History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

PARK TAVERN. This typical back street Victorian pub is first listed in 1880 and it continues to operate 
today. At first its address was given as 1a Union Road but by 1941 it was given as being on Lakin Road, 
which is today's address.  It was originally a beer house being designated as such from 1880 through to 
1899. Curiously it listed as a beer house again in 1907 but it is possible that this is an error in the 
Directory. Only nine licensees are listed in almost eighty years. 
1880-1897 James Walters 					1898-1903 Francis James 
1904-1907 William J. Carty 				1908-1938 James Phipps 
1939-1940 Bertie Hawtin 					1941-1947 Arthur William Brewster 
1948-1956 Cyril Harry Smart 
James Walters is an example of another landlord having to run two occupations to make ends meet however 
his was an unusual choice as he is listed as innkeeper and carver, which I believe is unique. 

PAUL PRY. Kemp in his "History of Warwick and Its People" published in 1905 mentions a pub in Crompton 
Street, which is not mentioned anywhere else. He says " Crompton Street leads out of West Street on the 
right to St. Mary's Common. No. 23 in this Street was the "Paul Pry". 
This pub was built in the 1790s as a racing inn with stables, to serve the racecourse. 
Paul's Pry was the name of a horse. At the time it was built Crompton Street did not exist. 
When the street was built, the pub too underwent transformation to become the Warwick Tavern, 
and its subsequent history I will cover in a later part of this series. 
Today the pub is know as the Old Fourpenny Shop. 

PHEASANT INN. This simple beer house was situated at 4 Saltisford and was first recorded in 1880. 
The landlord was Charles Nash and remarkably he was listed right through until 1908 when it was no 
longer listed as a public house. In that year 4 Saltisford was recorded as a private residence but 
Charles Nash was still in residence. Nothing else is known about this pub but 27 years as licensee 
is not a bad record and this may be the only record of a pub with a single licensee for the whole 
of its existence! 
(Note by PT - this place is mentioned in my ancestors will as having been the residence of Joseph Trepess 
in 1853, and the contents - brewing equipment etc. left to his children. Thus this property was a beerhouse
well before 1880. Regretfully the area has now been re-developed, and nothing remains of that part of Saltisford)

PLASTERER'S ARMS INN. This pub was located at 52 Avon Street, Emscote and was first mentioned in 1850 
and is last recorded exactly 100 years later in 1950. During that time there were 13 licensees listed. 
1849 Henry Reading 					1850 Ann Reading 
1862 James Alldritt 					1880-1893 Carles Essex 
1894-1899 Ms. Essex 					1900-1907 Athur Tye 
1908-1909 Wlliam J. Newman 				1910 J. H. Boyes 
1911 W. L. Davis 					1912-1933 Herbert William Gedge 
1934-1941 William Tom Stallard 				1942 - 1945 Kenneth Arthur Hawkins 
1948 Mrs. C. Hawkes 
There was another disagreement between the trade directories. Kenneth Hawkins is suddenly renamed as 
Hawkes in 1945 which is backed up by the subsequent landlady's name so it is possible that Hawkins 
was a mistake right through from 1942. Charles Essex had another interesting second occupation as he 
was also listed as a lathe cutter. 

PLOUGH AND HARROW. This pub situated in Linen Street has one single record dating from 1862 when the 
landlord was George Stewart. 

PORTOBELLO TAVERN. This large pub was situated on Emscote Road and was another hostelry caught up in 
the re-numbering scheme. First listed in 1849 it was addressed as 127 but after 1882 it listed as 
55 Emscote. It can all get rather confusing! It is recorded until 1960 during which time it has 17 licensees. 
1849 Edward Thomas Crompton 				1854 Benjamin Dickinson (from trade dir)
1856 & (-?) 1860 Samuel Burton (fm bapt records)		1862-1880 Samuel Burton 
1881 Eleanor Burton 					1882 Edward Stroud 
1883-1885 H. Joseph Bawcutt (Dir says Hy)		1886-1890 Henry Maycock 
1891-1911 Frank Leary 					1912-1913 D. J. Jones 
1914-1921 S. J. Sparrow 					1922-1924 Mrs. Sparrow 
1925-1928 Ernest Goadby 					1929-1933 Christopher Charles Chedham 
1934-1935 William John Moon 				1936-1941 Alfred Norman Tew 
1942-1950 Joseph Howard Onions 				1953 Wilfrith George Allen 
1956 James C. Oughton 
The pub was listed in 1959 but the licensees name was no longer given. The nature of the pub also changed 
a couple of times being listed as a Tavern and Tea Garden in 1883 but by 1891 it was termed the 
Portobello Hotel. 

PUNCH BOWL INN. This fine old hostelry is recorded back as far as the Warwick map from 1806. 
It was originally termed the Punch Bowl Commercial and Posting Inn. Nineteen licensees are recorded over 
150 years. 
1806 William Cleaver (Owner John Turner) 		1828/9 - 1849 James Butler 
1862 William Hamp 					1880-1887 Matilda Daniels 
1888-1906 William Daniels 				1907 Mrs. Daniels 
1908 Robert Daniels or H. S. Bewley 			1909 H. S. Bewley 
1910-1912 W. G. Broadbridge 				1913-1919 Mrs. Broadbridge 
1920 Harold Broadbridge 					1921-1924 E. W. Evans 
1925-1927 J. R. Ward 					1927-1929 Sidney W. Wincott (manager) 
1930-1931 No Name Given 					1932 Mrs Alice Beatrice Berry 
1933-1941 T. B. Riddihough 				1942-1945 H. G. K. Skipp 
1946-1947 No Name Given 					1948-1956 W. H. G. Knight 
1957-1958 No Name Given 					1959 W. G. Cheney 
This pub is situated at the top of the Butts in Warwick opposite the Police Station and suffers from a 
rather restricted site with a small car park. It was owned by Davenport's Brewery for many years but in 
recent years it has changed hands several times with a range of beers from national breweries of variable 
quality being available. However, earlier this year there has been a dramatic change as the present owners 
have introduced beer from the Oakwell Brewery of Barnsley which is probably the only regular outlet in 
the County. Going back to the history of the pub, Matilda Daniels was listed as a car proprietor in 1880. 
This does not mean that it was the local Ford Dealership! It actually meant that she had a Horse and 
Carriage to hire. In 1908 and again in 1927 the two directories, Kelly's and Spennell's could not agree 
who was the landlord. In 1908 Kelly's listed Robert Daniels which would have been the fourth member of 
the family to run the pub, however Spennells said it was H.S. Bewley. In 1927 Kelly's reckon that 
Sidney W. Wincott had taken over as manager a year before Spennells would admit to. The nature and 
location of this pub at the start of one of the main roads out of Warwick leads one to expect that 
it would have been a regular stopping point for the carriers. However this was not the case and there 
are only two years when they are referred to. In 1850 one ran to Kenilworth on Wednesdays and Saturdays. 
In 1862 another ran to Barford on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, meanwhile that same year an 
additional service ran on Saturdays ran to a place called Shirley Street. I wonder if anyone can tell 
me where that was? 

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