Grandborough Saint Peter
Burials in Wool from 1678 to 1691

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Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
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Surname Listing:

Addams, Adkins, Adkison, Alibond, Allard, Allybon, Arise,
Balie, Barnacle, Basley, Bazely, Beale, Berry, Bery, Bliss, Burchell, Burman,
Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Clerk, Clever, Collet, Curtis, Eales, Fardon, Fipps, Foaks,
Garner, Gibbins, Gilbert, Grims, Hales, Hewit, Heycoke, Hill, Jakson, Jeas, Jees, Lewis,
Marriot, Meade, Meads, Mourice, Newbold, Oddams, Page, Perran, Presto, Preston,
Radburn, Radburne, Roads, Roberts, Robinson, Robson, Shaw, Shenston, Smart, Smith, Sowtham,
Tue, Turner, Tusstin, Wale, Wallton, Walton, Warrin, Weyhill, Wilcox, Wilson.

Date Name Relationship Abode Notes
18 September 1678Richard PERRANson of Richard & Elizabeth Perran  
10 October 1678Phineas PAGE   
29 March 1679Maria RADBURNEdau of Robert & Maria Radburne  
27 October 1679Thomas CLERKson of Thoma & Ursula  
10 April 1679None Given BLISS??son of Johannis Bliss??  
7 November 1679Thomas MARRIOTson of William & Elizabeth Marriot  
19 December 1679Anna RADBURN   
12 January 1679Anna BARNACLE   
14 April 1680Maria TUEdau of John & Maria Tue  
12 May 1680Thomas ALIBONDson of Antony & Maria AlibondGrandborough 
12 July 1680Susanna ??dau of Edward & Elizabeth ??  
5 September 1680Henry SHAW   
2 October 1680Susanna RADBURNEdau of Robert & Maria Radburne  
14 November 1680Thomas SMITH   
23 November 1680Sara ADKINSdau of William& Anne Adkins  
2 December 1680John BURMAN Grandborough 
23 December 1680Hanna GIBBINS   
26 December 1680Thomas CLARK   
27 December 1680Mary HEWIT   
27 December 1680Thomas HEWIT   
26 January 1680Richard WILSON   
27 March 1680Victor None Given   
4 February 1680Sara COLLETdau of William & Anne Collet  
22 May 1681William BAZELY   
30 October 1681Gracia HALES CliftonGrandmother
6 December 1681Richard CURTIS Greenborow 
6 December 1681Richard WALTONof Anne Beale  
19 February 1681Ann ROBERTS   
12 April 1682Elizabeth SHENSTONdau of Roberti Shenston  
29 April 1682George BEALE  Vicar of Willoughby & Grandborough
5 May 1682Richard ROBINSONson of Guileimes Robinson  
22 May 1682Richard BERRY   
2 July 1682John BALIEson of John & Jane Balie  
23 July 1682Anthony ALLYBON   
5 August 1682Mary RADBURN  Widow
2 September 1682Elizabeth BURMANdau of Samuel & Mary Burman  
4 September 1682An ADDAMS   
12 December 1682Mr William MEADE WoollscoteGentleman
4 February 1682Mary SMITHwife of John Smith  
2 April 1683Susanna BERRY   
4 May 1683Edward SHAW Woolscott
15 August 1683Mary ARISE   
23 August 1683Alse WEYHILL   
13 September 1683Mrs Alse HILL  Widow
2 November 1683Edward BEALE Woolscott
5 December 1684Edward HEWIT  Infant
11 January 1684William CLEVER  Widow
4 April 1684Luce SMITH   
6 April 1684Elizabeth NEWBOLD  Infant
13 April 1684Susanna HEYCOKE   
2 June 1684John BURMAN   
20 August 1684Hellen BASLEYwife of Barak Basley  
5 November 1684An ALLYBONbase born dau of Mary Allybon* see entry for 10 Dec  
6 December 1684Mary PRESTOdau of John & Mary  
18 February 1684William RADBURN Woolscott
10 December 1684An ALLYBONdau of Mary Allybon*  
5 March 1684William SOWTHAM   
11 May 1685Jane ADKISON   
16 September 1685Frances HEWIT   
27 October 1685Thomas MOURICE Woolscott
14 October 1685An HEWIT  Infant
14 December 1685Thomas MOURICE  
21 December 1685Thomas ALLARD   
1 March 1685Mary SMITHdau of Tobyas and Alse Smith  
12 March 1685Samuel MEADS   
17 March 1685John SMITH  Shepherd
5 May 1686An ARISE  Widow
25 June 1686Elizabeth GARNER Calldecot 
9 July 1686An TUSSTIN Woolscott 
26 August 1686Allse ROBSON  Widow
25 September 1686Allse JEES  Infant
16 December 1686Susanna BLISS  Infant
16 December 1686Martha ??  Infant
7 December 1686Richard BEALE   
2 March 1686Mary BEALEdau of Edward & Ann Beale  
14 March 1687Allse ALLARD  Widow
19 March 1687An GRIMS  Widow
30 April 1687Elizabeth SMART   
2 June 1687John GILBERT   
11 September 1687Elizabeth ALLARDwife of Edward Allard  
6 October 1687Sarah FIPPS  Infant
17 January 1687William EALES   
27 March 1688John JEASson of Edward Jeas  
23 March 1688An PRESTONwife of John  
31 July 1688Mary WILCOXdau of William WilcoxCalldecot 
27 November 1688Elizabeth WARRIN   
6 January 1688Hanna WALLTONwife of John Wallton  
6 May 1689An LEWISdau of William Addkins  
11 May 1689Mary WALE  Widow
26 August 1689Elizabeth ALLARD   
16 September 1689Arthar FOAKS   
23 September 1689Mary JAKSONwife of John Jakson  
28 November 1689Robert CLEAVER   
2 December 1689William HILL  Infant
16 December 1689Benjamin CLARKE   
14 December 1689Mary RADBURN Sawbridge 
6 January 1689Mary TURNERdau of John and Sara Turner  
28 February 1689Thomas BURCHELL   
12 March 1689Allse FARDON Woolscott 
4 July 1690Thomas BERY  Infant
31 July 1690Mary ROADS   
17 October 1690Jane COLLET  Infant
20 November 1690John BERY  Infant
6 December 1690John ODDAMS  Weaver
12 February 1690Thomas MEADS  
17 February 1690Mary MEADS  
7 June 1691John ROBERTS  Irishman
3 November 1691John CURTIS  Infant
4 March 1691Robert RADBURN Sawbridge 

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