From the Leamington Spa Courier & Warwickshire Courier Sat 7 Jan 1837


   On Monday Last, After Mr. Tibbits has left the Court House, where he had 
been interrogated by the Town Council in respect to his Claim to 
Compensation, the Rev JOHN BOUDIER, Vicar of St. Mary's, called on him and 
presented the Testimonial of which we subjoin a Copy, accompanied with a 
Note in the following Terms :--

                                                 Warwick, January 2, 1837
   "DEAR SIR, - The accompanying Testimonial has been entrusted to us, and 
we have very great pleasure in being the medium of placing it in your 
hands.  You will regard it, we are sure, as an honourable proof of the 
esteem in which your public and private character is held by your 
neighbours and fellow townsmen. This will be a source of gratification to 
yourself and your family, and we shall sincerely rejoice in any benefit or 
advantage which the posession of such a document may, at any time confer.
                                   We remain, dear Sir, very truly yours,
                                         "WILLIAM STAUNTON,
                                         "JOHN BOUDIER"

    "To James Tibbits, Esq., North Gate Street"

William Staunton County Magistrate
John Boudier Vicar of St Mary
Charles Wake MD Warwick
George Innes Master of Kings School
John Kendal Vicar of Budbrooke
George Child Clerk, St Johns
J.G. Staunton Clerk, Smith St
J. Downes Clerk, Theatre St
Arthur Gem Clerk, West St
C.E. Carlos Asst Minister St Mary's
Thomas Jones Market Sq, Draper
Joseph Phillips Market Sq,
Wm Watts North Gate St
Joseph Ward Market Sq,
Joseph Clarke High St
K Greenway Jury St
Thomas Morris Church St
Robert Tibbits High St
G.G. Greenway Jury St
D.W. Harbury High St
Philip Wm Newham Old Sq
J. Wilmehurst High St
John Smith High St
Thomas Gill Castle St
Henry Smyth Jury St
William Jordan Castle St
W.E. Buck High St
William Osborn Castle St
Edward Greaves High St, Banker
William Oram Old Sq
Gen Edward Baker High St, Solicitor
William Smith High St
Robert Lake High St
Thomas Billing High St
John Bayliss North Gate St
John Benbow High St
John Merridew High St
John Dunkley West St
Benjamin Smith Maltster, Bridge End
H. Cook Cabinet Maker Oilmill Lane
Henry King Castle St, Wood Turner
William Bisset Castle St
?? Cox Castle St
William Price Market St.
Henry Robinson Castle St
?? ?? ?? - Line lost
William Leatherland St. Johns St
Francis Evans Park St
Thomas Bond Old Sq
Edward Day North Gate St
J.W. Marshall Jury St
Philip  Sanders Old Sq
John Commander Old Sq
William Henry Betts High St
Edward Terrill Corn Market
John Osborn Castle St
John Power Jury St
William H. Power Jury St
Thomas Waring Jury St
John Glover Theatre St
Thomas Hodgkinson Old Sq
James Barns Market Sq,
John Barns Market Sq.
W. Enock Old Sq
George Toney Castle St
William Brierly Castle St
John Miles Castle St
James Hatley Brook St
Joseph Mann Old Sq
Charles Mann Old Sq
John Warman Old Sq
William Green Castle St
John Waring Castle St
William Adams Castle St
Thomas Flowers Castle St
Renben Stuchbury High St
William Standish High St
George Witherington High St
William Lampray Castle St
James Coster Dew Jury St
James Ross Castle St
Joseph Watson Old Sq
George Stowe High St
Benjamin Thurnham High St
T.H. Atkins Church St
Henry Harper High St
Walter Hill North Gate St
James Williams Smith St
George Osborn Castle St
William Harris West St
Joseph Taylor Crompton St
John Murrall High St
James G. Roberts Cotton End
William Povey St. Johns St
George Jakeman Coventry Road
John Meade St. Johns St
John Roberts St. Johns St
William Walker Alderman, Butts
Edward Dodd Church St, St Nicholas
Philip  Hodgetts Linen St
Robert Ledbrook High St
Charles Camps New Rd
William Taylor New Rd
Thomas Hadley Castle St
Thomas Goadby West St
Samuel Parrott Bridewell La
Thomas Clarke Bridewell La
Joseph Adams Joyce Pool
John Teague Bridewell La
William Holland Bridewell La
Charles Hawkes Bridewell La
William Fairfax Brook St
William Sutton Gent., High St
Thomas Webb High St
William Manton jnr High St
Henry Terrill Hampton St
John Puncker Woodhouse St
Joseph King Crompton St
John Miles Bridge End
John Cox Butts
J.W. Povey Cotton End
Thomas Roberts Coventry Road
James Parke Cotton End
John Rouse Guy St
Robert Poole High St
Arthur Haymes High St
John Margetts High St
William B. Margetts High St
Henry T. Cook Printer & Stationer
Thomas Davies Millwright
William Parsons Gerrard St
James Spooner Market St.
George Hutchins Cotton End
William Lapworth Smith St
Thomas Newman Crompton St
Joseph Whitaker Smith St
William Pritchett Edmonscote
William Reed Edmonscote
James Green Chapel Row
Joseph Goadby Smith St
Edward Watts Maltster, Smith St
John Walker Cross St
Thomas Wheeler Smith St
Charles Cooke sen Swan St
Edward Pritchett Smith St
Robt Woodward Hecks Builder, St Nicholas
Thomas Underhill Plasterer, Church St
Charles College West St
George Watts Maltster, Smith St
John Cooke Upholsterer. Lower Church St
William Wright Gardener, Cotton End
George Clarkson Leamington
John Hitchman Chapel St
W. Wheeler Cordwainer, Church St
Arthur Greves Furniture Broker
William Dodd Edmonscote
James Herbert Cotton End
William Packwood Mill St
John Bowafad Bowling Green St
Thomas Treen Brickmaker
Thomas Parrott Edmonscote
Charles Stanley Miller, Church St
W. Trepess jnr Priory Road
Richard Hues Maltster, Cotton End
Benjamin Holdbrook Millwright
Thomas Hall China Dealer
Henry Enoch Smith St
William Jones Edmonscote
Henry Needle Hairdresser
Joseph Brooks Edmonscote
John Batsford Wheelwright
Timothy Burges Edmonscote
Richard James Edmonscote
Thomas Baseley Saltisford
Thomas Meade Mill St
William Newman High St
Joseph Shore Cotton End
Jonathan Steel Bridge End
William Allibald Cotton End
William Miles Bridge End
Isaac Edwards Bowling Green St
Thomas Abbott Tibbits Smith St
John Kilby Edmonscote
John Braddon Currier, Bridge End
William Gilks Plasterer, Mill St
Henry R?nall Bridge End
John Manning Builder
Richard Morrall Cooper
John Turnbull Tailor
William Young Gardener
William Robinson Cotton End
Thomas Garlick Wheelwright, Cotton End
William Fowley Saltisford
William Wells Mill St
Edward Davis Bridge End
Joseph B?onell Bridge End
Thomas ?? Bookkeeper
Francis ?? ?? - Line lost
John Rowney Butcher, Market Sq
Thomas Mears Builder, Chapel St
John Watson Jury St
William Robbins Woodhouse St
William Stain Coal Merchant
Richard Moseley Surveyor
Henry Smith Edmonscote
William Brown Mill St
John Comer Cross St
John Woolison Glazier
Thomas Brown Bricklayer
Samuel Humphriss Farmer
George Harris Miller
Richard Woodyatt Saddler
Thomas Barnett Miller
John Oak'ey Mill St
William Hobley Grocer
Thomas Overton Lower Church St
W.J. Tann Smith St
Joseph Seeley Mill St
Richard Woodward Miller
Jacob Cope Mill St
James Pritchett Cabinet Maker
John Morris Brewer
William Sanford China Dealer
James Prue Mill St
W. Egerton Serjeant Major, Militia
John Humphriss Baker
James Hughes Coalman
George Lockart Sweet Schoolmaster
William Standley Gunsmith
William Stanley Gent., Mill St
George Morrill Basket Maker
Samuel Marston Gent
John Underhill Printer
William Hobbes Carpenter
George Standley Pump Maker
William Bonell Carpenter
Henry Waggot Hat Manufacturer
William Eales Gardener
William Jeffs Milkman
Benjamin Brown Corn Dealer
John Newton Friar St
W.A. Tew Tailor, Pickard Place
Josh. Webb Builder, Gerard St
Richard Bastock Bridge End
Robert Durham Smith St
John Giles Bridge End
John Masters Gent, Smith St
William Durant Park St
Thomas Holmes North Gate St
William Stockton Butts
John Foster Accountant
Richard Wilkins Mason
William Mitchell Confectioner
Joseph Bullock Victualler
William Baker Dealer in Earthernware
Charles Bullock Mason
John Ladrook Boot and Shoe Maker
Robert Halford Tanner
Robert Moore Tanner
Thomas Butcher West St
Robert Hervey West St
Francis Lapworth Stone mason
Benjamin Wallis Carpenter
Thomas Jordan Brook St
Benjamin Ash Tailor, West St
William Hutchins Brook St
William Ash Tailor, West St
John Stanley Innholder
Benjamin Ward Turner, Priory Rd
William Bullock Brazier
John Tennant Tailor, Butts
William Hodgetts Carpenter, Friar St
Robert Lane Chapel St
William Lockington Theatre St
John Miles Butts
John Escott Smith St
William Richards Earl of Leicester's Hospital
Thomas Hodson Market St.
William Daniel Shoemaker
Christopher Lapworth Brook St
William Underhill West St
Hugh Langharne Accountant
G.M. Chaplin Woodhouse St
William Briscoe jun Corn Market
William Grimerd Market St.
William Ayres Brazier
William Chaplin Shoemaker
John Beasley sen Brook St
Thomas Hopkins Tailor
Zaccheas Hemming Brook St
George Buckley Brook St
Benjamin Rowley Market St.
R. Buckley sen Brook St
John Berry Baker
Joseph Robbins Linen St
Charles Byrne Porter Merchant
Thomas Hirons Linen St
Henry Roberts Grocer
James Brewer Carpenter
Robert Thompson Market St.
Isaac Sarjeant Market St.
John Hodgetts Carpenter
George Hopkins Hairdresser
Charles Williams Shoemaker
James Rendling Market St.
Isaac Cherry Friar St
Robert Page Joiner, Linen St
Joseph Smith Market St.
William Drain Bricklayer
Thomas Bryant Market St.
John Hodgetts Brook St
John H?ond Linen St
Joseph Clark Grocer, Market St
?? Whitmore Butcher, Market Sq
Thomas Green Hatter, Market St
Samuel Roberts Baker, Market St
James Jones Netmaker, Market St
James Treadgold Monk St
William Jones Friars Court
William Steel Coal Dealer
Francis Robbins Monk St
Simon Drain West St
Samuel Cakebread Marble Mason
William Osborn Ironmonger
William Lloyd Shoemaker
Thomas Thornton Butcher
J. Smith Butcher, Swan St
Robert Gold Tailor
Thomas Buckley New St
Zimrl? Lord Glazier
John Humphriss Bowling Green St
Joseph Roberts Woodland House
William Jones Edmonscote
John Crowe Earl of Leicester's Hospital
William Green Park St
William Winbush West St
John Dark Saltisford
John Winbush West St
William Davis Saltisford
Joseph Trepess Saltisford
John Bennett Saltisford
Thomas Knight Saltisford
John Oxx Saltisford
James Owen Saltisford
William Heathcote Saltisford
Edward Davies Saltisford
Thomas Jakeman Saltisford
John Davies Saltisford
Francis Pickard Saltisford
John C? D? Park St
?? ?? West St
John Cole Shoemaker
Thomas Harris Saltisford
Daniel Bracknell Saltisford
William Trepess sen Saltisford
James Willson Saltisford
Joseph Bradshaw Saltisford
John Harding Saltisford
Thomas Freeman Saltisford
John Charles Dyke Saltisford
John Key Saltisford
Thomas Wiggs Saltisford
William Bazely Theatre St
Thomas Beasley Saltisford
William Wagstaff Saltisford
W.F. Patterson Leamington Priors
William Glover Saltisford
John Fathers Saltisford
John Williams Theatre St
George Boddington Smith St
Thomas Wright Saltisford
Thomas Kemp Market Sq.
Benjamin Ward Priory Road
Samuel Canning Innholder
John Wright Saltisford
Samuel Roberts Corn Market
Benjamin Claridge Saltisford
John Moore Surveyor, High St
John Margetts jun High St
John Miles Saltisford
John Bass Innholder, Saltisford
Arthur Bond Old Sq
William Willesden Saltisford
James Banner Church St
Edward Pershouse Grocer
George Mander Saltisford
Thomas Tarver Friars St
John Tarver Crompton St
William Muddiman Old Pound
William Taylor Old Pound
William Hopkins Tailor
John Mumford Woodhouse St
John Greves Joyce Pool
George Ward Commercial Buildings
Benjamin Cashmore Commercial Buildings
Henry Godwin jun West St
John Sabin Saltisford
Job Sidwell Cordwainer
John Hervey Cape
Henry Godwin sen Blacksmith
William Pickering Innkeeper
Thomas Adams West St
Robert Bastock Plasterer
George Mercy Commercial Buildings
William Halford West St
John Kendrick Farmer
Benjamin Sedgley Farmer
Richard Steel Farmer
Francis Lapworth jun Mason, West St
William Maunton Tinplate worker, West St
Joseph Hanks Cordwainer, West St
John Hunt Cordwainer, West St
William Hawkes Farmer, Heathcote
John Gibbs Bricklayer, Bridge End
Charles Baker Maltster, Bridge End
William Herbert Gamekeeper, Bridge End
Thomas Cook Innkeeper, Crompton St
Thomas Pittaway Friars St
John Ruck Woodhouse St
William Humphriss jun West St
Geb Cooper Maltster, Bridge End
Richard Berry Tailor, West St
John Robinson Bridge End
John Cox Bridge End
Thomas Timms Bridge End
Henry Eddins Bridge End
Benjamin Lapworth West St
John Winbush jun West St
George Vincent Gardener, West St
Joseph Mosley Bridge End
William Satchwell Bridge End
Richard Gem Gent, West St
Thomas Warren Cordwainer, West St
William Harris Tailor, Friars St
John Cashmore Shoemaker
James Hopkins Cutler, West St
Thomas Box Monk St
Samuel Satchwell Woodhouse St
Charles Elliott Crompton St
William Hewlett Mercer, Swan St
John Claridge Brook St
Richard Reeves Shoemaker, Bridge End
Robert Holford Bridge End
James Read Bridge End
Henry Riman Bridge End
William Underhill Tailor, Bridge End
James Miller Shoemaker, Bridge End
James Godfroy Castle Inn
William Briscoe sen Griffin Inn
Richard Cattrell Baker, Brook St
L.M. Tatham Park St
Thomas Toney West St
William Gill Plumber, Park St
William Tucker Cotton End
Joseph Hawkes Shoemaker, Bridewell La
John Pickard Coal Dealer
Thomas Hall Linen St
Charles Woodward Joyce Pool
Robert Iliffe Butcher, Edmonscote
John Wallin Edmonscote
William Adkins Mason, Edmonscote
William Young Gardner, Edmonscote
Elias Aston Avon Row, Edmonscote
Francis Rivera Edmonscote
Thomas Grant
Thomas Wellmore Goodhall St
John Gleme
Joseph Higgen Avon Row, Edmonscote
William May Bridge St
Robert Bastock Goodhall St
John Reynolds Wharf St
Rd. Barlow Plumber, Edmonscote
J. Hawkes Innkeeper, Edmonscote
Stephen Kyte Lath Cleaver
John Kilby Glover
William Goddard Sawyer
George Hart Stocking Maker
Wm Burford Smith
Richard Claydon Pickard Street
Jonas Butler Pickard Street
William Long Edmonscote Place
Thomas Mumford Pickard Street
S. Humphriss Farmer, Edmonscote
William Beasley Grocer, Pickard St
W. Terrill Waggoner, Edmonscote
J. Lewis Innkeeper, Edmonscote
William Bayliss Pickard Street
Charles Crouch Pickard Street
William Penn Bridge Row
John Smith Pickard Street
Luke Dackus Innkeeper
William Goddard Pickard Street
T. Cox Writing Clerk, Bridge St
W. Day Accountant, Bridge St
Samuel Cotton Coal Dealer
Charles Gilling Bridge St
John Toon West St
Joseph Oxley Bridge St
William Pickett Swan St
John Pickett Corn Market
H. Drinkwater Mercer, Swan St
Samuel Dyke Cotton End
John Spinks Crompton St
Joseph Arnold West St
Charles Price Saltisford
William Walker Saltisford
Joseph Butwell Saltisford
Richard Bell Friars St
Elias Dyke Park St
Edward Time Friars St
John Spooner Baldewell Lane
John Tiam? Saltisford
Thomas Spencer Park St
Michael Halpford? Park St
James Kendrick ? Park St
John ? Poole Park St
William Canning Park St
Charles Hobbis ? Park St
Joseph Mander Saltisford
Henry Mash Black Hills
W.B. Rendall Schoolmaster
Benjamin Rendall Crompton St
Thomas Grimmett Wharf St
John Colledge Edmonscote
John Court Chemist, Market Sq.
Joseph Bolton Humphriss St
John Mottram Innkeeper
John Pare Gerrard St
Richard Ivens West St
John Essex Saltisford
James Francis High St
John Head Park St
William Rogers Saltisford
William Wilkes Saltisford
John Smith Old Sq
Christopher Lapworth Brook St
Thomas Maycock Bridewell La
John Arkesden Saltisford
B. Barlis Joyce Pool
John Starkey Saltisford
Prichard Smith Solicitor, Joyce Pool
John Goddard Saltisford
William Bromwich Woodhouse St
Thomas Cook Chapel Row
Jonathan Tandy Friars Court
Samuel Benton Saltisford
William Brown Veterinary Surgeon, West St
Thomas Greaves Farmer, Old Park
James Startin Surgeon, High St
Thomas Eyre Farmer, Wedgnock Park
William Grimmett Farmer, Old Park
Thomas Pain Farmer, Wedgnock Park
William Lees Farmer, Wedgnock Park
J.B. Haynes Farmer, Wedgnock Park
William Boddington Edmonscote
Samuel B?? ?? - Line lost
William Thomas Stanley Veterinary Surgeon
Daniel O'Donwell Saltisford
William Halford Corn Dealer, Saltisford
Thomas Trepess ? Saltisford
Edward Hewett West St
Thomas Essex Saltisford
William Gardner Old Park
Daniel M?alin Commercial Buildings
Joseph ?? Farmer, Old Park
Samuel Burbury Farmer
William Horn ? Farmer, Old Park
Henry Wilking ? Longbridge
William St??ks Longbridge
William Sendall Longbridge
Thomas Smith Farmer, Old Park
James ? Carpenter Farmer, Longbridge
Samuel Lapworth sen Castle St


   GENTLEMEN, - It is impossible for me to express as I could wish, the
feelings excited in my mind, by the honour conferred on me by the 
Testimonial which you have presented to me and the very flattering terms of 
your note.
   For myself, I accept this proof of the kindly feeling of my neighbours 
and fellow townsmen, with gratitude and pride; - my children will I trust, 
regard the compliment paid to their Father as a stimulus to pursue the path 
of integrity which it has ever been my ambition to tread.  I feel indeed 
that in this instance my poor merits are far too highly rated; but permit 
me to assure you, and through you, every individual whose name is attached 
to the Testimonial, that a recollection of this substantial mark of 
kindness will be imprinted on my heard to the latest hour of my existance.
                          I have the honour to remain, Gentlemen,
                                         Your obliged humble servant
                                                             JAS. TIBBIT

    To Wm. Staunton, Esq. and
       The Rev. John Boudier.

---- Note: Taken from a microfilm copy that was scratched, and hard to read 
in parts, and being a) from a newspaper, and b) re-typed, may contain 
typing errors! ----

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