Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1728 to 1733

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Surname Listing:

Alebon, Allard, Baker, Bazley, Berrey, Blackwell, Bliss, Brown, Browne, Burman, Burriss,
Chater, Clark, Collett, Draper, Dunkley, Evins, Farndon, Fawkes, Gibbs, Goode, Grant, Green, Guideman, Guilleman,
Hamond, Hewitt, Hinton, Howlett, Jeas, Jease, King, Marriott, Newbold, Nichols, Odams,
Palmer, Radburne, Raulins, Sedgley, Shaw, Smart, Smith, Tew, Townsend, Treddel, Treddle, Treen, Tuckey, Turner,
Wallton, White, Wilkins, Willkins, Wodfiell, Wodfull, Worral, Wright

Date Name Relationship Notes
11 April 1728Robert FARNDON  
30 April 1728Edward JEASson of Edward Jeasinfant
12 May 1728John WODFIELLson of John Woodfiellinfant
28 May 1728Joseph BLISSson of Joseph Bliss 
2 June 1728Attkin HINTON pauper
7 June 1728Edward MARRIOTTson of Richard & Ann Marriott 
11 June 1728Georg GIBBSson of Edward & Jane Gibbsinfant
2 July 1728Thomas MARRIOTT  
19 July 1728Alice SMITH  Travellor
23 July 1728Ann BROWNEdau of Thomas Browne 
8 August 1728Penelopey WILLKINSdau of Thomas Willkins 
28 August 1728William HEWITT  
29 August 1728Edward JEAS  
12 September 1728None Given BURRISSwife of Richard Burriss 
20 September 1728Ann JEAS widow
7 October 1728Joseph BLISS pauper
27 October 1728Solomon CLARK  
31 October 1728Clementina Catherina GUIDEMANdau of Mr Lewis Guilleman 
10 December 1728An COLLETT widow
19 January 1728William PALMER  
11 February 1728Anthony WHITE  
18 February 1728John RADBURNE Esq.
19 February 1728Elizabeth ODAMS pauper
3 March 1728An TEW  
18 March 1728John WRIGHTson of John Wrightinfant
30 March 1729Hanah WHITE widow
9 April 1729John TREDDLE  
23 April 1729Elizabeth ALLARDwife of Philip Allard 
27 April 1729Sarah NICHOLS widow - pauper
28 April 1729George CLARKson of Elizabeth Clark – widow 
7 May 1729William ALEBONson of Antony Alebon 
12 May 1729John ALLARD  
30 May 1729Thomas WILLKINS pauper
30 May 1729Ann MARRIOTTwife of Richard Marriott 
30 May 1729Sarah Maria GUILLEMANdau of Mr Lewis Guilleman 
17 June 1729William GRANTson of Peter Grantinfant
26 June 1729Ann SHAWwife of Richard Shaw 
29 June 1729Elizabeth EVINS widow
3 July 1729Jane BURMANdau of John & Jane Burman 
25 July 1729Mary HINTONdau of widow Hinton 
12 August 1729John WODFIELLson of John Wodfiellinfant
17 August 1729Elizabeth GRANT widow
9 September 1729Richard ODAMShusband of Hanah Odams – see entry below 
9 September 1729Hanah ODAMSwife of Richard Odams – see entry above 
25 September 1729Thomas FAWKES  
27 September 1729John BLACKWELL pauper
16 October 1729John TREDDELson of John Treddel 
29 October 1729John ALLARD  
10 November 1729Thomas DRAPERson of Thomas Draperinfant
12 November 1729Alice GOODE widow
14 December 1729Ann RAULINSwife of Thomas Raulins 
17 December 1729Ann FARNDON widow
31 December 1729Richard TUCKEYson of John Tuckeyinfant
11 January 1729John KING pauper
17 January 1729Elizabeth NEWBOLDwife of Joseph Newbold 
13 February 1729John NONE GIVEN servant to Robert Good
23 February 1729Edward SMART pauper
9 March 1729Philip GREENson of John Greeninfant
9 March 1729John GREENson of John Greeninfant
9 March 1729Mary WALLTONwife of John Wallton 
25 March 1730Frances WODFULLson of Mary Wodfull 
6 July 1730Alice ALLARDwife of John Allard 
26 July 1730Ann ALLARD widow – pauper
28 August 1730Robert SEDGLEY  
8 September 1730Mary BURMAN widow
8 September 1730John BLISS infant
26 September 1730William HEWITTson of Mary Hewitt 
2 October 1730Martha JEASEdau of William Jease 
10 December 1730Katherine WORRAL  
20 December 1730Francess TREEN  
21 December 1730John BAZLEY  
27 December 1730An BAZLEY  
28 January 1730Samuel BAKERson of Samuel Baker 
5 February 1730William TEW  
19 February 1730Edward ALLARDson of William Allardinfant
10 March 1730William BERREY pauper
7 April 1731Edmen RADBURNE  
13 June 1731An FARNDON  
2 July 1731Georg SMITHson of John & Hanah Smith 
11 July 1731Sarah BAZLEYdau of Richard Bazley 
15 September 1731Mary HEWITT pauper
17 September 1731Samuel NEWBOLDson of Joseph Newbold 
17 September 1731Sarah BAZLEYdau of Richard Bazley 
24 November 1731William BURMANson of John Burmaninfant
2 May 1732Georg BROWNson of Thomas Browninfant
24 September 1732Jane HOWLETT pauper
30 October 1732Elizabeth TREENdau of Thomas Treeninfant
30 October 1732Alice TREENdau of Thomas Treeninfant
5 November 1732An DUNKLEYwife of John Dunkley 
31 January 1732William TREENson of William Treenof Sawbridge
9 February 1732John WODFIELLson of John & Mary Wodfiel 
18 February 1732Martha TURNERwife of Thomas Turner 
26 February 1732Sarah CHATERwife of Richard Chater 
14 March 1732Elizabeth CLARKwife of James Clark 
18 March 1732Martha WALLTONwife of John Wallton 
25 March 1733Mary WALLTONwife of John Wallton - the younger 
23 May 1733Mary TOWNSENDwife of John Townsendof Aulsley
27 May 1733Sarah HAMONDdau of Madam Ann Hamond 
19 June 1733Sarah BAZLEYdau of Richard Bazley 
17 October 1733Mary RADBURNE pauper
27 November 1733Sarah BAKERdau of Samuel & Elizabeth Baker 
16 December 1733Elizabeth WILKINS widow - pauper
12 March 1733Jane ALLARDdau of John Allard 

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