Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1743 to 1753

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Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
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Surname Listing:

Aish, Allard, Ambler, Atkins, Attkins, Barnickle, Batcheldor, Bateman, Bazley, Blackwell, Bliss, Brothers,
Chater, Clarke, Cooper, Cornborow, Dent, Draper, Fauks, Fawks, Gibbs, Goode,
Hans, Hefield, Hewitt, Hexall, Hurley, Ivins, Jackson, Jeyes, Kinderick, King, Kirk,
Mariott, Marriott, Mott, Newbold, Pescod, Radburne, Rallings, Rawlings, Read, Reeid, Reid, Robarson, Russell,
Scott, Sedgley, Shepard, Sheppard, Smith, Thomson, Towers, Treen, Tuckey,
Wallton, Walton, White, Woodfull, Wright.

Date Name Relationship Notes
7 April 1743John REID  
11 April 1743Mary RADBURNE infant
16 May 1743Thomas RAWLINGS  
10 June 1743John ALLARD  
17 June 1743Thomas GOODEson of Thomas Goodeinfant
4 August 1743Sarah KING pauper
11 September 1743Martin IVINSson of Martin Ivins 
14 September 1743Thomas MOTTson of William Mott 
6 October 1743Mary TOWERSwife of William Towers 
14 October 1743Mary FAWKS pauper
26 December 1743None Given TREENson of William TreenSawbridge
29 January 1743Ralfe HEFIELD  
26 March 1743William REEID  
20 May 1744John BLACKWELLson of Edward & Mary Blackwell 
12 July 1744Philip ALLARD  
6 August 1744Edward WALLTONson of Edward & Elizabeth Walltoninfant
10 December 1744Elizabeth ATTKINSwife of Jonathon Attkins 
13 January 1744Thomas FAUKSson of William & Elizabeth Fauks 
29 January 1744Mary PESCOD  
10 February 1744James SHEPARDson of Joseph & Sarah Shepard 
11 February 1744John BLISS Tharp
16 February 1744Mary HEXALL widow
2 March 1744Hannah SCOTT pauper (of) Northampton
6 April 1745John ATKINS  
9 May 1745Adina (Diana?) WHITEdau of Thomas & Elizabeth White 
12 March 1745Richard MARRIOTT servant of Thomas Draper
13 March 1745Walter BATCHELDORson of Walter & Margrit Batcheldor 
5 November 1745Elizabeth ALLARD  
29 December 1745John CHATER  
28 March 1746Elizabeth WOODFULL widow
14 June 1746Nathaniel DRAPER  
2 July 1746William FAUKSson of William & Elizabeth Fauksinfant
18 October 1746Thomas KIRKMr.Sawbridge
15 January 1746Walter BATCHELDOR  
19 February 1746Ursula ALLARD widow (of) Coventry
14 March 1746Hannah SMITHwife of John Smith 
27 April 1747Jonathon RALLINGS  
4 May 1747Thomas GOODEson of Thomas & Mary Goode 
5 May 1747Thomas ALLARDson of Jane Allardwidow
31 May 1747William JEYES  
30 July 1747Henry HANS  
5 September 1747Edward MARRIOTT junior
17 November 1747James CLARKE  
17 December 1747William ROBARSON pauper
10 January 1747Thomas HEWITT senior
10 February 1747Mary GOODEwife of Thomas Good - junior 
12 March 1747Mary READ widow (of) Shugborow
11 April 1748Alice TUCKEYwife of John Tuckey 
24 September 1748Mary JACKSONdau of Richard & Mary Jacksoninfant
28 November 1748Mary AMBLERdau of Richard & Mary Amblerinfant
18 February 1748James BLISSson of James & Sarah Blissinfant
18 March 1748John SHEPPARDson of Joseph & Sarah Sheppardpauper
1 April 1749Ann HURLEY widow - pauper (of) Starton
8 June 1749Jane GIBBSdau of Edward & Jane Gibbspauper
23 July 1749Catherine CHATER widow
3 October 1749John CORNBOROWson of Timothy & Hannah Cornborow 
28 November 1749Nathanie lNEWBOLD  
13 December 1749Thomas CORNBOROWson of Timothy & Hannah Cornborow 
23 September 1749Mary GOODE widow – pauper
23 December 1749Elizabeth NEWBOLDdau of William & Mary Newbold 
9 January 1749Sarah WALTONdau of John & Elizabeth Walton 
26 February 1749Mary MARIOTTDau of Edward & Mary Mariott 
23 April 1750Hannah Mariott BARNICKLEdau of William & Mary Barnickle 
24 April 1750Mary WOODFULLwife of Thomas Woodfull 
1 May 1750William WOODFULLson of Mary & Thomas Woodfull 
6 May 1750Mary JACKSONdau of Richard & Mary Jacksoninfant
15 May 1750Edward AISHson of John & Sarah Aish 
25 May 1750Sarah TREENwife of Thomas Treen 
30 May 1750Elizabeth BATEMANdau of Richard & Mary Batemaninfant
7 June 1750Thomas BATCHELDORson of Thomas & Mary Batcheldor 
3 July 1750Thomas BLACKWELLson of Edward & Mary Blackwellinfant
15 July 1750Joseph BAZLEYson of John & Hannah Bazley 
20 July 1750Frances Marriott BARNICKLEdau of William & Mary Barnickle 
1 August 1750Hannah SMITHdau of John & Ann Smith 
16 August 1750James COOPER pauper
4 September 1750Anna HEWITT widow
2 November 1750Ann TUCKEYwife of John Tuckey 
20 December 1750Joseph DENTson of Thomas & Hannah Dentinfant
25 December 1750Ann WRIGHT widow – pauper
24 March 1750Samuel SHEPPARDson of Joseph & Sarah Sheppard 
5 June 1751Hannah BAZLEYwife of John Bazley 
18 June 1751Thomas GOODEson of Thomas & Rachel Goode 
30 June 1751JaneD RAPER widow
19 July 1751Hannah BAZLEYdau of John & Hannah Bazley 
18 August 1751Amey BLACKWELL widow – pauper
27 October 1751William HEWITT Willoughby
31 October 1751Elizabeth SHEPPARDdau of Joseph & Sarah Sheppard 
30 January 1752William SEDGLEYson of William & Hannah Sedgleyinfant
9 June 1752Elizabeth BROTHERSwife of William Brothers 
19 July 1752John BLACKWELLson of Thomas & Mary Blackwellinfant
14 January 1753Thomas RUSSELLson of John & Ann Russellinfant
4 February 1753Frances RUSSELLwife of Mr William RussellBodicote
10 February 1753Ann RUSSELLwife of John Russell 
20 March 1753Richard ATTKINSson of Jonathon & Ann Attkinsinfant
29 March 1753Thomas RUSSELLson of Samuel and Susannah Russell 
27 August 1753Ann THOMSONdau of George & Mary Thomsoninfant
4 October 1753Elizabeth AMBLERdau of Richard & Mary Ambler 
20 October 1753Richard BATCHELDORson of Margaret Batcheldor 
31 October 1753Jane KINDERICKwife of William Kinderick 

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