Anstey, St James
Marriages from 1591 to 1812

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These marriages are from the Parish Registers of St James's Church, Anstey.
They are intended for guidance only.

Vol. 1. Parchment sheets bound together. The entries of Baptisms, Marriages, and Burials are
entered together, as they appear to have occurred. Though in some few instances entries are not
in order according to date, they have been, however, ordered in this listing.
The first Marriage bears the date 1591, the last 1703.

Vol. 2. An abbreviated copy of Vol. 1 up to 1704. It is also parchment, and contains
entries of Births & Deaths up to 1783; and of Marriages, only to 1753 inclusive.

Vol. 3. Paper, according to Act 26 Geo. 2, commencing 1754, and ending 1812. It contains Marriages only.

If you find something of interest, you are advised to check the actual record itself.
Look at the parish record book, which may be available in the PRO,
or a copy in the Birmingham library.

Thanks to Della for transcribing and providing this data

           Surname Listing:

Abbots, Acres, Adams, Adkins, Ambler, Andres (Andrews), Astill, Astley, Aston, Atkins,
Baley, Ball, Ballard, Banbury, Barnett, Baseley, Bassett, Bastock, Bayley, Beamish, Beck, Belsher,
Bicknill, Bollard, Boulton, Bradshaw, Bratford, Bristo, Bromwich, Brown, Bunney, Burden, Burdit, Burlick, Butler,
Calleys, Capel, Cawdell, Cawdwell, Choice, Clark, Clay, Coling, College, Compton, Cooper, Craft, Craunt, Croft, Cross,
Cuerton (Beuerton), Cusson, Cutbirth, Dalton, Deeming, Dennitt, Dolton, Duckham, Dunning, Dutton,
Eddeles, Edmonds, Elliott, Farndon, Fetherston, Fleming, Flemming, Flower, French, Friseel,
Gamage, Garner, Gibbs, Gilbert, Godson, Goodacre, Gough, Green, Greenaway, Hacocke, Harbart, Harris,
Hartopp, Haselden, Hastelow, Healie, Heans, Herbert, Hicks, Hinman, Hollins, Hounds, Hughes, Hull, Hurst, Hutt,
Iley, Jackson, Jefcocke, Jephcot, Jephcott, Johnson, Johson, Kear (Sig Carr), Kewerton, Kimberley, Knib, Knibb,
Leavesley, Lee, Lovett, Marshall, Marstone, Matthew, Messenger, Miles, Millas, Mills, Mo, Moodiman, Morlory, Morrice, Morris,
Neal, Onolde, Osband, Overton, Owin, Parker, Paull, Perkins, Pettifer, Porter, Reade, Reader, Reynolds, Rice, Richardson,
Riley, Roberts, Robinson, Rowe, Rowley, Russell, Sale, Sanders, Sansom, Sharpe, Shaw, (Shearre?)gton, Sheasby,
Shepheard, Skinner, Smith, Sotherne, Spencer, Stafford, Starkey, Stratford, Tayler, Taylor, Tims, Tucker, Verity, Voile,
Wakelin, Waklin, Walplate, Walton, Ward, Watts, Weaver, Web, White, Whoare, Wildey, Wilkins, Williamson,
Wilson, Wise, Withers, Wood, Woodwards, Wooton, Wright,
Arden, Armson, Ashby, Askew, Averton, Awcot, Awkard, Ballard, Barret, Barton, Barwell, Beasley, Beck, Bennett,
Bird, Bolton, Bosworth, Boulton, Bowne, Boylson, Bradford, Brett, Brown, Burrowes, Burton, Bust, Butler,
Cawdell, Cawdwell, Challoner, Clare, Clark, Clarke, Clews, Constance, Cooke, Cooper, Cox, Crook, Curtis,
Deacon, Delamain, Dolton, Dormer, Dyte, Eades, Ellemor, Farndon, Fetherston, Flavel, Flavell, Flower,
Goode, Gorton, Green, Gurrland, Haddon, Hall, Hancox, Harbart, Hardman, Hares, Harris, Hearrdy (Hardy or Harvy),
Hedges, Henman, Herbert, Herford, Hinman, Horne, Hull, Illa, Isone, Jackson, Jephcoat, Jephcoate, Jephcot, Jephcott, Johnson,
Keen, King, Knib, Knibb, Knight, Lester, Longslowe, Lovett, Lovitt, Lyndon, Mann, Mason, Masters, Maw, Mobbs, Morris, Morrise, Mould,
Needom, Newton, Nickols, Normanton, Orton, Packwood, Pain, Palmer, Perkins, Petipher, Pettifer, Pettipher, Pinch,
Pinchback, Plat, Poffer, Porter, Pridmore, Psitor, Reese, Reeve, Reyley, Robinson, Robison, Rose, Rowley, Russell, Ryley,
Sabage, Sale, Sandford, Sansom, Sansum, Savage, Sawbridge, Shakespear, Small, Smart, Smith, Spencer, Stathems, Stretton,
Tayler, Thornton, Tims, Towers, Treen, Trusell, Tucke, Vere, Vesey, Villars, Voile, Voyle, Wakelin, Walker, Wallplate, Walplate,
Walton, Waring, Warner, Weeson, Whale, Whetstone, Whyte, Wilkins, Wilson, Wing, Wise, Woodwards, Wright, Wykes, Yorke.

Date Groom Bride Notes
Volume 1
20 Oct 1591John FARNDONSuzan CLARKE 
22 Mar 1592Henry FARNDONJoane GORTON 
10 Mar 1592Richard PORTER of CliftonAlice FARNDON 
27 Dec 1592Edward DENNITTPrudence CAWDWELL 
22 Oct 1592William HARTOPPAnne PERKINS 
03 Nov 1593Edward CUTBIRTHElizabeth WHYTE 
08 Oct 1594William HACOCKEJoane BURROWES 
20 Jul 1594Thomas CRAUNTJane FARNDON 
10 Oct 1598Luin JEFCOCKEJane ROBINSON 
22 Oct 1604John BRISTOElizabeth BUST 
08 May 1604William FETHERSTONMary BOYLSON 
30 Jul 1606William PAULLEllen DYTE 
25 Nov 1606Thomas JEFCOCKESara PETTIPHER 
12 Apr 1608Henry ANDRES (ANDREWS)Elizabeth NEEDOM 
24 Jun 1608Edward HURSTUrsula PETTIPHER 
07 Oct 1611Thomas LEEAn PINCHBACK 
14 Jan 1611John FARNDONAllice PLAT 
04 May 1612Henry KIMBERLEYSusanna PETIPHER 
20 Jul 1612Richard SMITHAn BUST 
04 Oct 1612William CALLEYSAn ARDEN 
13 Oct 1612Robert ADAMSElizabeth HARBART 
02 Aug 1613Edward HARBARTAllice BALLARD 
25 Nov 1613Richard SHEPHEARDElizabeth PALMER 
10 Aug 1614Thomas BUTLEREllen WHETSTONE 
27 Jul 1617Edward KEWERTONIsabill MORRISE 
08 Jul 1622John CAWDWELLMary SANDFORD 
02 May 1624William WHOAREAlice HARDMAN 
16 Jan 1630Robert JOHNSONAbigail CLARKE 
11 May 1631Thomas SKINNER of BuckingtonAlice KNIB of Anstey 
27 Jun 1631Michael PERKINS of AnsteyElizabeth WALKER of Bubbenhill 
24 Jul 1631William SOTHERNE of St Michaels CoventryHanna SMITH of St Michaels Coventry 
27 Oct 1631Richard PETTIFER of Anstey, WidowerElizabeth REEVE of Holy Trinitie Coventry, W 
14 Jan 1631Gabriel HASELDEN of St Michaels CoventrieElizabeth PORTER of St Michaels Coventrie 
25 Jan 1631George MARSHALL of Orton-on-the-HillSara BALLARD of Anstey 
01 Aug 1633Gregorie SHARPE of Holy Trinitie CoventrySusanna HORNE of Anstey 
28 Sep 1633Richard MATTHEW of BedworthSusannah KINGHaving a certificate for?
19 Jun 1635Thomas HEALIE of Newbold-upon-AvonJudithe BRETT of Newbold-upon-AvonBy a certificate from the minister of the same towne
24 Sep 1635John STARKEY of NuneatonHester CLARKE of WeddingtonBy Certificate
28 Oct 1635Joseph BAYLEY of ExhallSusanna HEARRDY (HARDY or HARVY) of Anstey 
13 Sep 1638John SANDERS of Attleborough NuneatonMarie CLARKE of Shilton 
28 Apr 1639William ONOLDELidiah JEPHCOATE 
02 May 1639Thomas CUERTON (BEUERTON)Vertue BENNETTBy virtue of a certificate from Mr Eldred of Bulkington
02 Feb 1639Thomas RILEYMary FETHERSTON 
26 Apr 1640Thomas CAWDELLIsabell BURTON 
30 Jun 1640Robert PARKERRebecca BALLARD 
22 Oct 1640Thomas GOODACREJane SMITH 
21 Jan 1640Clement SMITH of AnsteyMargery BARRET of St Michaels Coventry 
24 Oct 1641William WALTONAnn REESE 
* 1642William CHOICEAnne CAWDELL 
06 Jan 1642George MORRIS of HinkleyTabitha JEPHCOT of Anstey 
24 Jul 1643Henry WILDEYElizabeth YORKE 
02 Nov 1654William STRATFORD of CombfieldesAlice GOODE of Shilton CoventryMarried at Coventry by Mr. Snell J.P.
10 Nov 1654Jeremiah WISE of ShiltonMary PETIPHER of AnsteyBy Mr Smith J.P. in Coventry
10 Oct 1656William SALE of BrinklowMary JEPHCOTT of AnsteyBy Mr Hallowes minister before Mr Thomas Lond J.P in Coventry
26 May 1658Thomas FARNDONAnne TAYLER 
02 Jul 1659Isaac KNIBSara PETTIFER 
26 Dec 1661William HICKS of AnsteyDorothy HENMAN of WithybrookBy Mr Stapleton of Kirby
06 Jan 1661John BALEY of CaldecoateGrace BUTLER of Bulkington 
17 Aug 1662Samuel BEAMISH of ShiltonLydia BUTLER of Bulkington 
22 Jan 1664John GAMAGE of BulkingtonMary JEPHCOTT of Anstey 
01 Oct 1665William MO of Copson MunckhcharbySarah TRUSELL of AnsteyCopson parish of Monks Kirby
02 Sep 1666Edward STRATFORD of NoneatonMary TAYLER of Anstey 
13 Jul 1669Thomas JEPHCOT of AnsteyUrsulah CHALLONER of Hakkesbery Sow 
* Oct 1676John ASTLEY Esq of Woolvey  Brides name not recorded
07 Oct 1679Richard EDDELES of SharmfordMary CLARKE of Anstey 
25 Apr 1680John GODSON of FouselElizabeth MORRIS of AnsteyFousel (Foleshill)
09 Jan 1680William BRATFORDMary WALTON 
24 Oct 1686Thomas HINMAN of SmaphamMary MORRIS of Anstey 
09 Dec 1690Henry TAYLORMary JEPHCOTT 
02 Feb 1691Obediah BEAMISHElizabeth WISE 
01 May 1694John JEPHCOTT of AnsteySarah GREEN of Swepston LEI 
24 May 1698John WHITESarah  
27 Apr 1703Samuel BALLARD of AnsteyMary SALE of Coventry 
Volume 2 
04 Oct 1705William MOODIMAN of RytonElizabeth NEWTON of Anstey 
18 Sep 1709Stephen READE of St Michaels CoventryElizabeth NICKOLS of St Michaels Coventry 
29 Apr 1711George TAYLER of FoleshillMary TAYLER of Shilton 
10 Oct 1711Moses PARKER of St Michaels CoventryHannah LOVETT of St Michaels Coventry 
25 Apr 1715Daniel WARD of AnsteyMary MOBBS of Shilton 
25 Apr 1715Thomas WITHERS of AnsteyAnn SAWBRIDGE of Brinklow 
13 Apr 1715William WALTON of WithibrookMary HINMAN of Anstey 
31 Oct 1715William GILBERT of ShiltonEster WRIGHT of Anstey 
12 Feb 1715/6John HOUNDS of AnsteyHannah BARTON of Monkskirby 
09 Apr 1716Christopher JACKSON of ExhallHannah ARMSON of Anstey 
15 Apr 1716William WILKINS JnrElizabeth of Bulkington 
14 Oct 1716John WOOTON of St Michaels CoventryMary VILLARS of St Michaels Coventry 
04 Feb 1716/7William STAFFORD of ShiltonMary AWCOT of Shilton 
14 Jul 1717Joseph ILEY of WolveyAnne ISONE of Comb Fields 
22 Dec 1717William BUNNEY of BulkingtonElizabeth MASON of Bulkington 
23 Feb 1717/8John BUNNEY of HinkleyMary RYLEY of Hinkley 
09 Nov 1718John CAPELMargaret SMITH 
05 Feb 1718Richard GREEN of Sibson LEIJane (Mrs) TAYLER of Anstey 
25 Apr 1719George WARD of ShiltonMary CLEWS of Shilton 
28 Aug 1719Ed William TAYLER of HospfordMary WARNER of Anstey 
08 Feb 1720Daniel (SHEARRE?)GTON of Trinnity CoventryMary COOKE of Trinity CoventryGroom's surname could be HARRINGTON
16 Apr 1723William NEAL of LutterworthMary BOLTON of Anstey 
30 Jun 1723Thomas GILBERT of ShiltonElizabeth HADDON of Anstey 
04 Jan 1724William WARD of BrinklowMary JOHNSON of Brinklow 
16 Jul 1724Abraham BASSETT of ShiltonMary AWKARD of Shilton 
03 Nov 1724John GARNER of HinkleySarah HERFORD of Wyken 
01 Apr 1725Thomas SMITH of Stoke GoldingMary PETTIFER of Anstey 
06 Apr 1727James HOLLINS of St Michaels CoventrySarah DORMER of St Trinity Coventry 
13 Jan 1728/9John HUTT of BulkingtonMary STRETTON of Anstey 
18 Jan 1730/31John COOPER of AnsteyHope ASKEW of Bedworth 
25 Dec 1730Joseph SHAW of BulkingtonElizabeth WILSON of Bulkington 
02 Feb 1730/31Thomas FRENCH of WolveyElizabeth SMITH of Anstey 
04 Jun 1731John BURLICK of ShiltonRebecca WAKELIN of Shilton 
06 Jun 1731Joseph MORRICESarah COX of Shilton 
11 Oct 1731Thomas BROMWICH of Combe FieldsSarah LYNDON of Bulkington 
26 Dec 1731Richard WAKELIN of ShiltonMary BOWNE of Shilton 
14 Mar 1732/3John MORLORY of WolfhampcoteAnn KNIBB of Anstey 
17 Jun 1733Thomas MILLS of BerkswellMary JOHNSON of Anstey 
26 Jun 1734Thomas MILLS of FrowlesworthSarah LOVETT of Frowlesworth 
18 Sep 1736Richard WRIGHT of ShiltonElizabeth RUSSELL of Withybrooke 
01 May 1738John RICHARDSON of BulkintonMary BRADFORD of Bulkinton 
11 Aug 1738John WOOD of StokeMary ILLA of Willy 
17 Sep 1738Henry ACRES of BedworthElizabeth CLARKE of Bedworth 
10 Dec 1738Henry VERITY of BrinklowAnn WARING of Anstey 
05 Mar 1738/9Thomas VOILEElizabeth VERE 
26 Dec 1739John JOHSON of ShiltonAbigail BROWN of Shilton 
02 Feb 1739/40Thomas WOODWARDS of WolstonSusannah GREEN of Anstey 
19 Jun 1743Henry CLAYElizabeth REYLEY 
25 Dec 1743Daniel WARD of ShiltonLucy BOWNE of Shilton 
02 May 1744John COMPTON of WithybrookMartha SPENCER of Anstey 
09 Oct 1745John MILESAnn WILKINS 
24 Jun 1746John KNIBB of AnsteySarah DELAMAIN of FoleshillMarried in Foleshill Church: By Licence
10 Sep 1746William BOLLARD of StoneleyElizabeth NORMANTON of Anstey 
07 Nov 1746Joseph ABBOTS of Monks KirbySusannah JACKSON of Monks Kirby 
26 Jul 1747William WATTS of NuneatonMary WOODWARDS of Anstey 
10 Nov 1747Thomas GREEN of ShiltonSarah WYKES of Bedworth 
26 May 1748Edward FLOWER of ShiltonMary FLAVELL of Anstey 
31 Jul 1748Thomas DOLTON of SowElizabeth TOWERS of Sow 
08 Jun 1749Daniel BALLARDElizabeth MAW 
27 May 1744John BROWNSarah CROOKFrom the register of St Martin in Leicester
31 Jan 1752William BURDITSarah CLARE 
03 May 1752John FRISEELElizabeth WALLPLATE 
25 Jul 1752William DOLTON of AnsteyMary JEPHCOAT of ShiltonBy Licence
Volume 3 
16 Oct 1754Richard WEB of Newbold-on-Avon, TailorRebeccah VESEY of Anstey, Spinster 
05 Dec 1754Thomas BASELEYElizabeth COOPER, Spinster 
14 Apr 1755John BOULTON of Combe FieldsRebecca THORNTON of Combe Fields 
06 Jul 1755Thomas WILLIAMSON of Combe FieldsAnn BOULTON of Combe Fields 
03 Nov 1755Thomas SANSOMElizabeth WEESON 
31 Mar 1756Joseph RICHARDSON of BulkingtonElizabeth CONSTANCE of Anstey, WidowBy Licence
30 Aug 1756Thomas MARSTONESarah HEDGES 
11 Apr 1757William COOPER of Combe FieldsHannah BOLTON of Burbage 
27 Jun 1757William LOVETT of Combe FieldsAnn LESTER of Anstey 
25 Dec 1759Timothy HEANS of AnsteyMary TUCKE of Shilton 
10 Mar 1760John ASTONMary FARNDON 
06 Jan 1761Michael WRIGHT of Combe FieldsMary AVERTON of Combe Fields 
01 Mar 1761William WAKELIN of Combe FieldsJane WILSON of Combe Fields 
01 Mar 1761Thomas COOPER of ShiltonMary WALPLATE of Anstey 
17 Oct 1761William ROWEElizabeth BALLARD 
26 Sep 1762Nathaniel WALPLATE of AnsteyElizabeth LOVITT of ShiltonBy Licence
03 Oct 1762Daniel BALL of ShiltonAnn MOULD of Anstey 
12 Feb 1763Thomas WEAVER of AnsteyAnn TIMS of Combe FieldsBy Licence
06 Apr 1763William HULL of Anstey, WidowerSusanna HULL age 30 of GrindonBy Licence
23 Jul 1765John BECK of AnsteyAnn BIRD of Sow 
22 Aug 1765John RUSSELL of WithibrookMary PRIDMORE of CombfieldsBy Licence
13 Oct 1765John MILLASElizabeth WALKER 
28 Nov 1765Thomas WAKLINAnn WILSONBy Licence
16 Oct 1766William OSBAND of Hampton HardingSarah HARRIS of Anstey 
03 Nov 1766Christopher JACKSONElizabeth FLAVEL 
10 Feb 1767John KEAR (sig CARR) of AnsteyHannah PINCH of Combe Fields 
10 Feb 1768Thomas GILBERT of BurbachAnn SMALL of Anstey 
30 Nov 1768Robert READER of St Michaels Coventry, BachAnn VOYLE of Anstey, SpinsterBy Licence
22 Dec 1768John EDMONDS of Anstey, Bach. ClerkMary KNIBBBy Licence
21 Oct 1769William FLEMMING, BachMary HANCOX, SpinsterBy Licence
28 Nov 1769Edward PARKER of StokeSarah LONGSLOWE of Anstey 
29 Jan 1770Jeremiah CUSSONElizabeth FLOWER 
26 Mar 1770Joseph GILBERT of AnsteyAnn SHAKESPEAR of ShiltonBy Licence
02 Oct 1770Robert CRAFT of Combe FieldsElizabeth DEACON of Combe Fields 
19 May 1771Benjamin GILBERTElizabeth JACKSON 
08 Jul 1771Joseph FLEMINGHannah HANCOX 
28 Apr 1772Richard REYNOLDS of ExhallMary ASHBY, SpinsterBy Licence
10 Aug 1772John HERBERT of AnsteyAnn WING of Shilton 
13 Dec 1772John MESSENGERSarah HINMAN 
21 Dec 1772William ROBINSON, BachElizabeth SANSUM, Spinster 
23 May 1773Daniel ROBINSONSusannah BALLARDBy Licence
01 Jun 1773Joseph FLEMING, WidowerRebecca BIRD, Spinster 
27 Jan 1774Thomas ELLIOTT of SowMary WAKELIN of AnsteyBy Licence
15 Feb 1774William GOUGH, BachAnn SABAGE, Spinster 
16 May 1775Thomas VOILE, BachElizabeth PRIDMORE, SpinsterBy Licence
03 Jul 1775William DOLTONHannah JACKSON 
19 Dec 1775Charles DEEMING of Sow, WidowerElizabeth PAIN of Anstey, SpinsterBy Licence
06 Feb 1776Thomas BASELEY of Anstey, BachMary PALMER of Monks Kirby 
11 Nov 1776George DUTTONMary HINMAN 
13 Jul 1778John ADKINS, BachAnn KNIGHT, Spinster 
01 Apr 1779Joseph RICE of Anstey, BachHannah EADES of Sowe 
05 Apr 1779Thomas WILSON of Anstey, WidowerElizabeth BROWN of Bulkinton 
29 Jun 1779Joseph VOILE, BachSarah PRIDMORE, SpinsterBy Licence
14 Oct 1781Richard BARNETTSarah SMART 
29 Dec 1781John WARD of Lutterworth, BachAnn PRIDMORE of Combe FieldsBy Licence
12 Aug 1784George WARD of BulkintonMary GURRLAND of Anstey 
04 Oct 1784Thomas SANSOM, BachElizabeth STATHEMS, Spinster 
24 Jan 1786Samuel OVERTON of Monks KirbyMary DOLTON of Anstey 
20 Apr 1788William COLLEGE of Combe FieldsMary POFFER of Combe Fields 
13 Oct 1788William DUCKHAM of Sow, BachSarah BECK of Anstey, Spinster 
20 Jan 1789John CROFT of Wolvey, BachMary RUSSELL a minor of Anstey, SpinsterWith consent of her father: by Licence
27 Apr 1789Thomas BRADSHAW of Churchover, BachAnn BARWELL of Anstey, spinsterBy Licence
30 Sep 1789William SHEASBY of Daventry, WidowerSarah BRADFORD of AnsteyBy Licence
18 Oct 1789William ATKINS of Monks Kirby, BachSarah HARRIS of Anstey 
11 May 1790John GREENAWAY of Bagginton, Bach. GentJane PRIDMORE of Combe Fields, spinsterBy Licence
09 Apr 1792John LEAVESLEY, BachMary SANSOM 
21 Oct 1792Francis HUGHES of Combe Fields, BachAnn PACKWOOD of Anstey, Spinster 
21 Oct 1792Samuel OWIN, BachAnn ELLEMOR, Spinster 
31 Dec 1792Thomas BICKNILL, BachElizabeth KEEN, Spinster 
09 Feb 1794Richard ROWLEY, BachMary BEASLEY, Widow 
30 Jun 1794William GIBBS of Rugby, BachJenney BECK of Anstey, Spinster 
21 Oct 1794Thomas HARRIS, BachAnn WAKELIN, Spinster 
03 Jan 1795John BELSHER, BachCatherine MANN, Spinster 
27 Sep 1796Robert CLARK, BachAnn HALL, Spinster 
13 Oct 1796George ASTILL of Wolvey, BachElizabeth ROSE of Anstey, Spinster 
23 Oct 1796Joseph BROWNRebecca BECK 
14 Nov 1796John AMBLER of Cotesbach, BachMary VOILE of Anstey, SpinsterBy Licence
16 Nov 1796John DALTON, BachSarah CLARK, Spinster 
11 Oct 1798Robert SPENCER of Burton Hastings, BachAnn WHALE of Anstey, Spinster 
09 Apr 1799George BANBURY, BachElizabeth ROBISON, Spinster 
17 Aug 1800William DUNNING, BachAnn SAVAGE, Spinster 
03 Nov 1800Robert BURDEN of Combe FieldsAnn TREEN of Combe Fields 
02 Feb 1801John ROBERTS, BachMaria BECK 
13 Aug 1802James GIBBS, BachElizabeth HERBERT, Spinster 
18 Jan 1803Thomas BECK, BachSarah MASTERS, Widow 
22 Oct 1803John TUCKER, BoatsmanNelly DOLTON 
11 May 1804Robert DOLTON, BachAnn ROBINSON, Spinster 
24 May 1804William SANDERS, BoatsmanAnn BECK, Spinster 
18 May 1806James TIMS, WidowerSarah ROWLEY, Spinster 
29 May 1806John BECK of Anstey, BachSarah BOSWORTH of Shilton, Spinster 
02 Nov 1807Moses COLINGAnn SANSOM 
29 Dec 1808Charles HASTELOW of NuneatonHephzibah HANCOX of AnsteyBy Licence
10 Apr 1809Thomas CROSSMary BECK 
16 Jul 1810William SANSOMMary HARES 
18 Jun 1803Henry Cadwallader ADAMS of AnsteyEmma CURTIS of EdmontonBy Licence Married in the Parish Church of Tottenham
23 Sep 1806Thomas Coker ADAMS, Vicar of AnsleyMary PSITOR of Walcot City of BathMarried in the Parish Church of Clifton
10 Aug 1812John (Jnr) HERBERT of AnsteySarah ORTON of Shilton 

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