My thanks to my friend, Peter Lee, the eminent local historian, and to Tom Broughton for his computer compilation of the Poor Records and finally the Staff at Nuneaton Library for access to the archives. I am also indebted to Peter's unique Project Nefam 1996 (ongoing), which has a more detailed genealogical analysis of some of these family names, and should be used in conjunction with this study.

I would also like to thank the stalwart committee members of the Nuneaton and North Warwickshire Family History Society: Pat Boucher, Carolyn Boss, Celia Parton, Alva King, Bill Boswell and John Parton - to name but a few.

For inspiration in the past, the following people who are no longer with us:

Mary Ashmore, Charles Betts, Arthur Cross, Francis Fawcett, Harry Leedham, Frederick Reeves, John Sherwood and Philip Vernon.

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