Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials from 1709 to 1716

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.
Thanks to Sheila Steane for transcribing and providing this data
and Pam Taylor for checking the entries

Surname Listing:

Adkins, Alard, Alebon, Allard, Batchelder, Batts, Beely, Berry, Bierman, Blackwel, Burman,
Capol, Chater, Church, Clark, Clarke, Collett, Curtise, Gilbert, Goode, Grant,
Hamans, Hancott, Hancox, Hans, Haxel, Hewitt, Higgs, Hill, Horley, Jackson, Jelley,
Kimsey, King, Kollit, Mariott, Newbold, None Given, Noone, Odams, Odomes, Odoms,
Radburne, Rathbon, Robson, Shenston, Smart, Smith, Sneath, Steel, Swan,
Tew, Treddle, Tuckey, Turner, Wallton, Walton, White, Wilcox, Willcoks, Woodfield, Wright.

Date Name Relationship Abode Notes
12 April 1709Mary WILLCOKSdau of John Willcoks infant
10 May 1709Sarah CLARKEwife of Humphery Clarke  
10 May 1709Hester WRIGHT  widow
10 May 1709Mary HAMANSwife of Joseph HamansDracott
12 September 1709Sarah BATCHELDER  infant
19 September 1709Ame BLACKWEL  infant
30 September 1709Richard CHATER   
12 April 1710Edmun RATHBON   
17 May 1710James CLARKson of James Clark infant
25 May 1710Richard RADBURNEson of John Radburne infant
19 June 1710John HANCOTTson of Philip & Mary Hancott infant
11 July 1710John WRIGHTson of John & Ann Wright infant
11 July 1710Abbigail WRIGHTdau of John & Ann Wright infant
17 September 1710Mary WHITE  infant
19 February 1710John ALLARD   
23 February 1710Ann TUCKEYwife of Alexander Tuckey  
8 April 1711Susanna SMARTwife of Edward Smart  
6 May 1711John SMITH  pauper
9 May 1711John TURNER  senior
9 May 1711Edward SMARTson of Edward Smart infant
11 June 1711John CAPOL Byfielddrouned
1 August 1711James HIGGS   
28 August 1711William GRANT   
1 October 1711Jane CLARKwife of Hollan Clark  
11 December 1711Jane NEWBOLDwife of Nathanniel Newbold  
4 January 1711Ann SHENSTON  widow - pauper
13 March 1711Ann CURTISEwife of William Curtise  
6 March 1711Gracia BATTS  pauper
30 March 1712William ALLARD  pauper
30 March 1712William RADBURNEson of William Radburne infant
30 March 1712Judith RADBURNEdau of William Radburne infant
30 May 1712Willliam WILCOX Caucutt 
16 July 1712William HAXEL   
5 October 1712Mary RATHBON   
28 December 1712Elizabeth CHURCH  infant
7 January 1712An SNEATH  pauper
15 January 1712Ann ALARDdau of Philip Alard  
1 February 1712Robert KOLLIT   
14 March 1712Joan WALLTON   
27 March 1713Isabela HORLEY   
17 April 1713Thomas GILBERT   
4 May 1713Richard WRIGHTson of Robert Wright infant
9 June 1713Mary SMITH  widow – pauper
20 September 1713Nicholas SMITH  pauper
11 January 1713John CLARKson of James Clark  
30 March 1714William ROBSON  pauper
6 June 1714Richard CHATERson of John & Catherine Chater  
8 June 1714John GOODE Woolscott 
20 June 1714Mary BURMANwife of John BurmanWoolscott 
30 June 1714Robert WRIGHT  miller
17 July 1714Robert ROBSON  pauper
31 July 1714Ann JACKSONwife of John Jackson  
20 August 1714Catherine KINGwife of John King  
4 September 1714Hanah ALEBONwife of Anthony Alebon  
17 September 1714Thomas HILLson of Thomas Hill  
28 September 1714Mary TREDDLEwife of John Treddle  
29 September 1714Richard WALTON  senior
4 October 1714John BURMAN  pauper
5 October 1714Thomas HILL  senior
7 October 1714Mary CLARKEdau of Philloman Clarke  
14 October 1714Ann HILLdau of Thomas Hill  
14 October 1714Ann BERRYdau of Richard Berry  
19 October 1714Edward ADKINS   
23 October 1714Steven JELLEYmiller  
12 November 1714John BURMAN   
16 November 1714John ODOMES   
2 December 1714Edward MARIOTT   
5 December 1714Samuel BIERMAN   
13 December 1714Richard ODOMSson of Thomas Odoms  
19 December 1714Ann HANCOX   
19 December 1714Philip HEWITTson of Philip Hewitt infant
20 December 1714Richard? CLARKE   
25 December 1714William NEWBOLD  infant
1 January 1714Elizabeth COLLETTwife of John CollettNorthampton 
1 January 1714Mary CLARKwife of James Clark  
5 January 1714Thomas SMITH   
5 January 1714Philip NOONEson of William Noone infant
22 January 1714Philip HEWITT  pauper
23 January 1714Thomas SMITH  pauper
27 January 1714Ann BERRYwife of Richard Berry  
4 March 1714William COLLETT   
27 November 1715William NOONE  infant
3 May 1715Sarah CLARKdau of Humphery Clark  
19 July 1715Mary HILL  widow
27 November 1715William NOONE  infant
19 December 1715Mary KIMSEYwife of James Kimsey  
21 December 1715Amey SMITH  widow – pauper
20 January 1715William SMITH  pauper
10 February 1715Mary TEW  widow
6 March 1715Jane BEELY  pauper
9 March 1715Margeritt STEEL  infant
20 March 1715Alexsander TUCKEY   
20 March 1715Sarah GOODE  infant
10 June 1716Richard WOODFIELD   
19 June 1716Thomas CLARKEson of Humphery Clarke  
24 June 1716Thomas ODAMSson of Thomas Odams  
1 July 1716William None Given  Londoner
5 July 1716Elizabeth RADBURNEwife of Robert RadburnWoolscott 
11 July 1716William RADBURNE   
6 October 1716Thomas HANS  infant
19 March 1716Mary SWAN Long Buckby 

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