Ettington - Holy Trinity
Marriages from 1623 to 1812

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If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Note.-The Marriage Registers of this parish are entered in three volumes; the earliest of these contains all entries from 1670 to 1854.
On the 3rd folio is the note under the head of memorabilia: "Johannes Clarke, hujus ecclesiae vicarius, hunc librum in usum parochiae dedit 29 Aug"
And on folio 5 we have the further note: "Johannes Clarke, A.M.Oxon., Ecclesiae Parochialis de Eatenton Vicarius maxime pius,
Ecclesiae Anglicanae propugnator fidelis, phanaticorum malleus, ex Ecclesiae militante in Triumphantem migrauit 4 Nov 1674."
On the same page is noted, "Magister John Brent in artibus m'ter apud Oxon., et hujus Ecclesiae Vicarius dignissimus,
sepultus erat in australi parte Ecclesiae primo die mensis martii A.D. 1669."

The second volume consists of 27 pages of paper measuring 10in. by 6in.

The third is a book of printed forms. These volumes were rebound in brown tooled leather in 1840, at the expense of the late Evelyn P. Shirley, Esq.
The extracts have been made by the Rev. J. Harvey Bloom, and were printed, after comparison with the originals, by permission of the Rev. T. H. Parker, Vicar.


Abbites, Abell, Alcock, Aliborne, Allen, Allibone, Amsden, Andall, Anhorne, Appelbey, Arch, Arnold, Ashfield, Atkins, Atwood, Bacon, Badger, Badsy, Bailey, Bailis, Baker, Barand, Barber, Barlow, Barns, Barron, Basely, Basket, Baskett, Bates, Batsford, Baylis, Bayliss, Bayly, Beaumont, Beck, Beery, Bennet, Berry, Bickerstaff, Bishop, Blackbourn, Blackford, Blakeman, Bliss, Boulton, Brain, Brandys, Brasier, Brent, Brewer, Broaderwick, Broadway, Bromfeild, Brown, Browne, Buckley, Bumford, Burgis, Burton, Bushel, Bustin, Butler, Buttler, Butts, Byerly, Callowe, Canning, Capel, Carnbill, Carter, Chamberlain, Chambers, Claridge, Clark, Clarke, Clerk, Clifton, Cluff, Coarlof, Cockbill, Cogbill, Coldicoat, Cole, Collett, Collicott, Compton, Cooper, Corry, Coten, Cotrel, Court, Craddock, Cradock, Croft, Crofts, Curtis, Davis, Dickins, Dier, Dodd, Dudley, Dyer, Eden, Edwards, Ellis, Elton, Ems, Endal, Field, Filips, Findon, Fisher, Flanakin, Fletcher, Ford, Fosbury, Freeman, Frisby, Gardener, Gardiner, Gardner, Garner, Gascoin, Gaydon, Gill, Goddard, Gorton, Granger, Green, Greenaway, Grevill, Grimmit, Hadland, Hale, Halford, Hall, Hamerton, Hancock, Hancox, Hands, Handy, Hankorn, Harbourn, Harbutt, Hares, Haris, Harris, Harrison, Hartford, Harvey, Harvy, Harwood, Hathaway, Hautwin, Hawkes, Hazeler, Hemings, Hemins, Herbert, Heydon, Hichman, Hicks, Higgins, Hill, Hines, Hiron, Hitchman, Hobbs, Hobly, Hochcock, Holmes, Holt, Holtham, Holtom, Hornby, Hornsby, Horseman, Horsman, Horsmby, Hortin, Huckley, Huet, Hugins, Hunt, Ilet, Ilit, Ilitt, Ingles, Ingram, Ivan, Jackson, Jacksons, Jakeman, Jeffs, Jodan, Joncon, Jones, Jordan, Juffs, Keitley, Kenning, Key, Keyte, Kightly, Kilby, Kineton, King, Kings, Kington, Kinman, Kirby, Kitchen, Kite, Knight, Krench, Kyte, Ladbrook, Ladbrooke, Lake, Lane, Lapworth, Lee, Lent, Lentton, Lidsy, Litherland, Lock, Lockley, Long, Lorten, Lynes, Mailing, Mailings, Makepeace, Malin, Malings, Malins, Mallings, Man, Mander, Mansell, Marshall, Martin, Mason, Maurrice, McGavhen, Middleton, Miles, Millard, Millington, Mils, Minn, Montton, Moore, More, Morris, Mowbury, Mullis, Mumford, Muslin, Naish, Neale, Nevel, Newman, Nichols, Nicks, Nix, Noel, Noell, Oakly, Orchard, Page, Palmer, Parker, Paton, Payton, Penn, Perkes, Perkins, Petty, Phillips, Phipps, Pilkington, Pillkington, Plaster, Plumb, Powel, Prentice, Price, Proctor, Quickington, Raben, Rabon, Randal, Randle, Rann, Rattle, Rawbone, Rawlings, Read, Reade, Reading, Reason, Reed, Reeve, Reinolds, Richards, Richardson, Righton, Roban, Robbins, Roberts, Robins, Rose, Rouse, Routham, Rowney, Russell, Ryman, Sabin, Sale, Sallis, Salmon, Salter, Savage, Savige, Sconce, Seabright, Shayler, Sheifeild, Shelfield, Simmonds, Simpkins, Skaybrook, Slatter, Sly, Smallbones, Smith, South, Spencer, Spenser, Spicer, Spiers, Spraget, Stiles, Stowe, Stranks, Such, Tablin, Tailor, Taplin, Tapling, Tappril, Tarver, Tayler, Taylor, Tharp, Thorp, Thorpe, Tidman, Timms, Tims, Townsend, Truby, Tub, Tubb, Tucker, Turner, Tyler, Underhill, Upton, Ushery, Veners, Vincent, Walker, Wall, Wallington, Wallis, Walton, Ward, Warner, Watkins, Watson, Webb, Wells, Westmacott, Whale, Wheal, Whell, White, Whitehead, Whithead, Widmer, Wilkes, Wilkins, Williams, Willis, Willoughby, Wiltshire, Wincott, Winter, Woodard, Woodward, Wright, Wrighton, Wycherley, York, Young, Zouch.

MARRIAGES 1623 to 1812

Date Groom forename Groom, Surname to Bride Forename Bride Surname Notes
[From Register bills preserved in Edgar Tower, Worcester.]
6 Oct RobertCrofts&Margery[blank] 
13 Oct WilliamPilkington&Elizabeth[blank] 
28 Oct 1623EdwardCorry&ElleonoraHiggins 
31 Jul 1624RichardBrandys, of Honington,&MaryHands 
27 Feb 1624WilliamMuslin, of Halford,&ElizabethHalford 
3 Jan 1625 [?]ThomasWilliams&AliceRose 
8 Jul 1626JohnRichardson&FrancisElton 
6? Jan 1626MatharMillington&AnnSimpkins 
29 Nov 1629JohnHuet&BlancheAnhorne 
24 Jan 1629ThomasBaylis&FrancisCompton 
[The transcript for 1630 is lost.]
21 Apr 1631AnthonyQuickington&RoseNewman 
8 Jun 1631RichardSpicer&EmeMoore, w. 
18 Jul 1631ThomasBrasier&AthaliaSmith 
2 Nov 1631ThomasRose&MargaretParker 
26 Jan 1633ThomasPalmer&JaneGorton 
30 Sep 1634WilliamEms&UrsulaCompton 
23 Jun 1637EdwardGreen&KatherineHalford 
4 Jul 1637JohnButtler&BarbaraSmith 
14 Sep 1637JohnKrench&ElizabethPerkins 
4 Nov 1637GabrielPilkington&JohaneBuckley 
7 Oct 1638EdwardHill&JohanSimpkins 
20 Aug 1640 or 1641ThomasWilliams&EleanorField 
19 May 1661FrancesShelfield&SarahLynes 
12 Nov 1661EdwardJakeman&AnnRouse 
25 Mar 1668JohnAtwood&MarthaVeners 
Volume 1.
"Nomina conjunctorum in matrimonis in Eccles. Parochi. de Eatenton Ano Dom. 1670."
25 Nov 1670RichardCallowe&HannahClaridge, of Tysoe 
3 Dec 1670JohnPhillips&MaryCourt, alias Hunt 
17 Oct 1671WilliamCroft, gent.,&JaneBrent dau of John Brent, sometime Vicar of this church 
26 Sep 1673WilliamCurtis&SarahHands[This entry is from a transcript at Worcester.]
1 Nov 1675ThomasSly&ElizabethDavis, of Oxhill 
6 Feb 1677WilliamSmith, of Fulready,&JaneBaylis, of Combroke 
4 Feb 1678NathanielRose, of Stratford,&MaryHiggins, of Alveston 
8 Feb 1678ThomasHoltham, of Chrimscoat,&MarthaLock, of the same 
23 Apr 1679CorbetBushel, of Birmingham,&MargaretWhite, of Halford 
8 Feb 1679JohnPlumb, of Broadway,&AnnePlumb 
27 Apr 1680ThomasBennet, w.,&MargaretSpiers, of Marston, co. Northants 
4 Nov 1682WilliamPowel, of Brailes,&JaneHiron, of Pillerton 
3 May 1683ArthurRowney, of Halford,&ElizabethTownsend, of Alveston 
29 Sep 1684CharlesTucker&EleanorWilliams 
19 Oct 1684RichardLadbrooke&MaryMoore 
28 Nov 1685SamuelBasely&LeahWhithead, w.,both of Eberton
4 Jul 1686JamesWard, of Stratford,&MaryWard, w. 
18 May 1687ThomasClark&AliceJones 
21 Feb 1687ThomasBroaderwick, of Stow,&ElizabethMansell, of Shipston 
19 Nov 1688JohnHarbourn&MaryNevel, of Newbold in Tredington 
5 Oct 1689JohnWilkins&SarahPillkington 
21 Dec 1691JohnBlackford, of Oxhill,&AnneHalford 
2 Jan 1691JohnSheifeild, of Fulruddy,&AnneTims, of Darnscoat 
4 May 1692WilliamBennet&SarahLake, of Stratford 
11 Jun 1692RichardGarner&MaryAmsden 
13 Oct 1692ThomasMan, of Kennelworth,&MarthaUnderhill, of Fulrudy 
11 May 1693NathanielRouse, of Newbold,&AnneCapel, of Fulrudy, w. 
20 May 1693RobertHamerton&ElizabethWard 
21 Jun 1693FrancisBurton, of Burmingham,&AnnHalford 
28 Sep 1693JohnBacon, of Armscoat,&AnneTaylor 
30 Sep 1693JohnWilkins&SarahMillard, of Stratford 
1 Nov 1693JohnRussell, of Warwick,&MaryWilkins 
6 Aug 1695ThomasWestmacott, of North Lench (co. Glouc.),&MaryHalford, of Armscoat 
3 Nov 1695RichardClark&MarthaMoore 
24 Feb 1695EdwardPerkes, of Great Hampton,&KatherineSalmon, of Halford 
29 Dec 1696JohnIngram, of Stratford,&AnneHarris 
9 Feb 1696ThomasTayler, of Armscoat,&AnnHunt, of Morton Morrell 
5 Mar 1697WilliamWhale&MaryWalton, of Oxhill 
8 May 1698JosephAshfield&ElizabethBlakeman 
16 Feb 1698WilliamSmith&AnnBacon 
13 Apr 1699ThomasReeve&SarahSmith,both of Lower Pillerton, farmer, lic.
8 Jun 1699GeorgeClarke&ElizabethBayliss, of Lower Pillertonlic.
22 Jun 1699ThomasMalin, of Tysoe, farmer,&MargeryGrevill, of Whitchurchlic.
19 Dec 1699GilesSmith, of Preston (on-Stour),&AnneNeale, of Upper Pillertonlic.
21 Sep 1700PhillipTablin, of Clifford,&MaryBacon 
15 Oct 1700RobertBlackbourn, of Tidmington,&MarthaCliftonlic.
3 Jun 1701EdwardRichards, of Wellesbourne,&MaryFosbury, of Bloxham 
3 Jul 1701JohnTidman&AnneSabin 
22 Nov 1701MathewSavage&MaryLadbrook 
9 Nov 1702WilliamLent&AnneVincent 
12 Nov 1702AbrahamSeabright, of Seavern Stoke,&MaryNoel 
3 Aug 1704RichardJordan, of Shipston,&MaryMarshall 
3 Oct 1704JonathanWall&SarahWard 
8 Jan 1706JohnJakeman&AnneBarber 
14 Sep 1707RichardBaylis, of Crimscoat,&ElizabethMalins, of Taltonlic.
10 Nov 1707WilliamLane, of Burmington,&SarahPalmer 
16 Nov 1707WilliamBliss&[blank]Cogbill, of Brailes 
14 Feb 1707JohnWrighton&AnneTidman, w. 
15 Jul 1710WilliamAliborne, of Pillerton,&EalonerPage 
14 Sep 1710JohnCollicott&MaryVincent 
2 Jun 1712JohnSuch, of Newbold,&SarahKings, of Halfordlic.
28 Aug 1712EdwardUnderhill, of Upthrop,&MaryWidmer, of Lambcottlic.
2 Sep 1712JosephRann, of Birmingham,&FrancesWidmer, of Lambcottlic.
13 Sep 1712RobertWallis, of Adderbury,&FrancesGranger, of Warwicklic.
9 Jan 1712JohnLentton, of Stratford,&AnneWincott, of Kinetonlic.
6 Apr 1713ThomasHawkes&DeborahCliftonlic.
28 Nov 1713JohnSale, of Fulready,&HannahWillis, of Tisoe 
13 Jul 1714JohnOakly, of Marston Sicca&AnneWillis 
21 Aug 1714CharlesTucker, of Darscott,&MaryJakeman 
30 Dec 1714JosephMaurrice, of Paulsperry, co. Northants,&AnneRoutham 
7 Jun 1715ThomasHemings, of Alderminster,&HannahBrewer, of Shipston upon Stower 
21 Jun 1715WilliamMalins, of Tolton, in the parish of Tredington,&ElizabethWells 
3 Oct 1715JohnWard&ElizabethSimmonds, of Clifford Chambers 
10 Dec 1716ThomasEden&RebeccaEllis,both of Kineton, lic.
2 Apr 1717ThomasCollett&JanePalmer 
13 Jun 1717RichardWiltshire, of Tewxsbury,&JudithNoell 
12 Oct 1717RobertKnight&AnneThorpe 
23 Jan 1717RichardDier&AliceClerk 
11 Jun 1718MatthewCraddock&ElizabethSabin 
23 Jun 1718WilliamMander&ElizabethOakly 
18 Aug 1718JohnWrighton&MaryKineton, of Tredington 
19 Oct 1718WilliamHill&AliceHiron 
19 Oct 1718WilliamHines&EstherBromfeild, of Eydon, co. Northants 
27 Oct 1718RichardColdicoat&RebeccaMoore 
28 Jan 1719RobertPhipps&MarthaDudley,both of Alderminster
[blank]   1720HenryHancock, of Pillerton,&AnnBeaumont 
5 Nov 1720JosephReason&SarahWarner, of Alderminster 
12 Apr 1724JosephAllen, of Wellesborn,&SarahTucker 
3 May 1730DavidMailings&AliceHill 
26 Jul 1730WilliamHill, w.,&MargaretMailing, w. 
21 May 1731NicholasReinolds&MaryTarver, of Burton Dasset 
4 Oct 1731ThomasMowbury, of Great Kington,&PatienceLitherland 
29 Sep 1739WilliamTub, of Halford,&AllisClark 
8 Oct [blank]EdwardBaylis&CatherineWells 
29 Oct 1731EdwardMontton, of Whitnaish,&MargeryGrimmit 
17 Feb 1731JosephMiles&AnnCompton 
7 Oct 1736RichardHarvey&AnnClark 
1 Nov 1736JohnPrentice&HannahBadsy, of Ofnam 
24 Jan 1736ThomasRobins, of Tyso,&AnnRighton 
3 Apr 1738SamuelBrown, of Alderminster,&MaryDyer 
29 Sep 1738EdwardTaylor&HesterLee 
15 May 1739WilliamSavige&MarySavige, of Alderminster 
2 Feb 1739BenjaminLockley, of Welsbourn,&SarahTurner 
5 Jan 1740JerimiahWells&MaryMallings 
18 Feb 1740JohnCanning&MaryBarronlic.
19 Jul 1741MathewSavige&AnnSuch 
2 Oct 1742JohnPlumb, of Alderminster,&AnnJones, of Todnam 
2 Nov 1742WilliamRead&AnnAbbites 
13 Jun 1743WilliamAllibone&MaryAppelbey 
10 Jul 1743WilliamDavis, of Hunington,&MarySmith, of Wasperton 
19 Apr 1744EdwardKeitley, of Shipston,&MaryJodan 
3 Jun 1744RichardWillis&AnnHaris 
27 Sep 1744JohnIlit&AnnBarand 
30 Sep 1744RichardHarvy&MaryJoncon 
11 Nov 1744JothanMils&ElizabethCradock 
26 Jan 1745WilliamFilips [Phillips]&ElizbethHobly 
9 Oct 1746ThomasMalins&AnnRoban 
29 Dec 1746WilliamCoarlof&HannahWard 
19 Oct 1747JohnSpraget&MaryHolt 
10 Nov 1747WilliamHuckley&MaryMore 
18 Jan 1747ThomasNicks&FrancesHares 
31 Jan 1747EdwardWilliams, of Chilswickom,&ElizabethTidman 
20 Oct 1748RobertTidman&ShusanahCotrel 
2 Oct 1750GilesBeery [Berry]&SaryHaris [Harris] 
3 May 1751JohnUpton&HannahCoten 
17 Feb 1754ThomasSmith&ElizabethLorten, of Barton of the Earth 
Volume 2.
29 Sep 1754JosephHunt&AnneSmith 
8 Jun 1755EdwardRaben&MaryGill 
28 Oct 1755WilliamTappril&RoseWalton, of Pillerton 
15 Apr 1756RichardJackson&FrancesKightly 
11 Oct 1756JohnAbell&MillisentTidman 
23 Dec 1756WilliamCanning&HannahWard, of Chapel Honeybornlic.
11 Jan 1758EdwardMinn&AliceProctorlic.
16 May 1758AnthonyTharp&SarahMullis, of Halford 
3 Jun 1759NathanielWhitehead, of Honinton,&AnneHorsmbylic.
22 Oct 1759JohnFreeman&MaryHeydon 
10 Dec 1759EdwardAtkins&SarahHartford, of Stratford 
23 Mar 1761JohnArnold, of Lower Pillerton,&MargaretAllen 
1 Nov 1761ValentineSale&AnneReed 
20 Jun 1762JohnHathaway, of Atherston,&MaryCraddock 
10 Jan 1763ThomasGardener, of Pillerton,&HannahGardenerlic.
22 Sep 1763HenryBaker, of Pillerton, w.,&SarahHarris, of Fulreadylic.
16 Oct 1764JosephBaylis&BettyBarns 
30 Oct 1764RichardRyman&MarySpenser, of Newbold Pacylic.
21 Apr 1765ThomasHale, of Brailes,&JaneMiles 
30 Jun 1765JohnSouth, of Swacliffe, co. Oxon.,&HannahButler 
24 May 1766ThomasLee&ElizabethReeve 
28 Jun 1766ThomasHunt, of Radway,&HesterTaylorlic.
5 Aug 1766WilliamBrowne&FrancesMartin, of Cherrington 
14 Oct 1766HumphreyWebb&MaryMakepeacelic.
19 Aug 1767ThomasWells&EleanorSlatter, of Ilmingtonlic.
30 Oct 1767JohnBoulton&MargaretReeve 
28 Dec 1767RichardWhell&AliceWoodward 
24 Jan 1768RobertHalford&AnneWilloughbylic.
23 May 1768ThomasRoberts&ElizabethWatsonlic.
24 Jul 1768ThomasHarrison, of Tredington,&SusannaWilliamslic.
8 Aug 1768WilliamJackson&AnneHochcock 
23 Apr 1770ThomasTimms&MaryMalings 
10 May 1770ThomasRoberts, of Blockley,&ElizabethSlatterlic.
23 May 1770WilliamReed&ElizabethBasket 
10 Jun 1770JamesGaydon&JaneTaylor 
2 Jul 1770JohnSalter&MaryWhite 
30 Oct 1770JohnHortin&AnneEdwardslic.
17 Oct 1771GuestPhipps, of Hook-Norton,&MaryEndallic.
19 Oct 1771JohnFreeman&SarahFletcher 
22 Oct 1771WilliamSkaybrook&MaryMiles 
20 Feb 1772JamesBaylis&JanePennlic.
23 Jun 1772ThomasBerry, of Honington,&ElizabethHarrislic.
8 Oct 1772WilliamRoberts&AnneParkerlic.
5 Jan 1773JohnRandal&ElizabethJeffs 
18 Mar 1773WilliamMiles&MaryParkerlic.
31 Oct 1773RichardSallis, of Halford,&MaryMiddleton 
17 Jun 1774WilliamHarris&MaryHandy, of Ilmingtonlic.
14 Feb 1775ThomasWilkins&ElizabethRabon 
12 Sep 1775JohnMiles, of Honington,&HannahSmith 
31 Oct 1775RichardRyman&ElizabethAllenlic.
2 Nov 1775ThomasIlit&AnneRussell 
28 Nov 1775JohnMiles&ElizabethFrisbylic.
3 Jun 1776JonathanKilby&CatherinePlaster 
15 Oct 1776RichardHarbutt, of Preston (on-Stour),&IsabellaSmallbones 
28 Nov 1776WilliamGreenaway&HannahCarter 
22 Apr 1777EdwardThorp&MarySpencer 
26 Apr 1778JohnHarwood&ElizabethReed 
1 Nov 1778ZaccheusHemins&ElizabethParkerlic.
6 Dec 1778EdwardSavage&MarthaJackson 
4 Jan 1779RichardShayler&AnnHarris 
3 Feb 1779JohnBacon&AnnGardiner 
27 Sep 1779WilliamTharp&SarahSmith 
29 Nov 1779JohnSconce of Wroxton,&AnnAtkinslic.
16 May 1780SamuelOrchard, of Ilmington,&ElizabethSmith 
8 Jun 1780WilliamCraddock&SarahHazeler 
4 Jul 1780AnthonyParker&SarahSpicerlic.
23 Oct 1780EdwardRawbone&ElizabethKing 
7 Nov 1780JamesWycherley&AnnIlet 
1 Jan 1781JohnHorseman&AnnReade 
9 Feb 1781JohnWincott, of St. Mary, Warwick,&JoannaKingtonlic.
26 Feb 1781WilliamSmith&AnnHunt 
24 Apr 1781WilliamSpencer&MaryTharp 
12 Jul 1781JacobHarris, of Hooknorton,&ElizabethMalinslic.
11 Oct 1781EdwardWilkins&AnnWilkins 
5 Nov 1781WilliamLapworth&MaryBates 
Volume 3.
28 Feb 1782WilliamRobins&AnnKyte 
17 Jul 1782WilliamBacon, gent., w.,&HannahGardner, of Upper Pillerton, w.lic.
1 Sep 1782WilliamAndall, servant,&ElizabethPricelic.
15 Oct 1782ThomasKinman&ElizabethBrown 
28 Jan 1783ThomasSmith, of Fladbury,&ElizabethMalinslic.
3 Mar 1783WilliamSmith&AnnTaylor 
28 Apr 1783JohnBickerstaff, of Idlicot,&MaryGardenerlic.
14 Oct 1783JohnPenn&HannahHugins 
14 Oct 1783DavidMiles&ElizabethIlitt 
29 Dec 1784SamuelTaylor, of Longborough,&FrancisRobbinslic.
11 Oct 1785RichardHiron&HannahBaker 
12 Oct 1785WilliamTims&HannahPrentice 
2 Jan 1786ThomasRawlings&AnneWinter 
10 Apr 1786ThomasTapling&ElizabethCarnbill 
9 Nov 1786WilliamRawlings&HannahPenn 
1 Jan 1787JosephHancox, of Whatcott,&ElizabethGardenerlic.
30 Apr 1787ThomasWilkins&MarySalmon 
23 Aug 1787SamuelUshery, of Fulready,&HannahSuchlic.
4 Oct 1787RichardFisher, of Alcester,&AnneMalinslic.
20 Oct 1787WilliamChambers, of Wellesbourn,&AnneBustinlic.
17 Nov 1787WilliamFord&ElizabethLanelic.
29 Nov 1787ThomasHobbs&ElizabethFreeman 
29 Nov 1787SamuelHichman, of Wichford,&HannahFreeman 
6 Dec 1787ThomasEden&MaryHadland 
13 Sep 1788WilliamPowel&ElizabethTailor 
2 Oct 1788SamuelHandy&HannahJacksons 
14 Oct 1788ThomasBishop&CatherineHarvy 
16 Feb 1789JohnNaish&MerrelNix 
18 Apr 1789AlexanderHornby&MaryGardiner, of Upper Pillertonlic.
18 Sep 1789JohnBasket&ElizabethRobins 
4 Jan 1790ThomasHands, of Waddington,&SarahSalmonlic.
5 Apr 1790JohnWoodward&HannahBacon, w. 
29 May 1790JoshuaDier&AliceBailis 
2 Nov 1790JohnWilkes, of Brailes,&AnneGardenerlic.
31 Jan 1791WilliamRoberts&AnneWebblic.
13 Jun 1791JohnBatsford&ElizabethWebblic.
10 Oct 1791ThomasMorris&MaryMakepeace 
5 Dec 1791WilliamRouse&AnneHadland, of Stratford-on-Avon 
12 Dec 1791GeorgeBishop&ElizabethWalker 
5 Jan 1792JeremiahMcGavhen, of Norton, co. Oxon.,&AnneBaconlic.
5 Mar 1792WilliamHerbert&AnneCollicott 
16 Apr 1792JohnTyler, of Morton-in-Marsh,&HannahCooper 
11 Oct 1792JohnTaylor&AnneWalker 
10 Dec 1792WilliamByerly&AnnSalmon 
12 Feb 1793JohnEdwards, of Alderminster,&ElizabethJones 
13 May 1793WilliamBerry&AnneWheal 
15 Oct 1793ThomasFreeman&SarahWilkins 
14 Nov 1793WilliamMarshall&MaryBarlowlic.
19 Nov 1793GeorgeWallington, of Charlecote,&MabelMalinslic.
30 Apr 1795WilliamHall, of Wigginton, co. Oxon.,&MarthaMileslic.
23 Nov 1795RichardHoltom&ElizabethCockbill 
16 May 1796WilliamChamberlain&MaryParker 
19 May 1796JohnHall&ElizabethMakepeace 
2 Aug 1796ThomasFletcher&SarahWhitelic.
27 Sep 1796WilliamBishop&EstherBadger, of Braileslic.
3 Oct 1796JohnPaton&SarahRobinslic.
20 Oct 1796ThomasSalmon&MollyWebblic.
20 Oct 1796JosephHoltom&JemimahWebblic.
3 Jul 1797SimonStranks, of Warmington,&MarthaGardinerlic.
5 Jan 1798WilliamEdwards, of Alderminster,&AnneHornsbylic.
11 Oct 1798ThomasIlitt&SusannahBurgislic.
16 Oct 1798WilliamCanning&ElizabethGardner, of Tredington 
13 Jun 1799CharlesBarlow&MaryJackson 
11 Oct 1799JonathanMiles&MaryTaylor 
16 Oct 1799JohnJuffs&HannahHicks 
27 Oct 1799JohnKey&MaryRandle 
20 Jan 1800ThomasNichols, of Weston Subedge,&MaryHankornlic.
18 Feb 1800GeorgeRoberts&AnneLidsy 
14 Apr 1800ThomasBarlow&HannahIvan 
10 Feb 1801JohnBrain&SarahBumford, of Braileslic.
1 Sep 1801JohnButts&AliceBaylis 
17 Dec 1801ThomasArch&SarahRoberts 
22 Jun 1802JohnBayly&ElizabethReading 
10 Aug 1802ThomasKeyte&MaryKitchen 
4 Feb 1803WilliamAlcock, of Ilmington,&JaneMiles 
11 Oct 1803JohnCole&SarahRoberts 
19 Dec 1803SamuelFlanakin, of Alderminster,&SarahYork 
22 Dec 1803JobFindon, of Wellesbourne,&ElizabethJacksonlic.
13 Jan 1804WilliamBacon&MaryHorsmanlic.
16 Oct 1804JohnRoberts&ElizabethKey, of Oxhil 
18 Oct 1804JohnFreeman&MaryTaylor 
25 Oct 1804ThomasTruby, of Shipston,&ElizabethRandle 
24 Dec 1804RobertGascoin, of Hornton,&SarahHarbutt 
24 Jun 1805RobertHornby&AnneBaskett, of Ilmingtonlic.
15 Oct 1805JohnPage&AnneDodd 
25 Nov 1805WilliamWoodard&SarahPayton 
14 Jan 1806ThomasBroadway, of Tredington,&MaryHautwin 
24 Jun 1806WilliamGoddard, of Oxhill,&ElizabethHancock 
5 Aug 1806WilliamBerry&ElizabethKenning 
15 Sep 1806JohnWatkins&ElizabethWebblic.
13 Oct 1806WilliamWebb&MaryHolmes 
27 Oct 1806ThomasAllibone&ElizabethSmith 
13 Nov 1806ThomasRandle&SarahSpencer 
18 Nov 1806RichardBaylis, of Halford,&NancyArchlic.
13 Apr 1807WilliamCluff&AnnBaylis 
4 May 1807WilliamTubb, of Loxley,&HannahWincott 
4 May 1807ThomasDickins&CharlotteMiles 
28 Jul 1807JohnPenn, w.,&MaryThorp 
3 Dec 1807JohnZouch, of Oxhill,&MaryIngles 
28 Dec 1807JohnTharp&MaryMiles 
8 Feb 1808JohnHitchman, of Tredington, w.,&SarahGardnerlic.
7 Nov 1808JohnStowe&AnnKite, of Alderminster 
21 Nov 1808JamesLong&HannahHarbutt 
26 Dec 1808JohnWoodward, w.,&MaryMumford 
2 Mar 1809CharlesWright, of Halford,&MaryBickerstafflic.
12 Oct 1809RichardPetty, of Loxley,&ElizabethSmith 
15 Nov 1809JosephArch&HannahBailey 
26 Dec 1809WilliamYoung&MaryAllen 
21 Jan 1811SamuelSpencer&MaryRattle 
4 Nov 1811ThomasClarke&AnnSale 
11 Dec 1811ThomasMason&SarahCradock 
24 Feb 1812WilliamWilliams&ElizabethWoodward 
8 Apr 1812JohnBeck&ElizabethStiles 
9 Apr 1812ThomasRoberts&AnneMiles 
8 May 1812JohnKirby, of Halford,&MaryHarris 
3 Aug 1812EdwardReading, of Upper Pillerton,&PhoebeTaplin 
17 Aug 1812GeorgeRoberts&MarySpencerlic.

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