History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

HALF MOON Tallis in his survey of Warwick public houses refers to a pub of this name being situated at 
28 Woodhouse Street from 1835 until about 1870 but by 1874 it must have changed its name as the Queens 
Head Inn was listed at that address. 

HARE AND HOUNDS This pub is first recorded on the 1806 map of Warwick and was situated on Bridewell Lane 
although it was later listed as being at 13, Barrack Street. This area of Warwick was completely cleared 
in the early 1970s when the modern Library building was put up so unfortunately there is no trace of the 
pub left to describe and I have not yet found an old photograph showing it. Eleven proprietors have been 
recorded during the 110 years that I have records for the pub:
1806 William Pettifer						1828/29 & 1833 Thomas Clarke
1849 Richard Cole						1862 Susan Cole
1874-1896 Frederick Horne					1897-1898 S.J. Parfrey
1899-1904 Arthur Voss						1905-1907 Walter Page
1908-1909 Lewis Hickman						1910-1914 R.J. Bentley
1915 Ernest Jones 		
William Pettifer was recorded as being the owner as well as landlord and it is quite likely that he was a 
member of the modern Pettifer family who are builders and property developers. The pub played host to 
carriers for a short while with services running to Birmingham on Tuesdays and Fridays and to Harbury 
on Saturdays in 1849 and then to Lighthorne on Saturdays in 1881. The pub was listed as closing in 1916 
and was not recorded in 1917. 

HARP The 1806 map of Warwick shows a pub by this name on the south side of West Street. The owner was 
given as Samuel Eyres and the landlord was Thomas Eady. There appears to be no other reference to this name. 

HARROW Tallis also refers to a pub of this name being on The Saltisford after 1806. The 1806 map shows a 
pub named the Golden Horse on the East Side of the Saltisford but no other reference to the name has been 
found. It is possible that the Harrow was a new name for the pub but again no further mention of that name 
has been located so that suggestion is simply conjecture.  

HOBSON'S CHOICE This was a new pub built in 1961 when the Spinney Hill housing estate was erected. 
The names of licensees were no longer given in the trade directories by the time this pub was built. 
It changed its name to Images in 1984, but reverted to Hobson's Choice in 1991. 

HOP POLE Tallis records a pub of this name on Emscote in 1851 but no other reference to it has been found. 
Tallis suggests that it may have changed its name to the Britannia by 1874 which was listed at 11, Emscote 

HORSE AND JOCKEY Tallis records this as a beerhouse existing from 1841 until 1872 although the only 
reference I have located was in the 1849 trade directory when it was run by John Whitmore. It stood 
on Linen Street. Kemp in his History of Warwick and its People published in 1905 states "The last 
house in Linen Street on the right close to the Common Gate was the Horse and Jockey". 

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