History of Warwick Pubs

Written by John Crossling (JohnCrossling@aol.com).

ANCHOR INN. There is only one brief mention of this pub in Kemp's work of 1905 "History of Warwick 
and it's People".  The Anchor Inn, Leicester Place had a picturesque porch adjoining the Hospital.
"It is likely that the fabric of the hostelry still exists within the complex that is now all known 
as Lord Leycester's Hospital.

ANTELOPE INN. This pub was formerly known as the Navigation, presumably due to its proximity 
to the canal basin, but in 1881 it took on its present name. The new name was almost certainly 
chosen to recognise the mascot and insignia of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment. 
Between 1981 and the 1960s the pub had only 9 landlords which shows the relative security of 
the trade in earlier years unlike today when a tenant or lease holder is doing well to last 
over 5 years and managers 2 or 3.
William Turner from 1881 - 1882				Joseph Graffham from 1883 - 1885
Thomas Harkell from 1886 - 1893				Frank Langford from 1894 - 1895
Alfred Hutchings from 1896 - 1914			G. Knight Knightley from 1915 - 1930
William Waldron from 1931 - 1955				H. Thomas Cole from 1956 - 1961
From this date on names are no longer given in the trade directories Alfred Hutchings was 
first listed as being a smith as well as licencee and it was not uncommon for these two 
trades to be combined all this time. He was later, in 1911 through to 1914, listed as brewer. 
I can only assume that there was an error made at Mr. Knightley's christening a, his unusual 
name is consistently given throughout his time at the pub.

AVON TAVERN. This first appears in 1880 listed as a beerhouse. It's address was given as 
9, Pickard Place but in 1883 it is listed at 27. Pickard street. I am assuming that is just 
the result of street renumbering and renaming in this case, not that these were two different pubs
There have been 10 licensees recorded up until The 1960s
John Woodward from I 1880 - 1886				Charles H. Clarke from 1887 - 1893
W. J. Lines in 1894					Albert Edwin Knight from 1895 - 1914
P. J. Clamp from 1915 - 1918				George John Oldham from 1919 - 1933
Percy Parker in 1934					Arthur Charles Ellis from 1935 - 1952
Reginald John William Hodges from 1953 - 1955		Mrs J. M. Hodges from 1956 - 1958
Once again, names are no longer listed from here on. It is interesting to note how the landlord 
changed hands in 1914 as war broke out. This can be seen several times for the First World War 
but is not so obvious for the Second. Presumably Reginald Hodges died in 1955 which would 
explain his wife talking over the following year

AYLESFORD HOTEL AND RESTAURANT. This is first listed as a licensed premises in 1965 which is 
after the period when landlord's names were being given. It is no longer a hotel but it still 
exists as a licensed restaurant despite having changed hands ceveral times recently and was 
even closed for a short time. Some early photographs exist from about the turn of the Century 
when it was a Temperance Hotel which is a nice touch of irony! - CF Robbins in 1930

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