Banns for Brinklow, Warwickshire
from 1824 to 1840

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List of names taken from the Banns for St St John the Baptist church, Brinklow 1824-1840

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Adler, Arnold, Askill, Bailey, Barnes, Bates, Bayley, Beech, Berry, Bird, Brain, Brothers,
Clark, Clarke, Cleaver, Colledge, Cook, Cooper, Copsey, Curtis, Dimmock,
Edwards, Esseck, Evans, Gloster, Gothard, Gothridge, Green,
Hall, Hambler, Hamilton, Harrowell, Hayes, Hayes:, Henley, Hensley, Hill, Hobley, Holyoak, Hunt,
Jackson, Jeffrey, Jennings, Johnson, Jones, Kirk, Labourn, Manger, March, Miller, Moor, Murden,
Nicols, Oldham, Owen, Palmer, Phips, Puffett, Richardson,
"Saunders, Scrimenger, Sheires, Smart, Smith, Stean, Surrey;, Treen, Turner,
" "Wakelin, Wale, Walker, Ward, Watkin, Watson, Webb, Whiteman, Wilking, Wills, Wolfe, Woolascroft, Wootton, Wright,


Adams, Adler, Askill, Bailey, Ball, Barton, Benefield, Berry, Bird, Bolton, Boote, Bottrill, Brookes, Butler, Butlin,
Clark, Clarke, Colledge, Curtis, Davis, Ellis, Farn, Fisher, Green, Gregory, Grimmett,
Hands, Harwell, Hayes, Heeth, Hemming, Henley, Hewitt, Hickling, Holte, Horsefall, Hutt,
Iliff, Iliffe, Johnson, Jones, Knight, Lambert, Lee, Lissaman,
Malin, Manger, Marston, Martin, Martindale, Matthews, Moore, Neal, Neale,
Oliver, Osborne, Owen, Pabody, Palmer, Powers, Randall, Robinson,
Sanders, Saunders, Shirley, Smith, Steane, Taskler, Treen,
Wakelin, Wale, Warden, Wardle, Whorrell, Wilkinson, Wolfe, Wright,

Date Groom Abode Bride Abode Comments
January 1824Richard SummersChurch LawfordMary TasklerOTPMarried at Brinklow
May 1824James OldhamWolveyElizabeth OsborneCombfields(Only 2 read) 9 May Banns Forbid
August 1824Thomas WolfeBrinklowMary WardleAshby Magna, LeicestershireMarried at Ashby Magna
Aug/Sept 1824Thomas Surrey; BoatmanOTPJane ButlinOTPNot married
October 1824Thomas Jennings(None Given)Ann SteaneCombefieldsMarried at Brinklow
January 1825William BayleyOTPJane ButlinOTPMarried at Brinklow
January 1825Charles HobleyOTPMary BaileyOTPMarried at Brinklow
Feb/March 1825William AdlerOTPSusanna WilkinsonOTPMarried at Brinklow
June/July 1825Thomas PhipsFloor NorthamptonshireElizabeth Gothard JohnsonOTP 
Aug/Sept 1825William Bird ClarkeOTPAnne EllisOTP 
Sept/Oct 1825Thomas SmithOTPMary MatthewsOTPMarried at Brinklow
Oct/Nov 1825James WalkerOTPMary SandersOTPMarried at Brinklow
Oct/Nov 1825John Oughton BrothersOTPCharlotte BallOTPMarried at Brinklow
November 1825Daniel Stean(None Given)Anne Bailey(None Given)Married at Brinklow
December 1825John Hobley(None Given)Ann Wolfe(None Given)Married at Brinklow
February 1826Richard HamblerMartonMary HandsOTPMarried at Brinklow
July 1826Samuel JonesOTPAnne WakelinOTPNot married
July 1826John TurnerOTPHannah TreenWithybrook 
August 1826William Hayes: Boatman(None Given)Frances Owen(None Given)Married at Brinklow
September 1826William Colledge(None Given)Catherine Butlin(None Given)Married at Brinklow
Sept/Oct 1826Jonathon Hayes(None Given)Charlotte Hayes(None Given)Married Nov 6
October 1826John OwenOTPRebecca FisherStony Stratford Buckinghamshire 
Oct/Nov 1826George WaleOTPCharlotte TreenOTP 
Oct/Nov 1826John AdamsMonks KirbyElizabeth SmithOTP 
Dec 1826/Jan 1827John WrightMonks KirbyAnn RobinsonThe Extra Parochial Hamlet of Coomb Fields 
May 1827William CurtisCoomb FieldsCatherine PowersOTP 
September 1827William Clarke, BatchelorOTPElizabeth Bolton, WidowOTP 
September 1827Joseph TreenOTPMary NealeNewton 
Sept/Oct 1827William RichardsonCoombefieldsMary BirdSapcote Leicestershire 
Nov/Dec 1827William HuntOTPMary GregoryOTP 
Dec 1827/Jan 1828John SmartCombfieldsMary HicklingNewbold Verdun 
May 1828Joseph HallCombfieldsElizabeth BartonCombfields 
August 1828William SmithOTPJane MartinSt Johns CoventryNot married
November 1828John WakelinOTPMary Ann JohnsonOTP 
January 1829John WrightOTPMary OwenOTP 
April 1829William EsseckChurch LawfordMary ClarkOTP 
August 1829Daniel HolyoakOTPAnne MartindaleOTP 
Aug/Sept 1829Samuel Wilking FitterStretton near Monks KirbyAnne KnightOTP 
September 1829John JohnsonOTPAnne SmithHinckleyMarried
November 1829Thomas EvansOTPElizabeth MangerOTPMarried
November 1829William WatsonOTPEsther BenefieldOTPMarried
November 1829Henry MurdenOTPElizabeth ButlerOTPMarried
Nov/Dec 1829William SmithOTPSarah WaleOTPMarried
December 1829Thomas Hensley(None Given)Martha Wright(None Given)Married
Jan/Feb 1830William GothridgeHoly Trinity CoventryElizabeth LambertOTPMarried
February 1830Henry BrainBrinklowMary Anne WardenEasinhallMarried at Monks Kirby
March/April 1830James JacksonOTPFrances ButlinOTPMarried
August 1830William Smith(None Given)Ann Gregory,Widow(None Given)Married
Sept/Oct 1830George WillsOTPJane LissamanOTPMarried
October 1830James WardOTPElizabeth BallOTPMarried
November 1830William WatkinOTPKezia WolfeOTPMarried
November 1830Thomas WebbOTPSarah ClarkeOTPMarried
December 1830Robert ScrimengerOTPSarah MalinOTP 
January 1831William ClarkWeston Flavell, NorthamptonshireMary GreenOTP 
May 1831William CooperOTPAnne JohnsonOTP 
July 1831Wlliam Clarke BirdOTPPhebe OliverOTP 
July 1831William DimmockOTPCharlotte SmithOTP 
July 1831William CleaverWoscott near GrandboroughMartha JohnsonOTP 
Sept/Oct 1831George BarnesOTPFrances OwenOTP 
October 1831William AskillOTPElizabeth LeeWolveyMarried at Wolvey
Christmas Day 1831/January 1832Joseph OwenOTPAnne WrightOTPMarried
Christmas Day 1831/January 1832William Saunders(None Given)Sarah Wright(None Given)Married
January 1832Thomas MillerOTPMaria SaundersOTPNot married
April 1832John SmithOTPElizabeth AdamsOTP 
June 1832Richard BaileyOTPAnn HemmingBidford 
July 1832Joseph Green, BatchelorOTPMary Clarke, WidowMonks Kirby 
July 1832William BerryOTPMaria SaundersOTPMarried
September 1832William GothardOTPMary NealFenny Stratford Bucks 
Sept/Oct 1832William GlosterOTPEliza IliffeOTPMarried
Oct/Nov 1832Joseph GreenOTPMartha HolteOTP 
December 1832Thomas CooperOTPAnn CurtisOTP 
June 1833George ArnoldWarwickMaria JonesOTP 
July 1833John LabournOTPSusannah HarwellOTPMarried
Nov/Dec 1833William CookHoly Trinity CoventryMary ColledgeOTP 
January 1834John WoolascroftOTPElizabeth JohnsonOTPMarried
Aug/Sept 1834David Harrowell(None Given)Harriet Shirley(None Given)Married
Nov/Dec 1834William CookHoly Trinity CoventryMary ColledgeOTPMarried
March 1835William SaundersOTPAnne BallOTPNot married
April 1835William HillOTPMary Anne WrightOTPNot married
May 1835Henry MurdenOTPAlice BottrillOTPMarried
August 1835John MoorOTPAnn DavisOTP 
Aug/Sept 1835John BeechOTPElizabeth PabodyKislingbury Northampton 
September 1835John WebbOTPAnn MooreOTP 
October 1835Thomas BaileyOTPCharlotte GrimmettNewbold on Avon 
May 1836Charles MangerOTPAnn RandallWithybrook 
June/July 1836William PuffettMonks KirbySarah SaundersOTP 
July 1836Benjamin HenleyOTPHannah SaundersOTPMarried
Sept/Oct 1836John HenleyOTPPhebe FarnOTPMarried
Oct/Nov 1836William OwenOTPLouisa MarstonOTP 
January 1837George Johnson(None Given)Elizabeth Brookes(None Given) 
February 1837John KirkOTPCharlotte WhorrellOTP 
February 1837Thomas ColledgeOTPEmma HenleyOTP 
Sept/Oct 1837Joseph EdwardsMonks KirbyMary AskillOTP 
Sept/Oct 1837Thomas HallKings NewnhamMary BooteOTP 
Sept/Oct 1837John SheiresWolverhamptonAnn TreenOTP 
Feb/March 1838George BaileyOTPHarriet MangerOTP 
Feb/March 1838James PalmerCombfieldsAnne GreenOTP 
March/April 1838William MarchFranktonMary BerryOTP 
May 1838William CooperOTPMary Ann HeethOTP 
Aug/Sept 1838Samuel BatesOTPElizabeth BaileyOTP 
Sept/Oct 1838John WhitemanOTPMartha IliffOTP 
October 1838John NicolsOTPSophia WrightOTP 
December 1838John HamiltonOTPHannah Maria HuttOTP 
Dec 1838/Jan 1839John CopseyOTPElizabeth AdlerOTP 
Dec 1838/Jan 1839Thomas Owen(None Given)Fanny Colledge(None Given) 
October 1839Samuel GreenOTPSarah PalmerOTP 
Oct/Nov 1839Thomas Jeffrey(None Given)Elizabeth Hewitt(None Given) 
December 1840William Wootton, BatchelorOTPMary Anne Horsefall, SpinsterOTP 

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