Monumental Inscriptions (MI's) of Warwickshire sold by
The Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry

Birmingham and
Midland Society for
Genealogy and Heraldry
BMSGH sell a large number
of fiches   and   publications.
Important     references     for
genealogists   are   Monumental
Inscriptions   -   MI   for   short.
These are   the inscriptions taken
off gravestones from   all around
the country and county following
projects by local   groups such as
genealogical   societies,   and   the
Federation of Family History Societies
The fiches contain an index at the end,
listing those surnames that are on the fiche,
and have been deciphered by the transcribers.
However,   many of us have   bought   numbers of these fiches
'blind',   thus end up with ones that do not contain useful surnames,
despite being from the village or location suspected to be of relevance.

This site contains transcriptions of the indexes from the fiches, or simple surname listings to enable prospective
purchasers   (or those going to the library   for research),   to find or buy the potential fiches more easily.

Here is a link to the BMSGH Bookshop (Updated as of March 2003)

This link will take you to the index page for the page of MI names and further links to their indexes.

As the fiche indexes are transcribed, the links will be added in green
Anyone who has, or has access to one not yet indexed, is entreated to send me a simple
ascii listing of the names, or a copy of the complete index, and I will make a web page of it

The fiches cost about 1.20 per page, with some parishes containing more than one page
(thus lots more graves too) they are very reasonable but useful additions to any genealogist
research, especially as families often intermarried in villages, so you can get more than one
family on one fiche set.
Permission to index and publish this data has kindly been given by the
Birmingham and Midland Society for Genealogy and Heraldry (email 1 June 2001)

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