History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

KING AND QUEEN There is a reference in a leaflet produced by Warwickshire Museum on the Fire of Warwick 
which states that a pub of this name was demolished in Swan Street in order to make a fire break during 
the Great Fire of Warwick in 1694. 

KING WILLIAM THE FOURTH Like the Jolly Sailor there is a brief reference to this pub in the list of 
Warwick Pubs compiled by Tallis. Again he states that this name is mentioned in the Warwick Advertiser 
for 1833-34. Select Committee on election coruption states this was run by Thomas Box in 1833.
Nothing more has been found! 

KING'S ARMS This pub is also included in Tallis' list where he states it existed from 1828 to 1835. 
I have found one other reference to it in a trade directory for 1828/1829 &1833 when it was run by John Glover.
It stood on Cornmarket the short stretch of road between Swan Street and the Market Place. Whichever 
building, it was is now a shop. 

KING'S HEAD (1) A pub of this name was recorded as being on Castle Street between 1698 and 1714 according 
to a reference that Tallis found in the County Record Office. 

KING'S HEAD (2) Tallis also refers to another pub of this name standing on Smith Street from the 18th 
Century until 1828. It is possible that this pub became the Roebuck as its first reference is also 1828 
and the building is obviously much older than that. 

KING'S HEAD (3) The third manifestation of this name is likely to be the only one familiar to most of 
our readers. This is of course the one standing at 39 Saltisford which is first recorded on the 1806 
map of Warwick when it was owned by Mrs. Reeves and the landlord was Charles Pratt. From that date until 
1958, when the style of trade directories changed and names of licensees were no longer given, only 13 
licensees are recorded:
1849 Thomas Clarke Jnr.						1862 Robert Clarke
1874 George Payne						1880 George Francis
1881-1882 Benjamin Goodman Green					1883-1887 F. J. Adnitt
1888-1914 William Faulks						1915-1916 H. J. Clarke
1917-1934 Joseph Ellison						1935-1936 James John Carter
1937-1950 George H. Barton					1953 Thomas Henry Rotherham
1956 Joseph H. Onions 
As might be expected for a pub of this type in its location it was picking up point for the carriers 
heading westwards from Warwick. In 1862 one ran to Balsall (Common) and Bewsall (now known as Beausale) 
on Saturdays. Haseley was served on Saturdays from 1883-1886. Saturdays was also the day that carriers 
ran to Acocks Green, Birmingham, Greet, Knowle, Solihull, and Temple Balsall during the years of 1884 
to 1886. From 1888 destinations were no longer listed but a Saturday service continued right through 
until 1908. For a short time a second service ran on Tuesdays from 1899 until 1902. 

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