Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1770 to 1779

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Surname Listing:

Alard, Allard, Allibone, Ariss, Bachelder, Baker, Barnicle, Baseley, Batchelder, Blackwell, Brown, Burroughs, Burton,
Calaway, Clarke, Cooper, Cornborough, Craffts, Crafs, Crafts, Crofs, Cross, Davis, Draper,
Earl, Enoch, Fawks, Field, Gibbards, Gibbs, Goode, Goodman, Grant, Hands, Hans, Harraway, Hewitt,
Jaxon, Kendrick, Large, Linnet, Marriott, Masters, Mushing, Newbold, Palmer, Russell,
Sheppard, Smith, Summers, Sutton, Thornton, Tuckey,
Warin, Waring, Watson, West, White, Williams, Woodfield,

Date Name Relationship Notes
22 Jan 1770 BLACKWELL Widow Blackwell
7 Jan 1770Thomas DRAPERSon of Jonathan DRAPER
13 Feb 1770Ann HANSDau of Matthew HANS
13 Mar 1770Mary CROSS
26 Mar 1770Elizabeth BAKER
13 Mar 1770Richard EARLSon of Richard EARLOut of sequence in Register
12 Apr 1770Mary MARRIOTTDau of Richard MARRIOTT
18 Apr 1770Thomas MARRIOTTSon of Richard MARRIOTT
3 May 1770Mary GOODE Mrs. Mary Goode
11 Jun 1770Hannah WILLIAMSDau of Robert WILLIAMS
15 Jun 1770John SMITH Pauper
1 Jul 1770Mary MASTERSWife of William MASTERS
6 Jul 1770William BARNICLE
28 Aug 1770Mary MASTERSDau of William MASTERS
11 Oct 1770Peter GRANT Pauper
21 Oct 1770 HARRAWAY The Widow Harraway
30 Oct 1770Fanny WILLIAMSDau of Robert & Sarah WILLIAMS
27 Nov 1770William BACHELDER
8 Jan 1771Jane GIBBS Pauper
16 Jan 1771Thomas DRAPER
27 Jan 1771Alice CRAFS Pauper
26 Feb 1771Mary JAXON
8 Apr 1771Elizabeth SUMMERS Pauper
24 May 1771Sarah CALAWAYDau of Tho. CALAWAY
23 Jul 1771Richard CALAWAYSon of Tho. CALAWAY
27 Sep 1771Elizabeth WEST
3 Jan 1772William FIELD
23 Apr 1772Ann WILLIAMSDau of Robert & Sarah WILLIAMS
1 May 1772Elizabeth FAWKS Pauper
24 May 1772Ann ALARDDau of Wm.Mary ALARD
22 May 1772Ann BASELEYWife of John BASELEY
3 Jun 1772John TUCKEY
24 Jul 1772John WARINSon of William WARIN
19 Sep 1772Mary WOODFIELDWife of Richard WOODFIELD
20 Dec 1772John WOODFIELD Pauper
20 Dec 1772John SUTTONSon of Thomas & Sarah SUTTON
17 Jan 1773Elizabeth WHITEDau of Tho. WHITE
19 Jan 1773John TUCKEY of Sawbrige
27 Apr 1773Mary ARISS Widow
11 Jul 1773Alice CROFSWife of William CROFS
9 Sep 1773Joseph SHEPPARD Pauper
21 Sep 1773Mary BACHELDER Widow
26 Nov 1773Hannah HEWITT
13 Feb 1774James WHITESon of Robert WHITE
20 Feb 1774Elizabeth WHITEDau of Thomas WHITE
26 Mar 1774Martha WATSONWife of Samuel WATSON
16 Apr 1774Edward LARGE
12 May 1774Richard WOODFIELD Pauper
22 Jul 1774Robert GOODE
29 Aug 1774John GOODMAN
26 Nov 1774Cattern BATCHELDER
21 Feb 1775Ann COOPER
4 Mar 1775Dorothy HEWITT
25 Mar 1775Jno ARISS
3 Sep 1775Charles KENDRICK
10 Sep 1775Elizabeth BROWN Pauper
12 Oct 1775Meriah CRAFFTS Cattern CRAFFTS
17 Oct 1775Cattern CRAFTS
19 Nov 1775Elizabeth HANDS Widow
23 Nov 1775Timothy CORNBOROUGH
15 Jan 1776Elizabeth HANDSWife of Thos. HANDS
21 Jan 1776Mary RUSSELLDau of Wm. RUSSELL
4 Feb 1776Katharine GOODE Pauper
3 Mar 1776Edward ALLARDSon of William & Mary ALLARD
9 Mar 1776Elisabeth BURROUGHSDau of Jno & Sarah BURROWS
15 Mar 1776Mary RUSSELLWife of Wm. RUSSELL
21 Mar 1776John MASTERSSon of Wm. & Elizabeth MASTERS
22 Mar 1776Mary SHEPPARDDau of Wm. & Elizabeth SHEPPARD
7 Sep 1776Sarah LINNETDau of Thos. & Ann LINNET
13 Dec 1776Thomas WHITE
25 May 1777Margaret LINNETDau of Thos. & Ann LINNET
5 Jul 1777Esther ALLIBONE Esther ALLIBONE
18 Jan 1778John ARISS
10 Mar 1778Elizth. DAVISDau of Jno & Sarah DAVIS
29 Mar 1778Thomas MARRIOTTSon of Wm. & Elizth. MARRIOTT
17 May 1778Hannah GIBBARDSWife of GIBBARDSof Stockton, Male relative 1st name not recorded in Register
28 Jul 1778Jno. PALMER
7 Aug 1778Saml. NEWBOLD
8 Aug 1778Robt ARISS
21 Feb 1779Richd. WARING of Draycote
6 Mar 1779 WHITE Widow White
20 Apr 1779John HEWITTSon of Thomas & Elizth. HEWITT
23 Apr 1779John BARNICLE Pauper
25 Jun 1779Mary BATCHELDER
25 Jun 1779Joseph CRAFTSSon of Thos. & Hannah CRAFTS
25 Jun 1779Jane CRAFTSDau of Thos. & Hannah CRAFTS
29 Jun 1779Mary ENOCHDau of Jno. & Mary ENOCH
1 Jul 1779Daniel WILLIAMS
2 Jul 1779John WOODFIELD
9 Jul 1779John CLARKE
28 Sep 1779George THORNTON of Yelvertoft in the County of Northampton
4 Oct 1779Thomas GOODESon of Thos.Elizabeth GOODE
22 Oct 1779Thomas MUSHINGSon of JohnHannah MUSHING
1 Dec 1779Robt. BURTON

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