Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1754 to 1761

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Surname Listing:

Allibone, Ambler, Ariss, Atkins, Attkins,
Baseley, Basely, Basley, Betts, Blackwel, Blackwell, Bliss, Borrows, Brothers, Brown,
Calaway, Cotten, Cross, Dent, Farnton, Goode, Goodman, Hans, Hewitt, Hinton, Hogton, Hopkins,
Inwood, Ivins, Jaxon, Jeys, Kirk, Linnet, Marriott, Mayo, Newbold, Radburn, Rawlins,
Shaw, Smith, Spiers, Thornton, Treen, Tuckey, Walton, Wats, Webb, Wise, Woodfield, Woodfull.

Date Name Relationship Notes
7 January 1754John SMITH  
28 January 1754John GOODE  
11 March 1754John COTTEN  
26 March 1754Elizabeth INWOOD  
26 March 1754Kattern BETTSdau of John & Ann Betts 
1 May 1754Richard BORROWS pauper
13 May 1754Thomas DENTson of Thomas & Hannah Dent 
20 May 1754Richard WOODFULL (of) Rugby
19 October 1754Mary WOODFULL widow
31 December 1754Mary WISEdau of John & Mary Wiseinfant
31 December 1754Martha WALTONdau of John Walton 
28 January 1755John BORROWS pauper
14 February 1755Mary ALLIBONE widow - pauper
1 March 1755Mary BLACKWELLwife of Edward Blackwell 
4 March 1755Sarah SHAWwife of Edward Shaw 
7 March 1755Mary MARRIOTTwife of Edward Marriott 
11 March 1755John FARNTON pauper
21 March 1755Thomas HEWITT Clark of the Parish
23 March 1755Ann WOODFULLdau of Thomas & Easther Woodfullinfant
1 April 1755Lewis NONE GIVEN a black servant to Mdm Radburn
5 April 1755Easther GOODE  
5 April 1755Mary GOODEwife of Richard Goode 
7 April 1755Alice HINTON widow – pauper
9 April 1755Edward WALTONson of Edward & Elizabeth Walton 
26 April 1755Mary WOODFULLdau of Nathaniel Woodfull 
26 May 1755Henery WATS servant to Thomas Draper
29 May 1755Edward WALTON  
5 June 1755Mary WOODFULLdau of Thomas & Easther Woodfull 
17 June 1755Ann HEWITTdau of Mary Hewitt – widow 
30 June 1755John WALTON pauper
12 July 1755William NEWBOLD pauper
12 August 1755Elinor BASELEYdau of John & Ann Baseley 
23 August 1755Ann CROSSwife of Edward Cross 
29 December 1755William NEWBOLDson of Mary Newboldinfant
26 August 1756Thomas TREEN pauper
19 September 1756Ann ARISSwife of John Ariss 
2 November 1756William BROTHERS  
19 December 1756Joseph BASELYson of John & Ann Basely 
12 February 1757Thomas HANS pauper
12 February 1757John TUCKEY pauper
14 August 1757John LINNETson of Jasper & Elizabeth Linnetinfant
28 August 1757Easther BLISSwife of Henry Bliss 
19 October 1757Thomas GOODE pauper
14 December 1757Mary HEWITT widow – pauper
14 December 1757Elinor BASLEYdau of John & Ann Basley 
9 January 1758Richard SPIERSson of Joseph & Hannah Spiersinfant
31 January 1758Hannah GOODMANdau of John & Sarah Goodman 
2 March 1758Ann ATKINSdau of Jonathon & Ann Atkins 
4 April 1758Elizabeth JEYS widow – pauper
8 April 1758Shushannah RADBURNwife of Richard Radburn 
4 May 1758George THORNTONson of George & Mary Thorntoninfant
10 August 1758Richard MARRIOTT  
8 January 1759Martha MAYOwife of William Mayo 
12 January 1759Hannah WOODFIELDwife of Richard Woodfield 
15 April 1759Thomas JAXONson of Richard & Mary Jaxon 
29 April 1759Ann BLACKWELLdau of Thomas & Mary Blackwell 
18 September 1759Mrs Mary KIRK (of) Sawbridge
9 November 1759Sarah WALTONwife of John Walton 
10 February 1760John WALTON  
8 May 1760Martha ATKINSdau of Hannah Atkins 
18 May 1760Mrs Sarah RADBURN  
1 June 1760Thomas Clarke ATTKINSson of Hannah Attkins 
19 June 1760Katherina Maria BROWNwife of Robert Brown(of) Long Itchington
5 September 1760Ann CALAWAYdau of Thomas & Shushannah Calaway 
29 October 1760Sarah HOPKINSwife of William Hopkins 
24 November 1760John HANS (of) Hillmorton
12 December 1760Thomas HEWITT  
22 December 1760Thomas RAWLINS  
26 February 1761Richard AMBLER  
1 March 1761Mary SMITHwife of Thomas Smith 
26 March 1761Edward HOGTON pauper
26 March 1761Elizabeth IVINSdau of Thomas Ivins 
1 May 1761Frances GOODEdau of Rachel Goode 
13 May 1761Samuel WALTONson of Elizabeth Walton 
9 June 1761Richard CROSSson of William & Alice Cross 
18 June 1761Edward HEWITTson of Edward & Hannah Hewitt 
22 June 1761Sarah BLACKWELdau of Thomas & Mary Blackwel 
26 June 1761Richard CALAWAYson of Thomas & Shusannah Calaway 
3 November 1761Richard MARRIOTTson of Richard & Margret Marriott 
12 November 1761Richard IVINSson of Thomas & Elizabeth Ivins 
16 November 1761Lucey WEBBwife of Edward Webb 
14 December 1761Edward WEBB pauper

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