Classification of Surnames:

Surnames may be divided into 4 groups, there is needless to say considerable overlap:

1. Local Surnames - Topoynmics, a common form of local surname consists of an adjective or noun denoting nationality or country or province from where the individual came.

2. Surnames of Relationship - Patronymics, this term strictly refers to the relationship on the father's side; it is now known that mothers and cousins also transmit this relationship

  • Metronymics, the mother's names

  • Font names and Bynames, the font name is added to the christian name as a Byname

  • Pet Name, these occur in all classes

  • Diminutives, suffixes like -el -in; or el -ot

  • 3. Surnames of Occupation or Office, e.g. Carter, Cook, Butcher

    4. Nicknames, less easily defined, this category can include many of the three above.

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