Bourton-on-Dunsmore St Peter's
Burials from 1763 to 1784

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Surname Listing:

Airis, Aris, Attkins, Bagshaw, Barnes, Barton, Berry, Bilson, Bilson (?), Brisley,
Chater, Church, Cockeril, Constans, Constant, Edmonds, Edmunds, Famel, Fell, Flamel, Flower,
Gilbert, Glenn, Goode, Gosh, Grace, Grand, Hallowday, Hands, Hewitt, Hodgins, Hoof (?), Huddeford, Huddesford,
Kilby, Lea, Linnard, Lodrooke, Mannton, Ollorenshaw, Olorenshaw, Palmer,
Radband, Radbone, Radburn, Rench, Robinson, Shuckburgh, Shukburgh, Stevens, Stonny, Sutton,
Timbs, Timms, Townsend, Trindel, Waren, Warin, Warren, Webb, Wilcox, Woodfield.

Date Given Name Family Name Comments
19 February 1763EdwardBilsonCarpenter Of the smallpox
21 February 1763SarahAttkinsAn infant from Woscott
22 February 1763EdmondStonnyTaylor Of the smallpox
29 February 1763ElizabethFlowerOf the smallpox
6 March 1763ElizabethChurchAn infant
26 April 1763JohnWebb 
29 April 1763MaryManntonWidow
15 May 1763MaryRobinsonAn infant
30 May 1763JohnTownsendOf the smallpox
13 July 1763RichdWarrenSon of Richd & Mary Warren an infant
29 July 1753HannahConstantWife of Saml Constant of Draycott
18 August 1753Eliz.GilbertSpinster of Draycott
14 September 1753AnnChurchAn infant at Draycott
2 October 1753WmGilbertAn infant
17 October 1753EdwardAirisOf Draycott
17 March 1764JnRobinsonOf Flecknoe
29 March 1764Cath:ShuckburghMrs Cath: Shuckburgh relick of Coll Rich Shuckburgh
15 August 1764JohnHandsOf Draycott
11 October 1764SarahWoodfieldAn infant
20 November 1764JohnFlowerAn infant
8 January 1765ThomasGilbert 
21 November 1765MaryChurchThe wife of Wm Church of Draycott
27 August 1766JohnWarrenOf Draycott
14 October 1766ElizabethRobinsonThe wife of Richd Robinson of Draycott
20 March 1767ElizabethShukburghMrs Elizabeth Shukburgh wife of John Shukburgh Esq
31 March 1767JohnWebb 
25 April 1767(None Given)Hodgins 
21 July 1767NathanielGlenn 
29 September 1767JohnGilbertAn infant
7 Novermber 1767SamlEdmundsWeaver
15 February 1768MarySuttonAn infant
29 March 1768JosephHands 
14 September 1768AnneWarenWidow
18 September 1768Eliz.Hodgins 
1 December 1768Tho.WarenGent
7 April 1769WilliamChurchSenior, of Draycott
9 April 1769MaryGilbertWife of Richd Gilbert of Bourton
7 January 1770JohnShuckburghEsq
23 January 1770(None Given)HuddesfordThe Revd Mr Huddesford was buried. Forty one years Rector of this Parish
(None Given)JohnGosh(This entry appears to have been squeezed into the register and is difficult to read)
19 January 1770(None Given)GraceMr Grace of Worcester
13 March 1770MaryBagshawThe wife of Thos Bagshaw
3 September 1770JohnEdmondsThe son of John Edmonds
4 January 1771MaryHallowdayThe wife of Henry Hallowday
24 January 1771(None Given)HuddefordMrs Huddesford relick of Wm Huddeford late Rector of this Parish
7 April 1771RachelBrisleyWife of Wiiliam Brisley
18 May 1771WilliamRadburnSon of Thomas & Mary Radburn
18 July 1771MaryFell 
14 November 1771SamlConstansOf Draycot
6 January 1772AnnRenchWife of William Rench
9 January 1772WilliamRadburnSon of Thomas & Mary Radburn
23 February 1772EstherBerryMother of Edmond Berry aged 84yrs
8 October 1772ElizabethTimbsDaughter of Thomas & Alice Timbs
2 March 1773AnnWarenDaughter of Richd & Mary Waren
2 July 1773WilliamFamel 
23 July 1773ElizabethChaterDaughter of William Chater
31 August 1773RichardWarenOf Dracot
6 November 1773Elizab(?)FlamelWidow
10 January 1774JosephFlamel 
21 February 1774NathanielWoodfieldOf Draycot
20 March 1774JohnBilson (?) 
27 March 1774ElizabethGilbert 
5 July 1774JamesGilbert 
10 July 1774JohnGilbertTaylor
6 February 1775MaryRadburnAn infant
14 February 1775SarahLinnard 
5 October 1775MaryOlorenshawWife of Joseph in the Parish of Stretton on Dunsmore
29 October 1775(None Given)BarnesDaughter of Mary Barnes
17 (?) November 1775WmWilcoxSon of Wm Wilcox & Sarah Buttriss
31 (?) November 1775NathanielKilbySon of Nathaniel & Ann Kilby
7 February 1776WmWarenClerk of this Parish
7 February 1776MaryRadboneDaughter of Thos & Mary Radbone
14 April 1776AnnLea 
1 February 1776RobertRadburnOf Draycote
12 March 1776AnnHoof (?) 
12 May 1776RichardGilbertSon of Mary Gilbert
6 July 1776JohnGilbertSon of Richd & Mary Gilbert
1 September 1776MaryGilbertWife of John Gilbert the elder
1 February 1777SarahRadbandDaughter of William & Elizabeth Radband
19 April 1777JohnBartonSon of Wm & Mary Barton
16 July 1777ElizabethTimmsDaughter of Thos & Hallis Timms
10 January 1778(None Given)PalmerMrs Palmer
13 January 1778EdwardAris 
10 October 1778AnnTimmsDaughter of Thos Timms by Hallis his wife
19 January 1780WilliamGilbert 
29 January 1780AnnWebbWidow
2 February 1780(None Given)GilbertMrs Gilbert wife of Wm Gilbert
16 May 1780Susannah(?)Gilbert 
22 July 1780RichardGilbertTaylor
8 September 1780HenryLodrooke 
19 September 1781MaryStevensWife of Thomas Stevens
22 January 1782ThomasGoode 
18 May 1782JosephOllorenshaw 
10 June 1782SarahGoodeWife of Thomas Goode
9 August 1782MarySuttonWife of John Sutton
19 August 1782EdwardChurchSon of William & Sarah Church
6 December 1782ElizabethGrandWife of Richard Grand
21 December 1782RichardCockerilSon of Thomas & Mary Cockeril
27 January 1783RichardHandsBlacksmith
22 June 1783ElizabethBerry 
15 July 1783WmAttkinsSon of Edward & Ann Attkins
8 February 1784EasterGilbertDaughter of John & Easter Gilbert
18 February 1784ElizabethTrindelWife of Wm Trindel
20 March 1784SarahGilbert 
23 April 1784AnnWarinWife of Wm Warin
(Blot over Date) 1784ThosHewittSon of Thos & Catherine Hewitt
17 (Month?) 1784JaneEdmundsDaughter of John & Sarah Edmunds
13 December 1784MaryBilsonWife of John Bilson

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