Atherstone-on-Stour, Holy Trinity
Marriages 1611 - 1810

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This file is a list of the marriages taken from the registers of Holy Trinity, Atherstone-on-Stour from 1611 to 1810.
If you find something of interest you are advised to check the original record,
copies are in the Birmingham Library and The WRO etc.

Note.--The earlier Registers of the Parish are contained in three volumes, of these the oldest
contains Baptisms and Burials 1661-1771, and Marriages from 1664 to 1773.
The book is of parchment, of 31 membranes, measuring 12 by 4 1/2 inches.

The second Register is of paper, with Baptisms and Burials 1772-1812.
It consists of five leaves, measuring 13 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches.

Volume 3 contains Marriages from 1755 to 1810.

A few earlier entries are recorded among the Bishops' Transcripts at Worcester,
and are here placed before the entries from the Registers.

The extracts, which have been collated with the Registers, were made by
The Rev. J. Harvey Bloom, when Curate-in-Charge of the Parish.


Alcock, Austin, Baylis, Benford, Bennet, Biddle, Bromley, Broom, Brown, Buller,
Cambden, Chum, Collins, Cookes, Cooper, Copeland, Court, Cox, Davis, Day, Duckley, Dunckley,
Eden, Edkins, Evans, Eves, Evetts, Farran, Field, Fowler, Frankton, Fynson, Gibbs, Greathed, Green,
Hadland, Hancock, Hands, Hardey, Harris, Harrould, Hasward, Haszard, Hathaway, Hawting, Heacock, Hemming,
Heritage, Hiden, Hieron, Hoan, Hobbs, Hodgekins, Holland, Holtham, Holyfield, Humphreys, Hymn, Hyearne, Hyron,
Keck, Kitchin, Lea, Leech, Malins, Marshall, Maunder, Mercier, Merry, Miles, Mills, Millward, Mince, Moore, Moseley, Mullis,
Nightingale, Pain, Paston, Paxton, Pemberton, Pettaway, Randall, Rawone, Robins, Rogers, Rose, Round, Rouse,
Salmon, Sambige, Saunders, Savery, Skinner, Slatter, Smith, Southam, Stait, Stanley, Story, Stow,
Tarpley, Thornborough, Tidmarsh, Tims, Tompkins, Tubb, Turbit, Turner, Twist,
Walters, Ward, Warner, Washborne, Watton, Whit, Wilkins, Willis, Wood, Woodfield, Wright, Zouch.

Aires, Alcock, Allcock, Arnold, Ayres, Bailis, Ball, Berry, Blackford, Blakeman, Boldro,
Bradley, Broady, Brotherton, Brown, Bryan, Burch, Butcher, Butler,
Canning, Castell, Castle, Chapman, Clark, Clent, Clifford, Collet, Cookes, Cox,
Dent, Donel, Dorrel, Dyson, Eden, Edkins, Edwards, Emes, Etheridge, Evats,
Farr, Field, Fielding, Fowler, Freeman, Garret, Gibbs, Gough, Hadland, Handy, Harris, Harrison,
Hazard, Hill, Hind, Hollands, Hood, Hope, Hornby, Horseley, Huckhill, Hurdis, Hyden,
Jeves, Johnsons, Jones, Keinton, Lane, Lee, Lightfoot, London, Lord,
Maids, Malins, Mansel, Mascall, Maunder, Miles, Morell, Morris, Nash, Nichols, Noble,
Pennington, Phillis, Piggin, Pittaway, Prestidge, Rand, Rawlins, Read, Reddell, Richmond, Roberts, Rouse, Ryley,
Salmon, Savage, Savery, Selby, Skinner, Smith, Spiers, Spragget, Standley, Steward, Stonall, Studley,
Taylor, Taylour, Timbrell, Timms, Tub, Turbit, Walford, Walton, Ward, Warner, Watkins, Wells,
West, Whatcote, Whateley, Wheatley, White, Wilkins, Yeates, Zouch.

Date Lic Groom Bride
From the Bishops' Transcripts.
20 May 1611 John Hyearne Margaret Lee
17 Jun 1611 Joseph Slatter Ann Jeves
21 Oct 1611 Henry Fynson Anne Clent
12 Oct 1615  Thomas Pemberton Mary Piggin
29 Jun 1632  William Field Eleoner Selby
25 Jul 1632  Robert Moore Eleoner Morell
7 Aug [?] John Smith Mary Boldro
1-Nov Leonard Court Mary White
Register Volume 1.
29 Nov 1664 lic. William Thornborough, vicar of Quinton, co. Glouc., Elenor Hill, of Pillerton,
28 Jul 1670  John Round Mary Hurdis
20 Jun 1674  Robert Randall, of Preston Baggot, Alice Freeman, of Ullenhall
25 Jul 1676  Richard Collins, of Butler's Marston, Mary Butcher, of Ettington
die festo Trinitatis Samuel Saunders, of Claverdon, co. War., Ann Walford
1 May 1686  Richard Farran, of Wellesbourne Mountford, Eleanor Walton, of Ailston (in Atherstone p.)
7 Oct 1695  Anthony Hands Myriel West, of Quinton
31 Oct 1695  Bartholomew Tarpley Mary Bailis, both of Quinton
23 Feb 1695  Edward Maunder, of Tredington, Elizabeth Read, of Quinton
4 Oct 1696  John Mince, of Preston [on-Stour], Margaret Ayres
24 Jan 1696  Richard Hawting Elizabeth Etheridge, of Alderminster
20 May 1697  William Duckley, of Clifford, Mary Ward
7 Mar 1697  John Merry, of Barford, Anne Ball, of Alderminster
25 Jul 1698 lic. Thomas Rogers, of Stratford-on-Avon, Mary Harris,
18 Sep 1698 lic. John Copeland, of Stratford-on-Avon, Catherine Timbrell,
7 Nov 1698  Christopher Hieron, of Clifford, Sarah Timms, of Preston (on Stour)
15 Jun 1699 lic. William Hiden Mary Richmond, both of Alderminster,
21 Aug 1700 lic. Nathaniel Cookes, of Bilsley, Mary Smith, of Arrow,
6 Apr 1703  John Green, of Arrow, Ann Mascall
12 Sep 1703 lic. William Keck, of Tardebig, Ann Noble, of Stratford-on-Avon,
5 Oct 1703  William Sambige Sarah Castell, of Preston (on-Stour)
27 Jul 1704 lic. Richard Mullis, of Henley, Letitia Cookes, of Bilsley,
10 Sep 1704 lic. Samuel Paston Anne Rawlins, both of Stratford on-Avon,
23 Oct 1704  William Smith Mary Roberts
6 Feb 1704  Thomas Mills Catherine Evats, of Stratford-on-Avon
15 Apr 1706  John Willis, of Aston Cantlow, Rebecca Edkins, of Bilsley
11 Aug 1706  James Smith, of Preston (on-Stour), Anne Whateley
18 Apr 1708  William Ward Mary Freeman, both of Butler's Marston
25 Apr 1709 lic. William Haszard Sarah Farr,
22 Sep 1709 lic. Thomas Kitchin Hester Hornby,
4 Dec 1709  John Skinner, of Loxley, Hannah Alcock, of Preston (on-Stour)
5 Feb 1709 lic. James Biddle Joane Turbit, both of Stratford-on-Avon,
8 Feb 1709 lic. John Bromley, of Welford, Mary Spiers,
30 Apr 1710  John Stanley Mary Smith
20 Jun 1710 lic. William Greathed, of Tamworth, Ann Reddell, of Preston (on-Stour),
24 Sep 1710  Thomas Buller Hannah Hood, of Preston (on-Stour)
5 Oct 1710 lic. George Hasward Sarah Whatcote,
5 Oct 1710  William Cox Alvisea Jones, of Preston (on-Stour)
20 Nov 1710  William Smith, of Quinton, Mary Studley, of Preston (on-Stour)
22 May 1711  Charles Cooper Margaret Harrison
20 Jun 1711  John Heacock Mary Gough
31 Aug 1712 lic. Stephen Warner Jane Lightfoot, both of Stratford-upon-Avon,
15 Nov 1712 lic. George Story Elizabeth Fielding, of Stratford-on-Avon,
27 Jan 1712  Samuel Smith Elizabeth Clark
31 Aug 1713  William Watton, of Stratford-on-Avon, Phillipa Wilkins
18 Oct 1713 lic. Edward Pain Ann Castle, both of Stratford-on-Avon,
2 Feb 1713  John Marshall, of Preston (on-Stour), Mary Smith
14 Sep 1713  Thomas Hoan Elizabeth Edwards
11 Aug 1716  William Ward, of Bromsgrove, Mary Standley
27 Oct 1716 lic. George Millward, of Warwick, Mary Hollands, of Stratford-on-Avon,
2 Feb 1716  James Smith Mary Rand, of Quinton
1 Oct 1717  William Maunder Elizabeth Aires
22 May 1722  David Fowler, of Wimson, Rachel Berry, of Preston (on Stour)
29 Aug 1723  Richard Holtham, of Crimscot, Margaret Mansel, of Preston (on-Stour)
21 May 1724  John Ward Sarah Maids, of Mickleton
25 Sep 1724  Benjamin Tidmarsh, of Weston Subedge, Elizabeth Castle, of Mickleton
9 Feb 1724 lic. John Woodfield, of St. Paul's, Shadwell, London, Elizabeth Savery,
23 Sep 1727 lic. Thomas Benford, of Rowington, Eleonor Stonall,
9 Oct 1727  James Nightingale Eleonor Emes, of Offenham
25 May 1727  William Moseley Elizabeth Handy
17 Nov 1728 lic. Henry Maunder, of Weston-on-Avon, Mary Ryley,
29 May 1729 lic.John Hancock, of Bradforton, Ann Hazard,
22 Jul 1729 lic.Robert Dunckley, of Henley-in-Arden, Alice Horseley,
26 Aug 1730  William Savery Elizabeth Taylour, of Aylston
23 Jan 1730  Benjamin Holland, of Preston Baggot, Elizabeth Maunder
2 Jun 1732 lic.William Brown Ann Hind, of Alston,
30 Oct 1732  Stephen Pettaway, of Ettington, Sarah Skinner, of Aylston
23 May 1733 lic.Nicholas Washborne, of Piddle, Ann Prestidge, of Teddington, co. Oxon,
2 Oct 1733 lic.John Wright, of Warwick, Hannah Brotherton, of Milcot,
22 Mar 1734 lic.Thomas Robins, of Paxford, Elizabeth Yeates, of Preston (on-Stour),
20 Apr 1734 lic.Samuel Turbit, of Birmingham, Alice Cox, of Preston (on-Stour),
9 Dec 1738 lic.Thomas Hancock Ann Field, both of Stratford-on-Avon,
23 Nov 1740 lic.Robert Holyfield Mary Burch, of Stratford-on-Avon,
29 Nov 1740 lic.John Smith, of Preston (on-Stour), Elizabeth Malins,
27 Dec 1740 lic.Thomas Malins Sarah Smith,
5 Dec 1743  Thomas Maunder, of Aylston, Jenny Watkins, of Alderminster
8 Nov 1743 lic.George Hyron, of Clifford, Sarah Wheatley, of Shipston,
30 Dec 1745  Philip Alcock Elizabeth Savage
3 Feb 1746  John Willis Sarah Blackford
8 May 1747 lic.John Zouch Phoebe Huckhill,
25 Jun 1747  Thomas Cambden Elizabeth Lane
12 Jul 1747 lic.John Evetts Ann Rouse,
12 Nov 1747  John Smith Sarah Nash
22 May 1748  Francis Hardey Elizabeth Hyden
9 Dec 1748 lic.William Lea Martha Freeman,
22 Feb 1748 lic.George Frankton Hannah Canning,
29 Mar 1749 lic.Abel Humphreys Ann Zouch,
30 Oct 1749  Richard Chum Ann Collet
25 Jan 1750  Thomas Cambden Mary Warner
10 Feb 1750 lic.William Eves Mary Lord,
27 Nov 1752  Francis Evans Elizabeth Morris
2 Feb 1752  William Mercier Elizabeth Johnsons
19 Feb 1753 lic.Ralph Smith Mary Malins,
17 Dec 1753 lic.William Hymn, of Stratford-on-Avon, Elizabeth Keinton,
Register Volume 3.
22 Dec 1755  Edward Eden Elizabeth Broady, of Charlecot
28 Jul 1757 lic.Thomas Smith Elizabeth Pennington, of Clifford,
12 Oct 1757  Thomas Wilkins, of Preston, Elizabeth Dorrel
12 Apr 1760 lic.William Tubb, of Loxley, Mary Lane,
24 Sep 1760  William Austin Rebecca Smith
22 Sep 1761 lic.John Malins Alice Steward, of Barford,
14 Feb 1764  Thomas Pettaway Mary Spragget
04 Nov 1765  Thomas Leech Mary Dent
17 Apr 1766  William Southam Elizabeth Blakeman
12 Oct 1767  Thomas Rouse, of Clifford Chambers, Anne Phillis Welch
8 Aug 1768 lic.John Turner, of Preston, Muriel Smith,
4 Nov 1768 lic.Thomas Baylis, of Alveston, Sarah Smith,
25 Mar 1769 lic.Brown Malins Elizabeth Taylor, of Mickleton,
9 Oct 1769 lic.William Hadland Mary Wells,
18 Oct 1769  Henry Tims Elizabeth London
8 Oct 1771  John Twist Mary Skinner
8 Nov 1773 lic.John Tompkins, of Ipsley, Mary Brown,
16 Oct 1775 lic.Thomas Davis Alice Malins,
19 Oct 1779  William Paxton, of Alveston, Mary Gibbs
6 Mar 1780  John Bennet Dinah Garret
18 Apr 1780  John Moseley Mary Ward, of Alderminster
19 Oct 1780  John Miles Sarah Smith, of Clifford
29 Nov 1780  Henry Tims, of Ilmington, Elizabeth Butler
16 Oct 1780 lic.Edward Edkins, of Aston Cautlow, Mary Chapman,
16 Apr 1781  John Rose, of Long Compton, Hannah Eden
29 Dec 1781  John Hathaway Elizabeth Nichols, of Smitterfield
19 Aug 1782  Thomas Gibbs Elizabeth Eden
15 Oct 1782  Edward Wilkins Mary Hadland
5 Nov 1782  William Stait Sarah Jones
20 Sep 1784  Thomas Wood, of Whitchurch, Margaret Donel
9 Apr 1787  Richard Field, of Oxhill, Alice Tub
11 Jan 1790  Thomas Pettaway Elizabeth Fowler, of Preston
4 Jul 1791 lic.Thomas Heritage, of Lower Eatington, Esther Chapman,
14 Feb 1792  William Maunder Sarah Pittaway
11 Oct 1792  William Broom Ann Wells
12 Oct 1793  Thomas Smith Sarah Alcock
23 Jun 1794  Thomas Stow Ann Rouse
26 Nov 1794  Thomas Harrould, of Hadsey, Ann Butler
11 Oct 1798  John Twist Hannah Dyson
15 Oct 1800 lic.Samuel Hemming, of Mickleton, Jane Chapman,
5 Jun 1804  John Whit, of Whitchurch, Sarah Arnold,
28 Feb 1805  William Hobbs, of Alveston, Elizabeth Miles
4 Nov 1805  William Rose, of Shipston-on-Stour, Sarah Miles
9 Oct 1806  William Hadland Mary Bradley
9 Oct 1806  William Walters Mary Hope
2 Jun 1807 lic.Caleb Salmon, of Preston, Catherine Salmon,
1 Dec 1807  William Harris Ann Bradley
13 Sep 1808  William Hodgekins Mary Clifford
15 May 1809  William Day, of Whitchurch, Mary Bryan
26 Dec 1810 lic.John Rawone, of Loxley, Hannah Allcock,

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