Leamington Hastings - All Saints
Marriages from 1813 to 1836

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Adkins, Allit, Ariss, Barker, Beasley, Blundell,
Carpenter, Cleaver, Cook, Crofts, Dolton, Duckett, Dunn,
Fletcher, Gilbert, Goddard, Goode, Graves, Gray, Griffin,
Hall, Hands, Heartwell, Hiron, Hudson, Hunt,
Jackson, Jefscott, Jones, Knight, Lee, Lickorish, Likorish,
Mabley, Mallis (?), Masters, Mushing, Olorenshaw, Over,
Parsons, Powlett, Price, Rainbow, Rathbone, Reynolds, Rollins, Russel,
Sitwell, Skelcher, Smith, Spraggett, Summers,
Thorpe, Townsend, Tuckey, Turner,
Walker, Walton, Washbrook, Watson, Wheeler, Whitehead,
Whiteman, Wilcox, Wimbush, Winkless, Woodford, Woodhouse.

Allen, Ambler, Barlow,
Barns, Baseley, Belcher, Benson, Berry, Busby,
Caresbrook, Cave, Cherry, Childs, Cleaver, Creed, Dalton,
Garratt, Goode, Gossage,
Harriss, Hemmings, Hinde, Hinks, Hodgkins, Hopkins,
Jennings, Kiteley, Lickorish, Mason, Maycock, Merry,
Olorenshaw, Over, Palmer, Price,
Rathbone, Reading, Reynolds, Russel, Smith, Spraggett, Statham,
Thompson, Townley, Truslove, Turner,
Walker, Warner, Warwick, Watts, Webb, Wheeler,
Wheler, White, Whitehead, Wilson.

Allworth, Alsop, Ambler, Arris, Atkins,
Bascott, Benson, Blundell, Boddington, Boffin, Borsley, Busby,
Cave, Cherry, Clarke, Cleaver, Creed, Cusings, Dalton,
Fletcher, Frost, Goode, Gossage, Green,
Hall, Hands, Hanks, Higgins, Hill, Hind, Hinde, Hinks, Hodgkins, Hudson,
Iliff, Johnson, Jolley, Lancebury, Lickorish, Munro, Mushing, Newberry,
Olerenshaw, Over, Parsons, Peckover, Price,
Rainbow, Rathbone, Renshaw, Reynolds, Rons,
Sharpe(?), Sheasby, Sitwell, Spragget, Spraggett,
Taylor, Tomkins, Townley, Truslove, Tuckey, Turner,
Walker, Warner, Washbrook, Watts, Webb, Wheeler,
Wheler, Wilcox, Wilson, Winkliss, Woodford, Worrell.

MARRIAGES 1782 - 1784

B/L Date Groom, Abode, Status Bride, Abode, Status Witnesses Notes
B23 February 1813Thomas Lee, Lilbourne Co NorthamotonshireMaria Benson (x), Leamington HastingsThomas Benson (x) & Samuel Frost(x) their marks. Married with consent of parents
B29 November 1813Samuel Adkins, OTPAnn Webb, OTPWilliam Webb & Elizabeth WebbMarried with consent of parents
B2 May 1814John Dolton, OTPMary Cleaver, OTPJohn Hanks & Sarah LickorishMarried with consent of parents
B9 February 1815Thomas Hiron (x), Bishops ItchingtonElizabeth Cleaver (x), OTPRichard Iliff (x) & Samuel Frost(x) their marks. Married with consent of parents
B6 October 1815William Whiteman, DunchurchEsther Spraggett, OTPJonathon Spragget & Frances WattsMarried with consent of parents
B18 October 1815Joseph Mallis (?), OTPEsther Rathbone, OTPJoseph Rathbone & Samuel Sharpe(?)Married with consent of parents (entry very feint)
L13 November 1815William Crofts (x), OTPMary Caresbrook (x), OTPWilliam Winkliss & John Lickorish(x) their marks. Married with consent of parents
B4 January 1816Edward Mushing, OTPAnn Merry, OTPEdmund Newberry & Harriett BorsleyMarried with consent of parents
L4 June 1816Mathew Hands, Holy Trinity, CoventryAnn Truslove, OTPWilliam Higgins & Elizabeth BascottMarried with consent of parents
B13 July 1816Thomas Jefscott, TachbrookAnn Lickorish, OTPElizabeth Lickorish & William LickorishMarried with consent of parents
B13 October 1816Joseph Rathbone, OTPElizabeth Belcher, MartonElizabeth Gossage & Samuel FrostMarried with consent of parents
B15 October 1816William Jones (x), OTPMartha Maycock (x), OTPElizabeth Gossage & Thos Wilcox(x) their marks Married with consent of parents
L2 January 1817Jonathon Spraggett, OTPJane Hopkins, OTPRichard Spraggett & Jon LickorishMarried with consent of parents
B30 July 1817William Winkless, Long ItchingtonSarah Lickorish, OTPJoshua Lickorish & Mary LickorishMarried with consent of parents
L4 September 1817Thomas Jackson, BiltonFanny Over, OTPElizabeth Over & John LickorishMarried with consent of parents
B26 February 1818Joseph Cleaver (x), OTPElizabeth Thompson, OTPBernhard Cleaver & Elizabeth Hudson(x) his mark Married with consent of parents
B13 April 1818William Skelcher, CubbingtonMary Dalton, OTPJohn Dalton & Samuel FrostMarried with consent of parents
B13 October 1818William Loveday Tuckey (x), OTPMary Reynolds (x), OTPCharles Green & Samuel Frost(x) their marks Married with consent of parents
B15 October1818John Fletcher, OTPElizabeth Wilson, OTPEdward Atkins & Ann WilsonMarried with consent of parents
B10 November 1818John Heartwell (x), OTPElizabeth Olorenshaw (x), OTPGeorge Clarke & Mary Olerenshaw (x)(x) their marks Married with consent of parents
B10 November 1818Thomas Duckett (x), Napton on the HillMaria Ambler (l), OTPEdward Hinde (?) & Sarah Ambler (x)(x) their marks (l) her mark Married with consent of parents
B24 December 1818William Mabley, OTPSarah Rathbone, OTPSarah Hill & Samuel FrostMarried with consent of parents
L5 January 1819John Goode, OTPElizabeth Webb, OTPRichard Webb & Mary WebbMarried with consent of parents
B8 October 1819Thomas Wilcox, Ledgers Ashby Co NorthamptonshireEliz Gossage, OTPJoseph Rathbone & Elizabeth GoodeMarried with consent of parents
B11 October 1819James Rollins (x), OTPHannah Hodgkins (x), OTPThos Hodgkins (x) & Samuel Frost(x) their marks Married with consent of parents
B14 October 1819John Dunn (x), OTPElizabeth White (x), OTPSarah L Cusings & W Walker(x) their marks Married with consent of parents
B25 October 1819Richard Thorpe (x) **, WoolstonMary Allen, OTPElizabeth Allworth (x) & Samuel Frost** The surname Allen had originally been entered for the Groom and crossed out but was left for the signature section (x) their marks Married with consent of parents
L1 May 1821Aquilla Griffin, ChestertonSarah Spraggett, SouthamAnn Spraggett & Thomas Lickorish (x)(x) his mark Married with consent of parents
B23 July 1821John Gilbert, DunchurchAnn Wilson, OTPMary Boffin & John FletcherMarried with consent of parents
L29 November 1821Thomas Walker, OTPJane Hinks, OTPJohn Hinks & Charlotte WalkerMarried with consent of parents
L16 October 1822Charles Goode, OTPAnn Harriss, FranktonGeorge Frost & Elizabeth GoodeMarried with consent of parents
L21 April 1823Robert Reynolds, Priors MarstonSarah Warner, OTPMary Warner & John Reynolds 
B19 January 1824John Tuckey, OTPAnn Berry (-), WolfamcoteWilliam Hind & Emma Tuckey(-) Married with consent of parents
L22 January 1824Samuel Wimbush, MartonFrances Watts, OTPIsaac Watts & Mary Watts 
L4 October 1824 Harvey Wilmot Sitwell, OTPSophia Wheeler, OTPCeb Wheeler & Robert S Sitwell 
B11 October 1824Thomas Walton (x), Claydon in Co OxfordSarah Turner (x), OTPCharlotte Turner (x) & John Turner(x) their marks
B22 November 1824William Gray (x), OTPElizabeth Hodgkins (x), OTPJohn Hodgkins & Saml Frost(x) their marks
B24 September 1825John Smith, WoodingtonAnn Hinks (x), OTPThomas Hinks & C Hinks(x) her mark Married with consent of parents
B13 October 1825Thomas Hunt (x), ChestertonSarah Russel (x), OTPJohn Lancebury (x) & Samuel Frost(x) their marks
L17 October 1825Richard Blundell, BirburyMary Warner, OTPJohn Blundell & Elizabeth Blundell 
B14 November 1825Thomas Ariss (x), GrandboroMary Creed, OTPSamuel Creed & Elizabeth Arris(x) his mark
B15 November 1825Thomas Beasley (x), DunchurchElizabeth Goode, OTPCharles Goode & Saml Frost(x) his mark
L7 March 1826Edward Whitehead, BirburyElizabeth Price, OTPJohn Price & Frances Washbrook(x) her mark Married with consent of parents
B20 August 1826John Parsons, OTPHarriet Barns, OTPMichael Parsons & Priscilla Sheasby 
B21 May 1827Joseph Olorenshaw, OTPAnn Baseley (x), OTPJohn Fletcher & Susanna Mushing (x)(x) their marks
*1 February 1827Francis Wheeler,  Caroline Palmer,   *( Entry in margin) Memorandum Francis Wheler and Caroline Palmer were married at Nusseerabad in the East Indies 1st Feb 1827 By William Palmer District Chaplain
B5 November 1827Joseph Russel, OTPCharlotte Jennings (x), OTPMoses Rathbone (x) & Saml Frost(x) their marks
B26 December 1828Job Allit (x), OTPSusanna Townley (x), GrandboroJoshu Worrell & Mary Townley(x) their marks
B2 January 1829Richard Goddard (x), Long ItchingtonSarah Whitehead (x), OTPJohn Renshaw (x) & Samuel Frost(x) their marks
L30 April 1828William Townsend, WolstonEsther Holmes Hinks, OTPJoseph Rathbone & Mary Hinks 
B22 March 1829Richard Washbrook (x), GrandbroMary Barlow, OTPEdmund Washbrook (x) & Saml Frost(x) their marks
B6 March 1832Charles Goode, OTPElizabeth Hinde, OTPThomas Hind & Sarah Hinde 
L27 November 1832Robert Likorish, OTPElizabeth Childs, OTPThos Johnson & Sarah Johnson 
L5 February 1833Samuel Watson, WolfamcoteEmma Walker, OTPRobt Taylor & Charlotte Walker 
B14 May 1833Thomas Rathbone (x), OTPAnn Smith (x), OTPThomas Alsop & Samuel Frost(x) their marks
B15 October 1833John Cook, OTPMary Kiteley (x), OTPMary Truslove & Simon Warner(x) her mark
B28 October 1833Edward Barker (x), WappenburySarah Busby (x), OTPJohn Busby & (x) no name(x) their marks
L29 October 1833Thomas Graves, Long ItchingtonElizabeth Mason, OTPMary Hands & Thomas BoddingtonGroom signed Thomas Greaves
B28 November 1833Edward Hall, Long ItchingtonAnne Statham (x), OTPHenry Hall (x) & Samuel Frost(x) their marks
L13 December 1833Percy William Powlett, RugbyIsabella Penelope Wheler, OTPEmma Wheler & Elizabeth Wheler 
B13 May 1833 (sIc) ?1834Joseph Summers (x), Eathorpe in Parish of WappenburyDinah Reading (x), OTPJohn Rainbow & Sarah Tomkins (x)(x) their marks
B13 October 1834Thomas Knight (x), OTPEmily Warwick (x), BirburyGeorge Peckover & Samuel Frost(x) their marks
B20 November 1834Joseph Turner, OTPAnne Hemmings (x), OTPSamuel Frost & Harriett Turner(x) her mark
B23 December 1834Thomas Hudson, OTPAnn Over, OTPAbraham Over & Elizabeth Over 
L14 January 1835Thomas Masters, HarburyElizabeth Over, OTPAbraham Over & Ann Hudson 
B21 January 1835Benjamin Woodhouse, OTPSarah Hinks, OTPAbraham Over & Elizabeth Hinks 
B13 October 1835Thomas Price, OTPRuth Warwick (x), OTPSamuel Frost & Robert Rons (x)(x) their marks
B15 October 1835Richard Lickorish, OTPElizabeth Cherry, OTPAlice Cave & Harriett Turner 
B15 October 1835William Carpenter (x), OTPAnn Cave, OTPAlice Cave & Harriett Turner 
B24 December 1835Thomas Rainbow, OTPAnn Jennings (x), Kings Newnham in Parish of Church LawfordRobert Rainbow & Fanny Rainbow (x)(x) their marks
L18 February 1836John Rainbow, OTPMartha Garratt (x), DunchurchRobert Rainbow & Samuel Frost(x) her mark
B18 October 1836James Woodford, Kilsby in Co of NorthamptonAmelia Cherry, OTPJohn Cherry & Susannah Woodford 
B2 November 1836John Over, OTPMary Cleaver, OTPWilliam Munro & Anne Jolley 

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