History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

DOLPHIN This name is first encountered in the Victoria County History where there is reference to a large 
inn of this name being demolished by 1755 to make way for three houses as the expanding population of 
St. Mary's parish lead to more intensive use of land. The name seems out of place in Warwickshire since 
you can't get much further from the sea, however it probably originates from the symbol of the dolphin 
carried by pilgrims as a good luck charm rather than from the animal. 

DOLPHIN The second pub of this name was situated on the Emscote Road. It was first listed as being at 
12 Emscote Place, Coten End in 1841, but by 1882 its address was given as 32 Emscote Road. It existed 
until 1971 and I believe it is the corner building on the far side of Cherry Street which is being used 
as a carpet shop now. If you look above the ground floor it looks very much like a pub. There were only 
10 landlords of this pub in over 120 years and one of them remained for an impressive forty years which 
is virtually unheard of these days! Two of the earlier landlords, Henry Edwards and Charles Martin, 
were also listed as wheelwrights which reflects on the fact that pubs rarely provide a decent living. 

DRAGON This name has sometimes been wrongly used for the GREEN DRAGON in the Market Place but this will 
be dealt with later in the series. 

DUKE OF YORK There is a reference to a pub of this name situated on the Saltisford on the 1806 map of 
the town but so far it has not been mentioned elsewhere. It is possible that it was renamed in the 1820s 
as it was very close to the site of the later WHITE LION. 

DUN COW This is now the last pub in Warwick as you leave on the Birmingham Road. It is a flat fronted 
pub painted white on cement render which hides the underlying architecture which makes the dating of 
the building difficult, it may be older than it first appears. It looks to be early Victorian but 
according to the list of Warwick pubs by Tallis it goes back at least as far as 1813. Until 1886 it 
was listed as being at 1, Commercial Buildings, Saltisford but the next year it is changed to 
Birmingham Road. Between 1874 and 1960 the trade directories only list 9 different licensees, 
one of listed and one of those was probably a typing mistake! 
1833 William Pickering 			1874 William Floyd (this may have been a misprint - see next entries) 
1880 Mrs Lloyd 				1881-1883 William Lloyd 
1884 Mrs Lloyd 				1885-6 Mrs Lloyd and William Lloyd 
1887-8 William Lloyd (these are a strange set of records as wife usually takes over when husband has died) 
1889 -1920 Thomas Enoch Iliffe 		1921 - 1927 Reginald Chamberlain 
1928 Albert Baseley 			1929 - 1935 John Ettle 
1936 - 1941 James Edward Haughton 	1942 - 1959 Arthur W. B. Newton

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