Warwickshire Blacksmiths - 1874

List of Blacksmiths in Warwickshire. This data
is kindly supplied by Brian Blackford, and is taken from
F. White and Co.'s Warwickshire Directory of 1874.
More will follow

ParishBlacksmithsAddress if given
BiltonEdward Hales 
Bourton upon DunsmoorJohn Hales 
ChurchoverJohn William Hewitt and Son 
Clifton upon DunsmoorJames Loydall 
Dunchurch, Toft and CawsonJonas Bonham 
 William Haynes 
HillmortonEdward Hewitt 
Leek WoottonWm. Budd 
Long LawfordThomas Frankton 
 Joseph Masters 
MilvertonWilliam Woodfield 
Newbold on AvonWilliam Beck 
OffchurchJohn Record 
Radford SemeleJoseph Page 
RugbyJohn Holdin16 Little Church St.
 John LismerChurch St.
 Henry Loydall7 Russell St.
 James ShearsRussell St.
ShuckburghJames Hall 
SouthamJohn Claridge 
 James CoxCoventry St.
 Henry WagstaffCoventry St.
 Wm. Henry WagstaffCoventry St.
UftonJohn Beck 
WalsgraveJoseph Clare 
 John Loydall 
WilleyJoseph Walker 
WhitnashEdward Reading 

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