Banns for Birdingbury, Warwickshire
from 1754 to 1812

List of names taken from the Banns for St Leonard church, Birdingbury 1754-1812

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Abbotts, Adams, Awood, Barratt, Bartlett, Baseley, Bicknell, Blondell, Bond, Bowen, Bromley, Brooks,
Calloway, Chambers, Clarke, Cleaver, Cook, Cooke, Corral, Cotterill, Curtiss, Davers, Drake,
Finch, Fluellyn, Franklin, Garrat, Hands, Harvey, Hence, Hopkins, Lane, Manton, Mayo, Miller,
Neal, Rench, Samuel, Scotten, Sewell, Smith, Strong, Taylor, Thompson, Thornicroft, Tibbits, Tilley, Townsend, Truslove,
Ward, Watts, Webster, West, White, Whitehead, Willcox,


Abbotts, Allen, Backon, Barnett, Beer, Benson (widow), Bicknell, Black, Bond, Burrows,
Calloway, Clark, Cleaver, Coles, Constance, Docia, Drake, Edmonds, Fairfax, Field, Flavel,
Goode, Harding, Harris, Harvey, Hence, Heritage, Holmes, Jeffcote, Johnson, Leddal, Lickorish, Lilly,
Manton, Marriott, Masters, Mills, Morgan, Neal, Nix, Proctor, Richards, Richardson, Roleson,
Savage, Shepherd, Smith, Stean, Thornicraft, Thornicroft, Tibbatts,
Walker, Wallis, White, Whitehead, Woodfield, Wootten, Wright,

Date Groom Abode Bride Abode Comments
August 1754Job FluellynFranktonSarah BarnettOTP
May 1755William CallowayMartonSusannah WalkerOTP
September 1755Cornelius TrusloveOTPElizabeth LillyOTP
October 1755Francis BromleyOTPMary ColesOTP
May/June 1758John BartlettOTPMary HarrisWormleighton
July 1758Thomas ThompsonOTPAnn FairfaxMarton
June 1759William HandsOTPElizabeth LeddalOTP
September 1759William FinchOTPElizabeth WallisOTP
September 1760John HenceBourtonAnn AbbottsOTP
May 1761Thos WestWilloughbySarah WhiteheadOTP
Jan/Feb 1762Thomas DrakeOTPMary CallowayMarton
June/July 1763John BaseleyOTPRebecca WhiteOTP
April 1765William AbbottsMartonElizabeth TibbattsOTP
July 1766William NealOTPElizabeth WrightOTP
March 1768John CookeOTPElizabeth EdmondsOTP
October 1769James ScottenOTPAnn FieldOTP
October 1769Humphrey CurtissUftonElizabeth BondOTP
Apr/May 1770Thomas TaylorBubbenhallElizabeth BeerOTP
December 1770William AwoodOTPMary JeffcoteOTP
March 1771Joseph TownsendOTPMary ClarkOTP
Apr/May 1772William BondOTPSarah JohnsonOTP
February 1773William MillerStrettonJoyce BlackOTP
June/July 1773Thomas TibbitsOTPRuth BicknellOTP
Sept/Oct 1773John BowenOTPCatherine NixOTP
Sept/Oct 1775William CotterillBishops ItchingtonMary DrakeOTP
Mar/Apr 1777Matthew BlondellFranktonSarah CleaverOTP
July 1777Edward BarrattKenilworthElizabeth FlavelOTP
April 1781William MantonOTPAnn Benson (widow)Marton
August 1783John HarveyOTPAnn HenceOTP
August 1783Charles WhiteheadOTPAnn HardingMarton
Sept/Oct 1783William HopkinsLeamington HastingsAnn MarriottOTP
Sept/Oct 1784Adam TilleyOTPAnn ThornicroftOTP
October 1784Moses WardOTPMary HarveyMarton
October 1786Joseph HandsFranktonElizabeth BackonOTP
November 1788Edward ThornicroftOTPSusanna SmithBourton
Nov/Dec 1788John SamuelChurch LawfordElizabeth MantonOTP
Sept/Oct 1789Charles DaversGranboroughMartha DrakeLeamington HastingsThe Church of Leamington being under repair no service was performed there on any of these Sundays
Sept/Oct 1789William ClarkeLeamington HastingsMartha GoodeLeamington HastingsNo service at Leamington Hastings on any of these Sundays
Oct/Nov 1789Arthur WattsLeamington HastingsMary NealLeamington Hastings
Oct/Nov 1789*Thomas CorralStrettonAnn MantonOTP* See entry below
November 1789Thomas CorralStrettonHannah MantonOTP
January 1790Henry SewellLeamington HastingsMary SavageNapton
Jan/Feb 1790John WillcoxLeamington HastingsElizabeth LickorishLeamington Hastings
Oct/Nov 1790James ScottenOTPJane ConstanceBourton
April 1791Edward WhiteheadOTPElizabeth MorganBilton
July/Aug 1791John LaneOTPSarah GoodeOTP
Aug/Sept 1792William SmithTrinity, in City of CoventryMary BurrowsOTP
July 1793Joseph CookOTPHannah ShepherdMartonThe Brides name is very smudged, picked up from the marriage
Jan/Feb 1797John SmithOTPSarah ThornicraftOTP
September 1798Joseph StrongDeddington, NorthamptonshireAnn RichardsonOTP
May 1800John WhiteOTPMary SteanOTP
July 1802Samuel WhiteheadCubbingtonMartha MillsOTP
Oct/Nov 1802John MayoOTPAnn ProctorOTP
June 1803William WhiteheadOTPHannah RolesonOTP
May/June 1804William GarratOTPAnn MantonOTP
Oct/Nov 1805Thomas WebsterOTPElizabeth MastersGrandborough
Nov/Dec 1805Richard AdamsBanbury, OxfordshireElizabeth RichardsOTP
Sept/Oct 1806William RenchOTPSarah WoottenOTP
Oct/Nov 1807Thomas BicknellOTPSarah MantonOTP
March 1808Richard FranklinOTPHannah ClarkOTP
January 1809Henry ChambersOTPMary HolmesOTP
Oct/Nov 1809John BrooksStrettonSarah WoodfieldOTP
Mar/April 1811John CleaverStocktonAnn DociaOTP
Oct/Nov 1811Joseph WardOTPMary WhiteheadOTP
Oct/Nov 1811Robert WattsOTPMary AllenOTP
Oct/Nov 1812John WardOTPElizabeth HeritageEathorpe
End of Register

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