History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

LAMB AND FLAG There is only one reference to this name which is in the 1905 publication by Kemp 
"History of Warwick and its people". In it he says "Facing the end of the street (Northgate Street) 
are two large houses which were formerly one - a big old coaching house called the Lamb and Flag." 
This building still stands and half is a private residence and the remainder is the Warwickshire 
County Council Staff Club so it has obviously been a licensed premise for a considerable period of time. 

LAMP TAVERN This pub stood at 11 Bowling Green Street and was listed from 1880 until 1914. At first it 
was a basic drinking establishment and was described as a Beer House in 1881. There were seven licensees 
during its existence: 
1880-1888 Thomas Bane 						1889-1900 Mrs. E. Bane 
1901 It was in the hands of the Executors of Mrs. E. Bane 	1902 H. Osbourne 
1903-1908 J. Creelman 						1910-1912 C. H. Taplin 
1913-1914 Benjamin Savage 	
In 1886 Thomas Bane was also listed as a shopkeeper. It was quite common for landlords to have more than 
one occupation as it was difficult to make a living from a small Beer House alone. 

LEYCESTER ARMS This pub was situated at 40 Brook Street and existed from at least 1862 through to 1914. 
It again had seven licensees but one of them owned the pub for 26 years. 
1862 George Chambers 						1874 William Griffin 
1880-1905 Thomas Taylor 						1906 Mrs Taylor 
1907-1911 Dennis S. Ancott 					1912 W. A. Webber 
1913-1914 E. Newborough 
There is some debate as to the correct spelling of Mr.Ancott's name as he was listed as Aucott in the 
Directories for 1910 and 1911. This pub was also the base for some local carriers, the busses of their 
time. From 1880-1886 one ran to Gaydon every Saturday. In 1880 one ran to Lighthorne every Wednesday 
and Saturday. In 1880 and 1881 there was a Saturday service to Moreton Morrell. From 1881-1886 A Saturday 
service ran to Banbury (probably an extension of the Gaydon run). From 1884-1886 a Saturday run went to 
Norton Lindsey.  In 1887 the style of Directories changed and destinations were no longer listed but two 
services were running; one every Saturday and another on Tuesdays and Saturdays. From 1888-1895 it dropped 
to just one Saturday service then from 1896-1898 it increased again to two Saturday services. In 1899 and 
until 1901 it reverted back to the one Saturday service it then increased again to two in 1902 and then 
to three for 1903 and 1904. In 1905 the Saturday services dropped back to two but a Monday service was 
also introduced. The latter was dropped again the following year and the Saturday services remained at 
two until 1909. In 1910 they increased again to three and rose to four in 1911 but fell back again to 
three Saturday services from 1912-1914 when carriers were presumably forced out of business by more modern 
forms of transport. 

LION INN This pub existed from 1862 till 1905 and stood on the junction of Monk Street and Crompton Street. 
There were nine licensees listed: 
1862-1874 Charles Bartlett 				1880-1883 William Beasley Jnr. 
1884 Mrs. Beasley 					1885 Charles Wagstaff 
1886-1887 James Webb 					1888-1892 Charles Clarke 
1893-1895 George Bull 					1896 G. A. White 
1897-1905 Richard E. White 				In 1880 William Beasley Jnr. was another example 
landlords having more than one job with him being listed as a licensed victualler and a potato salesman 
but the latter is a rather unusual one to combine with running a pub! 

LORD LEYCESTER HOTEL The first reference to this hotel in the trade directories is not until 1926 but 
the building is much older. The site incorporates the eastern part of the former Jury Street House 
which was built in the early 1600s. The house underwent a series of alterations and by 1800 it had 
become The Three Tuns Inn. Only three licensees are listed for the hotel: 
1926-1950 A. H. Tyack 					1953 Mrs. F. MacKay 
1956-1961 Joseph Maxwell 
This hotel is still popular with tourists and businessmen alike but landlords were not listed from 1962 
onwards. The public bar is pleasant for a quiet drink and Courage Directors, Theakstons XB and Ruddles 
County have frequently been seen on the bar. 

LORD NELSON This pub situated on the corner of Emscote Road and Charles Street has been the subject of 
some confusion in the past due to an unusual coincidence when renumbering of the streets took place back 
in the 1880s. The Lord Nelson was originally listed as being at 13 Emscote Place in 1881 but the following 
year it was now at 31 Emscote Road which the previous year had been the address of a totally different pub 
called the Elephant and Castle. I am sure you can appreciate the problem this can cause for local historians. 
The pub has passed through 8 licensees according to the trade directories: 
1881-1890 James Tiso 					1891 Mrs. Morgan 
1892-1893 Samuel Reynolds 				1894 G. A. White 
1895-1908 John Eales 					1909-1925 Mrs. Eales 
1926-1953 R. J. Eales 					1956 W. T. Collier 
It is interesting to note that G. A. White moved around a bit because two years after he left here he turned 
up at the Lion which is referred to earlier in this instalment of Warwick Pubs. It also quite rare to find a 
pub passing from husband to wife and probably to their son to keep the pub in one family for almost 60 years. 
As I am sure you are aware this typical Victorian corner pub is still existing today but the present interior 
is anything but typical. As you enter you are confronted by the result of a interior designer being a touch 
over en thusiastic about a pub name. The interior now has a passing resemblance of the interior of Nelson's 
flagship Victory with wood and rope and ships wheels lanterns brass portholes and numerous other nautical 
connections everywhere you look. These theme pubs were often much less successful than this one and were 
generally ripped out again fairly rapidly. On a first visit it comes as something of a shock to find this 
one still surviving but at least you can enjoy a good pint of Ansell's Bitter to help you recover. 

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