Holden's Triennial Directory for Coventry,

This list was donated by Peter Thompson, who extracted it from the
Holden's Triennial directory of Coventry for 1805
It is a list of all those owning a trade or place of work in that year
As with all transcriptions, you are recommended to consult the original work
(which may also be in error), before assuming the information to be certain

Name Addl. Name Business Address
Adams, Son & Bell ribbon manufacturersMuch Park Street
Ayton & Son wine merchantsHigh Street
BaildonThochemist & druggistCross Cheaping
BarrsRobtlinen draperHigh Street
BenningRev Wm Priory Row
BirdW Wbanker 
BocheWmcarrierBishop Street
BosworthJohnmaltsterCross Cheaping
BosworthJosephdraperHigh Street
Bradshaw & Riley watch manufacturersSpon Street
Buck Singleton & Co ribbon manufacturersMuch Park Street
BunneyRobtdraperHigh Street
BuryRichstuff merchant 
Butterworth BenjdraperHigh Street
CarterJohnagent to the Sun Fire OfficeSmithford Street
CarterJohnattorneyLittle Park Street
CarterWmKings Head InnSmithford Street
CarterWmribbon manufacturerMuch Park Street
ClayThomas Georgeribbon manufacturerLittle Park Street
CleeterJohnsilkmanLittle Park Street
CopeThoribbon manufacturerPriory Row
Corbett & Nutt manufacturers 
CrumpJamesattorneyWest Orchard
DaviesJohnribbon manufacturerHigh Street
DawberRev John Little Park Street
DickensBenjattorneySmithford Street
DouglasWmironmongerCross Cheaping
DresserLukeribbon & stuff manufacturerCook Street
DunnRichcurrier & leather cutterSmithford Street
EagleWm WardgrocerCross Cheaping
Eburne & Sanders fellmongersSpon Street
Evans & Gater curriers & leather cuttersWest Orchard
Ewbank & Stott chemists & druggistsSmithford Street
FarrJohnattorneyBishop Street
FordEdmundsilk manufacturerRam Bridge
Fowler & Whittem curriers & leather sellersHigh Street
Ghrimes Bear Inn 
GibbonsJosephgrocerSmithford Street
GoodhallThogrocerHigh Street
GriffinWmribbon & stuff manufacturerBishop Street
GulsonJohn & Josephparchment makersHill Street
GulsonJohn & JosephskinnersHill Street
HainesJ Dribbon manufacturerMill Lane
HallThoribbon manufacturerBishop Street
HallWmmanufacturerWell Street Gate
HandleyJohnlinen draperCross Cheaping
HarrisCha & Thohair shag manufacturersWarwick Row
(also 49 Aldermanbury, London)
HarrisHenryribbon manufacturerBishop Street
Harris & Carr hair shag manufacturersWarwick Row
(also 1 Star Court, Bread Street, London)
HillFrancisshag manufacturerLittle Park Street
HollyerJohnribbon manufacturerHigh Street
HookhamThoribbon & shroud manufacturerMuch Park Street
HorsfallThoribbon manufacturer 
HoweJohnsilk dyerSpon Street
HowellTholeather sellerHigh Street
HughesAndrewbrandy merchantSpon Street
JenkinsonJosephdraperCross Cheaping
JensonThochemist & grocerSpon Street
JohnsonThodraperCross Cheaping
Johnson & Co curriersSpon Street
Johnson & Osmond curriers & leather cuttersWest Orchard
JordanCharlesribbon manufacturerLittle Park Street
JordanJosephgrocerSpon Street
JoyceJohnsilk dyerSpon Street
KevittIsaac & Abelparchment & glue manufacturersSpon Street
LaingJohnattorneyHigh Street
Lamb & Haycock ribbon manufacturersHigh Street
LantJosephlinen & wollen draperSmithford Street
Lant & Co bankers 
LapworthJohnmanufacturerWell Street Gate
Leigh & Walter ribbon & stuff manufacturersJordan Well
LillyCharlessilk throwsterSpon Street
Little & Woodcock bankers 
LoweNathanielmaltsterSmithford Street
MasonThoattorneyBishop Street
MerridewNathanielbookseller & stationerCross Cheaping
Moore, Newbold & Moore warehousemenPriory Row
Morris, Ratcliffe & Smith manufacturers 
NewcombRichshag manufacturerWarwick Row
NewcombWmsoap boilerSpon Street
OldhamS & NtannersWell Street Gate
OswinThothread manufacturerFleet Street
Palmer, Clark & Morris ribbon manufacturers 
ParkerE & TbooksellersHigh Street
PayneMatthewattorneyLittle Park Street
Payne & Son attorniesHay Lane
PearmanMarkattorneyPriory Row
PearsWmmanufacturerWell Street Gate
PeggJohnribbon manufacturerMill Lane
PerkinsThoironmongerHigh Street
PerkinsWmdraperCross Cheaping
Pickford & Co London carriers 
PlantArkwrightstuff manufacturerLittle Park Street
PrattBenjagent to the Westminster & British fire officesCook Street
PrattThogrocerCross Cheaping
RannRev Joseph  
RattrayDr Priory Row
RawesGerrardsilk manufacturerSpon Street
ReynoldsEdwironmongerCross Cheaping
RobinsonThobrush manufacturerSmithford Street
RollasonNoahprinter & booksellerHigh Street
RyleyThosilk dyerSpon Street
Seal & Co mercers & drapersHigh Street
SharpThohat manufacturerLittle Park Street
SidawayTho Dudleynail, trace & chain manufacturer & ironmonger 
SimsonDr High Street
SimsonRev Robt Warwick Row
SmithJessimealagent to the Royal Exchange Fire OfficeCross Cheaping
SmithJohnribbon manufacturerCook Street
SmithJoneslinen draperCross Cheaping
SmithTho & WmgrocersBroadgate
Smith & Burrows manufacturersLittle Park Street
SodenJosephdruggist & grocerSmithford Street
Spell & Slingsby grocersCross Cheaping
Stainbridge & Tagg manufacturers 
Summerfield, Lloyds & Co brewers 
TaylorJohn FreemangrocerCross Cheaping
TeasdaleThochemist & druggistCross Cheaping
Troughton & Co bankers 
Troughton, Hodgetts & Lea silk manufacturers 
Vale & Co watch manufacturersSpon Street
WallJamesgrocer & paper dealerBroad Street
Wall, John & Co watch manufacturersHigh Street
WaterfallJohnfellmonger & gluemakerSpon Street
WaterfallWmwatch manufacturerSpon Street
WatsonEdwardribbon manufacturerBishop Street
WeareJamesnursery & seedsmanCross Cheaping
WhitwellValeauctioneerCross Cheaping
Willerton & Theakstone manufacturersHigh Street
WilmotThoattorneyLittle Park Street
Woatner & Co watch manufacturersSpon Street
Woodcock & Twist attorniesPriory Row
WyattThogrocerHigh Street

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