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Quotes from the Blackcountry list

Thanks to the List Owner for allowing us to share our memories. Takes your minds off the silly things that are happening in the world today.......Pat.

Most enjoyable, reading of things remembered and being reminded of things forgotten!......Peter

Your posting to the 'list' today ..in my opinion.. is so right!...Yes, our 'childhood memories' that have been posted over the last week or so ...are really 'part of Genealogy'...in that 'researchers' who follow us I'm sure will find them to be very interesting 'notes' to add to their 'Family Trees' rather than just "born..married..died" dates. We ourselves now are seeking out writings about life back in 'Victorian Times'..and even further, so that our 'descendants' will have a much more interesting mental picture of 'life back then'....

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all the great 'Memories' that have been posted...and I'm sure those who posted them...'went back in time and enjoyed them all over again'....!! Happy Memories to all...Frances

Please keep those memories coming... this list is absolutely the BEST!...Roger

A very big 'Thank You' to John Favill....Linda Lamberg...and 'Yorkie' ..and all you 'dears' on this 'special list' for sharing your 'visit down 'Memory Lane'...with us!...I'm sure that many of us had our own 'Memory Banks' tweaked quite a bit this afternoon!!

Each of these Memories ..for me..has brought those 'tears' that come with a good 'old time' laugh just remembering the fun days of childhood, the growing up experiences, our childhood friends, school days, 'doing without' and not really realizing that we were at that time..simply because everyone was in the same boat..food that was 'good for us' per Mom or Dad..ha ha....the cold beds and the frost on the 'inside' of the windows...warming our 'bottoms' in front of the wood/coal stoves...oooh..didn't that feel so good! ..how we looked up to our teachers..and the local policeman....

Shall we say..."The song is over...but the Memory lingers on"...!! Thank you all for a 'loverly' Saturday afternoon!.............Frances

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