1802John, SpragResident in this parishSarah, NightingaleResident in this parish
Dec 1802/Jan 1803Thos, SoleWapenburyAnn, SalmonOTP
Feb/March 1893Thos, WarnerOTPAnn, MastersOTP
Jan 1804John, PetifarFranktonMary, SnelsonOTP
Nov/Dec 1804Wm, HomanOTPSarah, GumbertonRytonMarried at Ryton
May/June 1805Richd, KingsOTPElizh, HedgeOTP
Dec 1805Joseph, Alsop (Bachl)OTPMary, Mills (Spin)OTP
Apr/May 1806William, StanleyOTPAnn, ChamberlainOTP
Oct/Nov 1806Edward, ThompsonOTPElizh, CatrellOTP
Sept/Oct 1807Joseph, WalkerOTPDorothy, MaycockOTP
Oct 1809John, LinesWappenburySarah, BurgessWappenbury
Nov/Dec 1809John, WhiteAllesleyAnn, RendellWappenbury
July/Aug 1810William, BarnacleOTPElizabeth, AshOTP
Sept/Oct 1810Samuel, FrostOTPHannah, MillsDunchurch
End of Register

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