Bourton on Dunsmore, St. Peter
Marriages from 1813 to 1836

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Ascue, Asher, Askew, Atkins.
Baker, Barnwell, Berry, Blakewell, Blundell, Bradshaw, Burbidge.
Carter, Church, Cleaver, Clerke, Cobley, Cockerill, Cockrill, Cole, Cooper.
Dawes, Dunkley.
Edwards, Elkington, Ellis, England, Ewett.
Glenn, Green, Gregory, Griffin.
Hanley, Hensom, Hirons, Hobley, Hudson.
Iliff, Ingram.
Jackson, Jennings, Johnson.
Kelham, Kibler.
Lake, Landon, Leeson, Lickerish, Lines, Liquorish.
Makepeace, Masters, Miller, Mills, Morgan.
Olerenshaw, Osborne, Over.
Pagget, Peircy, Perkins, Powell.
Radband, Reeve, Reynolds, Richardson.
Shaw, Shearsby, Silvester, Smith, Standley, Sutton.
Taylor, Timbs, Timms, Treen, Trindrell.
Walsgrove, Waren, Warner, Warren, Watson, Webb, Webster, Welton, White, Whitwick, Wilkins, Wilson, Winters, Worrall.

Askew, Atkins, Auger.
Baker, Barnwell, Bennett, Berry, Boot, Burbidge.
Carter, Catteral, Chater, Church, Cleaver, Clerk, Clerke, Cockerill, Crosby.
Elkington, England, Eyedale.
Flavel, Frigell.
Glenn, Goode, Griffin.
Hewitt, Hinde, Hobley, Hudson, Hume.
Jackson, Jeacock, Jennings.
Landon, Lickorish.
Makepeace, Masters, Mills, Morgan, Moss.
Pagett, Paggatt, Paggett, Parrott, Pearcey.
Reeve, Richards.
Salloway, Shaw, Shearsby, Spier, Sutton.
Taylor, Tew, Timms, Treen.
Walsgrove, Warner, Webb, Welton, White, Whitehouse, Wilson.

MARRIAGES 1813 - 1836

B/L Date Groom, Status, Abode Bride, Status, Abode Witnesses Notes
B24 May 1813Samuel SMITH, (x) BourtonAnn TIMMS, (x) BourtonJoseph GOODE 
B11 Nov 1813Benjamin ASCUE (x) of BourtonElizabeth SILVESTER of BourtonJoseph GOODE 
B26 May 1814Richard RADBAND (x) of St Nicholas, Warwick, bachelorElizabeth WEBB of BourtonWm WEBB 
B8 Nov 1814William WILKINS of BourtonSarah WAREN of BourtonJohn BURBIDGE Francis CATTERAL Wm. PAGETT 
B22 Nov 1814William COOPER of BrinklowMary PERKINS of BourtonWilliam BERRY William PAGETT 
B28 June 1815Thomas WELTON of BourtonLouisa ELKINGTON of BourtonWilliam AUGER Ann ELKINGTON Wm. PAGETT 
B13 Nov 1815Thomas DUNKLEY (x) of Dunchurch, bachelorMary JENNINGS (x) of Bourton, sp.William HUME John JENNINGS William PAGETT 
B11 Nov 1816William DAWES (x) of Draycote, bachelorFrances COCKRILL (x) of Bourton, spThomas COCKRILL William PAGETT 
 This form had a line through it    
B28 March 1816
(out of date order)
Richard BARNWELL of Hensbrow in the Hamlet of Thurlaston in Parish of DunchurchCatherine TIMBS of Draycote in BourtonThos. HEWITT Wm. PAGETT 
B5 Feb 1817John BAKER of WormlightonMaria BAKERJohn CHATER William PAGETT  
L18 April 1817Richard OSBORNE of GrandboroughHannah EWETTThomas BARNWELLNot signed by Groom/Bride Signed by William PAGETT and Thomas BARNWELL in their place
B5 June 1817Edmund BERRY of BourtonMary LINES (x) of BourtonRichard WEBB William PAGETT 
B15 July 1817George COCKRILL of BourtonMaria HANLEY of BourtonWilliam REEVE George COCKRILL William PAGETT 
B17 March 1818William TRINDRELL (x) of BourtonMary SUTTON of BourtonWilliam SUTTON Sarah LICKORISH William PAGETT 
B10 Aug 1818William BERRY of BourtonAnna Maria JOHNSON of BourtonChas. CROSBY Elizabeth CROSBY William PAGETT 
B6 Oct 1818James INGRAM of Birbury in County of WarwickElizabeth BARNWELL of BourtonRichd. BARNWELL Catherine BARNWELL William PAGETT 
B12 Oct 1818William WATSON (x) of Stretton IN County of WarwickElizabeth WINTERS (x) of BourtonSamuel CLEAVER Elizabeth CLEAVER William PAGETT 
B27 Oct 1818John ASHER (x) of BourtonElizabeth COCKRILL (x) of Stretton on DunsmoreJohn COCKRILL William PAGETT 
B13 Aug 1819John GREEN of BirdingburyAnn Webster EDWARDS of BourtonThomas SPIER Martha SPIER William PAGETT 
B11 Oct 1819Ryle ATKINS of BourtonSarah STANDLEY of BourtonJohn ATKINS Sarah MOSS William PAGGETT 
B10 Nov 1819John HIRONS of Church LawfordDorcas BRADSHAW of BourtonAnne CARTER William HINDE William PAGGETT 
B15 Nov 1819William MILLS of Stretton upon DunsmoreElizabeth BAKER (x) of BourtonJohn MILLS Ann BAKER Richard JEACOCK 
L16 July 1820John GRIFFIN of ChestertonHannah WEBB of BourtonSusanna JEACOCK Aguila GRIFFIN Richard JEACOCK 
B8 Aug 1820Richard BARNWELL of BourtonAnn CARTER of BourtonWilliam TIMMS Sarah BARNWELL Rich. JECCOCK 
B7 May 1821Nathaniel GLENN (x) of BourtonHannah ASKEW (x) of BourtonSarah ASKEW Richard JEACOCK 
B2 July 1821John LEESON of HillmortonElizabeth MORGAN (x) of BourtonJoseph TEW Ester MORGAN Richard JEACOCK 
B11 Feb 1822Willliam WARREN of BourtonElizabeth JACKSON (x) of BourtonJoseph ENGLAND Marie ENGLAND Richard JEACOCK 
L27 Aug 1822John Giles POWELL of BourtonFrances KELHAM of BourtonJoseph ENGLAND Mary ENGLAND Richd. JEACOCK 
B10 Feb 1823John LANDON of BourtonSarah ELKINGTON of DunchurchMary ELKINGTON William REEVE Richard JEACOCK 
B27 May 1823Richard ILIFF of BourtonSarah BARNWELL (x) of BourtonMaria BARNWELL Rich. BARNWELL Richard JEACOCK 
B18 Nov 1823Joseph TREEN (x) of WithybrookAnn ILIFF (x) of BourtonJohn RANDLE Hannah TREEN Richard JEACOCK 
B6 May 1824William MAKEPEACE resident in this ParishMary OLERENSHAW of BourtonWilliam OLERENSHAW Rosann MAKEPEACE Richard JEACOCK 
L20 May 1824Thomas JOHNSON of SouthamSarah WARNER of BourtonSarah ELKINGTON John WARNER 
B7 July 1824William REEVE of BourtonMary REEVE of BourtonRichard REEVE Sarah WHITEHOUSE John REEVE 
B25 Oct 1825John COCKERILL of BourtonSarah ENGLAND (x) of BourtonCharles COCKERILL Elizabeth ENGLAND Susanna JEACOCK 
B9 Jan 1826Adam GREGORY (x) of Stretton on DunsmoreHannah CLERKE (x) of BourtonElisabeth WELTON Catherine WELTON Richard JEACOCK 
B20 Oct 1826John MASTERS (x) of Stretton on DunsmoreSarah LICKERISH of BourtonWilliam MASTERS Mary LICKERISH Ann TIMMS 
B6 Aug 1827Joseph KIBLER of HonilyMary SHEARSBY (x) of BourtonJoseph SHEARSBY Maria TIMMS Richard JEACOCK 
B23 Oct 1827William TAYLOR (x) of HunninghamAnn JACKSON (x) of BourtonRobert JACKSON Sarah COCKERILL Richard JEACOCK 
B4 Feb 1828John GLENN of DunchurchMaris ELLIS of BourtonHenry FLAVEL Mary GLENN Richard JEACOCK 
B31 July 1828Joseph REEVE of FranctonHannah BURBIDGE (x) of BourtonJohn REEVE Susanna BURBIDGE Richard JEACOCK 
B14 Oct 1828William WORRALL (x) of StocktonAnn FRIGELL (x) of BourtonWilliam CLERK Mary FRIGELL Richard JEACOCK 
B21 Oct 1828Arthur COLE (x) of BourtonMary JENNINGS (x) of BourtonThomas WILSON Rebekah PAGGETT Richard JEACOCK 
B18 Nov 1828William LAKE (x) of WilloughbyMary LIQUORISH (x) of BourtonSarah MASTERS John MASTERS Richard JEACOCK 
B12 May 1829Thomas REYNOLDS of BourtonElizabeth SMITH of Thurlaston in the Parish of DunchurchMary PEARCEY Joseph PAGGATT Richd. JEACOCK 
B31 Dec 1829Joseph PAGGET of BourtonMary PEIRCY of BiltonLucy PEARCEY James EYEDALE 
L31 April 1831William NEVILLE of DunchurchMary JOHNSON of BourtonMary RICHARDS Sophia BENNETT Thos. BENNETT Richard JEACOCK 
B14 Feb 1832Joseph PAGGET, widower, of BourtonMary CHURCH, (x) spinster, of BourtonSamuel CHURCH Jane PAGETT Richd.JEACOCK 
B17 April 1832William CLERKE, (x) bachelor, of BourtonJane SHAW, (x) spinster, of BourtonJames CLERKE Jane SHAW Richd. JEACOCK 
B28 Feb 1833Edward WALSGROVE of BagintonCatherine HENSOM (x) of BourtonJames WALSGROVE Maria BOOT Richd.JEACOCK 
B15 April 1833Thomas REYNOLDS, widower, of BourtonElizabeth OVER, spinster, of BourtonAllice TAYLOR Edward H PARROTT Richd.JEACOCK 
B26 May 1834Henry WILSON, (x) bachelor, of BourtonMary HOBLEY, spinster, of BourtonThomas HOBLEY Sarah BARNWELL Richard JEACOCK 
L22 Sep 1834Jonathan RICHARDSON, of WoolstonZipporah Alicia ELKINGTON of BourtonSarah LANDON John LANDON Richd. JEACOCKShe signed Alicia Elkington
B20 Oct 1834Richard HUDSON, (x) bachelor, of BourtonAnn TIMMS, (x) spinster, of BourtonJames HUDSON Ann HUDSON Richd. JEACOCK 
B20 Oct 1834Thomas COBLEY of Leamington PriorsJane CLEAVER of Draycote in the Parish of Bourton on DunsmoreSamuel CLEAVER Elizabeth BOOT Richard JEACOCK 
B26 July 1835Richard BLAKEWELL, (x) bachelor, of BourtonAnn WEBSTER, (x) spinster, of BourtonWilliam WILSON Sarah DUNKLEY Richd. JEACOCK(Richard recorded as Bakewell)
L29 July 1835Charles BLUNDELL, bachelor, of FranktonSarah WHITWICK, spinster, of BourtonMary SALLOWAY Hannah SALLOWAY Joseph REEVE Richd. JEACOCK 
B15 Feb 1836Joseph MILLER, bachelor, of Stretton on DunsmoreSarah WHITE, spinster, of BourtonMary HINDE David WHITE Richard JEACOCK 

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