Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1780 to 1789

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Surname Listing:

Alleard, Allebond, Atkins, Batchelder, Batman, Bazley, Berry, Blackall, Blunt, Brothers, Burton,
Calloway, Clarke, Clarriage, Cleaver, Cooper, Cornborough, Crafts, Davis, Eagals,
Gibbs, Goode, Grub, Hands, Hewitt, Hogdon, Hopkins, Ireson, Ivens, Jackson, Judge,
Linnitt, Marriott, Masters, Mushin, Mushing, Night, Parlmer, Rollings, Rusill,
Sedgly, Sheasby, Shepard, Slegly, Sleigh, Smith, Spier, Staton, Steell, Trean, Tuckey,
Walton, Waren, Waring, Warren, White, Williams, Woodfield, Woodfull,

Date Name Relationship Notes
21 Jan 1780Sarah WARINGDau of Wm. & Ann WARING
1 Feb 1780Mary HEWITTDau of Thos. & Elizth. HEWITT
13 Mar 1780William MARRIOTT
7 Apr 1780Hannah CORNBOROUGH
17 Apr 1780Elizabeth HEWITTWife of Thos. HEWITT
23 Jul 1780Hannah SPIERWife of Joseph SPIER
24 Sep 1780Fann WILLIAMSDau of Robert & Sarah WILLIAMS
26 Sep 1780Elizabeth CALLOWAYDau of Thos. & Shusanna CALLOWAY
13 Oct 1780Elizabeth BATCHELDERDau of Joseph & Elizabeth BATCHELDER
15 Oct 1780Elizabeth BLACKALLWife of Ed BLACKALL
19 Oct 1780Elizabeth GIBBSDau of John & Elizabeth GIBBS
23 Oct 1780John GIBBS
29 Oct 1780Samuel RUSILL
5 Nov 1780John BERRY
19 Nov 1780Elizabeth GIBBS Widow
22 Nov 1780Julee CRAFTS
31 Jan 1781Ann CLEAVERWife of John CLEAVER
21 Feb 1781Usley ROLLINGS Widow
8 Apr 1781Ann LINNITTWife of Thomas LINNITT
27 Apr 1781Edward BLACKALL Pauper
29 May 1781Nathaniell WOODFIELD Pauper
3 Aug 1781Wm. SMITH Pauper
20 Dec 1781Jane NIGHT Widow
12 Feb 1782Richard WALTON Pauper
20 Feb 1782 BURTON Widow Burton. Pauper
23 Apr 1782Shusanna BATCHELDERWife of Wm. BATCHELDER
15 May 1782Sarah CLEAVERWife of Edwd. CLEAVER
19 Jun 1782Ann ATKINSWife of Frances ATKINSMale relatives 1st Name written in female form in Register
20 Jun 1782Edwd. STEELL Pauper
23 Jul 1782Shusanna RUSILL Widow
4 Aug 1782Hannah SEDGLYWife of Wm. SEDGLY
6 Sep 1782John CLARKE of London Esq.
17 Oct 1782Wm. HOPKINS
18 Jan 1783Sarah CLARRIAGEWife of Saml. CLARRIAGE
31 Jan 1783Febee DAVISDau of John & Sarah DAVIS
19 Mar 1783Hannah MUSHINWife of John MUSHIN
19 Mar 1783Sarah MUSHINDau of John & Hannah MUSHIN
27 Mar 1783Thos. BLUNT
4 Apr 1783Robert WHITE
18 Apr 1783Richard BATMAN Pauper
9 May 1783Thos. MUSHINGSon of John MUSHING
7 Nov 1783Mary WOODFULL Pauper
8 Mar 1784Mary EAGALSWife of Joseph EAGALS
30 Mar 1784Thomas Goode STATON
1 Apr 1784Elizth. SLEIGHDau of Thos. & Ann SLEIGH
7 Apr 1784Elizth. TREAN Pauper
1 Jun 1784Wm. PARLMER Pauper
9 Jul 1784Ann BROTHERS Widow and pauper
16 Dec 1784Thomas BAZLEY
25 Feb 1785Alce JUDGEWife of Thos. JUDGEPauper
23 Mar 1785Mary STEELL Pauper
15 May 1785Wm. IVENS
31 May 1785John WARENSon of Wm. & Ann WAREN
12 Jun 1785Wm. BATCHELDER
19 Jul 1785Sarah GRUBWife of John GRUB
11 Sep 1785Elizabeth COOPERWife of Mathew COOPER
30 Sep 1785Ann PARLMER Widow and pauper
7 Oct 1785Judith MASTERSDau of Wm. & Elizth. MASTERSPauper
22 Feb 1786John MASTERS Pauper
2 Mar 1786Hannah COOPER Pauper
8 Mar 1786Thos. SHEPARDSon of Wm. & Sarah SHEPARDPauper
19 Mar 1786Thos. JUDGE Pauper
19 Mar 1786Hannah WALTONDau of John & Elizth. WALTONPauper
28 Mar 1786Ann MASTERSWife of Edwad MASTERS
14 Jul 1786Hannah WILLIAMSDau of Robert & Sarah WILLIAMS
31 Jul 1786Mary TUCKEY Widow
13 Aug 1786Ann ALLEARDWife of Edwd. ALLEARD
25 Aug 1786Wm. SLEGLY Pauper
7 Nov 1786Rebecka CLEAVERDau of Ed CLEAVERPauper
21 Jan 1787Walter BATCHELDER
30 Jan 1787Ann IRESON
2 Feb 1787Edwd, CALLOWAYSon of Thos. & Susannah CALLOWAY
27 Feb 1787Wm. RUSILL Pauper
4 Jun 1787Wm. ALLEBONDSon of Thos.Mary ALLEBOND
5 Jun 1787John RUSILL Pauper
8 Aug 1787Elizth. HANDSWife of Mathew HANDS
25 Sep 1787Wm. JACKSONSon of Wm. & Elizabeth JACKSON
17 Jan 1788Mary HOGDON Widow and pauper
17 Feb 1788Cathrine GOODEWife of Thos. GOODE
18 Jun 1788William ALLEARD Pauper
17 Aug 1788Richd. WARENSon of William & Ann WAREN
17 Aug 1788Johnson WARENSon of William & Ann WAREN
17 Oct 1788 BATCHELDER Widow Batchelder. Pauper
29 Oct 1788 JACKSON Widow Jackson. Pauper
2 Jan 1789Benjamin HOPKINS Sarah HOPKINS.Illegitimate. Pauper
27 Feb 1789Ann ALLEBONDDau of Thos. & Elizabeth ALLEBOND
27 May 1789Frances SHEASBYDau of Paul & Mary SHEASBY
12 Jun 1789Wm. WARREN Pauper
4 Nov 1789Thos. CRAFTSSon of Thos. & Hannah CRAFTS

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