Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1734 to 1743

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
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Surname Listing:

Alebond, Allard, Alldridg, Allibond, Attkins,
Batcheldor, Bazley, Beal, Blackwell, Bliss, Brothers, Brown, Bud, Burman, Burres,
Causcutt, Chater, Clark, Clever, Cornborow, Cotton, Draper, Fawkes, Gee, Gibbs, Gilespie, Goode, Guilleman,
Hafield, Haxel, Hefeild, Hewitt, Hexal, Heyfeild, Hill, Hous, Jackson, Kimberley, Marriott,
Newbold, Palmer, Radburne, Robersen, Shaw, Shepherd, Smith, Steel, Tew, Treddell, Treen, Tuckey,
Wallton, West, White, Wilkins, Wodfeil, Wodfiel, Wodfiell, Wodfull, Wright.

Date Name Relationship Notes
21 May 1734Grace COTTONwife of John Cotton 
6 June 1734Mary SMITHwife of Joseph Smith 
22 July 1734Joseph SMITHson of Joseph Smithinfant
15 November 1734John WALLTON  
24 November 1734William HEYFEILDson of Ralf Heyfeildinfant
5 December 1734John Lewis GUILLEMANson of Mr Lewis Guilleman 
12 March 1734Richard TUCKEYson of John Tuckey 
2 April 1735Sarah GEEdau of William Gee 
20 April 1735Georg GIBBSson of Edward Gibbs 
24 June 1735An MARRIOTT widow
4 November 1735Mr Lewis GUILLEMAN  
8 April 1736Elizabeth ALLARDwife of John Allard 
4 May 1736An SHEPHERDdau of Joseph Shepherdinfant
15 May 1736Thomas HILL waggoner A stranger
15 May 1736Elizabeth HEFEILDdau of Ralf Hefeildinfant
17 June 1736Mr Richard RADBURNE Sawbridge
22 June 1736William WEST  
8 October 1736Richard JACKSONson of Richard Jacksoninfant
10 October 1736Thomas GEEson of Edward Geeinfant
10 October 1736William GEEson of Edward Geeinfant
12 October 1736Mary RADBURNEdau of William Radburne 
8 November 1736Anthony WHITEson of Thomas White 
8 November 1736Elizabeth WHITEdau of Thomas White 
15 November 1736William HEXAL  
6 December 1736John CLEVER  
20 January 1736An CLARK widow
13 February 1736John CHATERson of John & Catherine Chater 
27 March 1737Mary ALLDRIDGwife of John Alldridg 
3 April 1737William HAXEL  
20 April 1737Mary BURRESwife of Richard Burres 
24 May 1737John BURMAN  
25 December 1737Sarah NEWBOLDdau of Joseph Newboldinfant
25 December 1737Susana NEWBOLDdau of Joseph Newboldinfant
8 January 1737Elizabeth BLISSdau of Hester Bliss 
16 January 1737None Given BUD widow - pauper
12 February 1737John BEAL  
2 April 1738Edward SHAW  
10 May 1738William CAUSCUTTson of Edward Causcuttinfant
4 July 1738Jane BURMAN widow – pauper
26 August 1738Mary WODFIELwife of Nathaniel Wodfiel 
8 October 1738Jonathon TEWson of Hanah Tewinfant
21 October 1738William BURMAN  
11 November 1738Elizabeth HOUS widow Wappenbury
23 November 1738Nathaniel WODFULLson of Nathaniel Wodfullinfant
31 December 1738Elizabeth HAFIELDdau of Ralf & Joyce Hafield 
8 January 1738Franciss CORNBOROWdau of Thomas & Hanah Cornborow 
10 January 1738John ALLIBONDson of Anthony & Mary Allibond 
28 January 1738Robert GOODEfather of Alice Goode – see below 
28 January 1738Alice GOODEdau of Robert Goode – see above 
3 February 1738Elizabeth RADBURNEdau of Robert Radburne 
14 March 1738John KIMBERLEY  
2 March 1739Thomas BLACKWELLson of Edward Blackwellinfant
15 March 1739Mary CLEVER widow
17 April 1740William BROWNson of Thomas Browninfant
27 May 1740Thomas BROWNson of Thomas Brown 
1 July 1740Thomas BROWN pauper
24 August 1740John BATCHELDOR  
27 August 1740Mary BAZLEYdau of John Bazleyinfant
27 August 1740Sarah BAZLEYdau of John Bazleyinfant
10 September 1740Rebecka BAZLEYwife of John Bazley 
12 October 1740None Given NONE GIVEN  an Ierishman
26 January 1740John HEWITT  
13 February 1740Thomas WODFEIL  
18 March 1740Mary RADBURNEdau of Robert Radburneinfant
14 April 1741Mary CAUSCUTTdau of Elizabeth Causcuttinfant
16 April 1741Frances TREENson of Thomas Treeninfant
18 April 1741Sarah GIBBSdau of Edward & Jane Gibbs 
14 May 1741Ester ATTKINSwife of John Attkins 
31 May 1741John GOODE mason
7 June 1741Anthony ALEBOND  
30 July 1741William RADBURNE  
30 July 1741Henery WRIGHT  
29 August 1741Thomas BROWNson of Thomas &Elizabeth Browninfant
11 September 1741Catherine FAWKESdau of William Fawkesinfant
8 October 1741James GILESPIE  Irishman
5 December 1741Elizabeth GOODE widow
10 January 1741Hester BLISS widow – pauper
10 February 1741Mary BROTHERSdau of William & Elizabeth Brothersinfant
12 February 1741None Given TREDDELLshown as Widow Treddellwidow – pauper
28 March 1742Susanah PALMER widow
4 April 1742Thomas STEELson of Edward Steel 
16 April 1742Samuel NEWBOLDson of William & Mary Newbold 
17 May 1742William MARRIOTTson of Richard & Mary Marriott 
22 May 1742Thomas STEEL pauper
18 June 1742John HEFEILDson of Railfe Hefieldinfant
13 July 1742John ATTKINSson of Jonathan Attkins 
1 August 1742An BEAL  
7 September 1742An JACKSONwife of Richard Jackson 
26 September 1742William ALLARD  
14 October 1742Nathaniel DRAPERson of Nathaniel Draperinfant
20 October 1742Mary HEWITTwife of Edward Hewitt 
21 November 1742Mary WILKINSwife of Edward Wilkins 
23 January 1742Alice WODFIELL pauper
23 March 1742John ROBERSEN  

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