History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

The 1806 map of the town gives us the only reference to this pub and it indicated that it stood on Sheep Street 
(now Northgate Street) on the west side. Its owner was John Bird and the landlord was Thomas Masters. 

Once again we have several pubs with the same name although this time they may not have existed at the same time 
although they did not miss each other by much as the first reference to this hostelry was 1822 when it was run by 
John Mottram. He continued to run the place until at least 1833. 
1849 Joseph Lisam                               1871-1881 George Newey 
1882-1887 Mrs. Lucy Newey                       1888-1890 John Charles Newey 
1892-1894 W. Talbot                             1895-1929 D.B. Pratt 
1930 Mrs. Mabel Pratt                           1931 E.A. Astill 
1932 Arthur Sydney Savage                       1933 Mrs. F. Dodd 
1934 Arthur Aubrey Sanby 
It is good to see a pub remaining in the hands of a family for a long time with three members of the Newey family 
running it for 16 years and even more impressively, Mr. Pratt keeping the pub alone for 34 years which a very rare occurrence. 

A list of Warwick Pubs in my possession indicates that there may have been another pub of the same name in the 
Cornmarket which was also known as the Nags Head in a record in the County record Office dating from 1800. 
As this predates the earliest trade directories I have not previously recorded this pub under either name. 

This same list also refers to this name being found on Smith Street in the 18th Century on a pub also known as the Kings Head. 
This is attributed to a record in the County Record Office and once again I have not recorded this pub under either name. 

This list also refers to the name as being situated at 35 West Street from 1828-1934 but again cross-referenced to another name, 
the Harp. I have found only one reference to this pub under the name of the Harp and that was on the 1806 map of the town. 
I do not understand the dates given in the list as I would certainly have found further references. 
This pub obviously needs further research. 

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