Grandborough St Peter
Baptisms 1682 (from Burial register)

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

                    Surname Listing:

Bird, Burman, Jeeys, Radburne, Sale, Tilly, Wallton.

Date of Baptism Name Child of Notes
18 August 1682John RADBURNERobert & Mary Radburne 
2 September 1682Elizabeth BURMANSamuell & Mary Burman 
22 September 1682Daniel SALEWilliam & Martha Sale 
1 October 1682Richard WALLTONRichard & An Wallton 
3 October 1682Francis TILLYChristopher & Jane TilleyMinister
17 December 1682William JEEYSEdward & Elizabeth Jeeys 
26 December 1682Birnard BIRDJohn & Elizabeth Bird 

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