History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).


Church Street, WARWICK , CV34 4AB 
Between the casle and St. Marys church. 
Phone: 01926 491974 

Talliss lists this pub existing from 1926 but its first appearance in the directories is the following year. 

1927-1933 Mrs Florence A Calcutt 
1934-1948 Leslie T C Johnson 
1950-1953 Eric Little 
1956-1963/4 Ivor M Davies 
The names are not given after this date. 
The pub was last run by a brewery under Davenports ownership but it has more recently been run as part of a pub chain. 
It quite unexpected to find such a short history for this pub which is in a building that predates its first listing by 
well over a hundred years. It must have been a private house previously. I wonder if anyone knows why this was converted 
into a pub at this time. I also wonder if anyone can explain why the Zetland was chosen for its name which as far as 
I know is unique in the Country.  The pub has a large entrance hall that leads to a big open plan room at the rear which 
is the main room with the main bar servery. This rooms opens on to a delightful walled garden which in summertime is an 
oasis of calm in the centre of Warwick and is one of the Town's best kept secrets. Off the entrance hall on the left as 
you walk in is a charming little wood paneled snug which is so rare to find these days. It so good to see that a feature 
like this has not been lost to the general desire to knock everything into one big room. I hope this never happens to this 
pub as it wood ruin its character. 

This solitary "Z" ends* the marathon series on the History of pubs of Warwick. I hope they have been of interest and many 
thanks to those who have contacted me with additional information especially Tony Talliss who has fed regular anecdotes to 
add interest to the story. 

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