Leamington Priors - All Saints
Marriages from 1704 to 1812

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Note.--No earlier Registers exist for this parish than 1704. The weddings from that date to 1753 are contained, but with many gaps, in Volume 1,
which perhaps may be accounted for on the supposition that fragments of the Register have been bound together.
The subsequent volumes are those in use under Lord Hardwicke's Marriage Act.

These weddings have been extracted by the Rev. Cecil Hook, and were printed by his leave after being collated by him with the Register.


Abbots, Abbotts, Adkins, Allebond, Allen, Allibone, Allin, Ambler, Anyon, Apon, Arnold, Asson, Atkins, Ayers, Bailey, Baker, Banks, Baseley, Batchelor, Bates, Baylis, Beacon, Beasly, Beck, Benton, Berry, Biggs, Birch, Blinco, Boddington, Bodin, Boss, Boys, Bradley, Brookes, Brown, Buckerfield, Budd, Bull, Burden, Burford, Butcher, Butler, Canning, Carter, Cashmore, Cattell, Cave, Chillingsworth, Clark, Clements, Clifton, Cole, Collige, Commander, Cook, Cooke, Corbitt, Corral, Cotrill, Cotterell, Court, Cox, Crafts, Crockett, Crosby, Cross, Curtis, Daffron, Dawkes, Denney, Dewell, Dewry, Dickens, Dickins, Dodd, Doltan, Dormer, Downing, Dun, Dunn, Dunning, Dutton, Dyke, Eadon, Eales, Eals, Earl, Edwards, Elkington, Evans, Fessey, Field, Fissey, Flowers, Fox, Franklin, Freeman, Fulfar, Furley, Gardener, Gardiner, Garner, Gaskins, Gibbs, Good, Goode, Goodman, Gore, Grant, Green, Gregory, Hall, Hancock, Hancorn, Harbert, Harbut, Harris, Harvey, Hasell, Hawkes, Hawkesford, Haywood, Hemings, Herbert, Hilton, Hine, Hiorns, Hitchcox, Hobbs, Hobley, Holland, Hollick, Hollingshed, Hood, Hortin, Horton, Howel, Hudson, Hunt, Hupton, Ingram, Isaac, Jackson, Jarvis, Jeacock, Jee, Jeffs, Johnson, Jones, Jordan, Judd, Key, Kimnell, Kinchin, King, Kingerlee, Kingerley, Ladbrook, Lambsdale, Lansdon, Laurence, Lawrence, Leigh, Letts, Lewis, Lock, Lomas, Long, Makepiece, Marshall, Mason, Mills, Monk, Monton, Morrell, Mott, Newey, Newton, Nicholds, Olney, Page, Pain, Palmer, Perks, Phillips, Pinfold, Ping, Plester, Potten, Pratt, Prue, Purper, Radford, Reynolds, Robbins, Roberts, Robins, Rose, Rouse, Royston, Russell, Ryton, Satchwell, Savage, Sharrod, Smith, Spiers, Spires, Stean, Steel, Stiles, Sumner, Sutton, Taplin, Tatnall, Taylor, Thorneycraft, Thornicroft, Tidmors, Tims, Tompson, Torns, Treadgold, Turner, Typler, Tyrrell, Underhill, Vickers, Vinson, Walford, Wareham, Waring, Watson, Watts, Weale, Webb, West, Wheeler, White, Whitehead, Willes, Willoughby, Wills, Wincott, Wise, Wootton, Worral, Worrall, Wright.

MARRIAGES 1704 to 1812

Date Groom forename Groom, Surname to Bride Forename Bride Surname Notes
Volume 1.
18 Apr 1704ThomasBerry, of St. Mary's, Warwick, turner&HannahWebb, dau. of James Webb, the older 
24 Feb 1708RichardOlney&RebeccaKimnell 
17 Dec 1721JobBeasly, of Burton Dassett,&FrancesWorral, of Bishop's Itchington 
4 Feb 1721JohnHine, of Avon Dassett,&JudethJee, same p. 
4 Feb 1721ThomasWest, of Offchurch,&MaryFranklin, of Ufton 
24 Apr 1722JohnTorns [or Toms], of Southam,&MaryBodin, of Sherburn 
29 Jun 1722RobertLambsdale, of Harbury,&MaryJeacock, of Ufton 
23 Sep 1722JohnTypler, of Southam,&ElizabethDun, of Barford 
4 Oct 1722DanielBrown&LydiaJackson 
29 Oct 1722EdwardBailey&SarahLomas [or Lamas] 
9 Jan 1722ThomasKing&MaryLong 
8 Jan 1722ThomasCross, of Milverton,&CatharineTatnall, of St. Mary in Warwick 
18 May 1723JohnCrockett&ElizabethHancorn 
12 Oct 1723JohnHarbert&MaryFulfar 
5 Jul 1724JohnPratt, of Ufton,&RachelMills, of Bourton 
8 Oct 1724JohnRouse&AnnBoss, of Ufton 
28 Oct 1724JohnNewey&CatherineSmith 
23 Oct 1734ThomasCrosby&SusannaDickins, of Milverton 
10 May 1735JosephWills, of Whitmash,&MaryClements 
3 Nov 1735EdwardHitchcox, of Lillington,&SarahClements 
8 Sep 1744JohnDawkes&CatherineKingerlee 
4 Oct 1744MosesCox&MaryJudd 
4 Oct 1744JohnSatchwell&Eliz.Gibbs 
20 Sep 1744ThomasMott&JaneTaylor 
20 Oct 1744WilliamGrant&MaryHowel 
28 Oct 1744WilliamCorral&CatherineJordan 
9 Oct 1747ThomasDawkes&ElizabethWest 
2 Oct 1748RobertEvans&AnneJordan 
2 Apr 1749JohnWalford, of Budbrook,&HannahLansdon, of Leamington Priors 
18 Jul 1749WilliamBoddington, p. St. Mary, Warwick,&LeahHudson, p. St. Nicholas, Warwick 
16 Aug 1753JosephWilles, p. Whitenash,&AnnPhillips, this p. 
20 Oct 1753JohnWatts&MaryRose, at St. Mary's Church, in Warwickwere married by banns
Volume 2.
29 Sep 1754WilliamLeigh&MaryAsson 
14 Oct 1754ThomasEarl, labourer,&MaryDewry 
23 Dec 1754JohnHilton, labourer,&AnnFreeman 
1 Jan 1755RichardRyton, labourer, of L.,&ElizabethTompson, of Wellesbourne, this co. lic.
27 Oct 1755ThomasSharrod&MargerySharrod 
21 Apr 1756WilliamCourt, husbandman,&ElizabethFranklin lic.
11 Apr 1757JohnCox, of L.,&ElizabethLock, p. St. Nicholas, Warwick 
12 May 1758WilliamHortin, labourer,&MaryJarvis 
20 Nov 1758JohnCourt, husbandman,&ElizabethLaurence lic.
23 Sep 1759WilliamWebb&MaryCanning, labourer 
10 Oct 1759JohnJudd&AnnSatchwell, w. 
30 Aug 1760WilliamCorbitt, labourer,&MaryFurley 
11 Oct 1760WilliamGardiner, labourer,&MaryWaring 
11 Jun 1762ThomasLadbrook, Cubbington, co. Warwick,&MaryMorrell, of L. lic.
26 Jun 1762JohnSteel, labourer,&MaryEals 
12 Oct 1762EdwardElkington, labourer,&SarahWareham 
23 Nov 1763PhilipJackson, p. St. Michael, Coventry, Warwick,&JaneHaywood, of L. lic.
4 Nov 1766ThomasBaseley&MaryGreen 
11 Oct 1767ThomasSatchwell, labourer,&ElizabethFox 
20 Oct 1767ThomasAnyon, gardener,&MaryGoode 
16 Nov 1767EdwardTreadgold, carpenter,&MaryCave 
21 Apr 1768JohnDawkes, weaver,&HannahSpires 
17 Oct 1768JosiahFissey, labourer,&MaryMakepiece 
26 Oct 1768DanielCotterell, maltster,&ElizabethCotrill 
26 Dec 1768RichardRussell, carpenter,&SusannahBradley 
6 Feb 1769ThomasField Tanner, p. Tamworth,&ElizabethIngram, of L. lic.
14 Oct 1769JosephHolland&MaryCox lic.
14 Oct 1769ThomasCook&ElizabethJarvis 
1 Nov 1769ThomasGaskins&SarahCarter 
21 Nov 1769WilliamTreadgold, of L.,&MaryBuckerfield, a minor, of parish of Lillington, co., Warwick, with consent of J. Buckerfield, her guardian lic.
2 Jan 1770JohnHerbert&AnnDutton lic.
20 Nov 1770WilliamArnold&SarahMason 
11 Feb 1771RobertBurden&CatherineVickers 
23 Sep 1771ThomasBanks&BridgetSmith 
17 Nov 1772RichardSutton, of L.,&MarySmith, p. Wootten Warren, co. Warwick 
9 Mar 1773RichardBurden, p. Harbury,&CatherineBurden, of L., w. 
[no month] 1773JohnSavage&ElizabethLaurence lic.
29 Aug 1773WilliamGardener&SarahAdkins 
13 Mar 1774JohnHawkes, of Leck Wootton, co. Warwick,&ElizabethButcher, of L. lic.
5 Sep 1774WilliamHupton, p. Milverton, co. Warwick,&MaryCole, of L. lic.
10 Oct 1774SamuelThorneycraft&MaryBeacon 
11 Oct 1774JamesJones&MaryEales 
20 Oct 1775ThomasCollige, this p.,&MaryHancock, p. Milverton, co., Warwick 
27 Nov 1775HenryAllen, p. St. Nicholas, Warwick,&ElizabethRoyston, of L. 
13 Dec 1776WilliamPrue&SarahLawrence lic.
8 Jan 1777WilliamBull&SarahNewton 
20 Apr 1777JohnLewis&AnnDormer 
18 Sep 1777JohnRadford, p. St. Nicholas, Warwick,&HannahLawrence, of L. lic.
8 Dec 1777RichardCourt, w.,&MaryBeck lic.
24 Jun 177[8ThomasWhite, p. [Frankton ?],&SarahIsaac, of L. 
13 Jul 1779RichardPerks&ElizabethBirch 
12 Oct 1779JamesGrant&ElizabethSpires 
19 Oct 1779ThomasWorrall, butcher,&HannahCorbitt 
11 Jan 1780GeorgeWheeler&MaryMills 
1 Feb 1780JohnLewis&MaryMarshall 
17 Oct 1780JohnDenney, of L.,&AnnWeale, p. Long Itchington lic.
22 Oct 1781WilliamSavage&AnnDunning 
14 Mar 1782WilliamHarvey, p. Harbury,&MaryAtkins, of L. 
15 Sep 1782ThomasDunn, of L.,&ElizabethRobins, p. St. Nicholas, Warwick lic.
14 Oct 1782WilliamStiles, p. Lighthorne,&ElizabethHemings, of L. 
16 Oct 1782WilliamAllibone, jun., of L.,&MaryBatchelor, p. Bubbenhall, co. Warwick 
Volume 3.
18 May 1783JosephHood&SarahTyrrell 
27 May 1783WilliamAllebond, of L.,&JaneGibbs, p. St. Mary's, Warwick 
12 Jan 1784JamesDickens&SarahBiggs 
24 Feb 1784JohnHollick&MaryHorton 
3 Aug 1784HenryPalmer&MaryAnyon 
28 Apr 1785JohnSavage&ElizabethCooke 
13 Jun 1785EdwardElkington&SarahGarner 
24 Sep 1786JosephTidmors&MaryBates 
26 Jun 1787WilliamSmith, of Harberbury [Harbury ?], b.,&ElizabethAbbotts, of L., s. lic.
31 Jul 1787ThomasSmith, of Tachbroke,&ElizabethKingerley, of L. 
10 Oct 1787ThomasWorrall, wid.,&EstherDoltan, s. 
31 Dec 1787ThomasHollingshed&ElizabethChillingsworth 
27 Jan 1788JosiahFessey&ElizabethSharrod 
18 Nov 1788JamesDewell, p. Stoneley [Stoneleigh ?],&HannahJohnson, of L. 
14 Jan 1789RichardAllin, of Long Itchington,&JaneAbbotts, of L. lic.
2 Mar 1790ThomasButler, p. Frankton,&AnneBlinco, of L. lic.
21 Oct 1790ThomasPlester, p. St. Mary's, Warwick,&SarahAbbotts, of L. lic.
31 Jan 1791WilliamGregory, of St. Mary, Warwick,&MaryMonton, of L. 
26 Sep 1791ThomasHiorns&SarahBaker 
16 Apr 1793RichardBrown&HannahSatchwell 
10 Jun 1793RobertHasell, p. St. Martin, Birmingham,&MaryGoodman, of L. 
18 Jul 1793ThomasDawkes&MaryPain 
1 Oct 1794WilliamHerbert&MaryTreadgold lic.
22 Oct 1794ThomasFox, of Dunton, p. Cudsworth,&AnnAbbotts, of L. lic.
4 Nov 1794RichardPinfold&JudithFreeman 
2 Feb 1795HenryButler, p. St. Mary's, Warwick,&MarthaAbbotts, of L. lic.
28 Apr 1795JohnLewis&ElizabethCourt 
2 May 1795WilliamSavage&MarySmith 
8 Dec 1795ThomasLewis, maltster,&SarahCourt lic.
8 Dec 1796JosiahEals, p. Combrook,&JudithKingerlee, of L. 
20 Apr 1797ThomasCattell, clerk, p. Berkswell,&BridgetWise, of L. lic.
20 Apr 1797WilliamTurner&ElizabethDunning 
15 Aug 1797JohnCurtis, p. Brownsover,&JemimaAbbots, of L. lic.
23 Oct 1797JosephHerbert&SusannaBaker 
18 Apr 1798JohnNicholds&AnnGood 
24 Jul 1798JamesWilloughby&ElizabethFessey 
11 Sep 1798SamuelLetts&SarahBenton 
15 Oct 1798RichardCrafts&HannahKingerlee 
25 Jan 1799JohnGreen, p. St. Mary's, Warwick,&MarthaTaylor, of L. 
4 Apr 1799SimeonStean, p. Marton, co., Warwick, servant,&ElizabethThornicroft, of L. lic.
20 Aug 1799WilliamRobbins, p. St. Nicholas, Warwick, butcher,&ElizabethLewis, of L. lic.
26 Sep 1799RichardAmbler&JanePing 
11 Nov 1800WilliamSmith, of St. Mary's, Warwick,&AnnWaring, of L. 
11 May 1802RichardTaylor, of Barford, co., Warwick,&ElizabethReynolds, of L. 
29 Jun 1802GeorgeCommander, of Tachbrooke,&MaryAbbotts, of L. lic.
18 Oct 1802WilliamHobbs, of L.,&MarthaClark, p. Lillington, co., Warwick 
27 Dec 1802EdwardTreadgold&MaryTreadgold 
22 Feb 1803WilliamDodd&ElizabethArnold 
6 Jul 1803ThomasKinchin, p. Solyhull,&JaneHarris, of L. 
26 Dec 1803JohnGreen, p. Weston, b.,&AnnSavage, of L., w. 
17 Jan 1804JosephPage, of Offchurch, miller,&ElizabethWorrall, of L. lic.
23 May 1804RichardFlowers&AnnTims 
4 Sep 1804WilliamKey&AnnSpiers 
25 Sep 1804ThomasWills&ElizabethBaylis 
28 Jan 1805WilliamBenton&SarahBrookes 
16 Jun 1805WilliamWorrall&MaryJarvis 
17 Feb 1806JohnJeffs, p. Ashow,&HannahWootton, of L. 
10 Aug 1806ThomasHarris&MaryMonk 
7 Oct 1806SamuelGore, of St. John's, Coventry,&MarySumner, of L. 
25 Dec 1806GeorgeDaffron, of St. John's, Coventry,&ElizabethSumner, of L. 
18 May 1807ThomasBoys, p. Cubbington, co., Warwick,&ElizabethHobbs, of L. 
23 Nov 1807JohnPalmer&MaryGoodman 
25 Dec 1807ThomasWright, of Wellesbourne,&AnnBurden, of L. 
16 Feb 1808WilliamJudd, b.,&KeziahWorrall, s. lic.
21 Jul 1808JohnHarris, p. of Hinckley, co. Leicester,&FrancesAyers, of L. lic.
6 Feb 1809ThomasJeacock, p. Long Itchington,&AnneBaylis, of L. 
24 Apr 1809WilliamUnderhill&SarahCashmore 
26 Oct 1809ThomasRoberts, p. Barford,&ElizabethSpiers, of L. 
25 May 1810RobertPurper, p. Alveston, co., Warwick,&MaryWhitehead, of L. 
9 Jul 1810WilliamWright&AnnBull lic.
13 Aug 1810SamuelHarbut&MaryBudd 
19 Nov 1810JosephPotten&EstherDyke 
4 Jan 1811RichardRobbins, p. Tachbrook,&SarahAbbotts, of L. lic.
22 Jan 1811EliasApon, of L.,&AliceEdwards, p. Bloxham, co. Oxford 
20 Feb 1811WilliamHawkesford, p. St. Martin, Birmingham,&HannahSpiers, of L. 
10 Jun 1811ThomasHall, b.,&DinahVinson, s. 
30 Jun 1811WilliamEadon, b., p. Alcester, co., Warwick,&ElizabethHunt, s., of L. 
18 Jul 1811CharlesHood, b.,&LucyStiles, s. 
23 Jan 1812RichardTaplin, b.,&HannahClifton, s. 
20 Feb 1812RichardPratt, b.,&SarahWincott 
23 Apr 1812JohnHobley, b.,&MaryMills, s. lic.
27 Apr 1812JosephBurford, p. St. Michael, Coventry, w.,&MaryWatson, of L. lic.
27 Oct 1812ThomasSmith, b.,&MargaretDowning, w. 

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