History of Warwick Pubs

HISTORY OF WARWICK PUBS - Written by John Crossling (johncrossling@btinternet.com).

Additional Reference: A. C. Tallis in his "Survey of Warwick Public Houses" 1880

I have so far discovered references to 125 pubs in Warwick of which only about 1/4 still exist.
Historically, there were different types of drinking establishments such as Beerhouse tavern inn,
hotel and pub and there were clear distinctions as to what they could sell and what facilities they offered.

The research of pubs is further complicated by historical events such as the renumbering of streets
and the renaming of premises. Early records are also subject to some unusual spellings as the literacy
of the authors was not all of the same level. Much of the data comes from a review of early trade
Directories, such as "Spennall's". Some of the data has been previously on the web in the
Warwickshire branch of the CAMRA newsletter The Bear and Ragged Staff

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