History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

THE EAGLE The only reference to this pub is in Kemp's 1905 book where he refers to "One of the 
houses at the corner of Cross Street and Smith Street was at one time the Falcon while a little 
higher up the street on the left was the EAGLE". Which street is not at all clear!

EDMONDE'S PLACE The alternative name to the Cross Tavern mentioned in 1510. This eventually became 
incorporated into the present Court House, see our earlier instalment under the Cross Tavern. 

ELEPHANT AND CASTLE This was the original name for the Simple Simon (renamed 1970) on the Emscote Road, 
Warwick. It may go back as far as 1828 or beyond but the earliest reference is in 1880 when it was listed 
as being at 31, Emscote and was a simple beerhouse.  In 1882 when the streets were renumbered it became 
105 Emscote however it is confusing when the renumbering moved the Lord Nelson to the old number of the 
Elephant and Castle. Someone had a strange sense of humour as far as pub researchers are concerned! 
Sixteen different licensees are listed over an 80 year period from 1880 to 1960 when the names are no 
longer given. During this time the family names of Ralph, Robinson and Andrew occur frequently, thus 
demonstrating the old tradition of keeping businesses in the family. During the 1920s and 30s the trade 
directories demonstrated the old adage of 'don't believe everything you read'. Kelly's Directory was at 
odds with the local Spennal's Directory for 8 years. Spennals listed S.J. Sturgeon as landlord, and 
indeed had since 1915, however in 1927 Kelly's tries to convince you that it is run by James Samuel 
Sturgeon and it is not until 1934 that they finally reverse the names! 

EMSCOTE TAVERN This pub is one of the most recent to disappear from the Warwick skyline as it was 
demolished in June. It had stood on the South side of Emscote Road, close to the canal bridge since 
at least 1828 and it kept its name right through to the last ten years or so of its existence when 
it briefly became the Emscote Bears, Bennies, The Bears, and finally just the Emscote before closing down. 
It is first listed in 1828 at 50 Emscote Place but this becomes 82 Emscote Road in 1882. 
It had 13 licensees during the period 1828 to 1956, with only the last one named being a lady. 
John Upton was listed as a brewer as well in Kelly's in 1904 but by 1911 there is an advert in 
Spennal's where it is a Davenports pub. 

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