Idlicote - St James the Great
Marriages from 1557 to 1812

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Note.--The Marriages of this Parish to the year 1812 are contained in four volumes.
The oldest is a small book of parchment consisting of ten folios, measuring 11 by 6 inches.
Its contents are greatly damaged by damp, and entries under all heads are intermixed

The second, in point of date, has twelve folios, also of parchment, many of them much cut,
probably to provide material for the returns made to the Diocesan Registry.
The folio measures 15 by 7 1/2 inches, and covers the period 1668-1721.
It is in good condition, and the several entries are under their respective heads.


Abell, Adam, Alcock, Aliban, Allen, Alleys, Allibond, Allis, Allys, Appleby, Asker, Aston, Averes, Badger, Baker, Baldwin, Basket, Batsford, Baylis, Baylye, Beddman, Berye, Best, Bickerstaff, Blackbourne, Blackford Gillett, Blackwel, Blakeman, Blakford, Bown, Bradley, Bricknel, Bricknell, Bryan, Bucke, Buller, Cave, Chamberleyn, Charles, Clark, Clarke, Cleden, Clerke, Cliffe, Cooper, Cotterel, Cotteril, Cradocke, Crowd, Davis, Dobbins, Dodd, Dom, Dowler, Durze, Dyer, Eaden, East, Eavens, Ebrey, Eden, Ellis, Enock, Ewolkte, Eyves, Falkenor, Fearn, Fisher, Fletcher, Fox, Franklin, Gardener, Gardner, Gee, Gibbs, Goor, Green, Greenaway, Grimmes, Grine, Guys, Hammond, Hancok, Hancox, Hants, Hardyman, Harper, Harris, Hatten, Hawtyn, Heritage, Hevens, Heyward, Highs, Hince, Hobynnes, Holland, Holtam, Holyoake, Homes, Horseman, House, Hudson, Hues, Hull, Hulston, Hunt, Hunte, Hunyet, Hurlston, Hycks, Ilett, Ingram, Ivans, James, Jeakman, Johnson, Jones, Jordyn, Joyner, Kenwrick, Kibler, Kirbey, Ladbroke, Lambe, Large, Lea, Leigh, Leppington, Lester, Lidsey, Liveley, Lively, Lockley, Lomas, London, Lonnon, Lonon, Lowe, Malines, Manning, Marshall, Marten, Mason, Middleton, Millnor, Mills, Mittinge, Morley, Morris, Mosley, Motley, Myllnor, Neal, Olive, Pain, Palmer, Pane, Pate, Phillipps, Pitway, Plumb, Porter, Powell, Randal, Randle, Raynolds, Reeve, Reynolds, Ridley, Rimell, Ro, Rock, Rogers, Rollings, Rose, Rowley, Rudde, Rusher, Ryve, Sale, Sanson, Savage, Side, Skuce, Smith, Smyth, Somner, Souch, South, Southern, Spencer, Steele, Stocke, Stow, Strood, Stroud, Summerton, Sutor, Symonds, Taylor, Tenant, Tennant, Thornett, Thornit, Tomlins, Townsend, Trimnell, Tubs, Turner, Underhill, Underwood, Walton, Waram, Ward, Warde, Warley, Warner, Watts, Weal, Wells, Westley, Whatcot, Whate, Whately, Whitehead, Whitley, Whynget, Widdows, Willins, Willis, Wingrove, Wyllys, Yates, Yeatman, York, Yoxall.

MARRIAGES 1557 to 1812

Note--An* denotes that the entry to which it is affixed is taken from the Register Bills now preserved in Edgar Tower, Worcester.]

Date Groom forename Groom, Surname to Bride Forename Bride Surname
23 --- 1557JohnAsker&MargeryAbell
30 Oct 1562RichardTurner&MargeryAllen
29 Nov 1563JohnJohnson&KatherineDurze
14 May 1563ThomasRowley&AnneWard
21 Oct 1565JohnHarper&AnneWard
11 Oct 1568ThomasPalmer&JohanWarde
14 --- 1570CaryHeyward&AnneReynolds
9 May 1572WalterFisher&IsabellJordyn
23 Nov 1572WilliamHycks&AnneMarshall
29 Nov 1572WilliamLowe&EllynAllys
30 Mar 1573TitusLarge&MargerySteele
28 Oct 1573PeterMillnor&KatherineSanson
4 May 1574RichardRogers&ElizaCliffe
29 Mar 1574ThomasRaynolds&Margaret [?]Goor
9 Jun 1575HenryEwolkte [sic]&MaryWells
16 Jan 1575WilliamLea&MaryWillins
23 Feb 1576RichardWhately&AgnesGrine
25 Nov 1577JohnBaylye&JohanMarshall
18 Feb 1578WilliamHorseman&SybellPowell
3 Oct 1579WilliamThornett&ElizabethHants
17 Oct 1579JohnChamberleyn&JordanBerye
8 Oct 1580GuyAlleys&AnnCrowd
26 Oct 1581RichardWhynget&MargeryHouse
26 Jan 1582RichardHunyet&MargaretHorseman
25 Nov 1582ThomasMarshall&AgnesBest
2 Jan 1588PeterMarshall&SarahLambe
27 Jul 1589WilliamStocke&ElizabethMyllnor
7 Oct 1589WilliamAston&JoyseHeyward
13 Jan 1590ThomasGuys, gent,&MargaretBryan, gen.
14 May 1592WilliamBucke&AnneHorseman
4 Nov 1592JohnSmyth&EllynHull
27 Jul 1594GylbertLeigh&DorothyWarley
12 Jun 1599FrancysWyllys&ElizabethRyve
2 Oct 1600WilliamSymonds&FrancysLester
26 Nov 1600WilliamYoxall&AliceHobynnes
29 Nov 1600JohnDom&MargeryTennant
20 Apr 1601ThomasClerke&AlyesEyves
2 Feb 1601EdmundYates&MaryUnderwood
28 Jan 1601JohnMyllnor&AlysStroud
26 Mar 1602WilliamClerke&KatherineGoor
14 Apr 1602EdwardRo&MaryClerke
29 Jul 1604AnthonyStrood&CatherineReeve
20 Dec 1607ThomasAllis&BlanchHunt
28 Jan 1612WilliamMosley&PhilippeEavens
20 Jun 1661ThomasBlackbourne&FrancesMarshall
[Written on the cover.]
31 Oct 1625*ThomasFletcher&KatherineMarten
Volume 2
28 May 1670WilliamEnock&JudethAllis
22 Dec 1672EdwardWalton&MaryLeppington
26 Apr 1673RobertMason&JudethEaden
30 Sep 1673MarkeBlakeman&AliceSale
21 Apr 1674RichardTrimnell&AnneMalines
25 Aug 1676ThomasHolyoake&JoaneCleden
9 Oct 1677WilliamMittinge&MaryDowler
12 May 1678JohnPitway&AgnesRudde
7 Jan 1678JohnHunte&MaryRudde
8 Feb 1678WilliamSomner, of Whatcott,&MarianFox
4 Oct 1684ThomasBlakeman&MaryDobbins
9 Feb 1684JohnGibbs&BridgetSmith, w.
7 Nov 1686ThomasAdam&AliceGee
27 Jan 1688MathewCradocke&ElizabethHancok
15 Jan 1699MathewCave, of Banbury,&SarahEllis, w.
28 Sep 1700JohnBaker&MaryCharles
6 Jan 1700MathiasBlakford, of Atherstone, taylor,&AnnWeal
11 Nov 1702ThomasBeddman&MaryDavis, of Whattcott
29 May 1708PhilipFearn, of Shipstone, day labourer,&CatherineHolland, of Eatington
9 Oct 1708ThomasAlcock, of Ratley,&MaryYates, of Tysoe, lic.
Volume 3
10 Sep 1722JohnSavage, of Oxhill, taylor,&MarySmith
2 Oct 1722RichardMorley, jun.,&MaryMiddleton
8 Apr 1724JohnBaker&ElizabethSummerton, of Whatcote, w.
4 Sep 1724Rev. Mr GeorgeHammond, Rector of Hampton Lucy,&Mrs. AliceUnderhill, third dau. to Hercules3Underhill,
19 Oct 1724WilliamRandle&AnneMorley
14 Feb 1726William BruceKenwrick, of Oxford,&JudethTownsend, of Tysoe
26 Dec 1728WilliamOlive, of Cirencester,&MaryYeatman
3 Apr 1730HenryWhatcot, of Tredington,&MaryMills
16 Oct 1732RichardSale, of Honington,&AnnWatts
12 Apr 1735CharlesSmith, of Evenlode,&MaryHomes
6 Feb 1740JosephBuller&MaryIlett
24 Oct 1743ChristopherRose&ElizabethPorter
11 Jun 1749NealyHardyman&MaryWells
17 Dec 1749HumphreyHevens, of Tysoe,&SarahWhitley, of Shennington, lic.
13 May 1751RobertGreen, of Little Rollright,&ElizabethRollings
3 Feb 1754WilliamWells&MarySide, lic.
Volume 4
14 Feb 1755WilliamSouthern, w.,&ElizabethGreen, w., of Tysoe, lic.
1 Aug 1756JohnClarke&AnneSavage
29 May 1757EdmundHulston&FrancesWhitehead, of Tredington, lic.
28 Dec 1758RichardAppleby&MaryRidley
21 Jun 1759NealyHardyman, w.,&MaryGrimmes, w.
29 Jun 1761ThomasLockley, w., of Shipstone,&ElizabethRose, w.
29 Sep 1762HenryHunt, of Marton,&SarahKibler
30 Sep 1762MarkWaram&MaryRimell
29 Sep 1763WilliamJeakman, of Binton,&SarahGibbs, lic.
6 Mar 1764WilliamBatsford&MaryHurlston, lic.
10 Dec 1764JohnLively&ElizabethSavage
5 Jan 1765StephenBasket&AnnBuller
1 Oct 1765JohnYork&AnnWarner, lic.
23 Sep 1766RichardPain, of Banbury,&HannahWells, lic.
1 Feb 1767ThomasMorris, of Lighthorne,&AnneSkuce
5 May 1770CharlesEast, of Shipston,&SarahSmith, lic.
10 May 1770JohnRock&AnnBown, lic.
25 Aug 1770RichardSmith&MaryMorley, lic.
23 Sep 1771ThomasSmith, of Whatcot,&SarahMorley
13 Apr 1772AnthonyAllibond, of Uppert Pillerton,&MaryTurner, lic.
16 Nov 1772JohnMotley&SarahHues
7 Aug 1773ThomasHarris&HannahEden
10 Oct 1773JohnHoltam, of Tredington,&MaryJoyner
11 Oct 1774WilliamAliban, of Edlington,&MaryLidsey
3 Oct 1775RichardMorley&HesterSmith
8 Jul 1776JohnBradley&JaneKirbey
8 Aug 1776RiceJames, esq., of St. Mary le Bone (London),&MarthaLadbroke, lic.
24 Oct 1776WilliamLonnon&HannahBuller
26 Dec 1776ThomasNeal, of Ratley,&ElizabethBickerstaff, lic.
7 Feb 1777WilliamBricknell&AnnBlackwel
13 May 1777WilliamMiddleton, of Oxhill,&ElizabethHurlston, lic.
30 Oct 1777JosephSutor, of Quinton,&AnnCotterel
19 Mar 1780WilliamHeritage, of Quinton,&AliceLidsey
23 Oct 1780JohnTaylor, of Whatcote,&MaryAlcock
31 Jul 1781JohnTaylor, of Whatcote,&AnneBatsford
28 Aug 1781JacobSpencer&CharlotSmith, lic.
15 Nov 1781JosephHatten, of Whatcot,&MarySale
3 Dec 1781RichardWingrove&ElizabethDyer, of Compton Winniut, lic.
[ 27 Nov 1781 erased]
5 Jun 1783JohnDodd, of Brails,&AnnLidsey
30 Sep 1783RichardFalkenor, of South Newinton, co. Oxford,&RoseBadger, lic.
23 May 1785DanielStow&AnnHardyman
16 Oct 1786RichardBadger&ElizabethYork, lic.
26 Dec 1786ThomasPane&AnnHighs
26 Dec 1786RichardSale, of Tredington,&ElizabethBadger, lic.
15 Oct 1787RobertGardner&SarahClarke
9 Nov 1787WilliamBaldwin, of Stratford-on-Avon,&MaryClark
28 Dec 1787WilliamManning, of Halford,&HannahClark
13 Nov 1788WilliamHancox, of Tysoe,&RebeccaHawtyn
3 Dec 1788BenjaminCooper, of Oxhill,&HannahHarris, lic.
16 Apr 1791ThomasTubs&SarahCotteril
16 Feb 1792RichardBaylis&ElizabethJones, of Honnington, lic.
27 Feb 1792ThomasRusher, of Pillerton,&SarahThornit
24 Jul 1793JohnRandal, of Gadington,&AnnBlackford Gillett, lic.
3 Mar 1794RobertGardener&MaryWells, of Honington
18 Aug 1794WilliamTenant&CatherineIngram, lic.
25 Sep 1794RichardIvans, of Butler's Marston,&AnnBadger, lic.
13 Oct 1794RobertPlumb, of Lower Pillerton,&MargaretBricknel, lic.
16 Sep 1796ThomasHurlston, of Walton,&MaryBadger, lic.
28 Jan 1797JohnWhate, of Lemington, co. Warwick,&AnnTomlins, lic.
25 Mar 1800RichardFisher, of Whatcote,&SarahWestley
6 Oct 1800JohnAveres, of Eatington,&AliceHarris
30 Nov 1800JohnEbrey&SarahWillis
12 Jul 1802GeorgeGreenaway, of Halford,&HannahGardener
18 Oct 1802JamesHince&MaryLiveley
9 Oct 1804ThomasHudson&LucyLomas
15 Oct 1805JohnDodd, of Alderminster,&MaryLondon
23 Nov 1807RichardGardner&AnnFranklin
27 Mar 1809JohnGardner&AnnPhillipps, of Eatington
6 Mar 1811JohnSouth&KatherineSouch
22 Jun 1812RichardWiddows&MarthaLonon

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