Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1760 to 1769

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Note that the first two years overlap the 1754-61 data file

Surname Listing:

Alard, Alibone, Ambler, Ariss, Atkins, Attkins, Bachelder, Baker, Baseley, Berry, Blackwel,
Blackwell, Bliss, Bodinton, Brothers, Brown, Bucknil, Bucknill, Calaway, Chater, Cleaver, Crafs,
Enoch, Fawks, Field, Gibbs, Goode, Goodman, Grant, Hans, Hayfield, Hewitt, Hogton, Hopkins,
Ivins, Jaxon, Jeffs, Johnson, Linnet, Marriott, Masters, Mayo, Newcomb, Parker,
Radburn, Rawlins, Russil, Sanders, Shaw, Sheppard, Smith, Steel, Summers,
Thompson, Tilman, Treen, Tuckey, Walton, Webb, White, Woodfield, Woodful,

Date Name Relationship Notes
10 Feb 1760John WALTON
8 May 1760Martha ATKINSDau of Hannah ATKINS
18 May 1760Sarah RADBURN Mrs. Sarah Radburn
1 Jun 1760Thomas Clarke ATTKINS Hannah ATTKINS
19 Jun 1760Katherina Maria BROWNWife of Robert BROWNof Long Itchinton
5 Sep 1760Ann CALAWAYDau of ThomasShushannah CALAWAY
20 Oct 1760Sarah HOPKINSWife of William HOPKINS
2 Nov 1760John HANS of Hilmorton
12 Dec 1760Thomas HEWITT
22 Dec 1760Thomas RAWLINS
26 Feb 1761Richard AMBLER
1 Mar 1761Mary SMITHWife of Thomas SMITH
26 Mar 1761Edward HOGTON Pauper
26 Mar 1761Elizabeth IVINSDau of Thomas IVINS
1 May 1761Frances GOODEDau of Rachel GOODE
13 May 1761Samuel WALTONSon of Elizabeth WALTON
9 Jun 1761Richard CRAFSSon of WilliamAlice CRAFS
18 Jun 1761Edward HEWITTSon of EdwardHannah HEWITT
22 Jun 1761Sarah BLACKWELDau of ThomasMary BLACKWEL
26 Jun 1761Richard CALAWAYSon of ThomasShushannah CALAWAY
3 Nov 1761Richard MARRIOTTSon of RichardMargret MARRIOTT
12 Nov 1761Richard IVINSSon of ThomasElizabeth IVINS
16 Nov 1761Lucey WEBBWife of Edward WEBB
14 Dec 1761Edward WEBB Pauper
22 Jan 1762Ann BASELEYDau of ThomasAnn BASELEY
7 Feb 1762William PARKERSon of JosephElizabeth PARKER
8 Apr 1762Edward BASELEYSon of JohnAnn BASELEY
4 Jun 1762Sarah GOODMANWife of John GOODMAN
30 Jun 1762Ann LINNETDau of JasperElizabeth LINNET
7 Jul 1762Robert LINNETSon of WilliamMary LINNET
9 Jul 1762Henry HANSSon of HenrySarah HANS
18 Jul 1762Ann GRANTWife of Peter GRANT
1 Aug 1762Josep ATKINSSon of Hannah ATKINS
29 Aug 1762Jane ALARD
7 Sep 1762Elizabeth RAWLINS
12 Dec 1762Ann HOPKINSDau of WilliamSarah HOPKINS
10 Feb 1763Johnathan ATKINS
14 Feb 1763Richard GOODE Pauper
27 Mar 1763Hannah GRANTWife of Thomas GRANT
17 Apr 1763Mary GRANTDau of Thomas GRANT
28 Jun 1763Mary THOMPSONWife of Richard THOMPSON
8 Aug 1763Thomas SUMMERS Pauper
18 Aug 1763John LINNETSon of JasperElizabeth LINNET
11 Sep 1763William LINNET
23 Sep 1763Joseph SHEPPARDRelict of WilliamElizabeth SHEPPARDInfant
21 Dec 1763Henry HANSSon of ThomasElizabeth HANS
8 Jan 1764William HANSSon of MatthewElizabeth HANS
19 Feb 1764William MAYO Pauper
19 Feb 1764Elizabeth ALARDDau of WilliamMary ALARD
12 Mar 1764Thomas JOHNSON Pauper
26 Apr 1764Richard SHAW Pauper
29 Apr 1764Mary TUCKEYDau of JohnMary TUCKEY
3 May 1764Thomas GOODE
27 May 1764Thomas NEWCOMBSon of ThomasMary NEWCOMB
4 Jun 1764Mary NEWCOMB
12 Aug 1764Edward GOODESon of ThomasKatherine GOODE
12 Aug 1764Richard GOODESon of ThomasKatherine GOODE
28 Sep 1764Mary BASELEYDau of JohnAnn BASELEY
25 Oct 1764Thomas IVINSSon of ThomasAnn IVINS
2 Nov 1764Edward MARRIOTT
28 Dec 1764Richard THOMPSON
1 Jan 1765Jasper LINNET
31 Jan 1765Mary BACHELDERSon of Wm.Mary BACHELDER
19 Mar 1765Elinor BASELEYDau of JohnAnn BASELEY
26 Mar 1765Mary HOGTON Mary HOGTON
15 Apr 1765John ARISS Pauper
16 Apr 1765Thomas BACHELDER
3 May 1765Thomas STEEL Pauper
13 May 1765Elizabeth MASTERSDau of WilliamDorothy MASTERS
14 Jun 1765Elizabeth TREENWife of Wm. TREENof Sawbrige
26 Nov 1765Sarah WALTON
15 Jan 1766Anthony WHITE Pauper
7 Feb 1766Ann SMITH of Willoughby
9 Feb 1766Mary WOODFUL Pauper
19 Jun 1766Robert WOODFIELD of Brinklo
29 Jun 1766Ann BERRYWife of John BERRY
30 Jul 1766Edward GIBBS Pauper
2 Nov 1766Richard JAXON Pauper
21 Dec 1766William FAWKS
21 Dec 1766Joseph GRANT
30 Dec 1766Mary BACHELDERWife of William
28 Jan 1767Henry BLISS
3 Feb 1767Judeth BUCKNIL
5 Feb 1767William TREEN of Sawbrige
26 Feb 1767Ann SANDERS
30 Apr 1767Ann IVINSWife of Thomas IVINS
26 Jul 1767Elizabeth SHEPPARDDau of Wm.Elizabeth SHEPPARD
6 Sep 1767Elizabeth TILMANWife of John TILMAN
29 Sep 1767Sarah SHEPPARDWife of Joseph SHEPPARD
26 Sep 1767Shushannah RAWLINS
27 Dec 1767Elizabeth IVINSDau of Thomas IVINS
3 Jan 1768 BODINTONWife of William BODINTONForename not recorded in Register
19 Jan 1768John HANSSon of MatthewElizabeth HANS
19 Apr 1768William BUCKNILL
24 May 1768John TILMAN Pauper
16 Jun 1768Samuel BAKER Pauper
19 Jun 1768Rachel GOODMANWife of John GOODMAN
31 Aug 1768Sarah SMITH of Willoughby
13 Sep 1768Thomas BLACKWELL Pauper
26 Sep 1768Ellizabeth CRAFSDau of Thomas CRAFS
29 Sep 1768Edward WALTONSon of John WALTON
28 Oct 1768Kesiah GOODEDau of GOODERelative was Wdo. Goode
30 Oct 1768Mary CHATERWife of Richard CHATER
7 Nov 1768Hannah WHITEDau of Robert WHITE
28 Nov 1768Mary JEFFS Pauper
13 Dec 1768Richard CHATER
24 Feb 1769Edward BLACKWELL Pauper
12 Mar 1769Ann BASELEY Infant
17 Mar 1769Elizabeth WALTON Pauper
23 Mar 1769Joyce HAYFIELD Pauper
23 Mar 1769Joanna BASELEY
26 Mar 1769Samuel RUSSIL
26 Mar 1769Elizabeth WOODFIELD Pauper
4 Apr 1769William ALARDSon of William ALARD
21 Apr 1769Elizabeth FIELDWife of William FIELD
23 Apr 1769Mary ENOCHDau of John ENOCH
14 May 1769Jane ALARDDau of William ALARD
17 May 1769Joseph BACHELDERSon of William BACHELDER
1 Jun 1769William BROTHERS
29 Jul 1769William BODINTON
3 Aug 1769Joseph ALIBONESon of Thomas ALIBONE
6 Aug 1769John CALAWAYSon of Thomas CALAWAY
3 Sep 1769Catherine ATKINS Mrs. Catherine Atkins widow
6 Oct 1769William CLEAVERSon of Edward CLEAVER
1 Nov 1769Elizabeth BROTHERSDau of BROTHERSFemale Relative was Widow Brothers
6 Dec 1769William MARRIOTT
28 Nov 1769Rebeca BASELEY Out of sequence in Register

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