Clifton-upon-Dunsmore St Mary
Baptisms from 1837 to 1842

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                    Surname Listing:

Allord, Barnet, Bicknell, Bodicott, Brown, Browne, Budd,
Cave, Chamberlain, Clark, Clarke, Clemans, Cockerill, Cowley, Cozens, Crutchley,
Douglas, Franklin, French, Goode, Goodwin, Green,
Harriott, Harrott, Hart, Healey, Heley, Henc-, Hewitt, Higgs, Hiout, Hobley, Holland,
Ivens, Kenny, Kenton, Lamsden, Latimer, Lines, Loydall, Luck, Martin, Meads, Moor, Moore,
Norman, Parsons, Patchett, Patrick, Pratt, Scott, Stafford, Stanton, Sutton,
Townsend, Turll, Vann, Watts, Wright, Wykes,

Ashburn, Bostridge, Healey, Jacques, Jaiqes, Kenny, Martin, Pratt, Wilson, Wright,

Date Name Father, Occupation Mother Abode Notes
1 Jan 1837MosesMoses COWLEY, LabourerJane Newton
12 Jan 1837JuliaWilliam TOWNSEND, GrazierJane Clifton
19 Feb 1837HannahGeorge CHAMBERLAIN, LabourerMary Hillmorton
26 Feb 1837CharlesJohn NORMAN, LabourerJane Clifton
26 Feb 1837TomJames CLEMANS, ServantAnne WILSONAnsteyMother was a spinster of Clifton
19 Mar 1837JohnRobert WRIGHT, LabourerJane Clifton
2 Apr 1837AnnThomas GREEN, LabourerMary Newton
13 Apr 1837WilliamRichard BODICOTT, ServantCharlotte JAIQESCatthorpeMother was a spinster of Clifton
14 May 1837JohnWilliam IVENS, CarpenterAnn Clifton
14 May 1837CharlesJoseph SUTTON, LabourerElizabeth Newton
23 May 1837SarahJohn MARTIN, CarpenterSarah Clifton
23 May 1837SelinaWilliam LOYDALL, BlacksmithSarah Clifton
23 May 1837CarolineWilliam LOYDALL, BlacksmithSarah Clifton
28 Jun 1837JaneThomas CHAMBERLAIN, LabourerPhebe Clifton
28 Jun 1837LucyJohn HENC-, ServantPriscilla WRIGHTFather's surname and abode illegible. Mother was a spinster of Clifton.
2 Jul 1837Richard MortonJohn VANN, FarmerMary Clifton Fields
9 Jul 1837AnnJohn SUTTON, FarmerSarah Clifton
9 Jul 1837ThomasWilliam HOBLEY, LabourerMary KENNYRugbyMother was a spinster of Newbold.
9 Jul 1837WilliamThomas KENNY, LabourerSarah Clifton
9 Jul 1837Emily JaneThomas HART, JewellerAnne Great Hampton Row Birmingham
3 Sep 1837JosephCharles HARRIOTT, LabourerSarah Clifton
3 Sep 1837Elizabeth AnnJohn HOLLAND, LabourerPriscilla Clifton
30 Oct 1837George DriverWilliam LUCK, GrazierElizabeth Clifton
28 Nov 1837RichardRichard GOODE, LabourerSarah Newton
30 Jan 1838Mary AnnWilliam COZENS, LabourerPrudence Newton
6 Mar 1838James BuddJames Budd PRATT, Ann PRATTCliftonMother was a spinster of Newton
11 Mar 1838MaryRobert PATCHETT, LabourerSarah Clifton
11 Mar 1838AnnWilliam PRATT, FarmerAnn Newton
13 Mar 1838AnnWilliam GOODWIN, LabourerElizabeth Newton
27 Mar 1838SarahWilliam HOBLEY, TaylorAnn Newton
27 Mar 1838AnnWilliam LINES, Stocking weaverElizabeth Newton
1 Apr 1838WilliamWilliam FRANKLIN, Labourer on the RailroadSarah Clifton
1 Apr 1838Mary AnnWilliam FRANKLIN, Labourer on the RailroadSarah Clifton
1 May 1838Harriet ElizabethThomas HIGGS, ButcherMaria Clifton
1 May 1838ThomasThomas DOUGLAS, LabourerMary-Ann Clifton
1 May 1838AnnJames PARSONS, LabourerElizabeth Clifton
25 May 1838ElizabethEdward HELEY, LabourerEsther Clifton
27 May 1838AnnWilliam LINES, Stocking weaverElizabeth Newton
24 Jun 1838ElizaJohn NORMAN, LabourerJane Clifton
12 Aug 1838MarthaWilliam IVENS, CarpenterAnn Clifton
9 Sep 1838Thomas EdwardJoseph KENNY, LabourerRebecca CliftonNote in margin: Thomas & Sarah. Corrected Jan 29 1839 by me J.M.C. Moor vicar in the presence of H.Howarth churchwarden & R.Barnwell parish clerk.
1 Nov 1838Lucy MarthaJames Howe Christopher MOOR, VicarMary Anne Clifton
11 Nov 1838AncyJames Howe Christopher MOOR, VicarMary Anne Clifton
13 Nov 1838George ThomasJoseph WYKES, ShoemakerAnne Clifton
18 Nov 1838SarahSamuel BROWN, LabourerElizabeth Newton
18 Nov 1838Ellen MaryWilliam CAVE, CarpenterRebecca Newton
18 Dec 1838JohnJohn LOYDALL, BlacksmithAnn Clifton
22 Dec 1838JohnJames BUDD, ButcherAnn Clifton
12 Jan 1839Mary JaneWilliam TOWNSEND, GrazierJane Clifton
17 Jan 1839Ann-ElizabethJohn GOODE, LabourerHannah Clifton
10 Feb 1839ElizaJohn HOLLAND, LabourerPriscilla Clifton
12 Feb 1839JohnJames WATTS, LabourerAnn Clifton
24 Feb 1839Martin JohnThomas IVENS, CarpenterMaria Clifton
5 Mar 1839FrederickHenry HIOUT, SawyerMary Newton
14 May 1839ThomasThomas ALLORD, CarryerMary Clifton
7 Jul 1839CharlesJohn MEADS, BlacksmithHannah Clifton
8 Sep 1839DavidWilliam LINES, LabourerElizabeth Newton
8 Sep 1839ElizabethWilliam LINES, Labourer Newton
8 Sep 1839HenryRobert WRIGHT, LabourerJane Clifton
30 Sep 1839ElizabethRichard GOODE, LabourerSarah Clifton
10 Nov 1839RobertRobert PATCHETT, LabourerSarah Clifton
24 Nov 1839Elizabeth EmmaHenry HEWITT, MillerElizabeth Emma Clifton
8 Dec 1839Susan EmmaJames Hoare Christopher MOORE, VicarMary Anne Clifton
15 Dec 1839Mary-JaneWilliam IVENS, WheelwrightAnn Clifton
31 Dec 1839JamesWilliam GOODWIN, LabourerElizabeth Newton
13 Jan 1840William SuttonWilliam TOWNSEND, CliftonJane Grazier
2 Feb 1840Sarah-CharlotteThomas LATIMER, LabourerMary Newton
2 Feb 1840CatherineSamuel BROWNE, LabourerElizabeth Newton
4 Feb 1840JohnWilliam FRENCH, LabourerNancy WILSONCliftonMother was a spinster
18 Feb 1840Sarah AnnThomas STAFFORD, LabourerElizabeth Clifton
18 Feb 1840James EdwardJames BUDD, ButcherAnne Clifton
23 Feb 1840ThomasJohn SUTTON, LabourerSarah Clifton
17 Mar 1840EdwrdJoseph WYKES, ShoemakerAnne Clifton
9 Apr 1840ThomasThomas HOBLEY, LabourerMaria Clifton
7 Jun 1840MaryJaneJohn MARTIN, CarpenterSarah Clifton
5 Jul 1840ThomasThomas HIGGS, ButcherMaria Clifton
9 Aug 1840RobertWilliam COCKERILL, CarpenterElizabeth Clifton
15 Aug 1840WilliamJoseph IVENS, WheelwrightRebecca Clifton
15 Aug 1840AnnJoseph IVENS, WheelwrightRebecca Clifton
11 Oct 1840JosephJohn CLARKE, LabourerSarah Clifton
27 Oct 1840JosephJoseph SUTTON, LabourerElizabeth Newton
1 Dec 1840ClaraJoseph SCOTT, GrazierElizabeth Newton
12 Jan 1841John Hands SuttonWillliam TOWNSEND, GrazierJane Clifton
2 Mar 1841CharlesJames BICKNELL, Mary HEALEYClifton
7 Mar 1841Mary AnnThomas KENNY, SawyerSarah Clifton
14 Mar 1841JosephJohn LOYDALL, BlacksmithAnn Clifton
28 Mar 1841AnnThomas HOBLEY, LabourerMaria Clifton
30 Mar 1841JohnWilliam PATRICK, Charlotte JACQUESMother was a servant in Clifton
20 Jun 1841Stephen CharlesCharles CRUTCHLEY, Ann MARTINCliftonFather was a gardener and mother was a servant
15 Aug 1841Sophia SalomeJames H C MOOR, VicarMary Anne Clifton
22 Aug 1841JohnJohn HOLLAND, LabourerPriscilla Newton
5 Sep 1841JamesCharles HARROTT, LabourerSarah Clifton
19 Sep 1841JaneWilliam TURLL, LabourerMary Newton
28 Sep 1841HenryHenry HIOUT, SawyerMary Newton
28 Sep 1841MaryHenry HIOUT, SawyerMary Newton
1 Dec 1841EdwardThomas LATIMER, LabourerMary Clifton
28 Dec 1841Edward AlbertThomas STAFFORD, LabourerElizabeth Clifton
12 Jan 1842SarahWilliam TOWNSEND, GrazierJane Clifton
18 Jan 1842WilliamThomas HIGGS, ButcherMaria Clifton
6 Mar 1842MaryRichard GOODE, LabourerSarah Clifton
6 Mar 1842ElizabethJoseph SUTTON, LabourerElizabeth Clifton
10 Apr 1842JamesThomas SUTTON, LabourerRosanna Newton
8 May 1842Rosa MaryJames STANTON, Mary BOSTRIDGERugbyMother's abode was Newton
8 May 1842ElizabethSamuel BROWNE, LabourerElizabeth Newton
15 May 1842GeorgeJames WATTS, LabourerAnne Clifton
15 May 1842ThomasEdward HEALEY, LabourerEsther Clifton
31 Aug 1842Phebe AnnPeter LAMSDEN, GrazierFanny Newton
4 Sep 1842LucyWilliam HEALEY, LabourerMary Clifton
4 Sep 1842HarriottRobert WRIGHT, LabourerJane Clifton
11 Sep 1842John SuttonJohn CLARK, LabourerSarah Clifton
2 Oct 1842Frederick ButlinJohn GOODWIN, LabourerElizabeth Clifton
16 Oct 1842Alfred JohnHenry BARNET, BlacksmithElizabeth Clifton
30 Oct 1842WilliamWilliam HOBLEY, TaylorAnn Newton
22 Nov 1842ThomasWilliam LINES, LabourerElizabeth Newton
22 Nov 1842ElizabethWilliam GOODWIN, LabourerElizabeth Newton
22 Nov 1842Henry KentonHenry KENTON, ServantJane ASHBURNNewton

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