Marton St Esprit
Marriages from 1755 to 1812

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Alsop, Amos, Arnold, Ash, Ball, Barnacle, Batchelor, Belcher, Bennett, Billington, Boardsley, Boarsley, Borsley, Bounds, Brown, Buckley, Burton,
Calliss, Calloway, Chitton, Clarke, Combey, Constable, Cooknell, Cooknill, Cooper, Crofts, Cropper, Croxall, Currall , Dale, Dunkley, Dyson,
Elson, Findon, Frost, Glenn, Goodacre, Goodman, Green, Grimet, Hall, Hands, Harriss, Harvey, Hedge, Hewitt, Higson, Hinks, Hobdy, Hobley, Holden,
Iliff, Jackson, Jordan, Kings, Lines, Lydiatt, Maling, Marriott, Masters, Meacock, Miller, Mills, Noriss, Norriss, Parker, Pearson, Perkins, Perry, Petifar,
Quinney, Radband, Radburn, Raven, Rawbone, Reeve, Roadknight, Salmon, Sharman, Sheppard, Smith, Sole, South, Spragit, Sprason, Standley, Stanley, Stean, Steane,
Taylor, Tew, Thompson, Thornicroft, Tuckey, Veasey, Walker, Warner, Watson, Webb, Welchman, Welton, White, Woolfe, Wotton.

Abbitts, Allam, Allebone, Alliband, Amos, Arnold, Ash, Awood, Bares, Barford, Bartlett, Boan, Boarsley, Borseley, Borsley, Burgess,
Catrell, Chamberlain, Charter, Clarke, Cleaver, Coocknel, Cooknill, Cooper, Croxall, Davenport, Dodd , Dyson, Eddon, Edmands, Elkington, Everton,
Gilbert, Glenn, Goddard, Goode, Green, Hackleton, Hakesley, Hall, Harding, Harriss, Hedge, Hewett, Higson, Hobley , Homan, Horley, Iliff,
Jacock, Jeffs, Jepths, Jordan, Jorden, Leeson, Lock, Locking, Lydall, Malin, Marriott, Mason, Masters , Maycock, Mills, Neal, Nightingale, Norwitch,
Powers, Price, Prichard, Radband, Radburn, Reeve, Rendell, Roadknight, Roadnight, Russell, Salmon, Scotton, Seal, Shear, Shirley, Slaughter, Snelson, Sole, Stanley,
Tasker, Townsend, Truslove, Turner, Underwood, Walton, Watson, Watts, Webb, Wilcox, Wooton, Worral, Worrall.

Abbotts, Allibon, Amos, Arnold, Ash, Awood, Bares, Barnwell, Barrett, Bartlett, Bascott, Basley, Beck, Belcher, Bellington, Bennett, Benson, Bibb,
Boarsley, Borsley, Boyes, Bromwich, Burgess, Burton, Chambers, Charter, Clark, Congreve, Coocknill, Cooknell, Crupper, Curtis, Dale, Dunkley, Dyson,
Eddon, Edwards, Elkington, George, Glenn, Goodacre, Goode, Gough, Hall, Harris, Harriss, Hedge, Herbert, Heritage, Higson, Hobley, Hopkins, Horton,
Iliff, Iliffe, Jeacock, Jeffs, Johnson, Jordan, King, Maling, Manders, Marriott, Masters, Masters,, Mercy, Miller, Mills, Neal, Norris, Norriss, Norwitch,
Parker, Parrot, Payne, Pearson, Perkins, Perry, Pitham, Quinney, Rabbourn, Radburn, Raven, Rawbone, Reeve, Rendall, Reve, Roadknight, Roadnight,
Rottam, Russell, Sanders, Shampsore, Sharman, Shear, Smith, Snelson, Standley, Standly, Starch, Talbot, Tasker, Thornicroft, Townsend,
Walker, Wallis, Walten, Walters, Waltton, Watson, Webb, Welchaman, Welton, Whitehead, Wilcox, Wilkins, Wood, Woolfe, Wooten, Wright

MARRIAGES 1755 - 1812

B/L Date Groom, Condition, Abode Bride, Condition, Abode Witnesses Notes
L 30 June 1755 John Reeve OTP Elizabeth Horley OTP Joseph Welton & Joseph Reeve Grooms occupation: Shoemaker
L 20 September 1755 John Cooknell OTP Eliz Green (x) OTP John Ash & Nat Mills (x) her mark
B 5 July 1756 Thos Maling OTP Eliz Russell (x) OTP Crofts Maling & John Ash (x) her mark
L 25 October 1759 Nathanial Mills OTP Mary Dodd (widow) OTP Eliz Borsley & John Ash
L 23 December 1760 Samuel Cooper (x) OTP Ann Borsley OTP William Borsley & John Ash (x) his mark
B 2 February 1761 Nathaniel Combey OTP Jane Bares (x) Church Lawford Thomas Bares & John Ash (x) her mark
B 9 June 1761 Thos Woolfe OTP Sarah Watson (l) Wappenbury Joseph Parrot & John Ash (l) her mark
B 24 June 1761 Edwd Amos (x) OTP Sarah Wooton (x) Long Itchington Crofts Maling & John Ash (x) their marks
B 10 August 1762 Peter Clarke OTP Eliz Walton (x) OTP Thomas Woolfe & William Wood (x) her mark
B 19 October 1762 John Crofts (x) Great Harborow Rebeckah Iliff OTP John Ash & Lydia Iliff (x) his mark
B 8 November 1763 Basil Elson (x) OTP Hannah Everton (x) Leamington Hastings Richd Rottam(?) & Ann Roadnight (x) their marks
B 11 October 1763 Willm Mills (x) OTP Eliz Glenn (x) Frankton Thomas Maling & John Ash (x) their marks
B 8 December 1763 Wilm Hedge OTP Mary Abbitts (x) OTP William Reeve & John Ash (x) her mark
L 1 May 1764 Geo Dyson OTP Elizabeth Boarsley (x) OTP William Boarsley & John Ash (x) her mark
L 29 May 1764 William Stean (Batchelor) OTP Ann Glenn (Widow) OTP Wm Awood & John Ash
B 13 November 1764 Charles Higson (x) OTP Mary Goddard OTP John Ash & Mary Wallis (x) his mark
B 29 April 1765 Willm Radband (x) OTP Eliz Clarke (x) OTP William Abbotts & John Ash (x) their marks
L 20 May 1765 Edwd Calloway OTP Eliz Mason Huningham Thos Webb & John Ash Bride signed Elizabeth Mason
L 18 December 1765 Thos Green OTP Sarah Hackleton (x) Southam William Elkington & Robert Wright (x) her mark
B? 18 May 1766 William Hands (x) OTP Elizh Lydall (x) OTP Roger Sanders (x) & William Rabbourn (x) (x) their marks. The marriage says by banns but no banns appear in the PR
B 3 November 1766 Joseph Chitton OTP Eliz Underwood (x) OTP John Walten & John Ash (x) her mark
B 1 December 1766 Thos Dunkley OTP Mary Goode (x) Barwell, Leicestershire Joseph Dunkley & Ann Roadknight (x) her mark
L 7 May 1767 Simeon Stean (Batchelor) Wapenbury Sarah Boarsley (o) OTP Thomas Boarsley & Ann Roadknight (o) her mark
B 23 June 1767 William Reeve OTP Ann Radband OTP Elizabeth Norwitch & Thomas Reeve
B 22 July 1767 John Ash OTP Mary Powers (x) OTP Thos Norriss Clark & John Burton (x) her mark
B 2 February 1768 John Boarsley Rowington Ann Roadknight OTP Wm Roadknight & Debh(?) Congreve
B 5 April 1768 Josh Croxall OTP Catherine Worrall (x) OTP John Burton & John Ash (x) her mark
L 23 June 1769 Nathaniel Arnold Southam Mary Jorden OTP Sam Arnold & Mary Welton (x) her mark
B 17 October 1769 John Bennett OTP Ann Shear (x) OTP Will Dyson & Hannah Shear (x) (x) their marks
B 14 November 1769 David Boardsley OTP Elizh Norwitch OTP John Ash & Thos Reeve
L 28 November 1770 William Currall Bagington Emma Radburn X) OTP John Radburn & Thomas Reeve (x) her mark
L 6 March 1773 Richard Brown OTP Mary Mills Coleshill Richard Norris & Mary Burgess
B 1 June 1773 William Welton OTP Sarah Charter Frankton Thos Charter & Mary Welton
B 27 June 1773 Thos Perkins OTP Mary Edmands OTP Thomas Dunkley & Mary Edwards (u) (u) her mark
L 4 October 1773 John Glenn OTP Jane Reeve (x) OTP Thomas Reeve & Elizabeth Welton (x) her mark
B 27 Dec 1773 Thos Sprason Harbury Elizh Mills (x) OTP Natll Mills & Mary Mills (x) her mark
L 23 May 1774 William Wotton OTP Mary Scotton (x) Napton Thomas Reeve & John Ash (x) her mark Groom signed William Wotten
L 28 July 1774 William Jordan (x) OTP Elizabeth Arnold (x) Southam Mary Chambers & John Burton (?) (x) their marks
B 29 May 1775 William Smith (x) OTP Rebeccah Walton (x) OTP Joseph Welton & John Ash (x) their marks
L 12 June 1775 Robert Findon Stretton upon Dunsmore Elizh Neal OTP Wm Neal & Thomas Masters
B 15 July 1776 James Hobdy Stretton Esther Allebone (x) OTP Wm Standly & John Allibon (x) her mark Groom signed James Hobday
L 30 September 1776 Richard Noriss OTP Ann Awood OTP John Burton & Elizabeth Borsley
B 2 November 1776 Joseph Ash (x) OTP Elizabeth Hall (x) OTP Elizabeth Dyson & John Ash (x) their marks
L 16 October 1777 Benjamin Holden OTP Sarah Stanley OTP Wm Standley & Katherine Jeffs (x) (x) her mark The bride signed Sarah Standley
L 21 October 1777 William Bounds Everton in Co Northampton Sarah Clarke (x) OTP William Beck & Joseph Waltton (x) her mark
B 26 January 1778 James Jackson Ryton Ann Underwood (x) OTP Ilardin(?) Talbot & Thomas Talbot (x) her mark
B 12 October 1778 William Standley OTP Katharine Jeffs (x) OTP Joseph Barnwell & Elizabeth Dyson (x) her mark
L 29 December 1778 Benjamin Boarsley OTP Ann Masters (x) OTP Mary Walters & Richard Quinney (x) her mark
B 12 October 1779 Thos Tuckey OTP Katharine Hewett (x) OTP Richard Quinney & Sarah Webb (x) her mark
L 15 October 1779 George Taylor (x) OTP Dorothy Jepths (o) Boddington in Co Northampton Thos Horton (x) & John Ash (o) her mark (x) his marks
B 1 February 1780 Thomas Tew (x) OTP Elizth Lock (x) OTP Thomas Reeve & John Ash (x) their marks
B 26 September 1780 Richd Mills OTP Mary Homan (x) OTP Wm Dyson & Elizabeth Dyson (x) her mark
B 10 April 1781 William Crofts ( ) ) Napton Jane Higson (o) OTP Willm Johnson & John Elkington ( ) ) his mark (o) her mark
B 25 June 1781 Charles South (x) OTP Mary Leeson (x) OTP Wm Dyson & Eliz Basley (x) (x) their marks
L 16 October 1781 William Billington Leamington Hastings Elizabeth Borseley OTP Thomas Borsley & Elizabeth Herbert
B 14 March 1782 Joseph Cropper (x) Offchurch Alice Turner (x) OTP John Crupper & John Ash (x) their marks
L 9 April 1782 William Roadknight OTP Elizabeth Dyson OTP Wm Dyson & Ann Dyson Tax Paid
L 14 January 1784 Richard Norriss OTP Sarah Allam OTP Thomas Reeve & Wm Standley Tax Paid
B 15 April 1784 John Watson Eathorp in parish of Wapenbury Elizh Masters OTP Mary Masters, Edward Masters (x) & John Ash (x) his mark Tax Paid
L 22 April 1784 Edward Pearson Burton Dasset Mary Coocknel (x) OTP Thos Cooknell & Ann Jordan Tax Paid
B 1 November 1784 Richd Harvey Resident in this Parish Elizh Watts Resident in this parish William Hopkins & Elizabeth Marriott (x) his mark Bride signed Ellizabeth Watts
L 9 November 1784 John Goodacre St Michaels in the City of Coventry Sarah Webb OTP Thomas Webb & Sarah Elkington Tax Paid
B 17 October 1785 John Parker (c) OTP Susannah Shirley (l) OTP Richard Amos (o) & Jane Amos (l) (c) his mark, (l) their marks, (o) his mark Tax Paid
L 31 October 1785 Simon Steane OTP Eliz Eddon OTP William Eddon & John Ash Simon signed Stean Tax Paid
B 7 November 1785 Samuel Cooknill OTP Hannah Prichard (x) Now resident in this parish Edwd Pearson & John Ash (x) her mark Tax Paid
B 25 January 1786 Richard Amos (x) OTP Elizh Boan (o) OTP John Parker & (w) & Jane Amos (o) (x) his mark, (o) their marks, (w) his mark No Banns shown in Parish Register
L 26 September 1786 Richd Quinney Wapenbury Ann Dyson OTP Wm Dyson & Mary Dyson Tax Paid
B 2 January 1787 Joseph Alsop (u) Resident in this parish during the publication of the Banns Jane Amos (x) OTP Richd Amos (x) & Eliz Amos (u) his mark, (o) her mark (x) their marks Tax Paid
B? 18 January 1787 John Burton OTP Elizh Truslove OTP William Norris & Elizh Chambers (x) (x) her mark Tax Paid No Banns shown in Parish Register
B 11 January 1788 Thos Reeve OTP Mary Alliband (x) OTP William Reve (x) her mark Tax Paid (only one witness)
B 19 February 1788 John Marriott junr OTP Mary Mills (x) OTP William Wooten & William Reeve (x) her mark Tax Paid
B 4 March 1788 John Marriott senr OTP Esther Price (x) Ladbrooke William Wooten & William Reeve (x) her mark Tax Paid
B 7 August 1788 Wm Raven Southam Mary Harriss OTP Thomas Mercy & William Raven Tax Paid
B 18 August 1788 John Hewitt OTP Mary Harding OTP Charles Whitehead & Katren Masters Tax Paid
B 14 April 1788 Robert Dale OTP Ann Cleaver The Extra Parochial Lordship of Coombe Thos Webb & Ann Webb These Banns were published at Wolston and a certificate granted Tax Paid
B 24 June 1789 Thos Pearson (x) Resident in this parish Elizh Cooknill (o) OTP Thomas Reeve & Willm Reeve (x) his mark (o) her mark Tax paid
B 24 June 1789 Thos Tuckey (x) OTP Frances Cooknill (o) OTP William Raven & William Reeve (x) his mark (o) her mark
B 17 Aug 1789 John Harriss Frankton Ann Webb OTP Thos Webb, Elizabeth Harriss & J. Goodacre Tax Paid
B 26 November 1789 Richd Salmon (o) OTP Ann Tasker (o) OTP Richard Welton & Willm Reeve Tax Paid
B 10 December 1789 Edward Rawbone (x) OTP Ann Hobley (x) OTP William Hobley (x) & Mary Benson (x) their marks Tax Paid
B 28 December 1789 William Batchelor Radford Mary Masters (ll) OTP Edward Masters (E) & Mary Hedge (x) (ll) her mark (E) his mark (x) her mark Tax Paid
L 30 September 1790 Edward Buckley Long Itchington Mary Masters (x) OTP John Watson & Sarah Boyes (x) her mark Tax Paid
L 11 October 1791 Thos Lydiatt OTP Alice Malin (x) OTP Thomas Wilkins & Charlotte Norris (x) her mar Tax Paid
B 7 April 1791 Thos Sheppard OTP Ann Elkington OTP Joseph Elkington & Sarah Elkington Tax Paid
L 19 September 1791 John Ash (x) OTP Jane Cooper (x) OTP Wm Rawbone (x) & Elizh Rawbone (o) (x) their marks (o) her mark Tax paid
B 14 February 1792 John Calliss Rugby Mary Slaughter (x) OTP Ed Bromwich & Richard Welton (x) her mark Tax paid
B 12 March 1792 William Veasey Resident in this parish Elioner Locking (x) Resident in this parish Humphrey Curtis & William Reeve (x) her mark Tax Paid
L 6 September 1792 William Green (x) OTP Sarah Elkington (x) OTP William Townsend (x) Willm Reeve (x) their marks Tax Paid
B 18 June 1793 Edward Hall OTP Kezia Wilcox OTP William Wilcox & Jane Hall Tax Paid
L 14 October 1793 John Reeve OTP Ann Borsley (x) OTP John Borsley (x) & Mary Bennett (x) (x) their marks Tax Paid
B 26 December 1793 William Masters (x) OTP Elizh Higson (x) OTP John Masters (x) & Willm Reeve (x) their marks Tax Paid
B 18 August 1794 John Bennett OTP Ann Jacock (o) OTP Willm Reeve & Hannah Bennett (/) (o) her mark (/) her mark Tax paid
L 2 December 1794 Edward Harriss Frankton Jane Hall OTP William Hall & Eliz Hall
L 20 February 1796 John Standley (o) Napton Elizh Gilbert (x) OTP Elisha Thornicroft & Willm Reeve (o) his mark (x) her mark
B 16 May 1796 Joseph Miller (x) OTP Sarah Masters (x) OTP William Miller & William Reeve (x) their marks
B 21 May 1798 Thos Constable OTP Ann Cooknill OTP Richard Coocknill & Eliz Bibb (?) (x) (x) her mark
B 19 June 1798 James Marriott OTP Jane Higson OTP Charles Higson (x) & William Reeve Bride signed Jane Hixson (x) his mark
B 26 October 1798 Stephen Belcher Resident in this parish Mary Croxall (l) Resident in this parish James Manders & Elizabeth Mills (l) her mark
B 14 October 1799 Thos Miller (l) OTP Sarah Cleaver (x) OTP Wm Miller (x) & Ann Dale (x) (l) his mark (x) their marks
B 28 July 1800 John Webb OTP Mary Barford (x) Napton John Harris & Martha Hall (x) (x) their marks
L 8 June 1801 Wm Goodman Wappenbury Elizh Dyson OTP Samuel Hall & Mary Bellington (o) (o) her mark
B 22 March 1802 John Hobley (x) OTP Elizh Hakesley (x) Wolfhamcott Samuel Hobley (x) & Mary Snelson (x) (x) their marks
L 2 June 1892 John Hinks Stretton upon Dunsmore Jane Worral (x) Resident in this parish William George & Mary Belcher (x) (x) their marks
B 9 November 1802 John Spragit (x) Resident in this parish Sarah Nightingale (x) Resident in this parish Stephen Belcher & Mary Belcher (x) (x) their marks
B 4 January 1803 Thos Sole (x) Wapenbury Ann Salmon (x) OTP Thos Tasker (x) & Mary Masters (x) (x) their marks
B 9 March 1803 Thos Warner OTP Ann Masters (l) OTP Richard Masters & Mary Snelson (x) (l) her mark (x) her mark
L 6 November 1803 Thos Iliff OTP Elizh Jordan (x) (Widow) OTP Edward Hall & Martha Iliffe (x) her mark
B 22 April 1804 John Petifar (x) Frankton Mary Snelson (x) OTP John Webb & Martha Snelson (x) (x) their marks
B 4 June 1805 Richd Kings OTP Elizh Hedge (x) OTP Thos Glenn (x) & Mary Bartlett (x) (x) their marks
B 14 October 1805 Thomas Glenn (x) (Bachl) OTP Mary Bartlett (x) (Spin) OTP Richard Bartlett (x) & Ann Glenn (x) their marks No Banns in the PR
B 30 December 1805 Joseph Alsop (Bachl) OTP Mary Mills (Spin) OTP Joseph Walker (x) & William Reeve (x) his mark
L 22 October 1805 Thomas Sharman (Bach) Stockton Ann Townsend (Spin) OTP Thos Barrett & Esther Sharman (l) (l) her mark
L 28 March 1806 Thos Radburn (Bach) Findon Ann Marriott (x) (Sp) OTP Thos Iliff & Robt Radburn (x) (x) their marks
B 26 May 1806 William Stanley OTP Ann Chamberlain OTP Hannah Standley & Robert Bennett Groom Signed William Standley Bride signed Ann Chamberlin
B 25 November 1806 Edward Thompson (x) OTP Elizabeth Catrell (x) OTP Thomas Perkins & Willm Reeve (x) their marks
L 1 October 1807 Joseph Standley OTP Agnes Cleaver (x) Frankton Charles Payne & William Standley (x) her mark
B 12 October 1787 Joseph Walker (x) OTP Dorothy Maycock (x) OTP William Smith & Lucy Pitham (x) (x) their marks
B 26 October 1809 John Lines Wappenbury Sarah Burgess Wappenbury John Heritage (x) & Ann Rendall (x) (x) their marks
L 7 December 1809 John Borsley Birdingbury Elizh Borsley OTP Mary Jeacock & William Borsley
B 19 December 1809 John White Allesley Ann Rendell Wappenbury Joseph Starch & Elizabeth Shampsore (?)
B 6 August 1810 William Barnacle (x) OTP Elizabeth Ash (x) OTP Richard Bascott (?) & Willm Reeve (x) their marks
B 15 October 1810 Sam Frost (o) OTP Hannah Mills (x) Dunchurch Wm Goode (x) & William Reeve (x) their marks (o) his mark
L 10 Octobber 1811 Charles Perry St Martins Birmingham Elizabeth Sole OTP Wm Roadnight & Elizth Perry
B? 14 October 1811 Richard Meacock OTP Martha Seal (x) OTP John Webb & Wm Reeve (x) her Mark No Banns in the PR
B? 14 November 1811 Joseph Ball Hunningham (?) Elizabeth Borsley (x) OTP Thos Gough & Ann Borsley No Banns in the PR
B? 16 March 1812 Robert Thornicroft (x) Wolfampcote Elizabeth Hobley OTP Mary Russell & Willm Reeve (x) his mark No Banns in the PR
B? 8 October 1812 Joseph Grimet (x) OTP Ann Davenport (x) OTP Elizabeth King (x) & William Reeve (x) their marks No Banns in the PR
L 27 October 1812 Robert Welchman Brackley Saint Peter co Northampton Elizabeth Roadnight OTP Wm Roadnight & Eus Welchaman
End of register

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